Dota 2 Tier List 2024 – Carry Heroes Tier List

Dota 2 is a free-to-play online battle arena game that is based on tactical team building and fighting. Dota 2 was released back in 2013 by Valve. Despite being a decade-old game, Dota 2 has stood out as the ultimate fan favorite Battle Arena game. Unlike many other Battle Arena Games, the character design in ... Read more

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Dota 2 is a free-to-play online battle arena game that is based on tactical team building and fighting. Dota 2 was released back in 2013 by Valve. Despite being a decade-old game, Dota 2 has stood out as the ultimate fan favorite Battle Arena game.

DOTA 2 Tier List
DOTA 2 Tier List

Unlike many other Battle Arena Games, the character design in Dota 2 is very profound. The attributes of the characters are designed in a way that each hero exhibits a trademark ability that makes them useful in one battle or another.

The point of a Tier list is not completely justified in such a scenario. However, it is of utmost importance to deploy a strong character in the carry position of the game. And so, based on the latest patch update of Dota 2, we will be creating the list of best characters that will improve your winning statistics when deployed in the Carry position.

If you do not enjoy hit and trial regarding Character Selection, our Tier List will surely come in handy for you.

Dota 2 Tier List

Dota Characters are configured unbiasedly by the game developers to ensure that there is no statistical edge of one character over the other.

Anyhow, when it comes to picking a Hero for the Carry position it can turn into a huge puzzle. There are over 120 characters in the game, out of which not all are suitable to be cast in the Carry Position.

Dota 2 Carry Tier List
Dota 2 Carry Tier List

To resolve this dilemma of the players, we took the liberty to compile the top suitable characters in Dota 2 for the position of Carry from each Tier. Check out all the Best Carry Heroes in Dota 2 in our detailed post.

S Tier

Rubick (Dota 2 Carry Tier List)

S Tier characters are the strongest heroes in Dota 2, deploying them in the carry position is a smart move to instantly make your team foundation stronger. We will be mentioning all the S Tier Characters in Dota 2 as well as listing the Best Carry Heroes in the game.

Dota 2 S-Tier CharactersLina, Phoenix, Rubick, Magnus, Faceless Void, Snapfire, Mars, Broodmother, Batrider, Undying, Pangolier, Nature’s Prophet, Ursa

Dota 2 Carry Tier List (S Tier)

Next time you engage in battle, make sure to try one of these characters Carry Characters to ensure the taste of victory to your team.

S Tier characters are the strongest asset to the team, they are able to withstand and inflict copious amounts of damage in battle. The following S Tier characters are guaranteed to strengthen your winning chances in Dota 2.

1. Lina


One of the most ruthless fighters of Dota 2, Lina is always ready to steal the show. She is an impeccable choice for the Carry Position given her agility. Choosing Lina will make you burn the opponents with Lina’s flame attacks.

2. Nature’s Prophet

Nature's Prophet
Nature’s Prophet

The team can fight reassured with Nature’s Prophet leading the way. Not only does Nature’s Prophet make striking damage to the opponents, but he also manages to distract them using teleportation. What can go wrong with the channeler of Nature’s forces by your side eh?

3. Broodmother


This gigantic spider beast is able to slow down the enemies while granting speed & agility to its own team members. Broodmother’s unquenchable thirst makes her attack and steal the vitals of the enemies. You won’t regret having this Badass Spider carrying the team.

4. Ursa


Ursa is an unstoppable beast on the battlefield. He can inflict supreme levels of damage and withstand repeated attacks without much trouble. Ursa protects his team like a mountain of defense.

He is an excellent choice for the Carry position and one of the finest fighters in Dota 2.

5. Pangolier


An adventurer by heart, Pangolier is a natural when it comes to monster slaying. He is an innate warrior with impeccable swordsmanship.

He is extremely energetic and spontaneous on the battlefield making his attacks hard to predict. He adds great assets to the team as a carry, definitely worth the shot.

A Tier

The next best choice for the Carry Position is A-Tier Characters. They provide significant defense and attack assets to the team.

If proper war tactics and a strong team is put together with these Carry Characters then victory is not away.

Dota 2 A-Tier CharactersSlardar, Lifestealer, Enigma, Ember Spirit, Beastmaster, Tusk, Leshrac, Drow Ranger, Phantom Assassin, Sven, Earth Spirit, Clockwerk, Elder Titan, Bloodseeker, Storm Spirit, Omniknight, Tiny, Void Spirit

Dota 2 Carry Tier List (A Tier)

We have listed the top 5 Dota 2 characters of A Tier who are the best suited for the role of Carry.

1. Lifestealer


As vicious as his name, Lifestealer is the ultimate death of the enemies. Whether it is sucking the life force out of the enemy or slowing them down, you can count on Lifestealer to do the job.

He is a freaky-looking monster that provides a steady line of defense and attack to his team. You won’t regret placing him as Carry in your team.

2. Tiny


Don’t let the adorable name fool you, Tiny is capable of transfiguring his size according to the battle situation.

He may not really contribute to team defense but his attack strength surely is worth putting him on the front line, only if backed with a strong defensive line.

It may be a little experimental to put Tiny in the carry position but with the right team members, he can do wonders.

3. Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin (Dota 2 Carry Tier List)
Phantom Assassin

Phantom Assassin is a trained melee warrior who is an expert in killing. She inclines more towards attacking tactics and contributes only little to defense.

Anyhow that does not change the fact that she is a killing machine. She can lead the way to victory for her team with her unstoppable attacking spree.

4. Void Spirit

Void Spirit (Dota 2 Carry Tier List)
Void Spirit

Void Ranger is a mysterious character with the power of aether manipulation. He is able to deliver a strong and versatile attack on the opponents while withstanding the onslaughts of the enemy.

A carry character who is both strong and unpredictable to the opponents is certainly a winning card to the team.

5. Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger
Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger provides a larger range of attacks than other Dota 2 characters. She is a silent killer with the power of ice ready for her.

She is able to deliver a slow cold excruciating death to the opponents with her chilling attacks. She is one of the most fatal killers in the game and placing her in the carry position makes her an unstoppable killing machine.

B Tier

When you are not able to equip S-Tier or A-Tier characters as your Carry, then you have no other choice but to make the B-Tier Characters work.

Just because they fall under the B Tier of the Dota 2 characters does not mean that they lack the skills to take on the role of a Carry.

These characters are able to inflict a lot of impact on the opponents given they are paired with skilled team members.

Dota 2 B-Tier CharactersShadow Demon, Chen, Doom, Invoker, Death Prophet, Tidehunter, Ember Spirit, Morphling, Doom, Puck, Snap fire, Riki, Marci, Slark

We have compiled a list of the Top 5 B- Tier Heroes in Dota 2 that will serve well in the Carry Position.

1. Death Prophet

Death Prophet (Dota 2 Carry Tier List)
Death Prophet

You can count on the Death Prophet to take down the enemy troops with her army of spirits. She is a mysterious character that operates on magical spells and exorcism.

She is definitely worth experimenting with on the Carry front. She pairs well with variable characters with her long range of attack.

She is also able to resist a considerable amount of damage inflicted by enemy troops, making her a worthy contender in the Dota 2 Carry List.

2. Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit
Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit provides an unshakable attack front line at the carry position and helps to bring a strong ground to the team since the start of the battle.

This hero can wield the power of flames to his will in order to burn out the enemies. He is also able to create a guard to protect himself from enemy attacks using his aggravating flames of destruction.

He is fast and agile as is expected from the hero covering the first line of defense. He is truly worthy to secure the Carry position on the team.

3. Tidehunter

Tidehunter (Dota 2 Carry Tier List)

Ideally, Tidehunter might not come to mind when thinking about the Carry position in Dota 2. However, Tidehunter’s strong abilities to use water attacks can prove to be supremely efficient, especially if dealing with a certain type of opponent.

This elemental type of hero may be used as the Carry Hero if the situation and team complement his attack style.

4. Slark


Slark is a versatile creature who is able to inflict versatile attack and defense tricks over enemies. Slarks can steal life essence from opponents and cause damage to their stats. He is good at casting spells and tricking enemies with manipulative hiding tactics.

The defense provided by Slark is comparatively low but he makes up for it with his top-class attack maneuvers. If we conclude Slark’s abilities, he is a well-rounded choice to be placed in the Carry position of the team.

You have reached the end of this post, we hope that our list of Top Dota 2 Carry characters and Tier List was able to help you. Try these characters in the Carry position and write down your experience in our comments section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest role to play in Dota 2?

If we talk in regard to the latest patch update (7.32 d) of Dota 2, then Carry Role is definitely the most challenging one. This is because the team would fall apart if the Carry Character is unable to impart and resist a considerable amount of damage.

Is Dota 2 still popular in 2024?

Well, there are still a significant number of players joining the game but the popularity of Dota 2 is certainly not at the level it used to be.

Which is the best carry character in Dota 2?

Terror Blade, Money King, Faceless Void, and Ursa are amongst the best Carry Characters to deploy in Dota 2.

Is Dota 2 ranked toxic?

Well, it is difficult to cover up the fact of how aggressive Dota 2 players tend to get if their teammate is not playing up to the expected level. This is of course not applicable to all Dota players but yes the players have been seen getting toxic with their teammates on many occasions.

This brings you to the end of our Dota 2 Tier List. We hope this Tier Classification will help you in the advancement of your gameplay. Feel free to comment with your opinion on this post or our content in general. We will be back with more Game Guides soon. Till then!

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