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Welcome to, the ultimate destination for gamers around the world. Our team is comprised of four gaming enthusiasts who are all passionate about sharing their love for the world of gaming. Each member of our team brings their own skillset and background to the table, making us a force to be reckoned with. Let’s get to know each one of them with their backstory.

Meet the team behind

Pankaj Bhatt – Our Fearless Leader and Editor


Pankaj is the leader of the team. He has been gaming for over 8 years. His knowledge of the industry, combined with his passion for gaming, makes him the perfect person to lead our team. Pankaj is also an accomplished editor and works closely with the rest of the team to ensure that all of the content on is of the highest quality.

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Santosh Kumari – Streamer and Content Creator


Santosh is a devoted gamer with a passion for creative writing. Her immense love for PC and mobile games inspires her to create engaging and informative gaming content. You can count on her to provide an authentic and fresh perspective in her articles whether it is a game review or insights into the latest gaming trends.

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Aditya Shah – The Competitive Gamer and Social Media Manager


He is an enthusiastic gamer who likes to write about gaming. He used to compete in Esports tournaments playing PUBG & CSGO. When it comes to authentic work, you can rely on him for the best information about Gaming Or whatever’s new in the gaming or geek world.

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Anmol Jha – Gamer with Researcher DNA


Anmol is a passionate PC gamer and an avid creative writer. He has been involved with gaming since the tender age of 9, and even today, the child in him lights up at the opportunity to try the next best game on the market and write about it. Through all of his articles, Anmol aims to share his love for gaming with the world by providing his readers with the most reliable, accurate, in-depth, and insightful perspective regarding anything and everything related to gaming, which is both informative and fun to read.

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