Civilization 6 Tier List (March 2024): The Best Leaders And Civilizations To Choose In-game

Unsure which leader or civilization to pick? Check out our dedicated tier list to know about all the best and worst leaders and civilizations to use in the game.

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Civilization 6 Tier List
Civilization 6 Tier List (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

If you’re someone who enjoys turn-based, city-building, strategy games, then there are only a handful of games better than the classic 4X style of the Civilization games series to sink countless hours into.

Previous titles in this series have always stayed true to the methodical and strategic gameplay of the games in the civilization genre, and Civilization 6 is no different.

This game tries to build and improve upon the series’s success through major installments that were not implemented in the games that came before this.

Apart from adding a variety of fresh ideas, they also managed to polish old gameplay elements and even rebuild and restructure some features from scratch to make it a better version of its previous installments.

This videogame has gone through changes since its initial launch, largely thanks to the plethora of different updates, hence numerous Civilizations have also been included in this game now, and this list represents the most recent version of the Civ 6 tier list that users may utilize.

Unless the game undergoes any further modifications, this tier list should be able to provide the reader with immense value.

If the game does receive more updates in the future, causing a noticeable shift in the positions of certain world leaders, we will surely edit it in this list as well.

Civilization 6 Tier List

Throughout Civ 6, players’ ability to lead their Civilization to global dominance hinges on both their choices and the commander they pick. Users did not understand what was written in this article.

They can emerge as a worldwide leader with the help of certain rulers, whereas other chiefs create it even harder. As a result, you should choose your leader carefully.

We have put up the Civ VI tier list with all seven levels and respective commanders as a service to users. A, B, C, D, E, and F levels are trailed more by the finest and most powerful commanders inside tier S.

Depending on the level of complexity and playability players desire across the video game, they must choose a captain.

S-Tier Leaders and Civilizations

Civilization 6 S-Tier Leaders and Civilizations (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

Starting with the leaders who are operating at an elite level, Tier-S nations are nations that are well-rounded in almost all aspects of society, be it military strength, financial capabilities, cultural dominance, etc.

Players can choose leaders from this tier to command some of the best nations present in the game and indulge in the premium features they come with.

Following is a description of a Civilization by this category.

Abraham LincolnAmerica
Hojo TokimuneJapan
Wilfrid LaurierCanada
Basil IIByzantium
Simon BolivarGran Colombia
Frederick BarbarossaGermany

A-Tier Leaders and Civilizations

Civilization 6 Tier-A
Civilization 6 A-Tier Leaders and Civilizations (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

As compared to the S-Tier leaders, the A-Tier Civilizations lag back marginally due to minor imperfections, but they are still a great choice for players looking for a powerful civilization to take control of.

A-category civilizations can take on S-Tier Civilizations even though they are slightly inferior, but not by much.

Catherine De Medici – Black QueenFrance
Ptolemaic CleopatraEgypt
Eleanor of AquitaineEngland
Genghis KhanMongolia
Pedro IIBrazil
John CurtinAustralia
Matthias CorvinusHungary
Menelik IIEthiopia
Victoria (Age of Steam)England
Philip IISpain

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B-Tier Leaders and Civilizations

Civilization 6 Tier-B
Civilization 6 B-Tier Leaders and Civilizations (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

The Civ VI B-Tier civilizations must focus on at least a single route to triumph. Although they lack versatility and are a little limited in terms of their features from a contextual perspective, they are still nonetheless, good options to choose from.

Catherine De Medici – MagnificenceFrance
Elizabeth IEngland
Qin Shi HuangChina
Lady Six SkyMaya
Ludwig IIGermany
Teddy Roosevelt – Rough RiderAmerica
Queen VictoriaEngland
Nadar ShahPersia
Kublai KhanMongolia
Jayavarman VIIKhmer
Mansa MusaMali
Queen Mbande NzingaKongo
King Sundiata KeitaMali
Suleiman The MagnificentOttoman Empire

C-Tier Leaders and Civilizations

Civilization 6 Tier-C
Civilization 6 C-Tier Leaders and Civilizations (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

The C-Tier civilizations are great nations only held back by their situational abilities, i.e., where they initially spawn to who their neighbors are. To other top-tier nations, these aspects don’t matter at all, but to Tier-C nations, it is a matter between victory and loss.

Wu ZetianChina
Joao IIIPortugal
Teddy Roosevelt – Bull MooseAmerica
Ba TrieuVietnam


Civilization 6 D-Tier Leaders and Civilizations
Civilization 6 D-Tier Leaders and Civilizations (Image Credits – Firaxis Games)

This expansion’s Civilizations and rulers aren’t as strong as that of the video game’s remaining competitors.

They may possess a few unique traits that set them apart, although they fall short of the greater complete commanders users can discover beyond them on the mentioned Civilization 6 tier list.

Robert The BruceScotland
Harald HardradaNorway
Mvemba a NzingaKongo

Process of Making Civilization 6 Tier List

Similar to any leaderboard we build, we want to start by conducting an extensive study to gather a wide range of viewpoints and ensure that we’ve covered every aspect.

Therefore, although we possess our particular ideas on which Civilization mostly in a videogame is the finest, we equally value gamer comments and perspectives.

Ratings are nevertheless completely arbitrary in a real-time strategy such as Civilization 6 since ability, playing style, and inclinations matter over a few additional perks and attributes.

While deciding on the chosen leader of Civilization 6 that better serves your goals, you must evaluate the protagonist you already accessible; ideally, players have all S-tier civilizations after this tier list Civ 6 unlocked.

The initial one of these discusses Civilizations among many available leaders. Players will then receive exposure to a practically limitless number of customization choices for your kingdom. The qualifying for the realm you select inside the tier checklist will alter whether you use either of them, though.

This marks the end of our Civilization 6 Tier List. We hope this will help you with a smoother gameplay progression. If you feel this list requires any changes or substitutions, feel free to comment down your opinion below. Click here to read about all the information we have about the upcoming Civilization 7.

We will be back with more exciting gaming content soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best Civilization?

Scythia’s Tomyris and America’s Teddy Roosevelt are among the best Civilizations currently in the game. Even Trajan of Rome is an excellent choice.

Which Civ is best for Science Victory?

John Curtin of Australia, Hammurabi of Babylon, and so on are best for scientific victory.

How many cities should one player have in CivilizatioVI?

There is no fixed number on the number of cities a player can have in CIV 6, but it is worth pointing out that although having a larger number of cities is financially and territorially very beneficial to the nations controlling them, the real challenge is to not only protect them from invading nations during a war or barbarian raids but to also keep supplying them with the necessary resources to enable them to keep growing in influence as well.

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