HotS Tier List: Heroes Of The Storm Characters Tier List 2024

Looking for the strongest characters to use in Heroes of the Storm? Check out our tier list post to know about the strength and weaknesses of all the characters available in the game to help players make the right choice, based on their preferences.

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HotS tier list
HotS tier list (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)

Heroes of The Storm is a crossover MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) video game that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. Released in June 2015, the game features a total of 90 heroes/ characters.

The 5 Universes from which the players can choose a hero include the universes of – Warcraft, StarCraft, Overwatch, Diablo, and Nexus. Players can play by choosing any one hero from a long list of heroes.

Unlike Blizzard’s Overwatch, you have to unlock or buy the characters in the game to play them.

Heroes of the Storm Character Classes

In Heroes of the Storm, all the characters have been divided into five categories or classes –

  • Tank – These characters/ heroes have high HP and because of that they form the frontline of any team to soak up a great amount of damage.
  • Bruiser – These heroes deal a great amount of damage and also have high HP, but they are not as durable as the tanks.
  • Support – These heroes have their own unique set of abilities and provide utilities in the fights against the enemy teams. As the name suggests, they are supporters who assist the main damage dealer in the fights.
  • Healer – These characters’ main function is to heal and support their team members. These characters have fewer hit points, so they must be used cautiously.
  • Ranged Assassin – These are the heroes who need to get close to the enemy to deal a significant amount of damage. They rely on attacking suddenly and swiftly.
  • Melee Assassin – These high-damage dealers attack their enemies from a safer distance, but they are fragile.

We have mentioned all the five categories above and now we will provide you guys with the Tier List of the Best Heroes.

Heroes Of The Storm Character Tier List

In Heroes of the Storm, not all heroes are made equally powerful, some heroes are overpowered and others underpowered, and if you are a beginner, then it becomes crucial for you to know which heroes to pick and which ones to avoid, at least at the start of the game.

We have divided our characters into 5 Tiers, with S-Tier being the most powerful and D-Tier being the weakest, technically not the weakest but we would say that it needs a very skilled player to excel with the heroes of D-Tier.

Now without wasting any time let us directly cut to the chase.

S-Tier Characters

Heroes of The Storm S-Tier Characters
Heroes of The Storm S-Tier Characters (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)
TankMuradin, and Johanna
BruiserDehaka, Hogger, Regnaros
HealerRehgar, Anduin
Ranged AssassinAzmodan

The heroes in this tier are undoubtedly the best in the game, they are those characters that every team wants.

These heroes are worthy of turning the tide of the battle on their own, which makes them the favorites of any player.

Without Rehgar any team in HotS is incomplete, he works best with either Diablo or E.T.C.

With Dehaka as the only Bruiser in the S-Tier, he has earned this place. His survivability, utility, and damage-dealing capabilities are great and that makes Dehaka a perfect pick.

Mephisto has comprehensive capabilities, provides good utility to the team, and deals serious damage. He will consume your soul before you can make a strategy to take him out.

A-Tier Characters

Heroes of The Storm A-Tier Characters
Heroes of The Storm A-Tier Characters (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)
TankAnub’arak, Diablo, Garrosh, Blaze
BruiserLeoric, Sonya, Xul
HealerDeckard Cain, Brightwing, Malfurion, and Stukov
Faulstad, Jaina, Junkrat, Gul’dan, Lunara, Nazeebo, Raynor, Sgt. Hammer, Sylvanas, Valla, Zagara
Maiev, Samuro

In Tier-A of the HotS tier list, we have included tanks, bruisers, support, healers, ranged assassins, and melee assassins. These are the heroes who would be among the first picks for the players.

These players provide high utility and have medium to high damage and survivability which place them in our Tier-A of HotS tier list.

Note that the list includes 11 ranged assassins which is the highest number of heroes in any tier and any category. This means that you can pick and experiment with any of these ranged assassins since they are highly reliable.

B-Tier Characters

Heroes of The Storm B-Tier Characters
Heroes of The Storm B-Tier Characters (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)
TankArthas, Cho, E.T.C, Mei, Stitches,
BruiserChen, D. Va, Gazlowe, Imperius, Rexxar, Thrall, Yrel,
HealerAlexstrasza, Ana, Auriel, Lt. Morales, Lucio, Tyrande, Uther
Chromie, Fenix, Gall, Genji, Greymane, Hanzo, Kael’thas, Li-Ming, Mephisto, Orphea, Tassadar, Tracer, Tychus, Zul’jin
Alarak, Kerrigan, Valeera, Zeratul

The Tier-B of our HotS tier list includes slightly less powerful heroes as compared to Tier-S and Tier-A. But this certainly does not mean that they should not be picked in the battles.

These are the average heroes and you will not be really happy or really sad if you select any one of these.

These heroes provide the right balance to the team and their presence doesn’t make a team overpowered or underpowered.

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C-Tier Characters

Heroes of The Storm C-Tier Characters
Heroes of The Storm C-Tier Characters (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)
TankMal’Ganis, Tyrael
BruiserDeathwing, Malthael, Varian
SupportMedivh, Zarya
HealerKharazim, Whitemane, Li Li
Cassia, Nova, Probius
Illidan, The Butcher

The heroes in Tier-C of the HotS tier list are the mediocre heroes and these are those who need a skilled player to be able to make an impact in the battle.

We don’t recommend you start with these heroes as they require experience and skills if you want to win battles consistently using them.

Most of the healers in the game have been included in this tier because their counterparts are not only good at healing but also provide other utilities to the team as well because of which they have been ranked above.

D-Tier Characters

Heroes of The Storm D-Tier Characters
Heroes of The Storm D-Tier Characters (Image Credits – Blizzard Entertainment)
Qhira, Murky

Tier D is the last tier in our HotS tier list. These heroes are somewhat less powerful as compared to their counterparts. You don’t want to play with them if you’re a beginner who has just started to play the game.

The heroes in this list are really hard to master, so it would be better for you to get a hang of other characters and the game, in general, to be able to start making contributions to the team’s victories.

This was our Heroes Of The Storm Character Tier List. We hope that by now you guys must be having a better understanding of all the heroes in the game and if you have any doubts regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to write them down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest character in Heroes of The Storm?

Cassandra is currently the strongest character in the game and also the most dominating right now.

Who is the weakest Melee Assassin in Heroes of the Storm?

Kel’Thuzad is the weakest melee assassin in Heroes of the Storm.

When Was Heroes of The Storm Released?

Heroes of The Storm was officially released on June 2, 2015.

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