How To Find and Use Treasure Maps In Minecraft: Complete Guide For Beginners in 2024

Finding it difficult to locate and use treasure maps in Minecraft? Check out our post to know how to do it efficiently and become a treasure hunting pro.

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Treasure Maps In Minecraft
Treasure Maps In Minecraft (Image Credits – Mojang Studios)

Treasure Maps in Minecraft are the game’s most profound source of Treasures. You guys can find tons of different Treasures by using Treasure Maps.

The Map can really come in handy, and you guys can still fetch the Treasue even if you’re a beginner in Minecraft but make sure to have all the essential tools required for survival as finding the treasure can be quite a hassle and you might face a few hostile mobs along the way as well.

The first step to finding Treasure in Minecraft is to find a treasure map, as it is the only source to reach your destination. Today, we will briefly explain how to find and use Treasure Maps in the game.

So, without any more delays, let us now take a look at the process in more detail:

Where Can You Find Treasure Maps in Minecraft?

Finding a Treasure map isn’t easy, especially if you’re a newbie, but do not worry; we’ll list down all the places where you can find The Treasure Maps so it will be much easier.

1) Shipwrecks

Shipwrecks (Image Credits – Minecraft)

Shipwrecks are wrecked ships that randomly spawn in underwater biomes. Players will be able to find a few chests inside the shipwrecks. Only one or two of them will have a Treasure map.

So don’t be afraid to swim deep into the ocean, find a shipwreck, and look for chests with a Treasure Map inside. You won’t only find Treasure maps inside the chests but you will also find different types of rare items like emeralds, gold, etc.

Finding a shipwreck with chests can take a hell of a long time so go underwater and look for a dolphin and feed it a fish. On eating the fish, the dolphin will become happy and take you to the nearest Chest, and most of the time it will take you to a shipwreck. This can save you a lot of time by just feeding fish to a dolphin and then following it.

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2) Underwater Ruins

Underwater Ruins
Underwater Ruins (Image Credits – Minecraft)

Underwater Ruins are generated deep under the water, and they often look like wrecked structures such as huts or largely abandoned villages. Players can find chests here and one of them will have a Treasure map.

Once you have the Treasure maps collected from the underwater chests, it’s time to put them to good use.

Analyzing and Using The Treasure Maps In Minecraft

Your Adventure will finally start once you have collected the Treasure map however, there are two items that I would recommend you have before setting out on a hunt for the Treasure. The list for all the items is down below.

  • Boat – To craft, place three wooden planks of the same type along the bottom row, then two more in the left and right spaces of the middle.
  • Shovel – The Treasure chests will be covered with all sorts of debris like sand and dust, so Shovel will be the best tool to clear that away.

Usually, the Treasure chests spawn underwater but there is a slight possibility of the Treasure Chests spawning on the ground as well. Keep in mind that they generally spawn on Beaches, Snowy Beaches, Stone Shores, Mushroom Shores, and Oceans.

1) Analyzing the Map

Now pull out your Treasure map and you’ll be able to see the Treasure marked on the map. We will provide you with an image that will help you understand the Map with more clarity.

Treasure Map
Treasure Map (Image Credits – Minecraft)

Can you see the White dot on the top left-hand side of the image provided above? Yes, that represents your character and it will move as you move your character along in the game.

The Red Cross, on the other hand, is marked on the map where the Treasure is located. To make the search for the treasure easier, all the Treasure maps in Minecraft always have the North Pole at the top of the map so you can estimate in which direction you would need to move for your character to reach the Treasure’s location.

2) Start Heading Towards The Treasure

Start Heading Towards The Treasure
Start Heading Towards The Hidden Treasure Chest (Image Credits – Minecraft)

With the map instructions out of the way, now start heading towards the Treasure marked on the map using your newly constructed boat. It might take time for you to reach your destination considering how far your character is. Once you have reached your destination, it is all about positioning your character at the right place.

You would need to place your character exactly on the spot where the red cross is drawn on the map. Do not worry; we’ll provide an image to help you understand better.

3) Position Your Character at the Right Place On The Treasure Map

Position Your Character Beneath The Red Cross
Position Your Character Beneath The Red Cross (Image Credits – Minecraft)

Once you have reached your destination place your character exactly beneath the Red Cross on the Treasure Map. Now start breaking the Sand blocks in that area, There is a slight possibility that the Treasure Chest could be underneath Dirt Blocks as well but that’s not very common.

Once you start breaking the sand blocks, you’ll find a Treasure Chest in one of them.

4) Collect all The Items Inside The Chest!

Treasure Chest
Buried Treasure Chest (Image Credits – Minecraft)

Once you have your Treasure Chest, you’ll find tons of goodies inside like an Emerald, TNT, Iron Ingot, and Heart of The Sea so make sure to collect all the goodies found and leave nothing behind.

Whether you’re playing the Minecraft Java Edition or the Bedrock edition, you’ll find the Heart of The Sea inside a Treasure Chest every single time.

The Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can sometimes get other items as well such as chainmail sets, water-breathing potions, regeneration potions, etc.

5) Make Sure To Break The Chest!

Break The Chest
Break The Chest (Image Credits – Minecraft)

This is a vital step in this whole Treasure Hunt so make sure to Break the chest and you can use an iron axe to help you break it.

Now you might wonder what’s the point of breaking the chest? Well, this is indeed a crucial step as the future Treasure maps are not going to look for that specific chest that you’ll break. Of course, if you’re playing in survival mode, that chest will get In your inventory once you break it.

Now you guys can find other Treasure Maps that’ll lead to some great Treasure Chests around the World of Minecraft.

This was our Complete guide on how you guys can find and use Treasure Maps in Minecraft that will lead you to rare Treasures. If you have any queries regarding the above information, let us know in the comments box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find The Treasure Maps In Minecraft?

Treasure Maps In Minecraft are found mostly in Shipwrecks and Underwater Ruins which randomly spawn in deep waters. Players can also sometimes find treasure chests on beaches but that is very rare.

Can I Find Treasure Maps In Bedrock Edition?

Yes, Treasure Maps can be found in Both Bedrock and Java Edition.

Does Buried Treasure always Spawn on Sand?

No, The Buried Treasure doesn’t always Spawn On Sand as it could also spawn on dirt Blocks, so make sure to check them.

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