10 Beginner Tips for Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is an Action-Adventure Game with an expansive design. You get to play as your favorite hedgehog. is again propelled ahead while decelerating as he gets closer to a ledge. The game engages the players to explore the rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and enormous falls. Even though the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers may seem ... Read more

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Sonic Frontiers is an Action-Adventure Game with an expansive design. You get to play as your favorite hedgehog. is again propelled ahead while decelerating as he gets closer to a ledge. The game engages the players to explore the rolling hills, beautiful landscapes, and enormous falls.

Beginner Tips for Sonic Frontiers
Beginner Tips for Sonic Frontiers

Even though the gameplay of Sonic Frontiers may seem pretty straightforward there is a lot more going on in the background. If you are fairly new to the game, there are certain things you need to keep in mind to elevate your gameplay experience. This is why, we have compiled a list of 10 Beginner Tips for Sonic Frontiers that you will find particularly handy.

Beginner Tips for Sonic Frontiers

Being an Open World Game gives a lot of gameplay options to the players, in such a scenario, it becomes difficult to pick the most relevant task. If you wish to make the most out of the time that you invest in Sonic Frontiers, make sure to follow the Beginner Tips that we have shared below.

1. Unlock the Complete Map

Complete Map
Complete Map

Some of Sonic Frontiers’ locations will challenge visitors with a dense fog of conflict as they approach. While it is not strictly necessary to have the entire map shown for growth or basic research, it proves helpful at crucial points during navigation.

Furthermore, nearly every map access location offers a variety of specific tasks that help to divide the additional playing cycles, on which players will primarily focus their attention.

Unlocking the entire map on each specific island allows players to rapidly traverse across all cyberspace following posts. This feature enables them to instantly move among the majority of the map’s edges without having to travel through any territory.

2. Must Deploy Cyloop Everywhere

Deploy Cyloop

Cyloop, which is the initial power players gain in Sonic’s unique skill path, has numerous potential uses. While it can be used to harm, paralyze, or shatter foes’ armor during combat, its most effective utilization is for traversing open areas. Whenever you encounter a challenging riddle in reality, consider tracing a Cyloop around a problematic item.

There is a good possibility of solving the challenge or utilizing an entity in a way that benefits players. This holds true especially when players discover an unusual bulge or a light area on the ground. Whenever you are uncertain, engage Cyloop. The worst outcome of making a motion around nothing is precisely what the movement accomplishes.

3. Catch Fish to Buy Items

Fish to Buy Items
Fish to Buy Items

Sonic Frontiers offers a wide range of objects in addition to Rings to enhance the game’s replay value. These items include Memory Coupons, Blue Seeds of Protection, Red Seeds of Strength, and achievements, among others. While exploring the area can yield these items, there is a faster method to acquire them.

Gamers should initially collect Purple money from the landscape to discover the correct gateways that lead to Big the Cat and his fish task. While there, users can explore and find green coins and golden vouchers that can be used to purchase the aforementioned items, thus reducing the amount of grinding typically required.

4. Examine your Enemies’ Powers and Capabilities

Examine your Enemies
Examine your Enemies

As you progress further in Sonic Frontiers, you will encounter numerous antagonistic creatures that may require different techniques to overcome. However, the first few categories of opponents you face in the game will be simple and easily knocked out with a single attack.

In many of these battles, especially when facing a new enemy class for the first time, slowing down provides the best opportunity. Take the time to study your enemy’s attack tendencies, as well as their types of attack and defense. Some adversaries have a brief moment of inactivity after an attack, during which they are completely vulnerable to your attacks without consequence.

Before engaging in an assault that could potentially cost you a few Rings if something goes wrong, observe and analyze your enemy’s patterns. By doing so, you can maximize your chances of success.

5. Utilize Auto Combo Choice

Utilize Auto Combo
Utilize Auto Combo

As gamers progress through the gameplay, they will discover a variety of additional entertaining skills. However, after mastering the entire ability tree, it can become slightly challenging to recall the exact combination of keys to perform a specific technique.

Fortunately, players can activate the Auto Combo option, allowing the program to make this decision for them. Please note that in order for this capability to work, the power tree must be completed.

Once enabled, gamers can simply press the attack control and wait for the simulation to select their moves on their behalf. For players who prefer not to take the easy way, this functionality can be easily disabled from the dropdown menu, as indicated in the Sonic Frontiers beginner tips.

6. Restrict Movement must be Locked

Restrict Movement
Restrict Movement

We recommend reducing Sonic’s limited movement in the app settings and switching to turbo mode. While not as crucial as some of the other advice in this post, it is worth considering. During Sonic Frontiers, the hedgehog occasionally makes remarks to himself about his environment.

However, if limited motion is enabled, when the camera zooms out to focus on the things he is saying, Sonic may come to a sudden halt. Disabling limited movement allows users to continue navigating. Although players may choose to proceed more cautiously since the camera shot won’t be as familiar, we found that disabling limited mobility provided the best option for maintaining realism levels.

7. Finish Tasks of Each Level

Finish the Task
Finish the Task

The Cyberspace segments in Sonic Frontiers bear a resemblance to the classic Sonic phases from the past, and each segment serves a purpose beyond being enjoyable for speedrunning. At every tier of the Cyberspace game, players have four missions to complete in order to acquire vault secrets that aid in opening the Chaos Emeralds, particularly on the island.

Completing each task rewards you with one Vault Key, resulting in a total of four keys when you finish all four missions. But wait! If you manage to complete all four objectives in a tier, you will receive an additional three vault keys, bringing the total number of vault keys in each tier to seven. These keys, once again, allow players to unlock the subsequent Chaos Emeralds.

8. Trigger Drop Dash

Trigger Drop Dash
Trigger Drop Dash

One of the beginner tips in Sonic Frontiers is that the creators have included a wide array of moves in Sonic’s move arsenal. Initially, users receive a handful of skills, and as they progress through the levels, they acquire better ones. One of Sonic’s well-known skills is the Drop Dash.

With this ability, Sonic can maintain his spin state even after touching the ground and continue dashing. Gamers need to perform two jumps, and as Sonic is about to land, they should press and hold the X button on the controller to activate the power.

9. Improve your Power and Ring Potential

Improve your Power
Improve your Power

The protagonist hedgehog can be developed in a certain way in Sonic Frontiers. By using experience points, players can progress through their ability tree, and by locating missing Koco in the open areas, they can choose to increase either their speed or ring capacity by interacting with an Elder Koco.

To enhance their abilities and defense, players can exchange Red Seeds of Strength and Blue Seeds of Protection with Hermit Koco on the island. Each of these upgrades is valuable, but if you only have time for two, we suggest focusing on Power and Ring Potential. Endurance, being the top attribute of the character, facilitates and expedites interactions with enemies and bosses.

10. Speed-up Your Gaming

Speedup Your Gaming

Moving quickly and efficiently remains the core element of Sonic. Throughout Sonic Frontiers, this fundamental aspect hasn’t changed, although speed functions differently. When players start playing, they will notice that the little hedgehog isn’t as fast as they might expect.

This is because Sonic now has statistics that can be improved through gaining experience, and one of these statistics is Speed. Users should prioritize leveling up Sonic’s Speed rating first, as it can be fully unlocked up to 99. Given the vastness of each location in Sonic Frontiers, being able to dash through them will greatly enhance the pace of the game.

With this knowledge, players should be well-equipped to progress further in Sonic Frontiers. There are already several Sonic Frontiers beginner tips available to watch, and more are on the way.


Who is the strongest hero in Sonic?

However, Shadow represents the potent hero due to his lab-born heritage.

Will Sonic Frontiers have Chao Garden?

The team of Sonic answered that there will be no Chao Garden in the game.

Is shadow in Sonic Frontiers?

Gamers will be perplexed that Shadow is nowhere to be seen in Sonic’s most recent adventure.


You have reached the end of our Sonic Frontiers Beginner’s Guide. We have enclosed the Best Tips for Sonics Frontiers as per our personal experience. If you have any other advice that may serve helpful in the initial levels of Sonic Frontiers gameplay, feel free to share it with us in the comment section. We will be back with more Exciting Gaming News for you soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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