10 Best Games Like Wordle To Play In 2023

If you’re a fan of the super fun game Wordle and can’t get enough of solving word puzzles, you’re in for a real treat! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of word games as we present the “10 Best Games Like Wordle to Play in 2023.” These games are filled with brain-teasing challenges, ... Read more

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If you’re a fan of the super fun game Wordle and can’t get enough of solving word puzzles, you’re in for a real treat! Get ready to dive into the exciting world of word games as we present the “10 Best Games Like Wordle to Play in 2023.”

These games are filled with brain-teasing challenges, colorful designs, and lots of wordy fun! So, put on your thinking caps, and let’s explore these amazing games that will keep you entertained for hours. Get ready to level up your word skills!

Interestingly, Wordle was the most searched query on Google in the year 2022; this tells the popularity and craze for such a simple word game. You can play Wordle by visiting The New York Times website.

Now without any further ado, let us jump into the list of best games like Wordle.

Best games like Wordle to play in 2023



For the first game in the list of best games like Wordle, we have included Nerdle. It is a great selection for those who love math. You have six attempts to guess the equation and its answer, making sure that the formula follows proper mathematical rules such as PEMDAS.

After each supposition, figures or signs that are in their correct position will be highlighted in green; figures or symbols that do not belong will appear in purple; numbers and symbols not included in the equation will be black. There is an 8-hour waiting period between puzzles.



In Wordle, you think of letters to make up a word; in Redactle, you think of words to make up sentences. It is a daily web-based pastime in which the participant attempts to identify the theme of a randomly chosen Wikipedia article, chosen from among the 10,000 most significant articles.

Input a term into the box and press Enter or click on Guess. Each instance of that expression will be revealed within the text of the post.

The objective is to discover what title or topic is being discussed in the piece. I personally loved this and decided to include it in this list of best games like Wordle.

Word Master

Word Master
Word Master

This Wordle copycat provides you with six tries to guess a five-letter word but with a minor difference. How is it distinctive from Wordle? Word Master offers limitless games so you don’t need to wait 24 hours.

Most web-based word games like Wordle release only one puzzle daily, but Word Master allows you to play for as long as you like.

Word Master utilizes gray, yellow, and green blocks in an analogous manner to the original. The game is an exact copy (with slight changes) of the original viral sensation and deserves to be on this list of best games like Wordle.



Wordle gives clues to nudge you in the correct direction with each attempt, whereas Absurdle actively tries to keep you from finding the answer, so it is an ‘adversarial version’ of Wordle.

At the start of the game, Absurdle does not give any hints for a word for you to guess. Rather it utilizes your guesses to narrow down its list of words, which allows playtime to continue as long as possible. The final word may not even contain one of your prior yellow letter attempts.

You are allowed multiple attempts with four guesses being the highest score achievable – have fun while playing this evil version of Wordle.



In this word-based game, your task is to try and figure out two words that interlock like a crossword puzzle.

The color blocks in the game remain consistent and you may attempt the challenge of the day as often as you wish until you find the right answer or abandon it.

Furthermore, Crosswordle allows players to devise their own personal puzzles to share with others. If that wasn’t difficult enough, they are even working on a Hard Mode option in their Settings menu.

Crosswordle earns its spot on this list of games like Wordle.



Wordle’s grid version, Waffle, requires you to rearrange 15 letter swaps or fewer to solve six five-letter words simultaneously.

Instead of guessing the words, Waffle provides the letters and you must move them around in the correct order. It may seem confusing at first, but it will become easier with a bit of practice.



This variation of Wordle supplies you with six opportunities to attempt to identify which nation or region is shown. Instead of grey, yellow, and green squares indicating letters or numbers after each supposition, you observe the distance, orientation, and adjacency rate, similar to a hot and cold game.

For instance, if you speculate Brazil, Worldle may illustrate 13 868 km with a 30% pointer going eastward. This indicates that the accurate country or region is 13 557 km east-northeast of Brazil, with a 32% nearness rate.

There is one puzzle per day but you can also practice and play for as long as you like.

Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl
Hello Wordl

Welcome to Hello Wordl, a game that provides you with six opportunities to guess a word, indicated by differently colored blocks.

Not only can you play as many times as you like, but you can also alter the length of the word from four characters up to an astounding eleven letters!

Regardless of size, your chances remain unchanged at six tries.



If you gravitate towards numerical puzzles, we have another game for you. Primel is the perfect game for number lovers.

With six attempts to identify a five-digit prime number, the familiar grey, yellow, and green blocks return with only one challenge daily. The difficulty increases as the game accepts only prime numbers as possible answers.

Therefore, this puzzle can be particularly perplexing when considering the Wordle element of it all. Don’t be shy to revise your basics about prime numbers before starting the game.



Heardle is an aural variation on the Wordle concept, where instead of speculating on a single word every day, challengers must ascertain a renowned song from a short sound snippet.

The melodies may be anything from old-time favorites to modern jams, implying there’s plenty of diversity.

You’re given six opportunities to guess the track in Heardle accurately, so ensure your hearing is first-rate before you initiate playback! Good luck with this one.


What are some other games like Wordle?

If you want more games like Wordle, then you should definitely try out Speedle, Adversewordle, Spelling Bee (NYTimes), and Article.

What are some math games like Wordle?

Some of the games like Wordle that include numbers are Primel, where you have to guess a 5-digit prime number, and Nerdle where you have to complete a simple mathematical equation.

About Wordle

Games Like Wordle

Wordle is a web-based word game, that took the internet by storm in the year 2022. The game was created by Josh Wardle, who is a Welsh software engineer. The rules of the game are pretty simple, you have to guess a 5-letter word (the pre-decided word changes every day) in a maximum of six tries.

The rules of the game are –

  • Everybody gets the same 5-letter word
  • You only get six guesses
  • A correct letter at the correct place turns GREEN
  • A correct letter at the incorrect place turns YELLOW
  • An incorrect letter will turn GREY
  • The answers are only singular
  • You can use a letter more than once
  • You have to record your voice saying “I solved it” or “I couldn’t solve it” and send it to the NYTimes*

*Just Kidding

You can even share the result of the daily Wordle quiz without spoiling it for others.

Wordle 549 5/6


  • Wordle quiz number – 549
  • guesses took – 5 out of 6

Josh created the game for him and his partner to play but he later decided to make the game public in October 2021. The game was soon brought by The New York Times for an undisclosed amount of low seven figures. This was done by The New York Times to make the game free for everyone.


So, that was our list of the ten best games like Wordle. Do let us know in the comment section which game you’re looking forward to and while you’re here on Benettonplay, make sure to check out our latest posts.

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