15 Best Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles (By Gamers)

The one thing that JRPGS all have in common is their enticing storylines, most of us play them because they provide us with an enthralling cinematic experience that can last for a lifetime. Some games are a perfect 10/10 and gamers can’t seem to get enough of them. In this article, we have curated a ... Read more

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Best Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Best Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles

The one thing that JRPGS all have in common is their enticing storylines, most of us play them because they provide us with an enthralling cinematic experience that can last for a lifetime.

Some games are a perfect 10/10 and gamers can’t seem to get enough of them.

In this article, we have curated a list of games similar to Xenoblade Chronicles. We also have described in brief their gameplay and how the games were received by the gaming community.

The games that we have listed below can help you scratch an itch of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was the latest entry in the famous Xenoblade video game series. It is a JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Game) that is set in the world of Aionios.

The game features 6 protagonists namely – Sena, Lanz, Mio, Noah, Tion & Eunie that can be switched by the player outside of the battle.

The game was released on July 29, 2022, for Nintendo Switch. Well, if you’re a fan of Xenoblade Chronicles you might have already played every game of its series; the games in the list will keep you busy after completing XC.

Now without any further ado, let us directly dive into the list of top games like Xenoblade Chronicles.

1) Xenosaga

Release Date Feb 28, 2002
Developer(s)Monolith Soft
Platforms PS2, Mobile Devices, and Nintendo DS

Xenosaga is a Japanese role-playing video game series consisting of five different games with three mainline games.

The games were earlier released for PlayStation 2 but later spinoffs and prequels were released for mobile devices and remakes of the first two games were released for Nintendo DS. Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenosaga are different versions of the same concept.

The trilogy takes place in the future, nearly in 7200 AD. After abandoning Earth (dubbed as “Lost Jerusalem” in the game), following a terrible event, humans have found a technology that enables them to travel beyond the Solar System.

Humans have inhabited nearly 500,000 planets and they live alongside another alien race. The governments of the inhabited planets have formed the Galaxy Federation.

The Federation has been attacked by an ancient alien race – Gnosis. Humans get themselves ready to fight against the Gnosis.

The games in the series follow a great story and provide a great cinematic experience. Xenosaga is a must-try for Xenoblade fans who haven’t tried it. You can get Xenosaga games from a good retro games store.

2) Xenogears

Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release Date February 11, 1998
Developer(s)Release Date
Platforms Platforms

Xenogears is a spiritual predecessor of the Xenosaga trilogy and Xenoblade Chronicles. The story follows the protagonist Fei Fong Wong and his allies as they travel across the world and go up against the Solaris to end its tyrannical rule.

The game’s storyline is full of twists and turns and forces you now and then to think about it. The thought-provoking nature of the storyline of the game makes it a bit preachy sometimes.

The story of the game will leave you scratching your head but later at some stage, you will get all the answers that you might have had earlier.

The game was a commercial success and was widely praised for its story, soundtrack, gameplay, and graphics. The game’s ISO files are available across the internet and you can play it using an emulator.

3) NieR: Automata

Similar Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release Date Feb 23, 2017
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & Windows

Nier: Automata is the sequel to Nier (which itself is a spin-off of the famous Drakengard series of video games) and is set during a proxy war between humans and aliens. The game is set in the year 11945 A.D when humanity no longer inhabits Earth after an invasion by alien-made machines.

The human-made Androids are tasked by YoRHa with the job of driving away the threat (alien-made machines).

The game features three main protagonists – combat android 2B, a calm and composed YoRHa combatant, a scanner android 9S that assists 2B, and a rogue prototype A2 who prefers to work alone.

Nier is one of those games that will keep you stuck to your screen and will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions. You are guaranteed to be talking about the game so much after playing the entire game. This one is a masterpiece.

4) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Best Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release Date March 3, 2017
Developer(s)Nintendo EPD
Platforms Nintendo Switch & Wii U

You expected this one, didn’t you? BOTW deserves its place in the best games like Xenoblade Chronicles. You assume the role of Link, the main protagonist character who attempts to prevent the destruction of Hyrule after awakening from 100 years of sleep. The game is set in an open world and players receive minimal instruction to progress; the game encourages players to explore and experiment. The missions in the game can be completed in a nonlinear fashion.

Monolith Soft, the developers of Xenoblade Chronicles assisted in designing the landscapes for the game. The game took five years to develop and was finally released in 2017. The game received several accolades including The Game Developers’ Choice Award for Game of The Year 2018. It will have a sequel on Nintendo Switch, which is slated to be released on May 12, 2023. Check out Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild if you haven’t already.

5) Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal
Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release Date Oct 31, 2019
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox Cloud Gaming & Windows

Persona 5 Royal is an enhanced version of Persona 5. It contains new content including – an additional Phantom thief member, a new Palace, a new area of the city, new music, additional plot and social elements, and support for PS4 Pro. Persona 5 Royal does not change or alter the basic plot/story of the game but it improves Persona 5 in most of its aspects. The core mechanics of the game are unchanged and so is the turn-based combat.

Persona 5 is very often counted in the list of the best role-playing video games. The game has received “universal acclaim” with an overall rating of 93/100 on Metacritic. It was praised for its story, presentation, gameplay, and music. We recommend you pick up Persona 5 if you haven’t already.

6) The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2
Release Date September 25, 2014
Developer(s)Nihon Falcom
PlatformsPS3, PS4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch & MS Windows

Trails of Cold Steele 2 is a part of the Trails Series which in itself is a part of the larger ‘The Legend of the Hero’ series. The game is set one month after the events of Trails of Cold Steel 1. If you have a complete game save file from Trails of Cold Steel, it will affect how some of the events in Trails of Cold Steel 2 play out.

Trails of Cold Steel was mainly centered around going to school and attending classes, but that does not happen in its sequel. The game mainly focuses on exploration and traveling. The story follows Rean Schwarzer as he finds himself and his loved ones amid a civil war after awakening a month later from a coma. Rean resolves to find his lost classmates and put an end to the civil war.

Trails of Cold Steel 2 received generally favorable reviews. The game is a modern JRPG masterpiece and is worth giving a try. If you guys are a true fan of Among Us and are looking for different games then check out games similar to Among Us.

7) Trials of Mana

Trials of Mana
Trials of Mana
Release Date 24 April 2020
Developer(s)Square Enix, Xeen
Platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS

Trials of Mana is an action role-playing game that is a remake of the hit RPG game released all the way back in 1995, known then as Seiken Densetsu 3.

In this game, players take on the role of 3 out of the possible 6 protagonists available in the game. Each of the character that players control initially come with their own unique storyline and quests which later on in the game tie-up with the other’s storyline, eventually leading all the protagonist to a single goal: to retrieve the sword of Mana, destroy the evil Benevodons and ultimately save the Mana tree.

Although this game is a remake of a game that was released over 2 decades ago, most of the aspects are kept the same to please fans of all ages.

Players will look to explore the expansive overworld, transitioning between town and country locations, and engage in third-person combat with enemies in real-time combat.

Additionally, while exploring the vast open world available to them, players will find lots of valuable items in the forms of treasure chests and hidden areas of interest which they can explore for treasures like the currency used in-game, called lucre.

8) Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release Date April 10, 2020
Developer(s)Square Enix
Platforms PS4, PS5 & Windows

Final Fantasy VII is often listed as the best Final Fantasy game of all time. The original Final Fantasy VII was released in 1997. Square Enix decided to make a remake of Final Fantasy VII and release it as a trilogy. The 2020 title is the first part of the trilogy, and the second part, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is slated to be released sometime in late 2023 or early 2024.

The game takes place in the fictional city of Midgar, represented as a dystopian cyberpunk where the player controls the mercenary protagonist Cloud Strife. The story follows as Cloud joins an eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE as they try to stop Shinra (a mega-corp) from using the planet’s life essence as an energy source.

The game is faithful to the original Final Fantasy VII title and doesn’t wander too far away that it introduces whole new elements but just enough so that it makes it better and more explained.

9) Ni no Kuni

Ni No Kuni
Similar Games Like Xenoblade Chronicles
Release DateDecember 9, 2010
Developer(s) Level-5 & Netmarble
Platforms PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch & Windows

Ni no Kuni is a series of JRP video games developed by Level-5 and Netmarble. The video game series currently has six video games (one being the enhanced version of the first game) with the latest being Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds which was released on June 10, 2021.

The video game series consists of four role-playing games and one social card game (Daibouken Monsters). The games are played from a 3rd-person perspective and the gameplay involves the protagonist involved in combat and solving puzzles to progress further. The games also feature small Pokemon-like creatures known as ‘Familiars’ that assist you in combat.

The games in the series are open-world and players can freely roam and find dungeons, towns, and other places that are scattered across the game’s map. The graphics in Ni no Kuni are more cartoonish and give a different soothing feel during gameplay.

10) Tales

Release Date December 15, 1995
Developer(s)BNE Entertainment & Namco Tales Studios
Platforms PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & Others

Tales is Bandai Namco’s fantasy role-playing video game series. The first game was released in 1995 (Tales of Phantasia) and the latest was released in 2021 (Tales of Arise). The series boasts a total of 17 mainline video games and several spin-offs. Many anime, manga, and audio series are also based on the game.

The gameplay, themes, and high fantasy settings of all the games remain roughly the same apart from the fact that the games have different storylines and characters and are not connected. The common narrative of the Tales games has been the conflict arising due to the coexistence of two different races. Most of the Tales games feature side conversations that can be dramatic or comedic in nature and that enhances the gameplay experience.

Tales is one of the biggest role-playing video game series and has a huge fan base in Japan. You might wanna check out this one too.

11) Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age
Dragon Quest XI S Echoes of an Elusive Age
Release Date 4 December 2020
Developer(s)Square Enix
Platforms Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One, Stadia

Moving on to the next game on our list, Dragon Quest XI S is an action-role-playing game and is also the 11th part of the Dragon Quest game series.

The story of the game revolves around a Luminary, a reincarnated hero who must embark on an adventure to not only new your story and fate but to also save a world that is on the brink of eternal doom.

During the course of that game, players will not only travel with a rich blend of companions, each with their own unique personalities and back stories, but they will also look to explore a beautifully detailed world, jam-packed with interesting content like detailed NPCs to speak with and dangerous monsters to slay. Players can either choose to explore the expansive lands on foot, by horseback, or by more unconventional means.

12) Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana

Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana
Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of Dana
Release Date 16 April 2018
Developer(s)Nihon Falcom
Platforms PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Stadia,
Android, iOS

This game is a third-person, action-adventure game that builds on the gameplay foundations of the previous ‘Ys’ games in the series by enabling players to control multiple characters and switch between them seamlessly to utilize their unique skills and powers.

During the course of the game, players will encounter a wide selection of wildlife, and also open various chests, that will give them access to rare resources that can be processed further to use in the crafting of healing items and stronger weapons that players can use during their travels.

Combat in this game is relatively straightforward. Enemies in this game have certain vulnerabilities that can only be exposed if they are struck with something with attacks that match their vulnerability type. Although enemies can still be killed using other weapon types, weapons that match the vulnerabilities of the enemies will help finish them off that much quicker.

13) Live A Live

Live A Live
Live A Live
Release Date 27 April 2023
Developer(s)Square Enix, Historia
Platforms Super Famicom, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

The next game on our list is a role-playing game in which players play through 9 different scenarios in varying timelines by taking on the role of eight different protagonists.

Apart from the last 2 scenarios which will unlock later in the game, the other 7 scenarios are split into 7 chapters that take place in eras ranging from ancient China to Feudal Japan, to the cutthroat Wild West, and more.

Additionally, the gameplay mechanics of the game are divided mostly into two parts: the exploration that the players will do, which will come with its own unique challenges and story-specific twists, followed by combat sequences that will take place in turn-based combat fought on a grid.

14) The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
Release Date 12 May 2023
Developer(s)Nintendo EPD
Platforms Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a third-person, action-adventure game that also happens to be the sequel to the highly-praised game of 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This game follows the story of Link, as travels through the familiar world of Hyrule in search of Princess Zelda, while also trying to thwart the evil plans of the Demon King who is hell-bent on destroying the world as we know it.

Players who have played the first game will find the sandbox of Hyrule to be quite familiar to the first game, but only time, Apart from the flatlands which were already present in the previous game, two additional biomes have been added to the game: the sky with all it’s flying islands, and the Depths with their treacherous darkness and lurking threats.

15) Eternal Sonata

Eternal Sonata
Eternal Sonata
Release Date 14 June 2007
Platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Eternal Sonata is a third-person, role-playing game in which players take on the role of a romantic Polish pianist and composer by the name of Frederic Chopin who is in his last hours. The game takes place in an imaginary world dreamed by Chopin himself after taking inspiration from his music and his life, as he steadily slips away from reality,

This game follows the general patterns of popular video games in a way that apart from playing as the artist himself, players will also be controlling up to 12 other characters in-game, and talking with various other people they meet along the way.

Moreover, during the course of the game, players will also take part in a lot of different activities with their fellow companions, like exploring the world they are in, buying and selling equipment at shops, and fighting various monsters of various sizes in classic turn-based combat, that too with a slight action game twist.

Over to you

This was our list of games Best Games similar to Xenoblade Chronicles. We hope that you are now sure about which game you’re going to play next and if you guys have any queries regarding the information that we have provided above them feel free to write them down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a JRPG?

JRPGs stand for Japanese Role Playing Games. The role-playing games that are developed in Japan are known as JRPGs, they mainly contain anime characters as the in-game characters.

What is the difference between JRPGs and WRPGs?

Both of these are the sub-genres of the RPG differentiated by the location of their development. JRPGs are developed in Japan whereas WRPGs are developed in the West.

Do I need to play XC1 before XC3?

In order to understand the story of XC3 you do not need to play XC1. The characters and the lore that XC3 tells are different and do not need prior knowledge of what happened in the earlier games. Although there are some things with which OGs will be able to relate better.

How many hours is Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

If you want to complete the main story of the game without worrying about the side quests, you are likely to spend around 90-100 hours playing XC3.

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