15 Best Games Like Zelda For Xbox and PlayStation Users To Play

Are you a fan of fantasy-based, action-adventure video games like the iconic Zelda Series From Nintendo? If yes, then you are not alone as since Nintendo released the first part of this iconic series, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in 2017, it opened a new era of possibilities for game developers around the globe on ... Read more

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Best Games Like Zelda For Xbox and PlayStation
Best Games Like Zelda For Xbox and PlayStation

Are you a fan of fantasy-based, action-adventure video games like the iconic Zelda Series From Nintendo? If yes, then you are not alone as since Nintendo released the first part of this iconic series, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild in 2017, it opened a new era of possibilities for game developers around the globe on how to develop engaging open-world games with interesting characters and lots of content for gamers to bite into.

In essence, the Zelda games are open-world action-adventure games in which players take control of the game’s main protagonist and explore an expansive open world, jam-packed with activities to do, collectibles to harvest, and a wide variety of enemies to combat.

While today, the game may not seem as revolutionary as it did when it came out in 2017, there is no denying the fact that other developers have wasted no time in taking notes of the right things they did and creating their gems with certain similar elements in place, so it is only fair on our part to shine some light on them as well.

Although none of the games mentioned in the list below are identical copies of the Zelda games, it is clear to see that they have certainly taken inspiration from them by integrating a few elements here and there that boast a lot of resemblances either in the form of their quests, overall aesthetics and art style, character animations, etc to give gamers on the other platforms an adventure worth remembering.

So without much ado, let us dive in and take a look at some of the best games like Zelda that Xbox and PlayStation users can look to play:

1) The Pathless

The Pathless
The Pathless
Developer(s)Giant Squid
Publisher(s)Annapurna Interactive
Release Date16 November 2021
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC,
Nintendo Switch, iOS, macOS

The Pathless is a third-person, action-adventure game set in a fantasy world in which players play as skilled archers who must navigate through a mythical world and help lift a curse of darkness, fighting various enemies along the way.

Being master archers and swift movers in this game, players must help the hunter traverse through various picturesque locations like lush green forests, snow-capped mountain peaks, etc., to help dispel the curse of darkness from the lands by shooting, dodging, sneaking, and sliding their way through the different biomes.

On their journey to restore light to the lands and remove the cursed darkness, players will engage in epic boss battles against the corrupted lifeforms currently inhabiting the sacred lands.

Players will have to dodge and fight their way to victory, using every weapon and tool at their disposal. They’ll also have a trusty eagle companion beside them who will always assist them whenever they require it.

2) Moonlighter

Developer(s)Digital Sun
Publisher(s)11 bit Studios, Netflix
Release Date29 May 2019
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, Android, Linux,
macOS, iOS

Moonlighter is an action-adventure, rogue-lite game in which players take on the role of Will, a shopkeeper by day and a warrior by night. In this game, players will manage Will’s two lives, one of a shopkeeper and the other of an adventurer.

During the day, Will must tend to his shop and sell valuable collectibles and materials to the various customers who visit his shop. During the night, however, Will goes to explore various dungeons located throughout the game’s world to battle varied evil monsters and creatures, and also retrieve various valuable loot to sell in their shop the next day.

Players will acquire lots of gold for selling various valuables in their shop, which they can in turn, reinvest in not only upgrading their weapons and tools but also adding new features to their shops like a dedicated potion-making station and blacksmiths corner, etc., to be able to produce more valuable items worth selling.

3) Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits
Kena Bridge of Spirits
Developer(s)Ember Lab
Publisher(s)Ember Lab
Release Date27 September 2022
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a third-person, action-adventure game set in a mythical spirit realm where players take on the role of Kena, a spirit guide, as she traverses through different biomes and sceneries to scale the sacred Mountain Shrine, freeing various trapped spirits on her way.

In this game, while exploring the vibrant spirit world, players will encounter and engage with various enemies, each with distinct move sets, weaknesses, and strengths. Although not as challenging on default difficulty settings, it is hard not to draw too many similarities with enemies in this game and other soulslike games.

On their journey, players will also collect cute little ball-like round creatures called Rot, who will accompany Kena during her journey through the spirit realm and assist her not only during various platforming puzzles but also in combat situations.

4) Windbound

Developer(s)5 Lives Studios
Publisher(s)Deep Silver, Plaion
Release Date28 August 2020
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC, Nintendo Switch,
Google Stadia

Windbound is a third-person, action-adventure, survival game in which players play as Kara, a warrior, shipwrecked on an island with no food, water, or other supplies and must fight and survive her way to safety.

In this game, players explore an expansive open world comprising wide open waters and small groups of islands to collect and harvest various resources that are required to help make their way back to safety.

Islands have finite resources on them, so players will have to hop onto a new island when the resources on the current one dry up completely, and they will be able to do so by crafting their very own raft from scratch.

With nothing on them, players will have to hunt local flora and fauna to satiate their hunger, whereas to defend themselves from the various wildlife scurrying around, they will also have to craft weapons and tools from all the material and resources they’ll find.

5) Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn
Developer(s)Guerrilla Games
Publisher(s)Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date7 August 2020
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PC

Horizon Zero Dawn is a third-person, action-adventure game set in the future, somewhere in the 31st century, where the Earth as we know it has perished, only to be replaced by a present where man and machine fight for survival and control.

Players in this game will take on the role of an outcast hunter named Aloy as she traverses through the treacherous lands in search of not only her origins but also of the source of the mysterious ‘derangement’ that is causing the machines to be overly aggressive than before.

In this game, players will explore parts of post-apocalyptic Colorado, Utah, etc, in search of valuable equipment and weapons while also hunting aggressive and passive ‘machine’ dinosaurs for precious resources, which they use to upgrade and enhance their gear.

6) Sable

Publisher(s)Raw Fury
Release Date23 September 2021
Platform(s)PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

Sable is an open-world, third-person, exploration-based adventure game set in the ruined desert planet of Midden, where players take on the role of Sable, a young girl who is on a rite-of-passage, called the ‘Gliding’, to try and find a particular mask and return to her village.

In this game, players will explore a uniquely stylized desert world jam-packed with numerous engaging elements like meeting and conversing with a collection of interesting characters, solving numerous platforming activities, intricate puzzles, and much more.

The world in this game is big, so players can rely on their very own hoverbike to travel to various interesting locations scattered across the game’s world.

To enhance the hoverbike’s overall traversal capabilities, however, players can choose to upgrade it with various upgrades that will not only improve the bike’s maneuverability and acceleration but also its top speed.

7) Immortals Fenyx Rising

Immortal's Fenyx Rising
Immortal’s Fenyx Rising
Developer(s)Ubisoft Quebec
Release Date3 December 2020
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and
Series S, Google Stadia

Immortal Fenyx Rising is a third-person, action-adventure RPG set in the Golden Isle, a large open world inspired by Greek mythology, where players take on the role of a mortal named Fenyx, who, on her quest to save her brother, must also defeat the deadliest Titan in Greek Mythology known as Typhon, and save the many Greek Gods in the process.

In this game, players will explore the seven unique regions present in the Golden Isle and battle against some of the most formidable mythical creatures in the form of Cyclops, Minotaur, or Medusa.

To fight against these creatures and emerge victorious, Fenyx must utilize the various magical abilities that are bestowed upon her by the Gods themselves, like Herakles’s Strength, Apollo’s Arrows, Phosper’s Attack, etc.

Moreover, to aid Fenyx in her journey, she is accompanied by a bird named Phosphor, who helps reveal and highlight the numerous explorable points of interest on the game’s map. Phosphor also has the skill to attack enemies in this game, but players will unlock that ability later in the game.

8) Chicory: A Colorful Tale

Chicory A Colorful Tale
Chicory A Colorful Tale
Developer(s)Wishes Unlimited
Release DateJune 10, 2021
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One,
Xbox Series X and S, macOS

Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a top-down, adventure RPG set in a comic book world called the Picnic Province in which players take control of a dog who has a magical paintbrush that it uses to paint the game’s world, to not only open up new places for them to explore but to also solve the various color-related puzzles they’ll encounter during their playthroughs.

The world, by default, is black and white in this game, and it will be up to the players to paint each area visible to them with appropriate colors to bring the various elements present in them to life. At the beginning of the game, players will only be walking, but as they progress further into the game, players will also be able to jump and swim to access areas that were previously inaccessible.

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9) A Knight’s Quest

A Knight's Quest
A Knight’s Quest
Developer(s)Sky9 Games
Publisher(s)Curve Games
Release Date10 October 2019
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

A Knight’s Quest is a third-person, action-adventure game set in a quirky fantasy world where players take on the role of a kind-hearted yet clumsy adventurer named Rusty, who goes on a time-bound adventure after his clumsiness sparks a chain of events that could potentially lead to the destruction of the world as we know it.

On their journey to prevent the destruction of the world, players will engage in lots of interesting activities like solving intricate, mind-testing puzzles and platforming sequences, battling a variety of challenging foes, and engaging in high-octane boss fights against some of the most daunting, colossal enemies found in recent games.

At the beginning of the game, Rusty is equipped with basic gear and weapons, but as players progress further into the game, they will not only be able to equip Rusty with better gear and weapons, but also unlock special abilities that utilize the powers of natural elements like Ice, Fire, and Time, to manipulate the world around them.

10) Death’s Door

Death's Door
Death’s Door
Developer(s)Acid Nerve
Publisher(s)Devolver Digital
Release Date20 July 2021
Platform(s)PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4,
PlayStation 5

Death’s Door is a top-down, single-player, action-adventure game set in the afterlife where players take on the role of a crow, who acts as the ‘reaper of souls’ for the bureaucratic Reaping Commission Headquarters and goes on a journey to not only retrieve the stolen souls of various creatures from a peculiar thief but uncovering a conspiracy along the way as well.

In this game, players will venture into uniquely stylized areas across the game’s world and engage in high-octane battle sequences with various creatures who have no intention of willingly parting with their souls. Initially, players are equipped with only a basic sword, a shield, and a bow, but over time, more weapons and throwables become available to them to help take down their foes.

The game also has a plethora of puzzle and platforming elements in place that fans of the iconic Zelda games will be all too happy to engage in to nurture their puzzle-solving skills. Many places in-game are initially inaccessible to the players, and they only open up once players acquire the necessary skills and abilities required to access them.

11) Fe

Developer(s)Zoink Games
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Release Date16 February 2018
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac Operating Systems

Fe is a third-person, platform-adventure game set in a picturesque fantasy world where players play as a cat-like creature named Fe, as they guide it through a dark and desolate world full of suspense and try to help the creatures of the forest by defending them against the mysterious and unprovoked attacks of hostile entities called the Silent Ones.

Additionally, as players make their way around the game’s obscure and mysterious world, they can utilize Fe’s magical songs to attract more creatures to join up and battle the Silent Ones together.

Moreover, players can also sing to nearby objects to activate them and open paths that were previously inaccessible, like singing to a flower to spread its petals so that it can be used as a trampoline by players to enable them to explore unique hidden areas located higher up in the game’s world.

12) Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers
Developer(s)Sonic Team
Release Date8 November 2022
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One,
Xbox Series X and S

Sonic Frontiers is a third-person, adventure-platforming game with 2-D elements in which players take on the role of Sonic, who is separated from his friend and is stranded on an alien planet called Starfall Islands, which is inhabited by various hostile creatures.

Sonic must traverse through the various biomes of this mysterious planet to not only find his friend and collect the rare Chaos Emeralds but also to stop the new mechanized threat threatening the planet’s existence.

Through Sonic, players will explore a massive open world and engage in numerous interesting activities like fast-paced platforming speedrunning sequences, solving intricate puzzles, and much more.

Moreover, players will be seen fighting a variety of mechanized alien species in this game, from standard foes to humongous titans, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses that the players will need to be aware of.

Payers can indulge in an all-new battle and skill tree system to take their foes down effectively by utilizing combat maneuvers like special combo, counters, dodges, and much more.

13) Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas

Oceanhorn Monster Of Uncharted Seas
Oceanhorn Monster Of Uncharted Seas
Developer(s)Cornfox & Bros
Publisher(s)FDG Entertainment
Release Date17 March 2015
Platform(s)PC, iOS, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switch,

Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas is a top-down, action-adventure, exploration-based puzzle game set on the mysterious islands of the Uncharted Seas where players take on the role of an unnamed boy who goes on a quest to not only find his father but also defeat the ultimate monster of the Uncharted Seas, Oceanhorn.

In this game, players will explore various islands spread across the game’s map, and look to engage in several different activities like exploring the numerous caves and dungeons to find ancient treasures, fighting various mythical beasts and monsters with the help of a diverse arsenal of weapons, while also mastering the art of using magic to aid them in their journey.

Although the recent Zelda games are technological marvels by today’s gaming standards, players who enjoyed previous entries in the Zelda series like A Wind Maker and A Link To The Past will feel right at home with the aesthetics of this game and should have a great time navigating and solving their through the various challenges on offer in this particular title.

14) One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey
One Piece Odyssey
Publisher(s)Bandai Namco Entertainment
Release Date13 January 2023
Platform(s)PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X and Series S

One Piece Odyssey is a third-person, turn-based, action-adventure RPG set during the glorious pirate era in which players take on the role of Monkey .D. Luffy and his band of misfit pirates called the Straw Hat Pirates.

Although not a replica of the popular Japanese Manga series One Piece, the game does take inspiration from it by giving players a fully playable One Piece adventure to enjoy that they had always wanted to experience.

Players will play most of the game in third-person mode and traverse through the game’s world, exploring the various points of interest, collecting loot and items, and solving numerous puzzles along the way.

Players will encounter various foes they’ll have to battle in classic turn-based combat on their journey. The game’s combat scenario is where the standard third-person view transitions into a static turn-based combat arena-type interface, with various interactable commands at their disposal from which they can choose a variety of different combat options.

15) Tunic

Developer(s)Isometricorp Games
Release Date16 March 2022
Platform(s)Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One,
Xbox Series X and Series S

Tunic is a top-down, action-adventure game set on a mysterious island where players take on the role of an unnamed cute little fox, who is on a journey to not only find an ancient treasure buried somewhere on the island but also to rescue a spirit of a fox trapped in a crystal.

Players will help the fox traverse through the deceptively beautiful linear world of the game, battling vicious foes and collecting valuable loot along the way.

This game takes a lot of inspiration from difficult soulslike games available on the market, so players can expect to engage in ruthless combat scenarios against a variety of different foes, each with having distinct traits, weaknesses, and strengths that the players will have to be aware of if they wish to prevail against them.


And there you have it. These were some of the best games for Xbox and PlayStation users we could today that we are sure will give you a plethora of hours of entertainment.

As mentioned before, the iconic Zelda game series is a work of art that holds a special place in the hearts of the many gamers who indulged in it, so it is safe to say that none of the games on this list are going to make people forget about it any time soon but what they do manage to do is provide players with an exhilarating gaming experience nonetheless, something which all good games must aim to do.

Please keep coming back to this post from time to time to be up-to-date on all the best Xbox and PlayStation games like Zelda worth keeping track of and checking out, as we’ll make it a point to keep this article updated with all the latest games, as and when they hit the shelves.

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