31 Best RimWorld Mods To Use To Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

RimWorld is a colony simulation game that provides players with unprecedented freedom when it comes to creating the ultimate colony of their dreams. To keep things interesting, however, the game throws many surprising challenges at them to keep them on their toes at all times. As good as RimWorld’s procedurally generated storyline and events, as ... Read more

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Best RimWorld Mods
Best RimWorld Mods

RimWorld is a colony simulation game that provides players with unprecedented freedom when it comes to creating the ultimate colony of their dreams. To keep things interesting, however, the game throws many surprising challenges at them to keep them on their toes at all times.

As good as RimWorld’s procedurally generated storyline and events, as well as its overall gameplay, are fun and engaging, there are certainly a few aspects that their loyal player base agrees are more tedious than enjoyable; hence, through these selected mods, they look to enhance them for the better.

So today, in this post, we are going to be looking at some of the best RimWorld mods that players can choose to integrate into their games for an enhanced gameplay experience. Some of the aspects added into the game through the mods are new altogether, while a few only choose to upgrade a few important aspects that were also present in the game’s vanilla state.

Players around the world are normally skeptical about downloading mods for their games due to the ever-present risk of accidentally downloading a virus, but they can rest assured as all the mods mentioned in this post are available on the game’s official Steam Workshop page itself, hence they are completely safe to implement.

So, without much ado, let us jump right in and take a look at some of the best RomWorld mods to use today:

1) HugsLib

Date Published15 December 2016

When using multiple mods within a game, the most pressing concern on every gamer’s mind is whether or not the mods will run together. Worry not because, through HugsLib, players can run multiple mods simultaneously without any hassle.

2) RimWorld Multiplayer

RimWorld Multiplayer
RimWorld Multiplayer
CreatorSwept, Charlotte, Parexy, zetrith
Date Published20 September 2021

Looking to play RimWorld with your friends? If yes, then this mod is a must for you as it allows players to team up with up to 8 players in total to enjoy some collective colony-building fun.

Players can try and invite more than eight players as well, but that’ll make the game unstable and could lead it to crash, so players are advised to attempt this at their own risk.

3) Replace Stuff

Replace Stuff
Replace Stuff
Date Published28 April 2018

Do you wish to replace certain aspects of your colony with something much better? If yes, this buildings mod will allow players to instantaneously swap existing things in their colony’s buildings with anything they choose. Don’t like the standard walls in your house? Replace it with something more modern or antique. Are wooden doors too basic? Swap them for something stylish and automatic, like auto doors.

4) Combat Extended

Combat Extended
Combat Extended
CreatorSumghai, Harkon, N7Huntsman, Logan, Combat Extended
Date Published20 November 2022

This mod completely modifies and reworks the vanilla percentage-based combat mechanics in the game with more accessible ballistics mechanics.

This mode changes everything from how armor and shields perform in the game to how effective melee and projectile damage the enemies.

To use this mod, however, players will have to start a new save, as it won’t work on any preexisting save file.

Moreover, this mod is notorious for encountering problems when running with other mods, so it is advisable to use this mod solo to avoid any complications.

5) Vanilla Expanded

Vanilla Expanded
Vanilla Expanded
CreatorOskar Potocki, Sarj Bjornson, Kikohi, legodude17, Smash Phil
Date Published8 October 2019

Looking for a more comprehensive vanilla game experience? This collection of mods allows players to experience a more fleshed-out version of the base game by integrating it with several smaller mods, with each adding their very own distinct elements to the game like new types of furniture, new roles for colonists, creating new clothes and weaponry, numerous texture mods, and much more.

6) Dubs Bad Hygiene

Bad Hygiene
Bad Hygiene
Date Published7 January 2017

Vanilla RimWorld does not come with any built-in sanitation features; hence, with this mod, players will get a fully functional hygiene system to help keep their colonies litter-free and well-sanitized.

Other features like a well-planned plumbing and sewage system, an operational irrigation system for the sake of farming, hot tubs for colonists to bathe in, and a kitchen sink to keep their utensils clean, are also added to the player’s game through this mod to give them a proper colony-building experience.

7) Wall Light

Wall Light
Wall Light
Date Published27 June 2018

Do you want to free up some valuable space in your colonist’s rooms without sacrificing lights? With this seemingly simple mod, players can install wall-mounted lights in their rooms or anywhere else, to be able to remove the space-consuming standing lamps.

Players wanting to take things up a notch can also choose to research the ‘colored lights’ feature to implement lights of various colors like green, blue, red, etc.

8) Interaction Bubbles

Interaction Bubbles
Interaction Bubbles
Date Published18 September 2018

Colonists in RimWorld are more lifelike than in most games, and it is quite common for players to see a few chatting with one another, but have you ever wondered what exactly they are talking about? Well, worry not because, with this mod, a little dialogue box will appear over the colonists whenever they speak to anyone to allow players to read every interaction between them.

This mod may not appear to be game-changing in nature, but it still adds to the overall immersion of the game.

9) Colony Manager

Colony Manager
Colony Manager
Date Published2 July 2016

Are you tired of micro-managing your colony’s intricate elements and keeping track of all the depleting resources? Not anymore, because with the help of this mod, a colony manager is appointed in your colony who will automatically oversee and assign tasks and jobs to fellow colonists always to make sure they keep the wood, meat, and livestock reserves of the colony well-stocked at all times

Players will have to start a new save file if they wish to utilize this mod in their game, as the new work type this mod introduces in the game will be too complex to be able to integrate in a preexisting save file.

10) Hospitality

Date Published28 August 2016

Visitors are characters in RimWorld who, until now, occasionally visited your colony, roamed around a little, and then went away without doing anything meaningful. With the help of this mod, however, things are about to change for the better, as now these visitors have a purpose in the game and can be interacted with by the players.

Players can interact with them and offer them a spacious room to stay in, trade with them for better resources and gear, converse with them to increase the relationship between the two factions, etc., among many other options.

11) EdB Prepare Carefully

EdB Prepare Carefully
EdB Prepare Carefully
Date Published31 July 2016

When beginning a new save in RimWorld, the starting colonists provided by the game have random stats that may or may not align with a particular player’s way of playing the game. To rectify this issue, this mod allows players to not only modify the game’s gameplay scenario and starting location but also craft the pawn of their choosing.

Whether looking for a challenging experience or a cinematic walk in the park, this mod will allow players to customize their colonists’ stats to suit their gameplay preferences.

12) RimHUD

Date Published10 September 2018

Do you like knowing about all the intricate details of your colonists or animals? If yes, then this mod is perfect for you as RimHUD enables players to get an in-depth view of all the stats and information regarding their colonists and creatures present in the game at a glance.

Players can easily inspect their pawns to know if they are suffering from any ailments, what kinds of skills they possess, check up on their overall mood and well-being, and much more.

By default, the additional information provided by the mod is displayed on the inspect tab in-game, so all players have to do is resize the inspect tab a bit to view the additional content.

13) Expanded Prosthetics And Organ Engineering

Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Date Published17 July 2016

Are you tired of playing with regular pawns and looking for something stronger and durable? If that is the case, this mod will enable players to build enhanced colonists in their scientific facility dedicated to mankind’s advancement.

From simple pirate hook hands to extensive automated exo-suits, players can craft the ultimate superhuman of their choosing through this mod.

Moreover, colonists who are in the habit of losing their vitals need not perish anymore, as this mod also enables players to create artificial vital human organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc., without breaking any sweat.

14) RunAndGun

Run and Gun
Run and Gun
Date Published18 November 2017

By default, colonists in RimWorld, as surprising as it sounds, cannot run and shoot simultaneously, but enemies can. With the help of this mod, however, colonists will now also be able to move and shoot simultaneously freely whenever they are in a combat scenario.

It is worth pointing out that players will incur an accuracy and movement penalty when shooting while moving, but it is still much better than waiting around like sitting ducks when the enemies come attacking. If the penalties are bothersome, players can also tweak them from the mods settings menu to even the scales a bit.

15) Filth Vanishes With Rain And Time

Filth Vanishes With Rain and Time
Filth Vanishes With Rain and Time
Date Published10 September 2018

Filth is a common occurrence in this game as players engage in many activities like farming, fighting enemies, exploring, and trash disposal for the sake of sanitation, and cleaning it because a real chore.

With the help of this mod, however, players will find it to be much easier to rid themselves of dirt because rain/rain will now remove all kinds of dirt from colonists and objects within 14-15 days in-game, which is a massive improvement from the game’s default 30-45 days duration.

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16) Character Editor

Character Editor
Character Editor
Date Published28 September 2019

Would you like to change your character’s essential features to craft the ultimate character of your choice? If the answer is yes, players can utilize the Character editor mod in RimWorld to experiment with various features of their colonists, like adding or removing skills, changing their ideologies, race, faction, traits, etc., healing or resurrecting pawns, and much more.

17) Pick Up And Haul

Pick Up and Haul
Pick Up and Haul
CreatorUuugggg, Mehni
Date Published23 January 2018

Ever needed to haul and stockpile a large quantity of a particular resource or machinery in-game, and you couldn’t do so? If this has also happened to you, then it is time to use the Pickup and Haul mod. With the help of this mod, colonists will collect everything they find in their path and stockpile it for future use.

Not only does the mod facilitate quick collection and stockpiling, it also promises to give the colony a clean and organized look.

18) Advanced PowerGeneration

Advanced Power Generation
Advanced Power Generation
Date Published8 September 2016

Power limitations holding you back from constructing the ultimate colony of your dreams later in the game? Worry not because this mod adds a few powerful late-game power supply machinery into the game in the form of an advanced wind turbine, advanced Solar panels, an advanced geothermal plant, and an advanced nuclear power plant to support all the player’s electrical requirements.

The best part about these types of power supply machinery is that they do not require either continued maintenance or regular refueling: players can just place them in and around their bases, and they are good to go.

19) Death Rattle

Death Rattle
Death Rattle
Date Published25 October 2022

This mod allows players to save their colonists from certain death situations even when one of their overall health has reached zero. Instead of outright dying, colonists who are at zero health will become severely ill, giving players just enough time to find the appropriate treatment for their pawns.

Please note that colonists who survive these near-death experiences may recover completely from the surface, but they could still be vulnerable enough to suffer from internal issues like depression.

20) RimFridge

CreatorKiame Vivacity
Date Published26 October 2017

This mod enables players to install fridge racks to keep their fresh food items from deteriorating. This mod is especially useful for placing refrigerated racks in dining rooms, next to a kitchen, or in prisons to avoid having players feed the prisoners themselves.

On the surface, this may seem like a very simplistic mod, but this quality-of-life improvement will cut down lots of in-game labor as well as keep perishables fresh for much longer, something that wasn’t available in the vanilla version of the game.

21) Smart Speed

Smart Speed
Smart Speed
CreatorSarg Bjornson
Date Published6 September 2018

Not everything moves at the speed gamers want, so with the Smart Speed mod’s help, players can enable ultra speeds in the game and change the speed of certain events that occur in the game with its dedicated even speed multiplier.

The best part about this mod is that players can choose to speed up their gameplay sessions without entering into developer mode. The mod also adds an Ultra speed icon into the game for the convenience of the player, as they can quickly toggle it on and off from there.

As mentioned earlier, players will also be able to speed up certain events in-game with the help of the event speed multiplier. For example, the farming process will take 4 hours in-game, players can freely speed up the game using this mod feature so that they do not have to wait around aimlessly.

22) Blueprints

Date Published22 June 2016

Every so often, players create the perfect room or area exactly to their liking but do not have the energy to go through the tedious process of recreating it for all the sections present in their colony, that is when the Blueprints mod comes to their assistance. By using this mod, players can freely recreate or duplicate any room or area in their colony and keep using it till their heart’s content.

To use this mod, all players have to do is select the ‘create’ button available with this mod, drag the cursor over the entire room/area/object they wish to duplicate, and save it under a legitimate name. Once saved, players can tap the ‘new’ button and keep pasting the blueprint they had just created as many times as they want to.

23) Blighted Alert

Blighted Alert
Blighted Alert
Date Published27 August 2018

It is another one of the simplistic mods available for this game, but extremely helpful nonetheless. The Blighted Alert mod adds an alert mechanism in the game that alerts players of any blighted crops still present in their farms.

This mod is important because if it doesn’t warn the player on time and they forget to get rid of the existing blighted crops, the blight in the farm could spread further, spoiling other crops in the field as well.

24) Rimsenal: Augmented Vanilla Pack

Rimsenal Augmented Vanilla Pack
Rimsenal Augmented Vanilla Pack
Date Published24 January 2017

This mod aims to give players more options to enjoy their game by giving them access to additional features like a wide selection of old and new firearms, new weapon styles, unique apparel options, and much more.

The best part about this mod is that although it gives players quite a lot of seemingly advanced equipment to work with, none of the items feel too futuristic or overpowered in any way, thereby going well with the overall survival aesthetic of the game.

25) Color Coded Mood Bar

Color Coded Mood Bar
Color Coded Mood Bar
Date Published25 February 2020

Keeping colonists in good spirits is of paramount importance if players want to run their colonies with no fuss, and one of the best ways of doing exactly that is by keeping track of their mood.

In the vanilla game, players had to navigate to the ‘need’ tab to know which colonist was at what mental capacity, but the color-coded mood bar makes things a bit more straightforward by assigning colors to colonists’ portraits according to their mental health status. A green portrait indicates a happy mental state, whereas a grey portrait indicates a neutral state of mind.

An orange and red portrait indicates that the colonists are suffering from serious mental health problems and need immediate medical help.

26) FashionRIMsta

CreatorInkyspoon, Nackblad
Date Published16 August 2016

Tired of seeing your pawns wearing the same clothes every day? Don’t worry, because, with this mod’s help, players can freely customize their colonists’ clothes at will, without any restrictions.

The FashionRIMsta mod adds a plethora of apparel items to the game, like Military fatigues, Surgical Masks, Scrubs, Desert Robes, Cargo Shorts, Thermal Pants, Chef Hats, Fur Coats, and many more, to add some much-need flair and variety to the game.

Please note that the new apparel added with this mod is not for cosmetic purposes, as each piece has unique stats, perks, and drawbacks. For example, a fur coat will keep people warm in snowy weather but too warm for players to wear in hot and humid conditions.

27) Men’s Hair

Men's Hairstyle
Men’s Hairstyle
Date Published4 October 2019

Rimworld pawns come with their default hairstyles, and although they look decent enough, they sometimes lack the ‘wow’ factor. We know hairstyles are one of the last things anyone will think about when trying to survive and build a full-fledged society, but personal grooming still plays a big part nonetheless.

The Won hair_men hairstyle mod adds more than 30 men’s hairstyle variations in the game for players to try out to enhance their in-game style quotient.

28) Realistic Rooms

Realistic Rooms
Realistic Rooms
CreatorDragon Fist Ent
Date Published27 January 2017

Colonists in RimWorld have unrealistic expectations when it comes to their room sizes, and that leads players to construct sprawling houses just to accommodate a few pawns in them. With the help of this mod, however, things become a little more realistic, as it adjusts the pawn’s room size expectations. This change in expectation now allows players to construct considerably smaller, more compact houses to better manage the space around their colony, without damaging the colonist’s contentment levels.

Moreover, apart from their room size, colonists in RimWorld are particularly fussy about dust in their rooms too. So to prevent a speck of dirt in a room from completely freaking out a pawn, this mod also comes equipped with a ‘Reduced Beauty Debuff’ mod to help negate this extremely annoying dirt issue.

29) Let’s Cook – A Breaking Bad Scenario

Let's Cook - A Breaking Bad Scenario
Let’s Cook – A Breaking Bad Scenario
Date Published2 September 2016

Ever wanted to run a methamphetamine production lab in your very own RimWorld colony? Guess what, now you absolutely can. With this comprehensive mod, players can run, manage, and profit from a fully functional Methamphetamine business right from their base, just like the one shown in the popular Breaking Bad TV series.

The running of the Meth lab, however, is anything but simple, as players will be responsible for all the intricate details involved in this business.

From procuring the natural resource and cooking it to hiring capable people to handle all the different aspects involved in its production, everything will have to take place under the stewardship of the players,

Apart from producing the Meth, players will also have to make sure that the product is not getting consumed by meth-addicted workers, or stolen by rivals.

30) Animal Variety Coats

Animal Variety Coats
Animal Variety Coats
CreatorCucumpear, Azreal
Date Published14 September 2018

Animals in Rimworld have more or less the same kind of shades on them, and although it looks good, one can help but notice how same that makes all the animals look. To rectify this slight inconvenience, the Animal Variety Coats mod gives every animal in the game their unique shade, just like in real life.

With this change in shade, the animals in-game will have a more natural look to them, and players will also have an easier time spotting them in the game as well.

Players will be pleased to know that this mod can be implemented on preexisting saves, with the only downside to this being that the newly added shade effects will only affect newborn animals, not preexisting adult animals.

31) Rimatomics

Date Published4 September 2017

There are a lot of abandoned nuclear plants scattered around the player’s world in RimWorld that don’t serve much apart from being rich scavenging spots for rare resources. With the help of the Rimatomics mod, however, Nuclear plants now have a new purpose altogether. Through this mod, players will be able to utilize them to generate nuclear power to power up their bases and more.

In addition to this, players will now be able to manufacture energy weapons as well, to strike fear in their enemies and vaporize them into thin air.

For players who find this intricate mod a little too advanced, there is a handy custom research system implemented in the game, which should also guide you through the most complex features of this mod with ease.


And there you have it. These were some of the best RimWorld mods currently available in Steam’s Workshop that players can implement in their games for an amazing gameplay experience.

Like with most mods, players are advised to check the mod’s compatibility requirement before trying to implement it in their games, as mods that aren’t of the same version as the game or have conflicts with other mods running alongside them, will disrupt and hamper their gameplay experiences massively.

Please do keep coming back to this post whenever you are looking for the next best mod to add to your RimWorld world, to get an enhanced gameplay experience.

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