Best Sims 4 Pets (Ranked) To Make Your Gameplay More Fun & Entertaining!

Pets in Sims 4 are extremely cute and fun to play with; however, players need to download and install certain expansion packs in their game to have access to different types of pets. Sims 4 is indeed a fun game and you can add even more joy and fun to the game by adding pets ... Read more

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Best Sims 4 Pets
Best Sims 4 Pets

Pets in Sims 4 are extremely cute and fun to play with; however, players need to download and install certain expansion packs in their game to have access to different types of pets.

Sims 4 is indeed a fun game and you can add even more joy and fun to the game by adding pets to the game.

Pets in this game have their unique characteristics and it can be quite hard to choose the right pet for you that is why today we will be ranking all the best pets in Sims 4 and we will also be mentioning the expansion packs through which they can be added to the game.

Since players are waiting for Sims 5 to release it might be the best time to add pets to Sims 4 if you haven’t already. So without wasting any time let’s get started.

11. Rat (My First Pet Stuff Expansion Pack)


Rats and a few other rodents in Sims 4 possess a unique ability that sets them apart from other pets and that is they can embark on exciting adventures to faraway lands.

Having a rat in your house can be quite dangerous but not in game. Every now and then they can embark on their journey and will return with an exquisite postcard from the specific places that they visit.

The only disappointing this about this poet is that it doesn’t have many interactions like many other pets in the game. However, it is still pretty fun and exciting to have a rat in your sim’s house.

10. Hamster (My First Pet Stuff Expansion Pack)


Next up is a hamster, one of the four rodents that will be provided to you if you install the My First Pet Stuff Expansion Pack into your game.

These pets are quite fragile and require attention as they rely on their owner for food. Players should maintain a neat and tidy cage and offer a good amount of interaction, or else the hamster might start feeling lonely.

Hamsters are surely a great pet that you guys can have in Sims 4 and you should definitely own one if you haven’t yet.

9. Birds (Cottage Living Expansion Pack)


One of the most beautiful and exquisite pets in Sims 4 is the bird and players in the Cottage Living Expansion Pack are introduced to wild birds.

Players using the expansion pack can unlock the opportunity to be friends with these cute-looking creatures and one easy way to be friends with these creatures is by simply placing a bird habitat on the Sim’s lot.

If you’re looking for a pet with bonuses, then you should definitely own a bird as they provide several bonuses such as precious gifts, help in the garden by eating the bugs around the plants and singing to any oversized crops that will encourage them to grow faster. Isn’t that amazing? Having a bird in your Sim’s house can be extremely fun and also rewarding.

8. Bubalus (My First Pet Stuff Expansion Pack)


After looking at the above image, you guys must’ve speculated that Bubalus will be one of the most unique pets in the game.

It has the body of a hippopotamus, the color and spiral shape of a Violet Sea Snail, fur and hamster size.

This unique-looking pet is quite impressive and this was it for Bubalus and now let us move on to the next pet in Sims 4.

7. Rabbit (Cottage Living Expansion Pack)


Rabbits are my personal favorite pets in the game due to their mischievous personalities and sims cannot add these pets directly to their family as these are wild animals.

Players can befriend them by offering them different gifts, and these pets will help Sims out in the garden. Rabbits have great abilities which can help player’s plants in the garden to grow quickly and not only that, players can even dress them in staggering outfits.

6. Pygmy Hedgedog (My First Pet Stuff Expansion Pack)

On number 6 we have Pygmy Hedgedog and these are some of the cutest pets in the game that capture the attention of players with their cute appearance.

These pets have their own habitat which consists of everything they need for survival and to keep them occupied as well.

Even tho they don’t have any unique traits, their appearance makes players want to have them in their game. Pygmy Hedgedog is a great pet; you should check it out for yourself. Now let us move on to the next pet.

5. Chicken (Cottage Living Expansion Pack)

The Cottage Living Expansion pack adds chickens to the game and these pets are a great addon to the game as they can produce eggs as long as players keep them fed and happy.

The eggs that chickens produce can be stored and used for cooking and baking; however, players need to make sure to watch out for the Wild foxes as they’re going to try to steal your eggs.

4. Cat (Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack)


We’re pretty sure that many of you gamers will be cat lovers and cats in Sims 4 finally made their appearance through the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack.

If you own a cat in the game, you’ll often find it wandering around the house and exploring the neighborhood.

They’re also able to hunt down birds and will often bring feather collectibles for players that players can use to decorate the walls of their Sim’s house.

The only downside of having a Cat in Sims 4 is that they can also run into trouble while exploring and end up fighting with a wild animal outside.

Sims can have many interactions with their cats, such as feeding them, petting them, cuddling with them, and much more.

3. Cow (Cottage Living Expansion Pack)


Cows made their return to the Sims franchise through the Cottage Living Expansion Pack and players can purchase these exquisite pets from a livestock stall.

The best part about having a cow in Sims 4 is that the sim can even milk them and dress them up in silly outfits.

Cows in Sims 4 produce different flavors of milk depending on what the sim is feeding them and the barn needs to be cleared daily and the cows require love and care.

2. Llama (Cottage Living Expansion Pack)


Sims 4 fans were surprised and happy when the developers introduced Llama to the game through the Cottage Living Expansion Pack.

Llamas are one of the most complex animals in-game and players can raise their Llama in their lot and shear them for wools as well.

In order to keep the Llamas happy, players need to feed, brush, and even clean them. Providing them with love and attention is one of the most vital factors.

1. Dog (Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack)


On the Spot number 1, we have Dogs and these are surely the ultimate pets in Sims and in my opinion also in real life.

Dogs have tons of personalities and interactions for players that players can explore once they own a dog in the game.

Various types of dogs are available in the Cats & Dogs expansion pack, and players can play, pet, and do all sorts of fun activities with their Dogs.

One of the best parts about Dogs is that players can train them to explore the neighborhood and they will then go and search for mystery boxes.

Dogs can also be trained in different types of ways and these characteristics make them the best pet to have in Sims 4.

This was it for Dogs and now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best animal to have as a pet in Sims 4?

Dogs are considered to be the best pets in Sims 4 due to their different personalities and traits and they can also be trained to do various different tasks.

Do Pets heal on their own in Sims 4?

Yes, pets do heal on their own in Sims 4 however, they’ll have a sad and miserable time on their own.

Is the Cats and Dogs expansion Pack worth it in Sims 4?

The Cats and Dogs expansion pack is worth it in the Sims 4 as it adds both Cats and Dogs into the game and players can use both as pets and receive different rewards.

Can You Sell Your Pet in Sims 4?

Yes, indeed you can sell your pet in Sims 4 and to do that you need to go through your phone or computer and select the option to sell your pet.

Wrapping Up

This was our complete list of all the Best Pets in Sims 4 and we hope that you guys will be sure about which pet you want to have in your game by now.

If you still have any doubts regarding any of the above-mentioned pets, please let us know in the comments below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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