10 Best The Sims 4 Mansions To Live In For A Premium Lifestyle

The Sims 4 is a popular life-simulation game that gives players complete freedom in how they want to control and play out the lives of their virtual characters, right from the moment of their inception till the very last.

In this game, players take charge of everything related to their character education, lifestyles, relationships, and diet. Most of it is fun but tedious, so why not do it from a fancier place? That’s where this post comes in.

One aspect almost all The Sims 4 players look forward to doing is building their very own mansion. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big; a mansion is a sign of prosperity and of living a premium lifestyle, and everyone wants a bite of that cake at some point.

So today, we have done precisely that. We have brought for you some of the very best mansions designed and constructed by various talented The Sims 4 content creators that you can try and emulate in your gameplay sessions to have the pleasure of calling an estate your home.

So, without any more delays, let’s jump into the list of the best The Sims 4 mansions to build.

1) Billionaire’s Mansion

Billionaire's Mansion The Sims 4
Billionaire’s Mansion

Created by: Kate Emerald

The first mansion on our list of the best Sims 4 mansions is a modern, sophisticated, and luxurious mansion ideal for royalty.

This mansion is sprawling in size, but in no way does it look bloated. Every aspect of this place was created aesthetically, respecting every element to shine. Moreover, the subtle color combination of white, brown, and black adds elegance to the site.

This mansion contains premium features such as a bowling alley, a spa, a swimming pool, a movie theatre, a gym, a dedicated pub and party area, an outdoor yoga area, and much more.

Players willing to spend a large amount of money to own an exquisite place should look to own this modern and luxurious mansion.

2) Ward Manor

Ward Manor
Ward Manor

Created by: Peacemaker-IC

The next mansion on our list is yet another grand-looking mansion fit for royalty.

This mansion is quite extensive and spread out in design like the earlier mansion, but in this one, players can see the vintage inspiration coming through beautifully by not only the colors they had used to paint it but also by the way it is built.

Speaking of the color combination, we liked the white tone the creators had given to the mansion, but we are also aware that many users might be put off by its seemingly plain white color.

The mansion has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, so in terms of amenities, it is well-stacked and can comfortably house a large family.

So, if you are someone who prefers old-school, vintage mansions, you’ll love this one, but if you’re into modern architecture and colors, this mansion might not be for you,

3) Rocky Paradise

Rocky Paradise
Rocky Paradise

Created by: GenkaiHaretsu

Coming to the next mansion, as compared to the previous two, this mansion is quite vibrant in design, largely thanks to the lush greenery, fresh, clean water, colorful flowers, etc., all around it.

Although the overall make of the mansion still leans more on the vintage side, the use of bright colors on the roofs and walls gives this house a much livelier appeal than most other mansions.

This mansion is another excellent option for people who prefer to live in vintage properties but don’t mind mixing some vibrant colors into its aesthetics.

In terms of its features, the mansion has three beds and three bathrooms and can comfortably house a small to medium family.

4) The Arabella Mansion

The Arabella Mansion
The Arabella Mansion

Created by: ProbNutt

Coming to the next mansion on our list is a classy, large house equipped with five beds and five bathrooms, enabling it to house families of all sizes.

The creator of his mansion has tried to give this house a modern appearance with a slightly retro touch, and we believe he has managed to do a fabulous job, as the overall design of the house, as well as the color scheme they have decided to go with, gives the mansion a clean and sophisticated feel.

The house is surrounded by shrubs and trees on all sides to give the area a lovely, fresh feel.

Moreover, the mansion has an interestingly-shaped swimming pool behind it, which players can use to enjoy with their families on a hot summer’s day.

5) Family Mansion

Family Mansion
Family Mansion

Created by: Jessicapie

The next mansion is yet another mansion that has gone for a more old-school aesthetic to complement the ultra-wealthy vibe of the estate.

The modern aspect of this mansion can be seen more prominently in the house’s interiors. In contrast, the old-school retro aesthetic was more visible in the estate’s exteriors, like asymmetrical roofing and the three-entrance walkway with a mini fountain in the middle.

Speaking of the property’s color, the dominant brown tone given to most things present is a nice change to the rigid white and grey combination typically seen in traditional mansions.

In terms of its features, the mansion houses six beds, six bathrooms, a large swimming pool in the backyard, a relatively large parking space, a dedicated basketball court, etc.

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6) Taylor Swift’s Rhode Island Abode

Rhode Island Mansion
Rhode Island Mansion

Created by: Kate Emerald

The next mansion on our list is a take on a real-life celebrity’s mansion. The Sims 4 creator recreated the holiday mansion owned by the famous singer Taylor Swift in-game.

This multi-layered, expansive mansion is a sight to behold and has the perfect blend of modern and vintage styles.

Although the house is painted in the all-to-familiar color of pearl white, it gives the mansion a clean and elegant look.

People interested in comparing the two houses side-by-side can see it on Kate Emerals’s Reddit post.

7) Modern European Mansion

Modern European Mansion
Modern European Mansion

Created by: Losieee

The next mansion on our list is an elegant and expansive European-style mansion created by Losieee, which, as the creator claims, also happens to be the very first mansion built by her. For someone so new to this field to create something remarkable is commendable.

As you can see, the mansion is sprawling and has a somewhat distinct Eastern European appearance. One can comfortably imagine a mayor of a coastal city in Spain or Italy living in this house with their family.

If you’re looking for a spacious and luxurious mansion with many rooms and a large swimming pool surrounded by lots of greenery, then this mansion is an excellent choice.

8) Mediterranean Dream Mansion

Mediterranean Mansion
Mediterranean Mansion

Created by: Simsbylinea

The next mansion on our list is a vintage-looking, Mediterranean-style mansion.

This mansion has a strong vintage vibe and will be preferred by players wanting to experience the coastal life. The creator has painted the estate very aptly with colors that match the Mediterranean vibe of the place very well.

In terms of its features, the mansion has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and two garages. So, apart from accommodating a large family in the house, players can also use the two garages to park their vehicles safely.

Moreover, the mansion also has a swimming pool where residents can chill, relax, and indulge in tennis, thanks to the dedicated tennis court on the right of the mansion’s property.

9) Brook Mansion

Brook Mansion
Brook Mansion

Created by: Melapples

Coming to the next mansion, this mansion is an ultra-modern, two-story house that is jam-packed with lots of varied, modern features.

Starting with the design of the house, the creator has given it a very modern yet sophisticated look. On the surface, the house may appear to be a little too simple for a mansion to some users, but the use of glass panels across the front gave it all the premium feel it needed.

Regarding the house’s other features, both floors are well-equipped with many premium features.

The 1st floor contains amenities like three spacious living rooms, a room dedicated to the gym, an office area, five bedrooms, and five bathrooms, a well-supplied kitchen, a grill to prepare barbeque on, and a pool for families living in the house can also take a dip in them when they see fit.

The 2nd floor, on the other hand, also has a pool, a barbeque grill, a dancefloor area, a dedicated bar area, and a toilet. Moreover, the floor also contains a suite and four other spacious rooms.

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10) Happy Haunts Vintage Victorian Mansion

Happy Haunts Vintage Victorian Mansion
Happy Haunts Vintage Victorian Mansion

Created by: Miss Unfortunate

Coming to the next mansion on our list of the best, the Sims 4 mansion is a vintage house that looks like it has reached right out of a fantasy land. If you are someone who has ever seen any Disney movies, you will immediately know this mansion looks a lot like mansions shown in those movies.

Unlike other old-school mansions, however, this particular mansion is very well constructed and quite eye-catching, thanks to the vibrant colors they have used to decorate it, like brick red, pale yellow, and pearl white.

In terms of its features, this mansion has a nice driveway path leading from in front of it, which can also be used as a garage to store vehicles. Moreover, the entire area in front of the mansion is also covered in a sprawling lawn with small ponds and is decorated by flags of various republics.

11) Sulani Beach Mansion

Sulani Beach Mansion
Sulani Beach Mansion

Created by: Fab Flubs

Moving on to the next mansion, this mansion, in particular, is quite different from the other mansion on this list as it is more of an expansive beach house than a traditional mansion.

With the stunning backdrop of the ocean and the sunset, this mansion acts as the perfect getaway for players looking to take their beloved Sims to an area that is away and adrift from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In terms of its features, players will get a thoroughly modern kitchen, a spacious living room, a pier to enjoy the sunset, etc.

Players looking for an earthy property that will help them reunite with nature will thoroughly love his mansion.

12) Gingerbread Dream Mansion

Gingerbread Dream Mansion
Gingerbread Dream Mansion

Created by: Miss Unfortunate

The next mansion on our list is a house fit for the Christmas season and is built entirely out of gingerbread!

This sprawling Gingerbread mansion is made entirely from scratch, and the most impressive fact is that Miss Unfortunate did not use any pre-designed or custom content to add more features or designs to the house.

Inside the house, players can expect to see two living rooms, with lots of books placed neatly on bookshelves for sims who love to read, and in the other, a piano and a cozy seating area placed in front of the fireplace for family gatherings.

If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed house to spend some quality time with your loyal sims, you won’t get a better mansion idea than this.

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13) Sakuya – Japanese Mansion

Japanese Mansion
Japanese Mansion

Created by: Pralinesims

The next mansion on our list is a stylish and modern-looking Japanese mansion that players can recreate in their game sessions if they want their Sims to experience a soothing and relaxing stay.

This mansion has five bedrooms and two bathrooms and can fully accommodate a medium-sized family. Numerous dark wood and bamboo-related furniture were placed inside the house to add authenticity to the place.

Lots of fresh greenery in the form of potted plants, hanging plants, and new bamboo shoots stemming straight from the ground were also arranged in and around the mansion’s compound to give it a livelier appeal.

If you’re looking to live in an authentic Japanese Mansion with all the elements in place that will make even a true Japanese citizen feel right at home, then this mansion is one of the best options for you to try.

14) Justin’s Oase

Justin's Oase
Justin’s Oase

Created by: Philo

Moving on to the next mansion on our list, this villa is an aesthetic house that acts as the perfect place for players who prefer their sims to experience peace and exclusivity over anything else.

In terms of its features, this villa comes with six in-built bedrooms and is located around a tropical lake, which enables sims to swim in and sunbathe nearby whenever they see fit.

The mansion also has an annex next to it, with a further bedroom, kitchen, and living room built in it, which players can utilize when they have a larger group of people to cater to.

The creator of the mansion has gone for a more soothing white color tone instead of using any sharp or bright color combinations to help amplify the sense of calm players experience when living in this house.

If you prefer their Sims to live in a place that is peaceful and relaxing while also having a lovely tropical feel, then this mansion is a great option to consider.

15) Pet Mansion

Pet Mansion
Pet Mansion

Created by: Hatsy

The next mansion on our list is a uniquely stylized, white-and-grey-centric house that is as spacious and comfortable for the Sims to stay in as it is striking to look at in appearance.

Apart from the mansion’s glamour, players who live in this house will also experience a lively coastal appeal thanks to its proximity to the beach.

The mansion comes equipped with all the best features a house of its size should have, like spacious rooms, elegant decor, and stunning, eye-catching exteriors, to make for an excellent option for Sims to consider when building their dream mansions.


These were some of the best The Sims 4 mansions that players can either try and recreate by themselves or download and integrate into their game sessions to experience some truly eye-catching and unique content created by various enthusiastic and motivated creators.

Most houses on this list can be implemented anywhere across the city with a few tweaks to their structure, so don’t be scared to experiment a little when constructing your ultimate Sims mansion.