14 Best Bloxburg House Ideas to Inspire Your Next Build

Bloxburg is one of the most pleasant games in Roblox with over 5 billion visits since its release. It is a game where players can customize their own House according to their fantasies. This game lets players create their dream home and customize the interior and the exterior as well. As expansive and customizable as ... Read more

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Best Bloxburg House Ideas
Best Bloxburg House Ideas

Bloxburg is one of the most pleasant games in Roblox with over 5 billion visits since its release. It is a game where players can customize their own House according to their fantasies.

This game lets players create their dream home and customize the interior and the exterior as well. As expansive and customizable as this game is, sometimes players get confused about what type of house they should build in-game, so today we have gathered a list of the 14 Best Bloxburg House Ideas that will inspire players to come up with some completely brand new, exciting ideas for their next house build.

So without much ado, let us take a look at some of the best Bloxburg house ideas to light up your creative juices!

 1. Mini Mansion


The number one mansion on our list is the Mini Mansion. This mansion is a great choice for players who want to build a small but spacious mansion having ample amount of space in the mansion’s interiors as well as exterior. Players can even build a separate car parking area next to it if they wish to.

Players can invite their friends to their Mini Mansion and spend good quality time with them. Focus on keeping a large open space to give your Mansion a royal look and it will be pleasing to the eye.

2. Double-Story House

Double Story House
Double Story House

The next idea on our list is the Double Story House. The players who don’t have a big piece of land and are aiming for something beyond simple and basic could try to build a Double Story House. This type of house allows players to build a spacious house vertically without needing to buy a big piece of land to accommodate it.

Players will have more Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and storage than they could have with a single-story house. Players should give this house idea a try especially if they are looking to invest more in their mansions rather than on a sprawling piece of land.

If you plan this type of house strategically and with the right knowledge then you can even add a balcony to it. Now let’s move on to the third type of Bloxburg house idea on our amazing list.

3. Modern House

Modern House
Modern House

Players who have the budget to build an expensive house should build a Modern House. This type of house is great for people who like a modern look in their houses.

As mentioned above, this house idea is a great option for players who are looking to not only give their house a modern aesthetic but are also looking to fill it with modern, luxurious amenities and features.

So if you’re looking for something modern and luxurious to build, we would recommend all of you modern people to build a Modern House in your Bloxburg game. You can also check out how some players build a Modern House so you guys can get some house ideas for Bloxburg.

4. Mid-Century House

Mid Century House
Mid-Century House

Mid-Century Houses are perfect for those players who want a little vintage touch in their houses without ever feeling like an old-fashioned house. These houses won’t look as modern as when compared to a modern house but still provide players with enough charm and retro aesthetics to allow them to have a great time living in one.

Players can spend a good amount of time in these houses with their friends. So if you are the kind of person who likes a little vintage yet modern touch to their houses, then you should most certainly try to build a Mid-Century House for you and your friends.

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5. Cheap House

Cheap House
Cheap Houses (Bloxburg House Ideas 2023)

Looking for something inexpensive yet durable? A good and attractive house in Bloxburg doesn’t always have to be expensive. Players that are on a shoestring budget should opt to build Cheap Houses.

The best aspect about these kinds of houses is that they not only save player’s money but also their time and effort, something they would have not been able to do if they had opted to construct and maintain expensive, modern houses.

There are many house ideas for Bloxburg but these kinds of houses are adequately sized and are perfect for one or two players to spend some quality time together.

Cheap Houses are one of the perfect Bloxbur house ideas and we highly recommend every player to build this type of house at least once during their playthrough.

6. Mediterranean-Modern Villa

Mediterranean-Modern Villa
Mediterranean-Modern Villa

Looking for a lavish villa to make a statement? A type of Villa that is worth its cost would be the Mediterranean-Modern Villa. This expansive Bloxburg Villa has an immense amount of space so players can create multiple bedrooms/bathrooms/living rooms in it. Players with a sizeable budget in the game can easily build this type of Villa and enjoy all of its premium features and amenities to their heart’s content.

This type of house is a great choice for players who want space and luxury, so if you are looking for something like this, the Midetiterranean-Modern Villa is a great house to build. If this house idea is not to your liking, however, we have more options for you. So let’s move on to idea number 7 on our fascinating list.

7. Luxury Mansion in The Hills

Luxury Mansion in the Hills
Luxury Mansion in the Hills

When talking about elegance, no list is complete without mentioning the Hillside Mansion. This type of house comes equipped with pools, a personal pond, and an artificial waterfall. Players can invite a lot of their friends over and give them a taste of the premium lifestyle.

Players will have extra bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and more and can have an immense amount of fun with friends in their mansions.

You can check out these players who have built a Mansion in the Hills. This is one of the best and most premium house ideas players can hope to construct in Bloxburg.

Let us move on to number 8 on our magnificent list of Bloxburg House Ideas.

8. Lapis Lakehouse

Lapis Lakehouse
Lapis Lakehouse

Bloxburg houses with a lake in front are an amazing combination that could never go wrong. Players have a lot of things that they can design themselves in this house since there will be a lot of interiors and exteriors available to customize.

Moreover, players will have ample space around their properties, so they can add things like lawns and gardens to it too to add more freshness to the place. Although the overall aesthetic of the house might come across as slightly subtle, there are enough elements in the house and its surrounding amenities to give it a slightly premium feel too.

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Alright, let’s move on to number 9 on our great list.

9. Budget Starter House

Budget Starter House
Budget Starter House

Now that we have explored a few premium houses, let’s take a few steps back and dive into the budget territory for a change. A Budget Starter House is a great choice as it is relatively cheap to construct and maintain as compared to the premium houses on this list houses, and proves to be a good, cost-effective alternative to them, while still allowing players to afford a comfortable yet stylish lifestyle.

This is a simple build with a front yard and two bedrooms located inside the house. It is a simple, sweet, and elegant house that players should not have any qualms about giving a go, as according to players using it, it has all the basic features present that will not disappoint them in the slightest. We will put a Budget Home build in Bloxburg down below.

10. The Cool Colonial House

Colonial House
Colonial House

Colonial Houses have got a touch of class not only in real life but also in the amazing Bloxburg game. Colonial Home is decorated with a lavish interior as well as an astonishing exterior. The House can nestle a large kitchen, bedroom, and kids’ room.

If you are someone who likes elegant Houses then you should build a Colonial House in Bloxburg for yourself, and also customize it slightly according to your tastes and preferences.

Players can make a lot of different changes according to their tastes. We are pretty sure that players are going to have a lot of fun and are going to create lots of great memories with their friends here.

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11. Floating Modern House

Floating Modern House
Floating Modern House

You guys can take your game to another level by building a Floating Modern House. This staggering house will make you feel like your character is floating on water. Players can invite their buddies and have a great time.

There is something absolutely magical about building a modern piece of architecture on top of fresh water to give it a coastal feel and this house provides players with exactly that feeling. Although there are other premium houses on this list, this house in particular provides players with a different level of satisfaction that they can only hope to experience when owning something as premium and rare.

This house in my opinion is the best modern Bloxburg House and I highly recommend you try Building this one.

12. Aesthetic Warm Loft

Aesthetic Warm Loft
Aesthetic Warm Loft

Just look at the image that we’ve provided above. Doesn’t it look soothing? This Aesthetic Warm Loft has a beautiful staircase and a spacious living room where you can relax and chill with your friends.

You guys can modify it according to your tastes and preferences too, but we would recommend you to not tinker with its aesthetics too much otherwise it’ll lose its default soothing charm. This has got to be one of my personal favorite Bloxburg interior ideas.

13. Small Family House

Small Family House
Small Family House

This type of house is especially for a small number of people. There isn’t much to do but you can customize the interior according to your taste so it looks cozy. Once you fully customize this house and the interiors, it will look 10x better.

This small Bloxburg house is great for a small family or a small friend circle.

14. Super Mega Modern Mansion

Super Mega Modern Mansion
Super Mega Modern Mansion

This Super Mega Modern Mansion is surely one of the best Bloxburg build ideas as Players can do almost anything in this house.

Even though it is a one-story house, it consists of tons of bedrooms, living rooms, parking lots, several small pools, and much more. Although this house may look a bit too formal for some players due to the excessive use of walls and the lack of greenery in and around the house, players are advised to freely customize the interior and exterior of this house according to their tastes to capture the ideal atmosphere they are looking for.


This was our list of the Best Bloxburg House Ideas and we hope that now you guys have a better understanding of all the houses that they can look to build in this game to get the best possible gameplay experience. If you have any doubts regarding the information provided in this article, then do let us know in the comments section provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bloxburg a Roblox game?

Yes, Bloxburg is a little game in Roblox. To enjoy Bloxburg players would need to download Roblox first. Players won’t be able to play Bloxblug without Roblox.

Why is Bloxburg Laggy?

Bloxburg is not usually laggy. The lag would only occur in the game when the servers are not working in the right manner or when the player does not have access to a stable internet connection.

When was Bloxburg created?

Bloxburg was created on 4th November 2014 by Coeptus who is now a university student who prefers to keep his real identity private.

Will Bloxburg ever be free?

Yes. Bloxburg is now Free to play on Roblox. So players can now enjoy this game without having to spend money to buy it.

Which game is Bloxburg inspired from?

Bloxburg is inspired by a game called The Sims which is a real-life simulation game created by Electronic Arts (EA)

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