10 Best Upcoming Horror Games That Will Keep You Up All Night!

In the past few years, Horror video games have generally thrived beyond the AAA industry, and players must be informed of several exciting upcoming horror games that will shortly be launched. The majority of the new survival horror games are unsettling indie game changes as well as elevated sequels of popular films. The fact that numerous talented ... Read more

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In the past few years, Horror video games have generally thrived beyond the AAA industry, and players must be informed of several exciting upcoming horror games that will shortly be launched.

The majority of the new survival horror games are unsettling indie game changes as well as elevated sequels of popular films.

The fact that numerous talented programmers are risking all to create several truly terrible stories will excite die-hard thriller lovers. The horror genre obliques a lot of struggle to define.

upcoming horror games
upcoming horror games

Once a version is released, it provides gamers with a distinctive terror adventure that incorporates gloomy visuals, interesting play, and lots of plot twists.

To produce the finest service potential, creators must take their time and certify that each of the video game’s components significantly influences gamers.

Best Upcoming Horror Games 2023

The ranking of the finest frightening video games for 2023 has been modified. Players will find timeless titles, and undiscovered treasures including brand-new titles to send shivers down your spine that are the most current with the greatest and perhaps most latest frightening offers.

Yet, the meaning of horror to various individuals varies, while in the appropriate situations, a beautiful sunny day might serve as the setting for certain truly horrific terror.

If users enjoy graphic violence, existential horror, message thrills, a little combat, or perhaps a strategy builder, then this collection has something for all.

Searching around leftover discount dumpsters is not among the many things you should be afraid of. Modern horror video games are released frequently, that’s why we’ll keep the database updated.

Unless your preferred horror games coming soon aren’t present here, please suggest their names through the reviews.

1. Autopsy Simulator

Autopsy Simulator
Autopsy Simulator
Release Date2023
Developer(s)Woodland Games

We couldn’t think of a better game to start off our list other than Autopsy Simulator which is a first-person horror game where players will be given control of a practice pathologist and story case files to find out the cause of death.

The visuals of this game look impressive and we hope that the gameplay is going to be up to the mark as well because many horror games these days lack great gameplay mechanics.

This game features a free-play ‘Autopsy Only’ mode as well as an ‘Autopsy Simulator’ mode, and players will need to examine dead bodies and take notes in order to discover the cause of death.

2. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 2
Release DateFall of 2023
Developer(s)Bloober Team

Silent Hill 2 is finally coming back with some stunning visuals and gameplay improvements. Yes! gamers will be able to get their hands on the remake by the fall of 2023.

The storyline will be similar to the original game however there’s a possibility that the developers decide to change it by a bit.

Players will once again take control of the protagonist James and he will receive a letter from his wife just after her death.

Silent Hill 2 received positive reviews from fans worldwide and it would be great to see if the remake holds up to this day’s gaming standards or not.

If you’re looking for more information regarding Silent Hill 2 then do check out everything we know about Silent Hill 2 Remake.

3. Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake II
Alan Wake II
Release DateOctober 17, 2023
Developer(s)Remedy Entertainment
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

Alan Wake II will be a sequel to the original Alan Wake game released back in 2010. The game will feature a dual protagonist and some horrifying-looking monsters as well.

We believe the storyline of the game will start right where it was left in the previous game where Alan was trapped in a dark place.

Of course, there will be considerable improvements in gameplay and visuals as compared to the first entry. The game will be released in October which is only a few months away. We advise all fans to be patient.

4. Slitterhead

Release 2023
Developer(s)Bokeh Game Studio
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The next game we have on our list is Slitterhead and it is also one of the most anticipated horror games as well. Well, we do not have much concrete information regarding this game however, according to our research the developing team for Silent Hill 2 will be working on this project.

We can say that Slitterhead is in great hands and gamers shouldn’t worry about it being just a rip-off. The Trailer for Slitterhead aired back in 2021 and it has been almost 2 years and we still haven’t received an official release date.

Slitterhead’s trailer was pretty terrifying if you guys haven’t watched it then we will provide it to you all down below.

We hope that the developers are in the final stages of development and we can get our hands on the game as soon as possible.

5. Alone In The Dark

Alone In The Dark
Alone In The Dark
Release Date October 25, 2023
Developer(s)Pieces Interactive
Platforms PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S

The fifth game on our list is named Alone In the Dark which is a re-imagination of a fan-favorite cult classic horror, and survival video game, Alone In Dark which was released back in 1992.

Players in this game will be given a choice to choose one of the two playable characters and those are Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood.

The storyline of this game follows Emily Hartwood and Edward Carnby as they both travel to Derceto Manor (home for the mentally ill) in order to investigate the disappearance of Jeremy Hartwood.

The gameplay of this game will be in the third person like in the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3. We hope that the gameplay lives up to our expectations or even surpasses them.

This was it for Alone In The Dark now we’ll head on to the next game on our list.

6. Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Release 2024
Developer(s)Teravision Games
Platforms PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

This game is based on an 80s iconic film titled Killer Klowns from Outer Space. This multiplayer game features battles between Killer Klowns and citizens of Cresent Cove where players can choose to harvest humans or save humanity.

Players can take on the role of Killer Klowns and hunt every human down or choose to play as a Human and try to save humanity from extinction. What side are you gonna choose?

We believe that this game will be something that we’ll remember for a long time.

7. Terror: Endless Nights

Terror: Endless Nights
Terror: Endless Nights
Developer(s)Unseen Silence

Terror: Endless Nights is a strategy game inspired by true events in the 19th century. The storyline of this game starts off with a ship on a rescue mission to find two ships of the Royal Navy.

The task is to discover the two ships and the protagonist’s son as well who was on one of those ships. Players in this game would need to manage their crew and make decisions that will affect the game.

We believe this game will be a blast once it releases and We highly recommend it to you all.

8. Paranormal Tales

Paranormal Tales
Paranormal Tales
Release October 2023
Developer(s)Unseen Silence
Platforms PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

Next up on our list is a game that I believe will give you nightmares. Paranormal Tales is a next-gen horror game based on found footage. This game is quite interesting as it lets players play through the tragic tales of those who went missing.

Personally, I find the found footage genre to be quite scary even tho it is fictional. Of course, there will be tons of jumpscare and terrifying elements present in the game so be prepared for those when you get your hands on this game.

This was it for Paranormal Tales now let’s head over to the next game on our list.

9. The Kindeman Remedy

The Kindeman Remedy
The Kindeman Remedy
Release Date November 16, 2023
Developer(s)Troglobytes Games
Platforms PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Kindeman Remedy is a game where players are going to take the role of a monster, well actually a human but he’s more like a monster as he wants to find more test subjects and conduct different kinds of experiments on them.

Doctor Kinderman in this game will do anything to restore his reputation, literally anything! Players can do what they please with the test subjects, even leave them to die in electric chairs, strangled with ropes, Melt their bones, etc.

This game isn’t going to be for soft-hearted people and I you’re one of them then I would advise you to not play this game once it releases globally.

10. Routine

Developer(s)Lunar Software
PlatformsXbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The Final game on our list is for all the Sci-fi fans out there. Routine is a Sci-fi horror video game that was announced to be in development about 10 years ago. Yes, the game has been in development for over a decade now and we still don’t have a concrete release date.

All we know is that the game will be released in 2023. This game will take place in an abandoned Lunar base which is designed on the 80s vision of the future.

This game will feature numerous horror elements as well and we hope that the developers release this game as soon as possible so we all can get our hands on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a AAA horror game?

Games created and published by semi or giant companies are characterized informally as AAA console titles in the gaming business.

What is the coolest horror game?

A complete list of the new upcoming horror games is given above, read each one of them briefly.

What is the scariest game that I’ll get for free?

The scariest games that are free to play are named Angry Gran, Granny Jigsaw, Kids Coloring Halloween, Color Horror, etc


This was it for this article we hope that you guys now have a better understanding of all the games that we have mentioned in our list. If you have any doubts regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to write them down below.

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