How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft 2024?

Turtles or Sea Turtles, are cute, calm, and peaceful animal mobs in Minecraft which can be seen roaming or swimming around in the beach biomes. Although turtles may not come across as mightily important mobs present in the game today, they are still an integral part of the game’s ecology and play an important role ... Read more

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Turtles or Sea Turtles, are cute, calm, and peaceful animal mobs in Minecraft which can be seen roaming or swimming around in the beach biomes. Although turtles may not come across as mightily important mobs present in the game today, they are still an integral part of the game’s ecology and play an important role in providing players with necessary materials and resources like Seagrass and Scute, and sometimes even a bowl when killed.

On the other hand, players will receive Scute naturally when a baby turtle steadily grows out of its shell and matures into a full-grown turtle. Players looking to farm this particular resource only need to keep the elder turtles breeding and nurturing their babies through to adulthood so that they may shed their shells for the players to collect.

Turtles are the only mob in Minecraft that don’t need to be killed for players to receive the important resource they provide, Scute. Instead of killing them, players will need to keep them safe, and well-fed, and also make sure that the baby turtles are raised in a proper, healthy manner so that they mature into full-grown turtles themselves and shed the precious Scute off them naturally, for players to collect.

So now that we know what turtles are, without much ado, let us take a look at the steps required to breed turtles in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Breed Turtles

Seagrass and Shears
Seagrass and Shears

Although breeding turtles is quite a hassle-free process, there are a couple of elements that should make the entire process of breeding turtles that much easier and they are Shears and Seagrass.

Starting with the Shears, players need this tool in this game so that they can use it to harvest seagrass from the ocean floor. To breed turtles, seagrass is essential as everything from luring them to initiating the breeding process will not take place without it.

Players can craft shears by combining 2 iron ingots by placing them in two diagonal slots available in the crafting menu.

Please refer to the image displayed below for guidance:

Minecraft Shear Crafting
Minecraft Shear Crafting

Coming to the next element, the Seagrass is a plant block that is usually seen spawning in areas like oceans, rivers, underwater caves, and swamps, and acts as an essential element when trying to lure and breed turtles.

Players can only harvest seagrass by using Shears. If they do try to harvest it with any other tool or weapon other than shears, they will only damage and break the seagrass block, resulting in them receiving nothing from it.

On properly harvesting the seagrass using shears, players will receive the default 1 seagrass drop from the blocks having short seagrass plants, and 2 seagrass drops from the blocks having tall seagrass plants.

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How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

Minecraft Turtles in Love Mode
Minecraft Turtles in Love Mode

Breeding turtles is quite straightforward. Here are the important steps players need to follow when looking to breed turtles in Minecraft:

How To Find Turtles

Minecraft Turtle
Minecraft Turtle

To begin with, players will need to find two turtles to begin the process. Finding turtles should not be too difficult, because as mentioned earlier in this post, they have fixed spawn points and behaviors that players can note down and use to their advantage.

Players will usually find turtles in beach biomes, either crawling on the beaches or swimming in the water. Turtles are of a docile nature and are easily scared off, so players must approach them with caution and make sure not to attack anything in and around them that might spook them and force them to frantically crawl away.

Catch The Turtles And Feed Them Seagrass

Minecraft Seagrass
Minecraft Seagrass

As far as catching turtles is concerned, players will not be able to utilize leads to drag them to the player’s desired destination, instead, players will have to use the lure technique to get them to move to a specific spot.

To lure the turtles, players will have to equip seagrass in their hands and approach the turtles. Once the turtles are attracted to the seagrass, players can then lure the turtles to wherever they want them to be.

Players may also have to dig a small hole to keep the two adult turtles in one place as they have a habit of wandering off. It is not a definite requirement, but it is a good piece of information to have and know about regardless.

For the second step, players will need to feed them Seagrass to get them in the mood to mate. Once the turtles have eaten the seagrass and are ready to mate, little red hearts will start popping up next to their heads indicating that they have entered ‘love mode’ and the breeding process has begun.

Soon, the floating red hearts will disappear and one of the turtles will become pregnant. The turtle will look to go back to their initial spawn point to lay their eggs. Players are advised for this very reason to not lure the turtles too far away from the beaches they were initially found near, as the turtles always try and go back to their ‘home’ beach to lay their eggs.

If the turtle’s ‘home’ beach is too far away from its breeding point, it will not lay its eggs and the entire process will fail.

It is worth pointing out that turtles in Minecraft will not breed, eat seagrass, or approach another turtle with the intention of breeding by themselves, so players will have to do all the steps for the turtles by themselves.

Don’t Break The Eggs!

Minecraft Turtle Eggs
Minecraft Turtle Eggs

Once the turtles lay their eggs, players will have to wait patiently for them to hatch. During this stage, the newly laid turtle eggs are extremely fragile, and if any animal, mob, or the players themselves accidentally steps on them and tramples them, they will break and no new turtle babies will spawn from them.

To prevent the eggs from accidentally breaking, players have two choices. The first option is to be alert and try to safeguard the eggs by themselves, and the second option is to use a tool that has been enchanted with the ‘Silk Touch’ skill, which enables players to carefully pick the turtle eggs up from a potentially dangerous place and relocate them to a place which is much safer for them to grow in.

Defend The Baby Turtles From Harm

The same level of precaution, if not more, is required when the baby turtles are still in their development years, as many varieties of enemy mobs will try to kill them, and it is up to the players to keep them safe.

Additionally, players can speed up the growth rate of the baby turtles by feeding them Seagrass. Each time a baby turtle consumes seagrass, their growth rate is accelerated by approximately 10%.

Craft Turtle Shell Armor

Did you know that players can craft a turtle Shell helmet in Minecraft? All players have to do is harvest 5 Scute from the turtles and combine them in their crafting menu.

The turtle helmet in particular is a very useful piece of armor as it grants the wearer the Water breathing skill which enables players to breathe and spend 10 seconds more underwater.

On the flip side, wearing the turtle helmet will not allow players to wear any other kind of helmet armor piece, which could lower their defense stats and open them to receiving extra damage from enemy mobs, but it is nonetheless a great option to have when deciding to do underwater-centric tasks and go on underwater adventures.

Here is how the process looks:

Minecraft Turtle Shell Armor Crafting
Minecraft Turtle Shell Armor Crafting

This was our complete guide on how to breed turtles in Minecraft which we hope will guide players the right way and help them create a hustling and bustling turtle farm of their own in no time. One big advantage of having a functional turtle farm is that players will always have a steady supply of Scute, that too right in their backyard.

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