Destiny Child Tier List 2024 – Best Characters Ranked

Destiny Child is a Japan-based game that has taken the genre of Card Based RPG Gacha by storm lately. The game presents a variety of characters with different levels of caliber. With the varying degree of potential, it may sometimes become confusing to decide which cards to equip in the game. In order to ease ... Read more

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Destiny Child is a Japan-based game that has taken the genre of Card Based RPG Gacha by storm lately. The game presents a variety of characters with different levels of caliber.

With the varying degree of potential, it may sometimes become confusing to decide which cards to equip in the game.

In order to ease this dilemma, we decided to create this Destiny Child Tier list so that you can have a better gameplay progression.

We have divided The Destiny Child Tier List into 5 different categories according to the agility of the different character cards.

By this post, we will be solving your crisis about choosing strong character cards for your Destiny Child Game Deck.

We have crafted this list carefully on the basis of the overall abilities of the character and their viability as noticed by the most enthusiastic Destiny Child players.

Destiny Child Tier List

In order to keep things interesting in the game, the game designers have created Destiny Child Character cards in such a manner that there is an efficient power distribution.

So, when you retrieve cards through the Gacha system of the game there is a probability to retrieve a card from any Tier. We have mentioned the Tier distribution system we will be basing our Tier List on:

S-TierThis category includes the strongest characters in the game which once deployed stand the maximum chances to get you through the round.
A-Tier The second-best characters in the game that gives you a decent standpoint in the game.
B-TierThis category includes the strongest characters in the game, which, once deployed, stand the maximum chances to get you through the round.
C-TierC Tier Characters are below-average game cards which way only serve as viable in the initial levels of the game.
D-TierLastly, D Tier Characters make the weakest section in the game with characters that you should certainly avoid if possible.

Now that you are aware of the hierarchy of the Tier Lists, we can finally proceed with the Destiny Child Tier List. You can use these Tier lists to deploy only the most effective character cards in the game.

You can actively retrieve new characters in the game every day with the in-built Gacha system. The probability of getting your hands on a stronger card has been made significantly less by the game’s retrieval system to maintain the concept of struggle.

Destiny Child S-Tier List

Saturn Destiny Child
Saturn Destiny Child

Destiny Child S-Tier Characters are the most powerful in the game. Having more than one S-Tier Character in your game slot can give you heavy chances of acing any level in the game.

As the game progresses and the stakes become higher, it becomes necessary for the player to level up the cards simultaneously. Otherwise, you may end up being stuck on a round for a very long time.

Destiny Child S-Tier ListMona, Dana, Saturn, Chang’e, Pomona, Neptune, Salome

These are the strongest S Tier Characters in Destiny Child which you should definitely strive for. It is comparatively difficult to get your hands on S Tier Cards as the game Gacha system has maintained its rarity and for all the right reasons. Who would want to play a game that made reaching ultimate power easy, anyway?

Destiny Child A-Tier List

Thanatos Destiny Child
Thanatos Destiny Child

The next best option that you have to deploy during the Destiny Child Gameplay is A-Tier Characters. These characters may not be as exceptional as S Tier Characters but they certainly are no joke.

With the power invested in A Tier Cards, you can easily get through some sticky situations in the game. Leveling up these highly potent cards can even make them a real game-changer.

Destiny Child A-Tier ListBastet, Eve, Thisbe, Siren, Thanatos, Syrinx, Bathory, Astraea, Maat

One of the best strategies you can use to get by Destiny Child in the most smooth manner is deploying a combination of S-Tier and A-Tier Cards. Thanatos, Bathory, and Bastet are some of the most iconic A-Tier Character cards in the game.

Destiny Child B-Tier List

Athena Destiny Child
Athena Destiny Child

Now, coming to B-Tier Characters List, these character cards make up the most average stats in the game.

They may seem irrelevant as you progress into the higher levels of the game but they are the most important cards in the initial gameplay.

You will mostly have to rely on B-Tier Character Cards at the beginning of the game.

Destiny Child B-Tier ListPantleon, Nicole, Frey, Abaddon, Demeter, Leda, Athena, Tiamat, Krapmus, Deino, Mafdet, Bes, Jacheongbi, Rita, Daphnis, Ayane, Hildr, Tamamo, Khepri, Rita, Elizabeth, Demeter

B-Tier Characters hold an extraordinary element of maintaining unpredictability in the game. So, it is safe to say that B Tier Character Cards are a fair gamble to take in the game.

Leda, Frey, Deino, Bes, Rita, and Demeter are some of the most popular B-Tier Character Cards that you will find in the game.

It is always fun to experiment with B-Tier Character Cards as they may produce the most unexpected impact on your gameplay.

Destiny Child C-Tier List

Cleopatra Destiny Child
Cleopatra Destiny Child

C-Tier Characters are amongst the weaker cards in the Destiny Child game. Deploying them might not be a good idea until and unless you do not have better options in your team.

C Tier Cards may serve a certain viability in the game, especially during the earlier part of the game. However, when the game puts you through some heavy challenges, your C-Tier Cards may not be able to take you any further.

Destiny Child C-Tier ListAria, Ailill, Annie, Anemone, Banshee, Brownie, Bari, Cain, Cleopatra, Calypso, Durandal, Dave, Davi, Eochaid, Epona, Eshu, Failnaught, Giltine, Hades, Isolde, Iphis, Jupiter, Kasumi, Katherine, Kubaba, Leo, Lista, Luna, Mars, Makoto, Moa, Miku, Midas, Myrina, Metis, Medb, Olga, Palla, Racoon, Rusalka, Rose, Skiing Eshu, Serval, Tyrving, Wodan, Ziva

Our advice to you is to avoid using C-Tier characters as soon as you have understood the basic concept of the game. As C Tier Characters will not do you any favors in the long run.

So instead of wasting your resources by leveling up your weaker C-Tier Cards, you should be focusing more on retrieving stronger cards. Isolde, Metis, Aria, Racoon, and Ziva are some of the most popular C Tier Cards that you will find in the game.

Destiny Child D-Tier List

Diablo Destiny Child
Diablo Destiny Child

There is no point in sugar-coating the fact that D-Tier Characters are the weakest ones in the game. They give no advantage points to your game progression whatsoever.

The only time you may find them to your rescue is probably the first few levels of the game. Further, the impact of these character cards stays negligible.

Destiny Child D-Tier ListAstoreth, Billy, Babel, Brigid, Catherine, Cross, Claus, Doryeong, Diablo, Fei, Ganesha, Honoka, Hestia, Horus, Keino, Limos, Luin, Morgan, Mammon, Naias, Nine, Nirrti, Neamhain, Pan, Rin, Sidhe, Sytry, Thetis, Venus, Verdelet, Werewolf,

So, you should avoid using D-Tier Characters altogether because there is always a decent chance to retrieve a higher-level card from the game’s Gacha System. So, there is no point in wasting your game resources on something irrelevant as D-Tier Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best character card in Destiny Child?

Mona, Dana, Saturn, Chang’e, and Pomona are some of the best Destiny Child Characters you can deploy on your team to accentuate your winning chances.

How many cards can you deploy in Destiny Child?

You can deploy 5 cards in a deck in your Destiny Child Gameplay. You have to ensure you draw high-level cards or your gameplay will suffer significantly.

What is the Destiny Child game about?

Destiny Child is a mobile-based Role Playing Card game where the protagonist is an awkward Demon who decided to move to the land of the Mortals to experience a normal life.

Who is more powerful in Destiny Child Mona or Cleopatra?

Mona is more powerful than Cleopatra in the Destiny Child game. Mona is a full-on S Tier Character and extremely rare to obtain. Cleopatra on the other hand is a C-Tier Character who doesn’t hold as much relevance in the gameplay, whatsoever.

Lastly, we want to conclude the article by saying that this Tier List is purely based on our personal opinion and the generalized experience of gamers.

If you wish to enjoy Destiny Child to the fullest, you do not necessarily need to stick to Tier Lists or popular opinions. In the end, games are all about having fun, and there is no right or wrong way of playing a game. Remember that your opinion means a lot to us, and we look forward to you leaving a comment below.

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