Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List – Best DBFZ Characters (March 2024)

Check out the strengths and weaknesses of each Fighter in the game to know which ones to use and which ones to avoid.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List
Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)

One of the most famous anime franchises, Dragon Ball Z does not need any introduction. All of us have made so many memories during our childhood watching the anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Now with the advent of technology, we can not only see our favorite Dragon Ball Z characters but also assume their roles in video games.

One such game is, Dragon Ball FighterZ. It has now become a popular fighting game among fans of the anime series Dragon Ball.

Players must assemble the best characters to win. For those unfamiliar with this saga, we have created an informative Dragon Ball FighterZ Tier List. So make sure you stick with us till the end as we list down the best DBFZ characters.

Now without any further ado, let us directly jump into our DBFZ tier list.

Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List


Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List: S-Tier
S-Tier Fighterz (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)
CellThe all-arounder CELL is an ideal character for newcomers, boasting impressive damage output, noteworthy aerial moves, and strong corner pressure. He can be ranked number one in the list of best DBFZ characters.
Adult GohanIn contrast to Teen Gohan, Adult Gohan has a better reach but his offense heavily depends on meter usage and Ki conservation.
Ultra Instinct GokuThis powerful form of Goku is extremely capable when it comes to countering opponents and dominating the neutral game; his auto combo demonstrates great neutral potential as well as overwhelming pressure from the attacks.
SS4 GogetaGogeta SS4’s strength lies in close- and medium-range battles; his archetype is rushdown, so it’s necessary to find a way to get close enough to your opponent and unleash a torrent of damage.
JanembaJanemba’s competitive worth lies largely in his zoning capacities; these diverge from the usual elements already seen in the game, thus enabling players to experiment with some unusual outcomes.
GT GokuGogeta SS4’s strength lies in close- and medium-range battles; his archetype is rushdown, so finding a way to get close enough to your opponent and unleash a torrent of damage is necessary.
FriezaFrieza is a zoning specialist that uses powerful projectiles to outmaneuver opponents and put them under immense pressure. His Death Slash move can instantly fill up screens, making him a formidable foe if unprepared.


Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List: A-Tier
A-Tier Fighterz (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)
Kid BuuKid Buu’s mixup options are exceptional, allowing him to relentlessly pressure his opponent with a barrage of block and guess attempts – often resulting in punishing mistakes.
Teen GohanGohan is an unrivaled force in the game, boasting the highest damage output and unparalleled ability to end fights quickly. He’s one of the best DBFZ characters.
Base VegetaWith enough skill and momentum, Base Vegeta has the potential to dominate opponents through his oppressive style completely. He utilizes tricky mix-ups and swift movement to create a vortex that leaves his victims vulnerable.
Android 21Android 21 is remarkable for her capability to copy the moves of other warriors: her Connoisseur Cut bestows her a single utilization of any stolen move. The majority of the steals are improved versions of the originals, and she can even combine them.
VegetaVegeta is a great rushdown character in Dragon Ball FighterZ with his neutral attacks dealing immense harm and many opportunities to confuse opponents, which can lead to starting a destructive combo. He performs well at both close- and long-range fights but struggles with mid-range ones.
BardockBardock is deemed a suitable option for novices, due to his uncomplicated combos and impressive neutral game. Moreover, even when not featured as a playable character on stage, his Assist is one of the most advantageous in the game.
VegitoVegito arsenal has an array of tools for various scenarios, making it easy to locate the perfect tool for your play style. Super Saiyan Blue Vegito is able to deliver considerable damage when he finds an opening.
GogetaGogeta is a high-risk, high-reward character with excellent air normals, a commanding command grab, strong mix-ups, and versatile combos.
Super Baby 2Super Baby 2 is a pressure-heavy character who can dominate neutral games with his formidable projectiles. This makes him a great choice for individuals who thrive in neutral fights as he restricts the opponent’s options.
PiccoloPiccolo stands out in fighting games due to his impressive frame data, which allows him to make use of staggers and safe normals. He also has strong supers and effective air-to-air moves, making him a formidable opponent for most characters.
TrunksTrunks is more of an average character who doesn’t excel in any specific area; however, his versatility makes him a popular choice for teams and his assist is particularly helpful. Unfortunately, his ki blasts are not as reliable and can often lead to punishment if they miss the mark.
GokuGoku is undoubtedly the protagonist of DBFZ, yet he may not be the strongest character. However, this does not mean he lacks power; his pressure and space control are great for staggering opponents and dealing massive damage.

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Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List: B-Tier
B-Tier Fighterz (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)
Master RoshiMaster Roshi is an intricate character with a variety of weapons at his disposal. He is great fun to play due to his defensive capabilities, making him ideal for those who prefer a defensive playstyle.
Goku BlackGoku, in his Super Saiyan form, is one of the most accommodating characters for beginners in the game. His power is not overwhelming, but he is capable enough to be a great starting point for those wishing to understand the fundamentals of the game.
KeflaKefla is a powerful rush-down character with exceptional ground mobility that can make it difficult to stay on defense against her by teleporting and changing her approach at any moment.
Android 21 (Lab Coat)Android 21 has no downfalls that are worth noting. Her regular attacks may lack range, but the rest of her features make up for it: vast damage potential, strong meter gain, a powerful pressure game, great normals, OTG moves, and a super command grab that is impossible to dodge – these are just a few of the many benefits she offers.
Android 16Android 16 is a bit of a challenge for new players, and mastering his abilities may require some practice. He has the potential for tremendous damage output and offers effective mix-up options.
Super BrolySuper Broly is a rushdown grappler with strong neutrals and projectiles that can easily corner opponents. His main strength lies in his ability to deal massive amounts of damage once an opening presents itself in the form of a combo. As is typical for characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, he has good speed as well.
Fused ZamasuFused Zamasu is capable of doing immense damage when his resources are available; however, this is balanced by his lackluster neutral game and lack of effectiveness when he doesn’t have meters or bars.
BrolyKefla is a powerful rushdown character with exceptional ground mobility that can make it difficult to stay on defense against her by teleporting and changing her approach at any moment.
Base GokuBase Goku’s amazing moves give him an advantage over the other competitors, however, his highs and lows make it difficult to create mixups, and a team must be built around him so that he can reach his full potential.
Blue GokuSimilarly to Super Saiyan form, Blue Goku has improved neutral options, better combos, as well as excellent pressure potential with his command grab and light attacks.


Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List: C-Tier
C-Tier Fighterz (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)
JirenJiren is renowned for his defensive style which allows him to spot the ideal moment to unleash a considerable amount of damage on his adversaries. His counter, pressure and high damage output can quickly turn a fight in his favor.
TienTien must use some of his very own resources if he wants to use his most powerful attacks in DBFZ; the power delivered by these moves is remarkable even by this game’s standards yet it comes at the cost of some health.
GotenksGotenks is an in-your-face type of fighter, using his move set to control the pace of battle and open up his opponents for massive damage.
Android 18Android 18 possesses a great deal of offensive potential, with a strong mixup game and pressure that can break through even the strongest defenses.
HitMuch of Hit’s power comes from his excellent ground mobility and wide range of tools, which punish opponents who try to be creative against him.
Majin BuuMajin Buu is a very odd character and his damage output is lower than most, however, he makes up for it in other areas. He needs to be mastered though, as some of his setups and strings require very precise timing.
BeerusBeerus is a unique character in DBFZ and his playstyle revolves around his orbs of destruction. These allow for interesting setups and combos that deal a lot of damage, making them the central focus of his kit.
CoolerCooler excels at controlling the space in neutral, thanks to his great buttons with amazing range. This makes him a great choice for catching out opponents. However, he is also quite susceptible to whiff punishes, and his slow movements can make him difficult to maneuver.


Dragon Ball Fighterz Tier List: D-Tier
D-Tier Fighterz (Image Credits – Bandai Namco Entertainment)
Captain GinyuCaptain Ginyu is a very unpredictable character, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. With the help of the Ginyu Force, he can make life difficult for the opponent, pinning them down and preventing them from attacking.
Android17Android 17 is extremely fast and has great potential for combos and mix-ups. His attacks deal significant damage, but they don’t have the best range. This can make it difficult for him to approach an opponent and then “open up” their defenses. His speed makes him challenging for beginners to use effectively.
NappaNappa is a very aggressive fighter whose mix-ups are second to none. His Saibamen, the units he can spawn during the fight, is unpredictable and supplement his offense well. However, his range is not the best, which may make it difficult for him to approach and pressure his opponents.
Blue VegetaBlue Vegeta is very fast and has great combo and mix-up potential. His attacks deal good damage, but their range is not the best. This character may struggle to approach the victim and then “open” their blocks. The speed makes him a bit tricky for beginners.
KrillinKrillin is a powerful human and contends for the title of most powerful with Tien. His smaller stature can be an issue for taller characters, but his pressure game is exceptional.

So that is it, the best DBFZ tier list that you can find anywhere. We hope that you were able to gain some insights from it and that this Dragon Ball Fighterz tier list will help you make smart and informed decisions before going into battles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Vegeta’s special moves in DBFZ?

    Vegita has three special moves in DBFZ – Super Dash Kick, Big Bang Attack, and On a Scale of one to 10, I’ll give you a three (yes, that is the name of the move).

  2. What are some of the most powerful moves of Ultra Instinct Goku in DBFZ?

    Godly Display, Unencumbered Mind, and Autonomous Fist are some of the most powerful special attacks of Ultra Instinct Goku in DBFZ that deal devastating damage.

  3. What are the three best characters in DBFZ?

    The three best DBFZ characters would be Cell, Adult Gohan, and Frieza. These characters have more pros than cons and they’re very beginner friendly which is why we have ranked them as the three best DBFZ characters.

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