F1 23 Release Date, Gameplay Features, Trailer, Rumors & More [Updated]

The F1 video game franchise has been a staple of the racing genre for years, and the upcoming release of F1 23 is sure to be no different. With stunning visuals, realistic physics, and an immersive career mode, F1 23 is set to be the most immersive racing experience yet. Many new features have been ... Read more

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F1 23 Release Date
F1 23 Release Date

The F1 video game franchise has been a staple of the racing genre for years, and the upcoming release of F1 23 is sure to be no different. With stunning visuals, realistic physics, and an immersive career mode, F1 23 is set to be the most immersive racing experience yet.

Many new features have been added to an already impressive game that promises to provide players with one of the most comprehensive track racing simulation experiences on the market today that players are going to adore, so without any more delays, let us jump right into the details regarding the next game in the popular F1 games series.

F1 23 Release Date

F1 23 Release Date Soon
F1 23 Release Date Soon

The wait for the next installment in this popular race simulation game series is finally over as F1 23 has been released on June 16, 2023.

If you are someone who had pre-ordered the game, several exclusive bonuses were included in it, such as:

  • Early access to the game
  • A special in-game livery
  • A set of exclusive car liveries
  • A set of exclusive driver suits

F1 23 Gameplay Features

F1 23 Gameplay Features
F1 23 Gameplay Features

One of the major additions to F1 23 is the addition of the Career mode. This particular mode has been completely redesigned, and it now promises to offer players a more immersive and challenging experience.

In this mode, players will start their career as one of the young, up-and-coming drivers, and they’ll need to work their way up through the ranks to become a certified world champion. Along the way, players will need to manage their finances and make strategic career-related decisions, all while dealing with the added pressures of racing at the highest level.

Next up is another exciting new feature added in F1 23, the new handling model. This new model has been completely overhauled, and it promises to deliver a more realistic and challenging driving experience to players who are specifically looking for a game that provides the authentic feeling of actually driving F1 cars on professional tracks all across the world.

Another feature the developers of the game were keen to emphasize when speaking about the game before its release was the introduction of a new 35% race distance mode. This mode comes right in between the two other modes of 25% and 50% and looks to offer players an easier option to complete their races.

This new mode is particularly targeted towards players who either like to complete their races efficiently in a relatively quick manner or enthusiasts looking to implement realistic mechanics in their game like real-life tire degradation and pit stops. For beginners, this gameplay mechanics decides how many laps there will be in a race.

Red Flags are also making a comeback into the F1 games series after a long break, since F1 2014 to be precise, to add a new layer of tension and immersion into the races. Red Flags are used during a state of alarm, usually when there is a big accident or if there is too much rain going on during the races, causing cars to lose control, the official waves the red flag to signal to the racers that they have to pull-up and line up in the pit-stops until the situation is back under control.

Although it may not appear to be much, this is a very prominent feature seen during live races, and we are glad this feature has been reintroduced into the game as it can decide the outcome of closely contested races, giving races an exciting, edge-of-the-seat feel.

Moving on to gameplay features that are making a comeback in F1 23, first up is the new story mode, which, for some strange reason, was unavailable in F1 22.

This returning story mode is called ‘Braking Point’ and it will follow the story of young racers Aiden Jackson and Devon, as they fight for the top spot and prize in F1 23, but instead of being in opposite dugouts, this time they will represent the same team, the Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team.

It is not a revamp of the story, instead, it will pick up from where the first chapter of this sporting rivalry began all the way back in F1 21.

Apart from the two central characters, a new female character by the name of Callie Maye is introduced into the game and is looking to break into F1. The female character is voiced by real-world W-Series Champion, Jamie Chadwick, to add a a more unique level of immersion in their gameplay.

Here, take a look at the recap trailer to get you up-to-speed with the story of ‘Braking Point’ so far:

Moreover, a new multiplayer mode and a new livery editor are added to the game as well, making sure that F1 23 provides its players with one of the most immersive racing experiences seen in a racing game to date.

F1 23 Trailer

Here, take a look at the official reveal trailer of the game:

About F1 Video Game Series

The F1 Video Game Series was first introduced in 2000 with the release of ‘Formula One 2000’ in single-player as well as Multiplayer modes. The F1 series was discontinued from 2004 till 2008.

The F1 series has been annually released ever since Codemasters have taken over the F1 game development. Here is the complete list of F1 games made until 2022 in chronological order.

F1 Game TitleRelease Year
F1 20002000
F1 Championship Season 20002000
F1 Manager2000
F1 20012001
F1 20022002
F1 Career Challenge2003
F1 20092009
F1 20102010
F1 20112011
F1 20122012
F1 Race Stars2012
F1 20132013
F1 20142014
F1 20152015
F1 20162016
F1 20172017
F1 20182018
F1 20192019
F1 20202020
F1 20212021
F1 222022

We will update the release details of the upcoming F1 23 in this section as soon as the developers reveal the release date.

F1 23 Tracks

F1 23 Tracks
F1 23 Tracks

The 2023 calendar of F1 2023 has been released. Based on the calendar the upcoming F1 23 video game is most likely to encase these following 23 tracks/circuits:

  • Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina Circuit
  • Austria – Red Bull Ring
  • Australia – Albert Park, Melbourne
  • Baku – Baku City Circuit
  • Singapore – Marina Bay Street Circuit
  • United States – Circuit of the Americas, Austin
  • Spain – Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya, Montmelo
  • Belgium – Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, Stavelot
  • Britain: Silverstone Circuit
  • Bahrain – Bahrain International Circuit
  • Qatar – Lusail International Circuit
  • Saudi Arabia – Jeddah Corniche Circuit
  • Sao Paulo – Interlagos Circuit
  • Canada – Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal
  • Imola – Imola Circuit
  • Zandvoort – Circuit Zandvoort
  • Monaco – Circuit de Monaco
  • Mexico – Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
  • Miami – Miami International Autodrome
  • Hungary – Hungaroring
  • Las Vegas – Las Vegas Street Circuit
  • Italy – Monza Circuit
  • Japan – Suzuka International Racing Course

The 24th track (Chinese track) has not been included since 2019 and this will remain the case in 2023 as the primary reason for the recent omission of China from the F1 Series is due to its strict COVID-19 policy.

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F1 23 Platforms

F1 23 Platforms
F1 23 Platforms

The Developers and publishers have not revealed the F1 23 Platforms yet. We can, however, predict the platforms that EA Sports will most likely target. If we talk regarding F1 23 for Playstation, we may be able to play F1 23 on PS 4 or even PS 5.

Next up, as far as F1 23 for Xbox is concerned, EA Sports will most likely target Xbox One. We are almost sure that there will be F1 23 on Windows as well.

We can’t say for sure if the developers will be planning for the game to be released on mobile platforms. There has been only one F1 Racing Game for mobile platforms till now. In total honesty, it is quite unlikely for the F1 23 to be released on IOS or Android Mobile Platforms.

On concluding our analysis, it is safe to say that F1 23 will most likely be released on PS 4, Xbox One & Windows. The intended platforms will be disclosed by EA Sports soon and we will make sure to update them here as soon as the word is out.

F1 23 News & Rumors

F1 23 News and Rumors
F1 23 News and Rumors

The first rumor that had been circulating for a while was undoubtedly regarding the release date of F1 23. Despite receiving no official information on the release date from the developers, the game’s fandom had already narrowed down the game to release somewhere close to July.

There were also rumors among fans regarding the fact that the developers will be looking to bring back the game’s engaging story mode called Braking Point, which was mightily missed by fans as it was surprisingly omitted from F1 22, and now after the game has been released, it is fair to say that the fans were right to demand it. There were also numerous speculations that indicated that the developers may prioritize improving the gameplay mechanics of the upcoming game as the previous version of the game, F1 22, was particularly glitchy.

The one department in which F1 22 excelled was unsurprisingly the cars themselves, and it was anticipated that players may experience even more significant improvement in regards to the cars, their designs, and overall handling. Now, once the game has already been released for some time, the vehicle mechanics were indeed praised by the player base, especially their smooth handling, it is fair to conclude that the rumors about EA working on their vehicle mechanics were relatively right.

CodemastersOfficial Website
F1 Mobile Racing Gamehttps://www.ea.com/games/f1/f1-mobile-racing


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is F1 23 worth it?

Well, all in all, F1 23 is worth a shot for players looking to try the Grand Prix Mode, and Time Trial Mode, as they deliver an exhilarating racing experience.
The Career Mode & Multiplayer Mode on the other hand, simply failed to impress the fans of the franchise so far since its launch, so don’t get your hopes up regarding them.

Is F1 23 VR on PS4?

Yes, F1 23 can be enjoyed by gamers in standard modes as well as in VR mode on most platforms apart from PlayStation 4, on which unfortunately F1 23 VR is not available.

Will there be F1 23 for PlayStation?

Yes, F1 23 is available to be played on both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Has the F1 23 video game been canceled?

No, not that we know of. There has been no official statement from the developers pointing to the cancellation of F1 23.

Will there be F1 23 for mobile?

Yes, gamers can play the F1 23 mobile game on their Android and iOS devices.

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