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In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a strategic role-playing game, players assume control of a player character whose identity and gender are determined at the start of the game. The player character is tasked with serving as an instructor at the Garreg Mach Monastery, which serves as a central hub for various activities during the early ... Read more

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In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a strategic role-playing game, players assume control of a player character whose identity and gender are determined at the start of the game.

The player character is tasked with serving as an instructor at the Garreg Mach Monastery, which serves as a central hub for various activities during the early hours of gameplay.

Choosing a specific house to instruct has a significant impact on the rest of the story. The player’s time is divided between engaging in narrative-driven battles that progress the overall storyline and interacting with the staff and students at Garreg Mach.

While the first half of the game focuses on the educational system, the sequel shifts the emphasis to combat, as the player becomes trapped inside the building they chose during the first half.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Character Tier List

Fire Emblem Three Houses Character Tier List Key Points

“Fódlan, the landmass in question, consists of three main nations. The Royal Kingdom of Faerghus lies in the north, the Adrestian Dynasty stretches across the west and south, and the Leicester Alliance is located in the east.

Fire Embem Three Houses Tier List

At the heart of the continent, within the Garreg Mach Monastery, sits the Seiros Church. As the largest faith in the world and a dominant force in Fódlan, the church plays a crucial role in governing the region.

Players assume the role of Byleth, the game’s protagonist, who can be either female or male. Byleth is a professional warrior and takes on the position of an educator at the Officers Training Academy within Garreg Mach Monastery.”

FE3H 2024 Character Tier Details

  • Tier S

Certain figures are by far the most formidable, capable of killing an adversary with a single bullet often in the game’s initial fights.

But you won’t be complaining concerning training these even though they have strong beginning statistics, amazing economic performance, as well as the capacity to gain plenty of knowledge in combat.

Besides all the opponents they’ll fight, they’ll rank up pretty quickly. The list of Tier S characters is as follows:

  1. Byleth (Female/ Male): Falcon Knight and Enlightened One
  2. Dimitri: Sumptuous Lord
  3. Edelgard: Wyvern Lord and Emperor
  4. Lysithea: Dark Knight, Dark Flier, and Gremory
  5. Claude: Barbarossa
  • Tier A

Although these might not have been as godlike as S-Tier fighters, such characters are nonetheless immensely strong and capable.

They may support the health of any squad by providing many benefits with a spear, skills of magic, and a sword, where your captains may very well be deficient.

Take considerable time polishing their talents to make formidable battlefield monsters. Tier A characters are listed below:

  1. Sylvain: Paladin and Wyvern Lord
  2. Linhardt: Holy Knight and Bishop
  3. Hubert: Dark Knight
  4. Hilda: Falcon Knight (Axes Affinity)
  5. PetraIngrid: Wyvern Lord
  6. Felix: Bow Knight and Mortal Savant
  7. Ferdinand: Wyvern Lord and Paladin
  • Tier B

The characters we have mentioned here are also powerful, albeit getting these to only one death level that even the Tier S and Tier A characters provide may take a bit more time and care. The above aim, nonetheless, is highly attainable with additional classes, conferences, and practice bouts.

  1. Catherine: Falcon Knight and Mortal Savant
  2. Dorothea: Gremory
  3. Shamir: Bow Knight and Sniper
  4. Leonie: Bow Knight
  5. Bernadetta: Sniper
  6. Dedue: War Master
  • Tier C

Despite their lackluster performance, these individuals are trustworthy. It really is a good idea to offer such characters a commanding officer to administer enough follow-up assault or medical assistance.

  1. Sylvain: Palandin & Wyvern Lord
  2. Jeritza: Death Knight
  3. Hapi: Valkyrie
  4. Flayn: Dark Flier
  5. Yuri: Trickster
  6. Seteth: Wyvern Lord
  • Tier D

Some individuals have certain characteristics, and they are not very formidable or dependable. When you deploy troops into combat, you’ll probably be more concerned with providing them with access than with eliminating your opponents. It’s better to utilize them as adjutants.

  1. Ashe: Sniper and Wyvern Lord
  2. Balthus: War Monk
  3. Caspar: War Master 
  4. Ignatz: Sniper
  5. Alois: Armor Knight and War Master
  6. Bernadetta: Sniper
  • Tier E

The list of characters that we have given below has the poorest traits. Bring them into combat only if you have to. Simply invite them to your residence, whether you’re curious to hear about their reinforcement experiences, and see these characters cheering their colleagues again from bleachers.

  1. Hanneman: Dark Knight
  2. Lorenz: Paladin
  3. Anna: Trickster
  4. Raphael: War Master
  5. Gilbert: Armor Knight
  6. Manuela: Gremory, Trickster, and Bishop

About Fire Emblem Three Houses 2024

Ryohei Hayashi, Mari Okamoto, and Yuki Ikeno, of Koei Tecmo, developed the FE3H storyline.

These three people had worked extensively on the Knights simulation and had been invited onto the Three Houses designing team to aid Intelligent Technologies in developing the game’s interactiveness. 

The story was presented in the form of psychological horror, with the adult elements of the story manifesting themselves in the fight between 3 groups.

The Black Eagle House was the very first plotline established, as Kusakihara and the other situation. The authors expanded and developed the environment and character after this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners efficiently play the game “FE3H 2024”?

If you’re not used to approaching games, the combat tactics may appear overwhelming, but Fire Emblem 3 Houses is a perfect way, to begin with.

How many difficulty levels are there in Fire Emblem 3?

Usually, to level up your gameplay players has 3 distinct categories of complexity. Average, Difficult, and Infuriating are those 3 levels.

What is the complexity level of the FE3H 2023 Classic Stage?

FE3H 2023 Classic Stage complexity level is hard for players.

What type of character does Claude have?

Claude possesses a diverse arsenal of weapons and operates with tremendous skill. You may also simply invest in Claude’s quickness statistic, which allows you to perform another double attack vs any adversaries.

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