Guardian Tales Tier List For 2024 – Best Heroes Ranked

Guardian Tales is a mobile action RPG game by Kong Studios. The game unfolds in the magical kingdom of Kanterbury where the player is the last hope to get the kingdom out of the crisis. Players worldwide are known to enjoy this fun yet intense game in single as well as multiplayer modes. The most ... Read more

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Guardian Tales is a mobile action RPG game by Kong Studios. The game unfolds in the magical kingdom of Kanterbury where the player is the last hope to get the kingdom out of the crisis.

Players worldwide are known to enjoy this fun yet intense game in single as well as multiplayer modes.

The most crucial aspect to ace in this action game is picking the right hero for your story. After all, a weak leader cannot lead a strong mission.

It often comes off as a conundrum for the players to choose the right character. If you have faced a similar problem then do not worry as we present our Tier List to you.

We have ranked the Guardian Tales Best Characters in this elaborative post and the role they contribute to the team.

Guardian Tales Tier List 2024

The fighting strategy alone is not sufficient especially when it comes to games like Guardian Tales. We need to equip the ablest character to ensure the smooth progression of the game whether it is story mode or multiplayer mode. There are over 80 heroes in Guardian Tales who excel in different attributes and portray a unique fighting style in the game.

It is important to choose a strong hero to lead the team. In this post, we will be providing you the Tier List of all the best characters in the game. If truly hope, this list will be able to improve your Guardian Tales Gameplay experience.

Tier List Guardian Tales

The players can customize the gender of their protagonists in Guardian Tales. The players then need to select a hero who will lead the journey as the Guardian Knight of Kanterbury.

Players can obtain new heroes through Gacha or other events in the game. Below are the categories of the heroes on which our Tier List will be based:

S Tier HeroesThese are the strongest heroes in Guardian Tales that basically make your chances to win almost invincible, that is only if you have evolved these babies to their highest potential. Obtaining these characters is relatively more difficult than other Tier Heroes in the game.
A Tier HeroesIf you aren’t able to get your hands on an S Tier Character then A Tier Character is your next best bet in improving your winning chances in Guardian Tales.
B Tier HeroesThis category includes the most average characters in the Guardian Tales. They may serve you well in the initial levels of the game but their charm will fade as the stakes in the game increase.
C Tier HeroesC Tier Heroes do not impart any solid impact on the game progression. They are advised to be used only if you don’t have a stronger hero in your inventory.
D Tier HeroesLast and certainly the least we have D Tier Heroes. Don’t expect them to do any favors if you decide to equip them as your main character. These are the weakest characters in the game and should be avoided.

Apart from varying degrees of impact and agility, Guardian Tales characters also have different roles they are best suited for. It’s best to keep the role of the character in mind before placing them in the slot. A maximum of 4 characters can be equipped to advance in the game, the 4 character roles are:

WarriorThese are the characters that exhibit outstanding attacks on the enemies and are built to carry the team.
RangerRangers are able to deploy significant amounts of damage to the enemy troops without coming into close contact with them.
TankTank is an excellent attack unit that assists in weakening the enemy forces through powerful invasions.
SupportThese players like their very name execute a supporting role within the team like healing, defending, and more.

S Tier

S Tier
S Tier

This list contains the Guardian Tales Best Characters that you can have on your team. It is ideally best to equip an S Tier character in each role during the Tier List.

In case you do not have S Tier Heroes for each role then it is best to use a combination of S Tier & A-Tier characters in order to ensure a strong team.

S-Tier Warrior HeroesGod of Harvest Kamael, Dark Magician Beth, Archangel Gabriel, Future Knight, Demon Queen Lilith, Drunken Swordmaster Lynn, Android Mk. 99, Divine Beast of Harvest Mayreel
S-Tier Ranged HeroesNari, Garam, Bari
S-Tier Tank HeroesOghma, Future Princess
S-Tier Support HeroesNoxia, Kamael, Gabriel

As you can see, the Ranged, Tank, as well as Support heroes in the S Tier, are relatively fewer in number. This is why it is best to have as many A-tier heroes as possible to pair well with the S Tier Warrior Position.

A Tier

Tier List Guardian Tales (A Tier)
Tier List Guardian Tales (A Tier)

A-Tier Heroes may not be as exceptional as S-Tier characters but they are undoubtedly the most practical choice. They are easier to obtain as compared to the S Tier heroes and are quicker to evolve. Even a combination of A-Tier Heroes alone makes a fairly strong team.

A-Tier Warrior HeroesMovie Star Eugene, Scrivener Lahn, Knight Lady Lapic, Druid Kanna, Ice Witch Lupina, Little Android AA72, Legendary Hero Erina, Master Swordsman Gourry, Dragon Avatar Vishivac, Autonomous Android Mk II, Model Employee Parvati, Trickster Lucy, Grand Admiral Marina, Flower Girl Bari, The Bound Child Clara, Demonshire Count Claude, Priest Xellos, Grim Reaper Hana, Goddess of Wealth Eleanor, Noble Succubus Bianca, Sea Witch Ara, Mecha Warrior Oghma, Exorcist Miya, Eight-Tailed Fox Nari, Nine Tailed Fox Garam, 1st Corps Commander
A-Tier Ranger HeroesRachel, Elvira, MK 99, Tinia, Bianca, Catherine
A-Tier Tank HeroesMarina, Craig
A-Tier Support HeroesMayreel, Miya, Idol Captain Eva, Veronica, Aoba

B Tier

Tier List Guardian Tales (B Tier)
Tier List Guardian Tales (B Tier)

Next comes the B Tier List Guardian Tales, the heroes in this list are not the ones that you would want to make your standard choice. However, that doesn’t mean they are useless.

The B Tier Heroes may be your only hope, especially in the initial levels of Guardian Tales. If you use them wisely in combination with A-Tier Characters or higher you may actually have pretty good chances.

B-Tier Warrior HeroesSwordsman Akayuki, Kung Fu Master Fei/Mei, Princess Aisha, Goddess of War Plitvice, Pirate Rachel, Innuit Girl Coco, Sniper Hekate, Aspiring Warrior Craig, Engineer Marianne, Leaf Fairy Aoba, Vampire Girl Karina, Mad Scientist Gremory, Elemental of Christmas Carol, Dancing Archa Tinia, Necromancer Noxia, Warlord Mercenary Orca, Santa’s Little Helper Rue, Flame Harpy Scintilla Executive Red Hood Arabelle.
B-Tier Ranged HeroesMK 2, Arabelle, Sohee, Lucy, Gremory, Coco, Rie, Marianne
B-Tier Tank HeroesRanpang
B-Tier Support HeroesKarina, Aisha, Eleanor

C Tier

Tier List Guardian Tales (C Tier)
Tier List Guardian Tales (C Tier)

C Tier characters should only be used in case you have no high-level characters available to you. They may not be very impressive when it comes to attacking or even withstanding enemy attacks but they do exhibit a certain level of stability to the team.

C Tier characters may deliver the best results if combined with higher-rank characters.

C-Tier Warrior HeroesDuel-personality Maid Amy, Desert Mercenary Marvin, Innkeper Loraine, Dragon Seeking Girl Neva, Succubus Adventurer Yuze, Golem Rider Alef, Knight Captain Eva, Dragon Talon Clan Ranpang, Dimension Traveller Catherine, Twin Fighter Lavi, Battleball Girl Rie, Twin Healer Favi, Red Hood Elvira
C-Tier Ranged HeroesEva, Girgas, Dolf
C-Tier Tank HeroesLavi
C-Tier Support HeroesFavi

D Tier

Tier List Guardian Tales (D Tier)
Tier List Guardian Tales (D Tier)

Lastly, we present to you the D Tier List Guardian Tales. Ideally, these characters should be avoided at all costs as they are more of a liability than an asset to the team. You are advised to roll out new characters rather than equipping these risky heroes on your team.

D-Tier Warrior HeroesThe Knight (female/male), Swindler Magician Dolf, White Beast, Fire Dragon Girgas, Dragon Knight Shapira, Scientist Sohee
D-Tier Ranged Heroes
D-Tier Tank Heroes
D-Tier Support HeroesLoraine

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the strongest hero in Guardian Tales?

Well, the strongest hero depends on the role they contribute to the team. However, in general, having Future Princess, Drunken Swordmaster Lynn, or Demon Queen Lilith in your team will basically make you invincible.

Do you get free 50 summons in Guardian Tales?

Well, you are liable to free 50 summons in Guardian Tales only after you have logged into the game for 5 consecutive days.

Can I play Guardian Tales on Switch?

Yes, not only can you play Guardian Tales on Nintendo Switch, but it is free too.

What is the canon gender in Guardian Tales?

Well, even though players are given the liberty to customize the gender of the protagonist, the female MC seems to be the canon gender in the context of the storyline of Guardian Tales.

We hope this post will enhance your Guardian Tales gameplay experience. Feel free to drop by your feedback below or check out similar posts while we work on more Game Guides for you. We will meet again soon, till then!

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