Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List 2024 – Best Heroes

Throughout the playing style called Battlegrounds, 8 gamers engage in 1v1 matches only intending to be the final man standing. During every round, there are two stages. Participants can buy and trade henchmen during the enlist round, enhance the tavern, utilize their character ability, as well as change the sequence in which their creatures’ are assaulted. ... Read more

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Throughout the playing style called Battlegrounds, 8 gamers engage in 1v1 matches only intending to be the final man standing. During every round, there are two stages.

Participants can buy and trade henchmen during the enlist round, enhance the tavern, utilize their character ability, as well as change the sequence in which their creatures’ are assaulted.

Minions immediately battle the competitors’ minions during the end of combat till the gamer is left without any minions, where at that point the winner assaults the opponent.

Unlike some other gaming ways, Battlegrounds contains a field of specialized characters in addition to a collection of cards that are entirely exclusive to it (however many more are equivalent to collectible decks). Most Battlegrounds tiles are accessible right now.

With entirely new features that have never been seen before, Battlegrounds drastically differs from all existing Hearthstone playing modes.

There isn’t any energy; coins represent the solely available resource. Most minions price three coins, and their strength is determined by their Tavern Grade, which is displayed upon that card display instead of mana.

There are 1-6 gold diamonds on a purple area in the top left of the screen. Instead of aggressively challenging the adversary, minions that survive the round contribute Tavern Level towards the character’s assault.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List 2024 - Best Heroes
Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List 2024 – Best Heroes

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Hero Tier List

This article is devoted to characters and particularly to their tier lists. Which warriors should players pick? Depending on the what standard? Which one is more powerful than which? Throughout the paragraphs that follow, everything would be revealed.

We want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that while we reached these decisions based on many hours of content and a variety of considerations, they might alter as the game patches progress.

We are seeing who will be in the bottom level surge up to the above by changing the trend only with the introduction of different cards as well as champions, so we’ll let you prepared in advance.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List

Each tier ranking is often a collection of unlockable characters that are sorted from excellent to worst based on their power. It could be an extremely effective instrument for individuals who want to dominate the videogame and advance in the rankings.

There are several characters to pick from that in Hearthstone: Battleground, among the most, played multiplayer card games. Since all of these have distinct advantages and disadvantages, it remains debatable which again is ideal.

S Tier

Battlegrounds Tier S
Battlegrounds Tier S

The top characters in the HS Battlegrounds tier list are listed in the S rankings. They are formidable, effective, and possess a number of the most potent cards available to players. Such characters are ideal for fighting against such an enemy because they were chosen for their respective abilities and talents.

Heroes NamePowers Type
Captain HooktuskTrash for Treasure
GalewingDungar’s Gryphon
Arch-Villain RafaamI will Take That!
Forest Warden OmuEverbloom (Passive)
Dancin’ DerylHat Trick
Master NguyenAbiltity of the Storm (Passive)
Mutanus the DevourerDevour
Millhouse ManastormManastorm (Passive)
Fungalmancer FlurglGone Fishing (Passive)
Kurtrus AshfallenGain Momentum (Passive) Final Showdown (Passive)
Close the Portal (Passive)

A Tier

Battlegrounds Tier A
Battlegrounds Tier A

Protagonists that are extremely strong and versatile are seen in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list. These do have a good collection of sets and aren’t S-tier. Even if they don’t sparkle as brightly as the top personalities, these individuals will help you win more frequently than other categories might.

Heroes NamePowers Type
The Great AkazamzarakPrestidigitation
The Lich KingReborn Rites
YseraDream Portal (Passive)
Yogg-Saron, Hope’s EndPuzzle Box
Sir Finley MrrggltonAdventure! (Passive)
Ragnaros the FirelordInsects! Sulfuras, Die (Passive)
XyrellaSee the Light
Vol’jinSpirit Swap
King MuklaBananarama
Al’Akir the WindlordSwatting Insects
Death Speaker BlackthornBloodbound
Lord BarovFriendly Wager
N’ZothDeathrattles, Avatar of N’Zoth (Passive)
Reno JacksonGonna Be Rich!
Silas DarkmoonDiscover, Come One, Come All! (Passive)
Maiev ShadowsongImprison
GreyboughSprout It Out (Passive)
Edwin VanCleefSharpen Blades
Jandice BarovSwap, Lock & Shop It
MalygosArcane Alteration
C’ThunSaturday C’Thuns!
George the FallenBoon of Light
GalakrondGalakrond’s Greed
TickatusPrize Wall (Passive)

B Tier

Battlegrounds Tier B
Battlegrounds Tier B

Hearthstone Battlegrounds hero tier list B characters that are better than average are listed here since they remain strong enough even to flourish throughout the battle. Several characters are decisive and effective despite having shortcomings that keep them from becoming great.

Heroes NamePowers Type
NozdormuClairvoyance (Passive)
PatchwerkAll Patched Up (Passive)
Y’ShaarjEmbrace the Rage (Starting of Battle)
Kael’thas SunstriderVerdant Spheres
Zephrys, the GreatThree Wishes
Captain EudoraBuried Treasure
AlexstraszaQueen of Dragons
Patches the PiratePirate Parrrrty!
Dinotamer BrannBattle Brand
Millificent ManastormTinker (Passive)
Tess GreymaneBob’s Burgles
Illidan StormrageWingmen (Passive)
Lord JaraxxusBloodfury
Trade Prince GallywixSmart Savings (Passive)

C Tier

Battlegrounds Tier C
Battlegrounds Tier C

The majority of the standard fighters that are presently accessible are included in the HS battlegrounds tier list C.

To ever be performed v/s an adversary of equal ability, such characters are missing an essential component. They outperform certain heroes who can’t be regarded as champions, though.

Heroes NamePowers Type
ChenvaalaAvalanche (Passive)
DeathwingAll Will Burn! (Passive)
Skycap’n KraggPiggy Bank
SindragosaStay Frosty (Passive)

D Tier

Battlegrounds Tier D
Battlegrounds Tier D

The characters who are less than ordinary are included in the D category. Resist creatures from the D leaderboard throughout all instances since they will frequently let you down in games versus other gamers.

Heroes NamePowers Type
The CuratorMenagerist (Passive)
Guff RunetotemNatural Balance
PyramadBrick by Brick
A. F. KayProcrastinate (Passive)
Infinite TokiTemporal Tavern
Aranna StarseekerDemon Hunter Training
Queen WagtoggleWax Warband
Lich Baz’hialGraveyard Shift

F Tier

Battlegrounds Tier F
Battlegrounds Tier F

The worst group, which includes all terrible characters, seems to be the Hearthstone battlegrounds tier list F tier ranking. These are not the warriors you want to use in combat with another gamer because they almost always fail.

Heroes NamePowers Type
RakanishuTavern Lighting
Mr. BigglesworthKel’Thuzad’s Kitty (Passive)
Overlord SaurfangFor the Horde!
The Rat KingA Tale of Kings (Passive)
Elise StarseekerLead Explorer (Passive)
Cariel RoameConviction (Level 1)
Conviction (Level 2)
Conviction (Level 3)

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List – Important Heroes


Spend a little money on a handful of creatures to obtain Gallywix on the HS Battlegrounds tier list. He possesses a heroic capacity named “Smart Savings” that boosts your cast’s gold supply. The additional gold increases the protagonist’s combat adaptability.

He might be either weaker or stronger next round depending on how much gold he has extra. The quickest method to activate this Hero Skill is to purchase Gallywix from a store that supports at least a couple of mentioned clans.

Although Gallywix is a highly helpful character, she is not the greatest. Though Nefarian is a fantastic option unless you’re searching for an overpowering protagonist, Patches could be worth paying attention to.


The Hearthstone Battlegrounds tier list is not all treated equally, but there are a good number of unimpressive characters here on the chart. People have different opinions, but the gameplay still has an auto-combat feel as well as a fluid battleground.

It is accessible on iOS, Android plus PC.  Battlegrounds make good use of heroes using Taunt. Once engaged in battle, the gamer and his calls receive a latent benefit from the skill. Khadgar and Baron Rivendare, both of whom are more potent than typical minions, will benefit most from this enhancement.


Reno is a strong Character in this video game Battlegrounds. She possesses a potent Hero Skill and is capable of turning one among her goons into gold. Her primary tactic is to rank up quickly, work hard, and concentrate on getting powerful minions.

The likes of Lightfang, Baron Rivendare, as well as Famished Felbat are a few of her most effective goons. Your late-game triumph may depend on her powerful Hero Power. This character’s power is a fantastic technique to multiply the impact of crucial components and potent minions.

Using Reno Hero Power amidst such as Reno’s Tavern can be another easy method to gain experience. It could be an extremely effective method of leveling up sans paying a significant amount of money.


Mutanus, the soul eater is a wonderful pick since you’re seeking the finest Hero to employ inside the Battlegrounds environment. He is a fantastic option for a Deflecto because he possesses the finest attributes. He is an excellent pick for games that are in the last round. Although this character is still young, sales of him have been consistent.

Though he lacks a flashy hero ability, he is adequate to assist gamers in keeping a sturdy deck throughout the whole game. Additionally, his Elementium Squirl Explosion Deathrattle, which continues after each dying Mech, delivers 4 harm to opposing creatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the No. 1 Hearthstone player?

We think Sato Kenta is the No. 1 Hearthstone player. Some players may think differently and name another character.

Why is Hearthstone Battlegrounds so popular?

Its F2P friendliness is probably why it’s well-liked. Hearthstone is downloadable for free, and many individuals may compete in it without spending any money.

What is a high rank in Hearthstone?

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Legend seems to be the greatest possible level or rank. It is obtained, as said before, by effectively overcoming rank one.

This marks the end of our Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List. We truly hope that this list will help you make wiser choices during your gameplay and level up faster. We are constantly working on new gaming posts for you and will be back with the latest news soon. Till then!

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