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Gamers are actively searching for new methods to better their squad in Hero Wars, and we are here to guide you by providing you with a comprehensive tier list that will help you choose the best heroes for the job, Heroes that will be useful not only during the early game scraps but during the ... Read more

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Gamers are actively searching for new methods to better their squad in Hero Wars, and we are here to guide you by providing you with a comprehensive tier list that will help you choose the best heroes for the job, Heroes that will be useful not only during the early game scraps but during the late-game skirmishes as well.

We’ve evaluated every one of the league’s character levels based on overall utility as well as strength. Even if you’re new to Hero Wars or perhaps you are a professional player, this checklist will nevertheless assist you in assembling the best in-game squad that players can hope to attain.

The tier list of Hero Wars acts as an important guiding tool for players who are looking to assemble the best squad in the game but to do so, players must always be aware of what every hero in the game can and can’t do.

From our perspective, every hero in the game has his/her uses, and it will ultimately come down to the players at how effectively a hero can be utilized in a particular situation because even if a Hero is not particularly strong, they’ll have a few skills/perks on them that will make a particularly difficult encounter seem winnable.

In the game “Hero Wars”, every hero is distinct & all have their own set of skills and limitations. It’s critical to assemble a squad that plays to each other’s assets while masking their flaws as often as possible.

If you’ve had a character with powerful attacking powers. For instance, you should team with up someone who will lend a hand and help you, or defend you with a high-rated defensive stat.

About Hero Wars

Hero Wars
Hero Wars

Hero Wars is an action-adventure idle RPG game in which players acquire and take control of various Heroes throughout their journey, and try to build the ultimate team of heroes that will fight against the evil Archdemon & his forces of evil.

To begin the game, players must first select a character for each squad. Healers, Shields, Support Heroes, and damage dealers are the 4 kinds of character categories for players to choose from.

Players must keep in mind that the overall quality or strength of their squads will be determined by the level of the heroes in them. In Hero Wars, there are numerous stages to pass and castles for players to conquer, but they will have an easier and more enjoyable time in doing so if they have a strong squad at their disposal.

The game scales in difficulty as the player’s and their squad’s rank increases in power, and encounters become increasingly challenging as a result, so if players want to prosper in this game, they’ll need a good squad to work with.

Who are the Heroes in Heroes Wars?

Hero Wars Heroes
Hero Wars Heroes

Heroes are an integral part of this game since they act as the central elements that players will use to play and advance in the game. Players must assemble a squad of 5 heroes which they can take into battle against the numerous evil forces of the Archdemon.

Each hero in the game has his or her uniqueness which they can utilize in battles. Several heroes, such as Ishmael, can improve your group’s chances of landing crucial hits, therefore keeping him on your squad might help players to win more battles.

Hero Wars Classes

Class of CharacterDescription of the Role of Hero
MarksmanThis class of character relies on dealing damage from afar and
not getting involved in melee combat.
TankTanks act as the armor to the entire squad as they are proficient in
absorbing tons of damage before going down. They are usually seen
leading the squad into battle.
SupportSupport units are an integral part of any squad largely
thanks to their versatility and efficiency in battle situations by utilizing
various defensive skills. They have a
variety of skills and tricks up their sleeves that they can utilize to defend their
squad members in battle.
HealerHealers are one of the most important characters in the game as they help heal and boost their teammates during battle. What healers lack in terms of damage resistance and attacking capabilities, they more than make up for it with their exceptional skill of
healing people
WarriorThey are frontline characters capable of dishing about decent amounts of damage and are equally good at withstanding lots of damage as well. Although they can absorb a decent amount of damage, players should ideally use them in a more attack-oriented
MageThey are characters who are extremely proficient in their magical abilities and use their wide variety of ranged magical abilities to attack and defend against their foes. If players are looking for a magic-based ranged character, then a Mage is a great choice.
ControlThey are quite similar in gameplay to Support units as they too employ various skills and abilities during battle to control enemy units and disrupt their gameplan like paralyzing them, putting them to sleep, etc.

Best Heroes Tier List

Hero Wars Best Heroes
Hero Wars Best Heroes

Over here is another complete Hero Wars strongest character level list, which details every hero’s gameplay capability.

S (the most formidable warriors) is at the number one spot, followed by Tier A, Tier B, Tier C, and Tier D. Users must strive towards S-tier superheroes, but if you’re having trouble getting S, attempt for Tier A at the very least to get the best gameplay experience.

Level B must be your absolute last alternative, whereas Category C and Tier D should indeed be avoided at all costs as they are considerably weaker than the higher-tier heroes and are not worth investing in.

Best S-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars S-Tier
Hero Wars S-Tier

Heroes in this tier are extraordinarily good in practically every category, to the extent that using them is almost unjust.
There have been relatively fewer games featuring heroes that may legitimately be deemed to be in this tier as players either deemed them too good for tier-B, or not as powerful to be in tier-S.

Name of CharacterRole of Hero
TenebrisMarksman, Support
Mushy and ShroomTank
ChabbaTank, Control
CelesteMage, Healer
CleaverTank, Control
NebulaSupport, Healer
LarsMage, Conrol
FacelessMage, Control
AstarothTank, Support
JorgenControl, Support
MarthaHealer, Support
AidanHealer, Mage
SolarisMarksman, Support

Best A-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars A-Tier
Hero Wars A-Tier

Heroes in this tier are still overpowering, though not as much as those from the S Tier.

These would be the characters to pick sometimes when S Tier heroes are forbidden. Despite neutralizing, individuals these heroes are often stronger than most of the other fighters at their level.

Name of CharacterRole of Hero
CorneliusSupport, Mage
AlvanorSupport, Mage
ElmirWarrior, Marksman
DorianHealer, Support
Qing MaoWarrior
AndvariSupport, Control
MarkusHealer, Support
TheaHealer Support
LilithMage, Control
MayaHealer, Mage
LutherTank, Control
FafnirSupport, Control

Best B-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars B-Tier
Hero Wars B-Tier

In Hero Wars gameplay, the tier B list contains heroes who are decent but still not exceptional. Many other heroes in their category may dominate characters, or they might possess flaws that prohibit them from becoming put in tier A.

Name of CharacterRole of Hero
IsaacSupport, Control
LianControl, Mage
HeliosMage, Support
JetHealer, Support
PeppyMage, Support

Best C-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars C-Tier
Hero Wars C-Tier

Heroes from the “center of the street”. They’re generally featured here as they have an edge over there at minimum one Tier A or Tier S character, and they’re too flawed to just be useful anywhere else. Conversely, these had no obvious disadvantages over the reduced ranks and no clear benefits over upper levels.

Name of CharacterRole of Hero
MorriganSupport, Healer
Dark StarControl, Marksman
ArachneControl, Warrior

Best D-Tier Heroes

Hero Wars D-Tier
Hero Wars D-Tier

Heroes in this their are not recommended as even though they have skills that might come in handy in certain situations, they are still poor options as compared to heroes in the other tiers.

Although the heroes belonging to this tier might look to be effective during the early game, later on when players will face off against tougher foes, they will soon notice them getting outmatched, dominated, and dispatched really quickly.

Players should only use the heroes in this tier as backup options, but never for primary use.

Name of CharacterRole of Hero
MojoMage, Support
JudgeMage, Control, Support
PhobosControl, Mage
Astrid and LucasMarksman, Warrior

Strategic-Based Best Heroes Teams

Although the heroes in this game are quite capable of holding their own against the numerous waves of evil forces, their strengths are amplified when they are part of a team that blends well with their skills and abilities.

Here, let us take a look at some of the best team-based builds players can hope to create in-game for an amazing gameplay experience:

Name of Team/ Skill BasedHero No. 1stHero No. 2ndHero No. 3rdHero No. 4thHero No. 5th
ShadowElmirDaredevilDark StarJetZiri

How to Get More Heroes in Hero Wars?

In the Hero Wars gameplay, you may obtain heroes via finishing sections, unlocking amazing treasures, visiting the battlefield store, or attending an activity. You’ll still need multiple heroes to develop them with increased strength. To retrieve the cloned hero’s fragments follow the steps given below in this section: 

  1. Initially, players have to go to the menu of all heroes.
  2. Hit the unwind hero, and after that tap the button present next to the develop button.
  3. Select any restricted character.
  4. Select “How and where to get” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Information regarding his or her fragment will be displayed.
  6. Each day, players can acquire one treasure. 
  7. Emerald can be used to access additional heroic treasures. 
  8. In this game, you may receive free emeralds by fulfilling promoted deals and viewing video adverts.

So, this is it for the Hero Wars Tier List, we hope this list will actively assist you in making more informed decisions in Hero Wars.

Please note that tier lists are updated by the developers of the game at regular intervals, as a result, many characters that are currently in the D-tier might get a few buffs to their abilities and move up to the B-tier.

To continue using the best heroes available, gamers must keep coming back to this post from time to time to get the latest, updated heroes tier list the game has to offer to always stay ahead of the competition.

Do not forget to comment with your feedback below and help us improve the quality of the content that we provide at Benettonplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get instant rewards in Hero Wars gameplay?

You may replay the previously finished levels for extra awards and cogs. Players may also utilize the raid feature if they have completed a level with 3 stars.

Is it important to fulfill the daily quest in Hero Wars?

Increasing the level of play is crucial since it raises the maximum heroic level as well as opens unique capabilities. Whenever your hero’s maximum level rises, you may improve him again, making them even more powerful.

When was the last time the Hero Wars level list was revised?

As newer characters are introduced and the meta evolves, the Hero Wars tier information is updated. As a result, based on the condition, it might be checked often or rarely.

What is the role of Martha in Hero Wars?

The contribution of Martha in Hero Wars is as Support and Tank.

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