How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft: Complete Guide for Beginners 2024

Are you someone who likes to keep their weapons and tools in Minecraft in tip-top condition? If yes, then knowing how to craft an anvil and use it will save you from a lot of frustration and wasted in-game hours in the long run. One of the major reasons for players getting stuck in a ... Read more

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Are you someone who likes to keep their weapons and tools in Minecraft in tip-top condition? If yes, then knowing how to craft an anvil and use it will save you from a lot of frustration and wasted in-game hours in the long run.

One of the major reasons for players getting stuck in a hole in the ground while excavating is because their tools broke halfway or being killed by a hostile mob because their weapons broke mid-fight and they had no way to repair them, is not having an anvil on standby to come to their rescue. If you are someone who has faced this scenario before, you are not alone, as many have faced this situation while playing Minecraft, and the solution to this issue is quite simple: Craft and use an Anvil.

As good and useful as anvils are, however, they aren’t the easiest block to use in Minecraft, and it is also worth pointing out that anvils are notoriously expensive blocks to craft for beginners in Minecraft, so players who are just starting out may not have the resources or the need to craft and use anvils in the first place.

Another downside of crafting and using an anvil in Minecraft is that with each use, there is a 12% chance of the anvil getting damaged. The anvil will keep getting damaged after every use until it is totally destroyed. Generally, players will be able to use an anvil around 25 times before it breaks completely.

One of the best ways for players to know whether their anvil has incurred any damage is by its appearance. When the anvil is in good condition it has no visible signs of damage on it, but the more players use it, the more cracks start to appear on it.

Moreover, anvils in Minecraft cannot be repaired by any means whatsoever, so players will have to craft a brand new anvil whenever their older one gets damaged or bites the dust completely.

Anvils are of particular interest to players who wish to upgrade their weapons, armor, tools, etc, with the best in-game enchantments.

So without any more delays, let us jump into details and discover the best ways players can efficiently craft and use anvils in Minecraft.

What is an Anvil?

Anvil in Minecraft
Anvil in Minecraft

Before we jump into the details of how to craft an anvil, it is imperative to know what exactly anvils are in Minecraft, and how players can craft one, and use them.

Starting with a brief introduction to what Anvils are, they are utility blocks in Minecraft that are usually found in the woodland mansions scattered across the map, but they can also be easily crafted as well.

Anvils allow players to do many things like repairing various in-game items without losing their pre-installed enchantments, renaming and repairing their armor, tools, and weapons, and much more.

Anvils can also be used to modify and combine enchantments, so if players are looking to enchant their in-game items further on in their gameplay sessions, an anvil is a necessity.

Moreover, in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition, players can use the anvil to edit and expand the entire map of the game.

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How to Make an Anvil in Minecraft

Although Anvils can be found in the world, crafting an anvil from scratch in Minecraft is relatively easy as well. To craft an Anvil players will require a few necessary items like around 31 iron ingots, 3 blocks of iron, and a crafting table.

Crafting an anvil in Minecraft is relatively straightforward, but it is worth noticing that players will require a good amount of iron ingots for it. To make the process of finding large quantities of iron a bit simpler, players can go and harvest around the Y=16 parameters.

Iron is found anywhere between Y=1 and Y=63, so players can also try and find iron at the top of the mountains or down near the lava next to the diamonds too, but those locations are not the easiest locations to try and harvest valuable resources at.

Once players get their hands on a decent amount of raw iron ore, they will have to smelt it all down using a furnace till they have 31 pieces of iron ingot in their possession.

Next, by using the iron ingots, players will have to craft iron blocks. To craft 1 iron block, players will require 9 iron ingots, so they will require 27 iron ingots to produce 3 blocks of iron.

Put 9 iron ingots to occupy all the available slots in the crafting table as shown in the image below to craft 1 block of iron.

How to Craft Iron Blocks in Minecraft
How to Craft Iron Blocks in Minecraft

Once players have crafted 3 blocks of iron, they can move on to crafting the Anvil itself.

The steps to craft an anvil in Minecraft are mentioned below:

  1. The first step in crafting an anvil is to place 3 blocks of iron in the top row of the crafting menu.
  2. Once that is done, in the next row players will then need to place 1 iron ingot in the box right at the center of the crafting area, and leave the other boxes on either side completely empty.
  3. Last but not least, players will need to place 3 iron ingots in the bottom row of the crafting area to complete the process.

Please refer to the picture provided below for a clear representation of the entire anvil crafting process:

How to Craft Anvil in Minecraft
How to Craft Anvil in Minecraft

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How to Use an Anvil in Minecraft

How to Use Anvil in Minecraft
How to Use Anvil in Minecraft

Anvils are an integral block in Minecraft and there are several different ways in which they can be used for the benefit of the players.

So, without any delays, let us take a look at how players can utilize anvils while playing Minecraft:

Repairing Items

The first major use of Anvils in Minecraft is to repair items. During their adventures, players will use various weapons and tools, and after some time they will start to wear out. To bring their favorite in-game tools and weapons back to their optimum efficiency, it is advisable for players to occasionally bring them back to an anvil to repair them.

There are two ways in which players can repair items using an anvil in Minecraft. In the first method, players will have to combine their damaged item with another identical copy of the same item to receive a fully functional version of the same item.

Alternatively, players can also repair items by placing the damaged weapons or tools alongside a matching ingot of the same material that it was initially made with. In some special scenarios, random unrelated elements can be also used to repair items, but only on rare occasions.

Enchanting Items

Anvils in Minecraft are also used to enchant various items in the game like weapons, armor, tools, etc., to amplify their strengths.

To enchant items in-game, players will first need to have an enchanted book in their possession. Once they have an enchanted book on them, they need to combine it with any item of their choice to enchant it. To enchant Place the enchanted book in the middle box, and place the item you want to enchant in the left-hand slot.

If the item is compatible, it will get enchanted, destroying the book in the process.

It is worth mentioning that to enchant a particular item in Minecraft, players must first make sure that the item they wish to enchant is compatible with the enchantment in the first place or not.

While enchanting items in-game, players must also be aware of something called the enchantment cost of each item. To make things a little clearer, the enchantment cost is the total cost of performing various actions at the anvil, like renaming, repairing, enchanting items, and more.

The enchantment cost is usually paid by the player in the form of their in-game levels, but once players use the anvil to ‘enchant’ an item to such an extent that the enchantment cost exceeds 40 player levels, players will not be able to enchant, rename, or repair those particular items any further.

Damage Hostile Mobs and Items

Anvils in Minecraft are among the few in-game items that follow the laws of gravity like in real life, so when dropped from a specific height, Anvils have the capability to damage anything and everything that comes in their path.

Players can use this gameplay mechanic to treat Anvils like missiles falling from the sky and use them to kill hostile mobs from a safe distance by dropping them on the mobs. Additionally, if players want to dispose of an in-game item permanently, they can employ the same tactic mentioned earlier, by simply dropping an Anvil on top of it.

As fun as this method of dropping anvils on hostile mobs and spare items sounds, players must keep in mind that with each fall, a percentage of the anvil gets damaged too. So after several falls, there will come a time when the anvil will eventually break for good.

Making Name Tags

Players can also change the name of items in Minecraft by renaming them using the Anvil. To rename items using an anvil, players just need to insert the item in the anvil and go over to the section where the item’s name is displayed to change it.

Once there, players are free to choose a name for the in-game item to their liking and it will automatically reflect the same. On the surface, it may appear to be quite a simplistic feature, but we, at BenettonPlay believe that it adds a more personalized feeling to the game.


Thanks for reading all the way to the end of this post. This was it for our complete guide for beginners on how to craft and use Anvils in Minecraft. As we had mentioned earlier in this post, Anvils are extremely useful blocks to use in Minecraft, only players must know how to use them efficiently.

We hope this post of ours has helped add value to the overall gameplay experience of the numerous players who play Minecraft daily, we’ll be actively looking to update it with all the latest updates regarding Anvils, as and when they are released to the gaming community.

Please keep revisiting this post whenever you require more information on what an Anvil is in Minecraft, how is it crafted, what are its uses, and more.

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