How to Play Loba in Apex Legends: An In-depth Character Guide For Gamers In 2024

Are you a fan of the iconic team-based shooter game Apex Legends but don’t like getting involved in the heat of battle in every playthrough? If yes then we have the perfect character for you, the teleporting thief named Loba. Loba is a support unit in Apex Legends who focuses more on moving swiftly through ... Read more

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How To Play Loba in Apex Legends
How To Play Loba in Apex Legends (Image Credits – Polygon)

Are you a fan of the iconic team-based shooter game Apex Legends but don’t like getting involved in the heat of battle in every playthrough? If yes then we have the perfect character for you, the teleporting thief named Loba.

Loba is a support unit in Apex Legends who focuses more on moving swiftly through the game’s arena, stealing Epic and Legendary weapons for herself and her teammates rather than going head-first into battle.

Players hoping to play as her in the base game will be disappointed as she is only available as an unlockable legend. Players will have to unlock her using the game’s dedicated digital currencies: either through 12,000 Legends Tokens or 750 Apex Coins. Moreover, players will also be able to play as her if they purchase the Apex Legends Champions Edition DLC.

If she sounds like the type of character you prefer playing this game with, you’re in luck as in this post today, we will list down all the aspects of Loba to give you all a great insight into what players have to do to play as her in this game, as well as how to use her effectively.

So, without any more delays, let us sit back and take a look at all the key points regarding the stealthiest character currently available in Apex Legends, Loba, and see how she can affect the outcome of battles in her team’s favor.

All Loba Abilities

Being a support legend, Loba comes equipped with a variety of unique support abilities, 3 to be precise, that allow her to either swiftly navigate through the game’s world, identify and ping the location of nearby Epic or Legendary weapons for her teammates to use and helping them get out of tough situations, as well as assist her teammates tactically by providing them access to her unique black market portal to help them restock.

Want to know about her abilities? Here, let us take a look at her abilities in more detail:

Burglar’s Best Friend – Tactical Ability

This ability is extremely useful when looking to swiftly navigate through the game’s world Although Loba is a support unit by default, by using her unique jump drive bracelet, she is capable of stealthily infiltrating the rival team’s backline and breaching their defenses by teleporting to any location she desires.

On the other hand, whenever players feel they are cornered and need a quick getaway, they can effortlessly teleport away from harm and regroup with their teammates.

Eye For Quality – Passive Ability

This ability is a passive ability that can be used by players to highlight all the Epic and Legendary weapons around them to quickly identify the best weapons to loot and load up.

In the heat of battle, it often becomes quite hectic for players to see where the best weapons available are located, but thanks to Loba’s Eye For Quality passive ability, everyone in her team will be able to see all the epic and legendary weapons available in the game.

Black Market Boutique – Ultimate Ability

This ability is Loba’s ultimate ability which enables players and their teammates to deploy an interactable black market. This black market displays all of the nearby loot in one place and allows players to loot them at will more conveniently.

It is worth mentioning that although the black market displays a lot of items, players and their teammates will only be able to loot 2 items of their choosing, so they must select mindfully. Ammo is an exception and does not count as an item, so players can stock up on as much ammo as they can find.

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Additional Tips & Tricks

Apart from using her abilities, players can also use a few tried and tested tips and tricks that will enable them to use Loba and all her skills more effectively during a fight.

1) Tactical Ability is Better Used As a Defensive Ability

It is worth pointing out that although her teleportation skills are unmatched and extremely useful, players must be careful to not get carried away by straying far away from their teammates as the teleportation bracelet comes with its very own cool-down meter and they’ll not be able to make a dramatic escape, especially when they’re getting overwhelmed by numerous enemy units at the same time.

As tempting as it might seem to run in and ambush foes, this strategy rarely works as sooner rather than later, players find themselves overwhelmed and without support.

2) Ping Nearby Weapons To Highlight Their Location For Your Teammates

To help her teammates remember the location of each highlighted epic and legendary weapon, Loba can also ping weapons while using her Eye For Quality ability to ensure her teammates always have the best weapons in the game visible and highlighted in case they require them further on into the battle.

3) Use The Ultimate Ability as a Barricade

Although the black market interactable deployable is primarily used to allow players to loot nearby items, intuitive players have also discovered that it can also be used to block doorways and narrow pathways in the game to trap or trick enemy units. It may not be the most sophisticated trick in the book but it is a handy solution to consider when players find themselves stuck in a sticky spot.

4) Use Your Ultimate Ability Regularly as it Has a Short Cooldown Period

Another good aspect of the Black Market Boutique’s ability is that it has a relatively short cooldown period as compared to the ultimate abilities of other legends in the game and always starts at half-full at the start of every match. This shorter cooldown period allows players to use it frequently, giving their team a massive tactical advantage in every fight, provided they get enough time to set it up properly.

5) Use Your Ultimate Ability Carefully as it Can Give Your Position Away To Your Foes

As good as your ultimate ability is, whenever players deploy a black market portal, their location is revealed to all the active enemies still in the game, putting you and your team at a massive tactical disadvantage, so although it is recommended to use your Ultimate ability as often as possible, players are still nevertheless advised to use it strategically.

Being a support legend primarily, her skills may seem a bit underwhelming in terms of dealing outright damage to her foes, but what her skills lack in damage output, they more than makeup for it with their versatility.

As mentioned in this article, Loba has quite a few useful skills up her sleeve that she can use to her advantage. Players must also be aware of the additional tips and tricks that they can utilize to amplify not only theirs but also their teammates’ overall gameplay effectiveness as well, during all kinds of combat encounters.

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