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This post contains all the latest information on the IGI 3 game. If you have been curious about the upcoming game’s gameplay features, storyline, Trailers, and platforms, you have landed on the correct page. AntiMatter Games is all set to release IGI Origins which will be the 3rd part of the IGI trilogy in 2023. ... Read more

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IGI 3 Release Date
IGI 3 Release Date

This post contains all the latest information on the IGI 3 game. If you have been curious about the upcoming game’s gameplay features, storyline, Trailers, and platforms, you have landed on the correct page.

AntiMatter Games is all set to release IGI Origins which will be the 3rd part of the IGI trilogy in 2023. IGI is a classic first-person shooter game that first spread its roots in the gaming world in 2000.

A sequel to the initial game in the series launched shortly after in February 2003 and fans had been enjoying it ever since until recently, when the developers left the fans startled by deciding to drop a trailer for the third installment of the evergreen IGI series.

A profound nostalgia hit IGI fans across the world ever since the news was confirmed that a new part in the iconic series was on the way, but now that the initial surprise has subsided a bit, everyone is looking forward to the game’s official release date and trying it out for themselves.

Has IGI been a treasured part of your childhood memories? You will soon be reliving the ecstasy with the release of this action-packed prequel.

IGI 3 Release Date


The CEO of Toadman Interactive, Robin Flodin publicly announced the release of IGI Origins (IGI 3). This news has spread across the world like wildfire ever since the trailer was launched.

The announcement was made in November 2019, and since then, fans of this game have been waiting for the release date of the game. However, the developers have pinpointed no official date yet, so fans will have to contain their excitement till they officially do.

Even so, hardcore fans and unofficial sources have been at it, and they now speculate that IGI 3 will be released sometime in 2023. Since this piece of information is mere speculation, we will update the exact date of the game release in this post once it is confirmed.

Make sure to check the IGI 3 Trailer and other latest news about this upcoming game.

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IGI 3 Gameplay Features

IGI 3 Gameplay
IGI 3 Gameplay

Coming to the game’s core gameplay mechanics, IGI games of the past have always been stealth-shooter games, where players are tasked with undertaking covert-operation-type missions for specific goals, and as far as the screenshots on Steam are concerned, it looks like IGI Origins, a.k.a., IGI 3 operates through the same first-person-shooter gameplay mechanics where players will once again be tasked with carrying out dangerous and exhilarating covert operations.

The IGI 3 gameplay falls under the stealth-action genre, and players will take on the role of the main protagonist of the series, Micheal Kang, and will look to explore and exploit the various tactical possibilities of the plot in this mission-based game.

The game looks like it is a single-player-focused game, and will be played in first-person. Some sections of fans are asking for an option in the settings where they can switch the game from first-person mode to third-person mode, but only time will tell whether such a setting is in the game or not.

The player will be armed with advanced weaponry to survive the harsh scenarios of the covert assignments. During these missions, players will be exposed to various challenging situations where they will be required to use their tactics, as well as the tactical tools at their disposal, to survive.

The previous versions of the IGI equipped the character with explosives and infiltration tools. We can already see advanced warfare guns such as Heckler & Koch MP5SD6 in the IGI 3 Trailer.

The game will be distributed in a multiple-mission format like most modern stealth-based games nowadays are, but this game in particular looks to build up on that for a more memorable experience.

Games in the IGI series, by default, are considered to be among the most difficult mission-based covert-op games to have existed, so, it will be interesting to see what difficulty level the upcoming IGI Origins will be set at.

The developing team has shared a teaser of the IGI 3, making the game appear much more realistic than its predecessors, promising players a thrilling adventure that they haven’t been on before.

Moreover, as per rumors, there is also the possibility for players to be able to upgrade their weaponry and tools in the upcoming game to help them efficiently take out the various enemies they will encounter.

Do you guys think the latest installment in the iconic IGI series will surpass the older two counterparts of the series in terms of both its difficulty settings and ratings? We would like to know your perspectives on this topic in the comments section below.

IGI 3 Weapons

Being a war-themed game, fans of IGI 3 can look forward to a wide selection of weapons and gadgets that will feature in the game. Based on the teaser’s gameplay scenes, the controls of the weapons appeared to be quite smooth and effective, with natural-looking recoil and reload mechanics.

Moreover, the IGI 3 trailer also revealed a lot about the weapons that the players will be handling in the game, but a highly effective but often overlooked weapon that is looking to play a prominent role in this game is the knife. Since this game follows the stealth gameplay approach, a high-damage knife is a crucial weapon for the success of their missions, and as we can clearly see from the game’s trailer, players are effectively utilizing it to brutalize their foes.

Furthermore, IGI 3 is being developed through Unreal Engine 5, which will enable realistic characters and a more vivid gameplay experience.

The accuracy of this list may not be 100% since it is made by putting together pieces of rumors and speculations found online, but we hope it gives a clear picture of what weapons players can expect to get their hands on. So, here is the list of a few chosen weapons that will be a part of IGI 3’s Gameplay:

  • Browning (Hi-Power): The player is seen operating the semi-automatic pistol in the latest teaser released by the Anti Matter Games. This pistol awfully resembles a Browning High Power pistol.
  • AK-74: A cut scene of the IGI Origins reveals a Soviet Soldier armed with an AK-74. One more cut scene features it resting on the table.
  • Heckler & Koch Mp5SD6: This Parabellum sub-machine gun can also be seen in the cut scene of the game.
  • Welrod Mark I: This is a short-range weapon used for assassination tasks. Welrod Mark I can be seen throughout the IGI series.

Don’t worry, these aren’t all the guns available in the game, but currently, they are the only ones speculated to be available in IGI 3.

Additionally, as per various rumors, a lot more inventory space and weapons are bound to feature in the upcoming IGI Origins game too, but these features aren’t officially confirmed by the developers yet, so we will have to wait and see what develops there.

IGI 3 Storyline

IGI 3 Storyline
IGI 3 Storyline

The upcoming IGI Origins will be the prequel to the 2000 IGI (I’m Going In). The story dates back to 1980 when a cold war prevailed.

A world war is on the horizon and danger lurks around in every nook and corner. In this treacherous situation, Michael King aka Regent is set out on a covert mission. Being an ex-SAS soldier, Michael is found fit to execute this mission by the M16.

Regent has to insinuate amongst the enemies and collect information about the rumored Nuclear war. The objective of the protagonist is to stop this war from occurring.

A regent must take a perilous approach in order to outplay the enemies without blowing his cover. The choices that Regent makes will affect the outcome of the game. The protagonist must neutralize the enemy and use manipulative war tactics to counter their adversaries.

The storyline portrays more than just violence; it also depicts the situations, implications, and strategies of war. IGI Origins promises to check all the boxes of an ideal war-based shooting game to give players a truly engaging action game.

IGI 3 Platforms

IGI 3 Platforms
IGI 3 Platforms

Although officially unconfirmed, Anti Matter Games is looking to release the long-awaited IGI Origins on multiple gaming platforms.

At the time of writing this article, the game is rumored to be accessible on the PlayStation 4, PC & Xbox One. PlayStation 5 fans of this game series will have to wait for a bit since the developers of the game themselves have not provided any information regarding it.

For PC gamers, they will be able to buy and play the game through the Steam app.

IGI 3 Trailer

Anti Matter Games launched the First IGI 3 Gameplay trailer on 10th October 2022. The trailer was released on YouTube as well as the game’s official IGI website. The trailer features a variety of cutscenes and gameplay shots of Regent navigating through open areas and corridors alike, guarded by a good number of enemies.

Regent tactfully infiltrates the enemy facilities and knocks down the threats that he encounters. The graphics quality appears quite rich, the in-game characters seem almost lifelike.

You can check the IGI 3 Trailer and Teaser, here.

The IGI Origins trailer received an overwhelming response from fans across the world. The developers of the game were humbled by the love that fans showered on them for bringing back their cherished game.

The Studio released an additional Teaser with the exclusive game content to express their gratitude toward the fans. This teaser came out on 6th December 2022.

You can watch the entire IGI 3 Teaser here:

IGI 3 News & Rumours

IGI 3 News and Rumors
IGI 3 News and Rumors

The first rumor that circulates around the IGI Origins is the release date itself. Many unofficial sources claim that the game will be unleashed on select platforms between late 2023 and early 2024.

The release of The World of IGI Origins Teaser has only further hiked this speculation. It has been confirmed on the official site of IGI that the upcoming edition will be a single-player game.

Moreover, it is speculated that IGI 3 will be set in the timeline before the 1st IGI game spans around. The players will be given the opportunity to live the plot through realistic Unreal Engine 5 graphics in the embodiment of Michael King.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest version of IGI?

The latest version of the IGI franchise is the IGI Origins. The game is currently under development and is expected to be released soon. Various unofficial sources claim that IGI 3 will be released by the end of 2023, however, this information’s authenticity isn’t backed by Anti Matter Games.

What is the IGI 3 Release Date?

The official IGI 3 Release Date has not been confirmed yet. The rumors, however, indicate toward a late 2023 or early 2024 release window.

Who is the developer of the IGI 3 game?

There are multiple developers of the IGI 3 game. These are Anti Matter Games, Anti Matter Games Limited & Toadman Interactive.

What does the IGI game stand for?

The IGI stands for I’m Going In. IGI is a game series that was born in 2000. The IGI is a single-player shooting action game. The game revolves around the player navigating the plotline through manipulative war tactics primarily in stealth mode. The player has to engage in both short-range & long-range shooting to neutralize the enemies.

How many parts are there in the IGI game?

There are a total of 3 parts to the IGI game. The first part of the IGI trilogy, Project IGI was released in 2000, and its sequel IGI 2: Covert Strike was released in 2003. The third installment of the game, IGI: Origins is currently under development. You can check the game trailer & teaser on our website here.

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