Kenshi 2 Release Date, System Requirements, Story, Trailer & More

Rumors of the next part of this uniquely styled sandbox RPG have started circling. Check out our post to get the latest news and updates regarding Kenshi 2's release Date.

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Kenshi 2 Release Date
Kenshi 2 Release Date (Image Credits – Lo-Fi Games)

The popular RPG game, Kenshi was created and released exclusively for Windows by Lo-Fi Games Productions over a decade ago.

The fans have been anticipating the release of the prequel of Kenshi for a while now. Though we still do not have the exact Kenshi 2 Release Date yet, we will attempt to connect all the hints we have gotten from the studios.

Kenshi 2 Release Date

The developers of the Kenshi franchise are infamous for taking their sweet time in video game development.

The Prequel of the upcoming Kenshi 2 was fully released in 2018, that’s right! Approximately 5 years after its initial release which makes a total of 12 years for game development merely.

However, the fact that the first part of Kenshi was basically developed by a single person, Chris Hunt makes the revelation quite fascinating in itself. Chris Hunt is currently the CEO of Lo-Fi Games Production.

However, we can expect the development time of the Prequel of Kenshi to be much less since a whole team is working on the Project this time.

The CEO of Lo-Fi Games proudly retweeted this Concept art for Kenshi 2 in 2021, confirming that the studios have been actively working on the game development.

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Kenshi 2 Gameplay

Kenshi 2 Gameplay
Kenshi 2 Gameplay (Image Credits – Lo-Fi Games)

In the first edition, the events of Kenshi start transpiring in a post-apocalyptic world. The player has to survive their way in a dangerous series of challenges without any initial abilities.

Players may add more members to expand their team and gain experience abilities by performing activities and collecting items. The player ultimately creates their ideal city by recruiting individuals from various groups and ethnicities to represent their team.

We can expect Kenshi 2 to follow similar gameplay mechanics to its predecessor. However, there may be significant improvements in the controls of the game and developers may decide to add new features.

Kenshi 2 Story (Speculated)

Kenshi 2 Story (Speculated)
Kenshi 2 Story (Speculated) (Image Credits – Lo-Fi Games)

Kenshi 2’s story takes place a thousand years before the console version, allowing Lo-Fi to delve further into the global history of Kenshi. During this time, the Old Empire seems to be in charge, and relics of this ancient civilization can be found throughout Kenshi. Therefore, it is likely that we will be traveling through time before the apocalypse.

As per the latest Kenshi 2 Game Development news on Steam, the game Engine has been switched to Unreal Engine which will help create a more stable & bug-free game.

Which Platforms Will Support Kenshi 2?

Kenshi 2 Platforms
Kenshi 2 Platforms (Image Credits – Lo-Fi Games)

According to the news received by the game development studios, the upcoming Kenshi 2 is still under development.

Studios have released details regarding the game engine as well as the progress in the game development. However, there has been no official word about the Kenshi 2 Platforms yet.

It may not be possible for us to predict the exact platforms that the game studios may be targeting, however, we can most likely expect Kenshi 2 to be released for PC. The probability of the release of Kenshi 2 on Xbox and Play Station Platforms is not very promising but not impossible. Only the studios will be able to clear the air on this matter for us.

Kenshi 2 System Requirements (Speculations)

Due to the small amount of information currently known concerning the video game, many aspects of it might only be speculated upon and not guaranteed. This section includes the Kenshi 2 system requirements as speculated by fans.

Minimum System Requirements (Speculated)Recommended System Requirements (Speculated)
Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 or AMD Radeon R9 280X
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Operating System: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i7 or AMD equivalent
RAM: 16 GB
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390X
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space

Kenshi 2 Leaks

Kenshi 2 Leaks
Kenshi 2 Leaks (Image Credits – Lo-Fi Games)

The CEO of Lo-Fi Games took to Twitter to share the latest progress on the game development of Kenshi 2. The character designs and animations were revealed in a brief clip. However, there haven’t been any more official leaks of the game footage since then.

Kenshi 2 News

One of the biggest news on the Kenshi 2 game front is still the switching of the game engine to Unreal Engine. The studios have elucidated the following benefits and repercussions of this change:


  • Amazing graphics with little effort
  • Better performance
  • Less work for us long-term, as we don’t have to worry about engine bugs and features. We can focus more on gameplay.
  • Fancy features, like maybe cloth physics for example
  • Better stability probably?
  • New pathfinding system


  • More work for us short-term, porting is a huge job
  • We have less control over the engine
  • Modding support will be more complicated, Unreal is a difficult engine to work with and has limitations in this respect. I don’t know the engine well enough to say how exactly. The likely scenario is “more powerful but more difficult”. The FCS will remain the same but will control less stuff. Mod support will be a high priority for us though, so don’t worry.
  • Kenshi 1 update now uncertain:
    Here’s the kicker: Porting Kenshi 1 to Unreal engine is now way more work than making Kenshi 2, because we have to port assets and make the old stuff work, where for Kenshi 2 we are making the assets from scratch in the Unreal-compatible way. We have started porting Kenshi 1, but I’m not sure whether to finish it because it is a lot of extra work and will delay Kenshi 2
– Chris Hunt (CEO at Lo-Fi Games) Source: Steam

This news came back on 26 September 2019, there hasn’t been any other direct news or announcement on the anticipated game ever since.

Kenshi 2 Rumors

The absence of any further updates in the light of the Kenshi 2 development has led the fans to presume whether the studios have given up on the game. The chances of this are very unlikely because we already know Lo-Fi studios dedicate a humongous amount of time towards game development. So, we do not think that Kenshi 2 will be abandoned.

Kenshi 2 Trailer

Sadly, we do not have an official Kenshi 2 Trailer yet. However, this hasn’t kept the fans from creating buzz for the much-anticipated game. For example, Youtuber YorgiTheOne has created its own Concept Trailer for Kenshi 2 using Unreal Engine 5.

Here, take a look:

And this is not the only fanmade trailer to exist. The dedication and patience portrayed by the Kenshi Fans have brought their creativity to the next level. We only hope that the Lo-Fi Games are also immersed in the game development and will reward the fans with the release of Kenshi 2 soon.

You have reached the end of our Article on the Kenshi 2 Release Date. We will make sure to update any latest information or leaks about the upcoming game in this article. We hope you found the information provided in this post to be relevant and informative.

Feel free to write to us in the comments section and let us know your opinion about our articles. We will be back with more Upcoming game news soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Aging in Kenshi?

The player cannot apply the aging option to NPCs or oneself. It is solely used for livestock.

Why is Kenshi Masaki so strong?

Kenshi wasn’t outwardly transformed in any manner, but his mom was indeed a synthetic being with advanced powers, plus he already had the Masaki genetics.

How did Kenshi go blind?

The dagger is said to have been hidden within a cemetery, but when Kenshi attempts to access it, he is overpowered by imprisoned spirits and rendered forever blind.

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