The Ultimate Minecraft Enchanting Table Guide For Beginners 2024

Learning to enchant their weapons, armor, and tools is among the most important and highly sought-after skills that players can acquire in Minecraft, largely because any player who masters the art of enchanting in this game can not only bring out the full potential of their equipment by imbuing them with powerful buffs and perks, ... Read more

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Minecraft Enchanting Table Guide
Minecraft Enchanting Table Guide

Learning to enchant their weapons, armor, and tools is among the most important and highly sought-after skills that players can acquire in Minecraft, largely because any player who masters the art of enchanting in this game can not only bring out the full potential of their equipment by imbuing them with powerful buffs and perks, but it also helps them in giving themselves an edge over the mobs they’ll face in the game.

As we go through this comprehensive enchantment guide, players will realize that implementing and using enchantments in this game is not as difficult as it is made out to be, as long as players take the time and effort to understand the do’s and don’ts of the processes involved.

So without any more delays, let us dive into the ultimate enchanting table guide for beginners and learn more about what enchanting in Minecraft is all about, to help them unlock and unleash the true potential of their weapons, tools, and armor.

What is Enchanting?

Before we delve into all the details about how enchanting is actually done, it is only fair to first understand what enchanting is and what it does in regards to gameplay features, in more detail.

Enchanting is basically a process by which players are able to upgrade and add useful skills, abilities, and buffs to specific in-game items like weapons, armor, and tools, to help give them an edge over the enemy mobs they will encounter in the game.

So, if you’re one of those gamers who has reached a point in Minecraft where you either feel that your weapons are no match against the mobs you are currently facing or maybe you feel your armor is not providing the adequate level of protection against attacks as it should, then it might be a good time to enchant your items to receive the necessary buffs, over and above their initial stats, to get a leg-up on the pestering mobs.

All Available Enchantments

Now that we know what enchantments are all about and what they do, take a look at all the available enchantments in the game as of right now that players can look to work towards acquiring.

The list is as follows:

1) General Enchantments

Enchantment NameTotal LevelsEnchantment Effect
Curse of Vanishing1Curses the item to be destroyed and removed from the game’s
world entirely upon the player’s death.
Mending1Automatically repairs the item over a period of time to extend
it’s life by using experience points.
Unbreaking3Chance to avoid loss in the durability of an item to help it last longer.

2) Weapon Enchantments

Minecraft Enchanted Sword
Minecraft Enchanted Sword
Enchantment NameTotal LevelsEnchantment Effect
Sweeping Edge3Increases damage from sweeping attacks
Smite5Increases damage dealt to undead enemies
Sharpness5Increases overall weapon damage
Knockback2Add a knockback effect to your attacks to
push enemy mobs away.
Impaling5Deals increased damage to mobs spawning from the
Looting3Increases the amount of loot players receive on
defeating enemy mobs.
Fire Aspect2Sets enemy mobs on fire when struck by players.
Efficiency5Increases the chance of an axe stunning a shield
Bane of Arthropods5Deals increased damage and adds slowness Lvl 4 to
arthropod enemy mobs like spiders, silverfish, and bees.
Quick Charge3Reduces the charging time of the crossbow.
Punch2Increases the kickback from firing arrows.
Power5Deals increased damage to mobs spawning from the
Piercing4Arrows have piercing capabilities as they can pierce through
multiple enemies.
Multishot1Enables players to shoot 3 arrows at the cost of one, hence
only one can be recovered.
Riptide3Players are launched alongside the trident when the weapon
is thrown
Loyalty3Tridents return to the wielder after being thrown.
Infinity1Arrows are not consumed when attacking with projectiles
Flame1Fires arrows which set enemy mobs on fire
Channeling1Strikes enemy mobs with lightning, but only during

3) Armor Enchantments

Minecraft Enchanted Armor
Minecraft Enchanted Armor
Enchantment NameTotal LevelsEnchantment Effect
Swift Sneak3Used in armor to help players move quickly while sneaking.
Soul Speed3Allows players to walk more quickly on soul soil and soul sand.
Respiration3Used to extend breathing time underwater.
Protection4Reduce damage received from all sources.
Projectile Protection4Reduces damage taken from projectiles.
Frost Walker2Coverts water blocks into frosted ice blocks to prevent players
from getting damaged by fire and magma blocks.
Fire Protection4Reduces damage taken from fire and burn time
Thorns3Causes return damage to the attackers whenever they attack
the player.
Feather Falling4Reduces overall fall damage received by the player.
Depth Strider3Increases underwater movement speed
Curse of Binding1Prevents players from removing items from armor slots until and unless the player dies or the armor breaks.
Blast Protection4Reduces damage taken from explosions and its knockback.
Aqua Affinity1Increases the rate at which players can mine underwater.

4) Tools Enchantments

Minecraft Enchanted Tools
Minecraft Enchanted Tools
Enchantment NameTotal LevelsEnchantment Effect
Silk Touch1Instead of breaking into other items and blocks, mined blocks
will drop as blocks
Lure3Increases the overall mining speed of players
Luck of the Sea3Increases the rate at which players fish rare loot like enchanting
Fortune3Increases the rate at which certain items drop from blocks.
Efficiency5Increases the speed at which players can mine.

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Enchanting Table: What Is It And How To Construct One

Minecraft Enchanting Table
Minecraft Enchanting Table

Now that we know about each and every enchantment players can utilize in Minecraft, let us move on to the next step: crafting an enchanting table.

An enchanting table is a type of block that players can construct and use at their bases to enhance and upgrade their weapons, armor, and tools with powerful stats, skills, and abilities, in order to not only level up their gameplay but also help them efficiently survive the various enemy mobs that are out to get them.

Although the enchanting table imbues unique skills and abilities to items in the game, the chances of a particular skill or ability getting imbued to an item are totally randomized, hence no player can guarantee what skills or abilities they’ll acquire.

To craft an enchanting table, players will require a Book, 2 Diamonds, 4 Obsidian Blocks, and a Crafting Table to combine them all.

Please refer to the picture displayed below for more clarity:

Minecraft Enchanting Table Crafting Menu
Minecraft Enchanting Table Crafting Menu

How To Enchant Items

Minecraft - How to use Enchanting Table
Minecraft – How to use Enchanting Table

The first and most crucial step in the process of enchanting items is having access to the required experience level. Experience level is gained by accumulating enough experience points, which in turn can commonly be acquired by undertaking certain activities like killing various enemy mobs, cooking and smelting materials, etc.

Additionally, another important material that players will need to have in their possession is Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is a multipurpose material found in Minecraft that players use especially when they are looking to enchant items in-game.

Finding Lapis Lazuli should not be too difficult as it can be found all over the Overworld but must be mined to be collected, like with any other mineral resource found in the game. Players can expect to receive around 4-9 units of this material when they mine one of its deposits thoroughly.

Moreover, a basic enchantment table will only allow players to enchant their items till level 8. To take it beyond this level, players will have to arrange bookshelves around the enchanting table to increase its enchantment capacity.

Furthermore, each bookshelf placed around the enchanting table will increase its enchanting level by 1 or 2 levels. Bookshelves must be placed within two blocks of the enchanting table, and there should be nothing kept or constructed in between them that obstructs the process.

When players have all the necessary material with them, they can follow one of 3 main ways to enchant the items of their choosing:

  • Method 1: Starting with the most straightforward one. Players must approach an enchanting table and exchange some experience levels as well as some Lapis Lazuli to enchant their items with any of the 3 randomly selected enchantments.
  • Method 2: Players can combine an enchanted book, an item of their choosing, and some experience levels on an anvil in order to enchant a given item.
  • Method 3: Sticking with enchanting items with the help of the anvil, players can combine 2 enchanted items with each other to create a unique enchanted item, which instead of having only 1 unique enchantment to it, has 2.

Disenchantment: How To Remove Enchantments From Items

Now that we have discussed how to enchant items, let us now take a look at how one can disenchant an item.

Disenchanting items in Minecraft involves a straightforward and simple process. For starters, players need to have access to a Grindstone. If you already have one, great, if you don’t, then all they have to do is open their crafting interface and combine 2 Sticks, 1 Stone Slab, and 2 Wooden Planks.

Here is how it should look:

Minecraft Grindstone
Minecraft Grindstone

Once players have access to the grindstone, all they have to do is place the enchanted item that they want to disenchant in the grindstone, and voila! Players can just pick up the disenchanted item once the process has been completed.

Enchanted Items: How and Where To Find Them

Crafting enchantments and infusing them into each of your weapons, armor, and tools can prove to be quite confusing and time-consuming for some less experienced gamers, as a result, many pre-enchanted items can be found in the world as well, although players will need to know exactly where to look for them and how to acquire them.

Here is a list of places where they can hope to find enchanted items in order to level up their powers and skills:

  • The simplest and the most non-violent ways for players to find enchanted items is by either trading with the villager mobs found in the game, or bartering with Pilgins found in the Nether lands.
  • Players can also hope to find enchanted items by fishing in specific biomes like oceans and large rivers.
  • Enchanted items can also be found in chests located all over the game’s limitless map, but the chests that have a very high probability of spawning enchanted items are in ‘The End.’


This was our comprehensive Minecraft Enchanting table guide in which we have tried to cover all the aspects that players might require while attempting to enchant their first item or the 100th. From gathering necessary resources to constructing the enchanting table itself, everything has been described in detail to help the players have an unforgettable gaming experience.

The process of enchanting items might look a bit intimidating in the beginning to a lot of newbies, but believe us, once players get the hang of things, they will never go back to using the standard, unenchanted versions of the items in a hurry.

Please keep coming back to this post whenever you have any doubts or queries regarding anything related to enchantments and enchanting tables. Minecraft is an ever-evolving game and we’ll look to keep updating this section regularly with any new updates regarding this topic, as and when it is released to the gaming community and we have access to it.

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