Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World: Which Game is Better?

Monster Hunter is one of the most prevalent multiple-platform Action RPG series of all time! Monster Hunter games work on a common theme of tasking players to go on a monster-slaying quest in a fantasy world. Despite originating in 2004, the video game franchise gathered worldwide stardom after the release of arguably one of the ... Read more

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Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is one of the most prevalent multiple-platform Action RPG series of all time! Monster Hunter games work on a common theme of tasking players to go on a monster-slaying quest in a fantasy world.

Despite originating in 2004, the video game franchise gathered worldwide stardom after the release of arguably one of the best games in the series, Monster Hunter World in 2018. Due to the overwhelming support shown to their game, the developers, Capcom, expressed their gratitude by releasing a new Icebreak expansion pack for the game in the following year, which further popularized it.

On the other hand, a new addition to the Monster Hunter Series was introduced Monster Hunter Rise (2021). An expansion pack, Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak was unleashed in 2022.

The Rise version of the game comes with additional features than its predecessor. Both Monster HW & MHR rank closely when it comes to the overall gameplay experience. But which game is the star of the Monster Hunter Franchise? Let’s find out in the Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World Ultimate Comparison.

Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World

The Monster Hunter Rise constantly faces comparison with its predecessor Monster Hunter World ever since its release. Different gamers and critics agree that Monster Hunter Rise is more of an arcade-style game, whereas Monster Hunter World is a more realistic action game. Despite being games of the same series & genre, each of the two games has something distinct about them that the other one doesn’t.

The Metascore rating system is a feature on the popular game review website known as Metacritic. According to this website, Monster Hunter Rise scores a Metascore of 88 while the Monster Hunter World leaps ahead with a measly 2 points, and gives it a Metascore of 90 points. This rating system is based on the overall ratings found on the internet.

As informative as the above scores were, they didn’t conclusively explain why one was better than the other, so, we at BenettonPlay, decided to conclude a more detailed comparison post on the Monster Hunter Rise vs Monster Hunter World topic based on factors like the Storyline, Graphics, Gameplay, Platforms, and additional features in the game.

So without any more delays, let us jump right into the details:



The story of Monster Hunter World is pretty straightforward. The game revolves around an uninhabited continent thriving with wild monsters known as ‘New World’, where players take on the role of a monster hunter in the game. Players are tasked with entering the various locations within New World to not only eliminate ferocious monsters but to collect valuable entities as well.

The story is objectified towards the protagonist performing various operations within New World.

Monster Hunter Rise on the other hand has a more candid narration style as compared to Monster Hunter World. The tale begins in a village named Kamura. The Main Character is approached by Minoto & Hinoa at the demand of the Village Head, Fugen. The playable character spots an unknown aerial monster on their way to see Fugen.

The Player is then told about an infamous event called the calamity that took place five decades ago. The calamity is rumored to wipe out the village completely, but before that calamity occurs, the player has to get to the bottom of the hidden mystery that points to the Elder Dragon in this arcade role-playing game.

Even by just looking at the trailers of both games, you get the feel that there is a greater sense of purpose and story depth in Monster Hunter Rise, but that does not mean the story of the other game is not up to the required standard.

Monster Hunter World offers a slower-paced, progressive storyline that unfolds in about 48 hours of gameplay. Monster Hunter Rise’s story mode, on the other hand, consists of about 22 hours of gameplay.

Monster Hunter: Rise offers a more defined & expressive storyline to its playerbase and hence, is the winner of this round, but just so there is no doubt, both the games have impressive storylines and are worth experiencing for gamers worldwide, regardless of their preferences and biases.

Winner: Monster Hunter Rise



Even though both the games belong to the same category of Action RPG games, both Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter World deliver varying gameplay experiences to their respective playerbase.

Both games operate on a similar explorative concept, with Monster Hunter World managing to provide a larger & more realistic world for its players to explore and hunt in, while Monser Hunter Rise’s map is more interactive but comparatively smaller in area. It must be noted that the overall game design of Monster Hunter Rise is far more beginner-friendly than its predecessor.

If you are the type of gamer who prefers to have detailed maps in games that help guide players around the game’s world, then Monster Hunter Rise would be a better fit for you.

Players who do not worry too much about not having a dedicated map to refer to, and are instead more interested in exploring the massive open world the game has to offer and taking on surprising monster encounters along the way will prefer the way Minster Hunter World handles its exploration.

Winner: Tie

Combat Styles

Combat Styles
Combat Styles

Next, we will be comparing the combat styles utilized in these two extremely popular titles belonging to the Monster Hunter universe.

The combat in Monster Hunter World demands a more strategic approach from its players, whereas, in Monster Hunter Rise, it is all about facing the monsters head-on and utilizing their speed and agility, and anyone who has played his game before knows that this RPG will certainly put player’s reflexes to the test.

Monster Hunter Rise gives players access to more advanced attack options to keep up with the high-paced monsters. If you prefer high-octane combat scenarios over slow-paced strategic combat, then this game might suit your tastes better.

Battle sequences in Monster Hunter Rise have a more arcade-style feel to them, so if you are someone for whom realistic graphics aren’t a priority then this game is perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who’s looking for a more realistic and tactical monster-fighting style game, then it’ll be better for you to go with Monster Hunter World’s souls-like strategic combat mechanics.

Winner: Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World initially came out for PlayStation 4 & Xbox One on 26th January 2018. Soon after, it was also released for PC on 9th August 2018.

Monster Hunter Rise, the next installment of the Monster Hunter Series, was initially released for Nintendo Switch. The game was recently made available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5, and PC.

From these stats, we can derive the fact that in terms of accessibility, both games are available to play on multiple devices, so it will eventually come down to personal preferences.

Winner: Tie

Graphics Quality Comparison

Graphics Quality Comparison
Graphics Quality Comparison

The next round of comparison between the two games is regarding their Graphics.

Monster Hunter World was developed for multiple platforms and had significantly better graphic specifications than Monster Hunter Rise. Its graphics appeared more vibrant and enhanced while the graphics of Monster Hunter Rise had a subtle, lighter color tone, giving it the look of an arcade MMO.

Monster Hunter Rise may not have breathtaking visuals but it has decent graphics considering it is more of a PC game. Rise is equipped with the impressive RE (Reach for the Moon Engine), which gives the game a faster transition rate.

Monster Hunter World’s game engine, MT Framework, on the other hand, faced many raised brows from fans & critics alike at the time of its release. The game, however, did not disappoint with its overall state-of-the-art graphics and visuals, even when it was developed with an obsolete game engine.

Coming to the in-game characters, even though the characters appear to be relatively more expressive & good to look at in Monster Hunter Rise, the attention to detail while designing the characters in Monster Hunter World can’t be ignored.

Winner: After considering all the factors, we can comfortably say that Monster Hunter World has better graphics between the two games.

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Additional Gameplay Features

Additional Gameplay Features
Additional Gameplay Features

Whenever a new game is released in an already popular franchise, a lot is anticipated from it. Did Monster Hunter Rise manage to deliver well in comparison to Monster Hunter World? Let’s find out in the additional features comparison below.

1. Multiplayer Mode

Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter World are both equipped with a Multiplayer mode. Monster Hunter Rise provides players with both local & online multiplayer options while Monster Hunter World is constrained to solely online multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode for both games permits up to 4 player co-op.

2. Rampage Mode

MH Rise presents a brand-new feature in the Monster Hunter Games called Rampage Mode. If you are a fan of Tower Defense games, this feature will surely woo you.

The rampage mode puts players up against a variety of agitated monsters, who are fixated on destroying the village, and the player must stop the rampage before it becomes a massacre.

3. Wirebug Mechanic

A feature that is a game-changer is the Wirebug Mechanic. This mechanic allows the players to perform specialized attacks such as Wiredash, Wirefall, Silkbind Attack & Wall Run.

4. Wyvern Riding

The next feature that allures the fans of the Monster Hunter Franchise is the Wyvern Riding!

Gone are the days when players climbed the monsters for mere bonus points because Monster Hunter Rise now allows players to take control of monsters during the game by climbing on them. In this way, players can use monsters against other monsters to slash and claw their way through the game.

5. Game Companion

Monster Hunter World features Palico, a cat-like creature, who accompanies players wherever they go, and also comes in handy with attack & defense tactics.

Monster Hunter Rise introduced another companion called Palamute (Cannine-like creature) to assist the player in attacking the fast-paced monsters. Both are decent sidekicks but the direct combat assistance from Palamutes makes them a better companion in an Action RPG set.

6. Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise has a wider range of monsters for players to fight than Monster Hunter World.

The monsters appear randomly on the map with unpredictable attack patterns, and moreover, the attack speed of monsters in Monster Hunter Rise is much faster and more intense than what is seen from monsters in Monster Hunter World.

The best part of the monsters found in Monster Hunter Rise is how well they blend into their environments, making them tougher to spot and fight in general.

Monster Hunter Rise may offer a wider variety of monsters than the classic Monster Hunter World game, but the monsters found in Monster Hunter World are more intricate & realistic in design.

Monster Hunter WorldBuy Now
Monster Hunter RiseBuy Now


After considering all the parameters and features offered by Monster Hunter Rise & Monster Hunter World, we have finally come to a final verdict.

In our book, Monster Hunter Rise leaps ahead of its predecessor in the overall comparison between the two popular games, and the reason behind this is not because Monster Hunter World lacks in something in regards to giving its player base a decent gameplay experience, but largely due to the fact that Monster Hunter Rise has so much more to offer instead.

Our verdict is purely based on comparative analysis and factual information. The analytical victory of Monster Hunter Rise over Monster Hunter World does not in any way try to disregard the mindblowing experience that players can get by playing the latter, which will always remain a stellar game for monster-hunting purists.

It is also true that despite having a wide range of features, one aspect where Monster Hunter Rise isn’t able to deliver that well is on the Graphics Front.

This was it for Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World Comparison. Do you agree with our Monster Hunter Rise Vs Monster Hunter World Analysis? Don’t hesitate to your insightful opinions down in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Monster Hunter World Iceborne worth it in 2023?

Yes, absolutely! Monster Hunter World is an All-Time Classic, and the Iceborne expansion pack is even more legendary than its base game, allowing players to roam to various new locations and fight even more unique monsters.

Which is the highest-selling game of the Monster Hunter Series?

Monster Hunter World is the highest-selling game of not just the Monster Hunter games series, but also the best-selling game developed by Capmon Studios as well. The game has sold over 20 million original units if we also include the Icebreak expansion sales.

Which has better graphics Monster Hunter World or Rise?

Monster Hunter World has better graphics since the game was released on multiple gaming consoles first. Monster Hunter Rise was initially developed for PC & Nintendo Switch exclusively, which is reflected in its slightly downgraded graphics.

Which game is more beginner-friendly, Monster Hunter World or Rise?

Monster Hunter Rise is definitely more beginner-friendly than Monster Hunter World. The interactive & concise playable areas, simplified objectives, and story narration, all help the player dive into the game effortlessly.

Do I need to play Monster Hunter World before Monster Hunter Rise?

No, it is not necessary to play Monster Hunter World before Monster Hunter Rise or the other way around since the stories of these games are not interconnected in any way, and the gameplay is objectified to monster hunting, which is the core gameplay element in both games.

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