Portal 3 Release Date, Gameplay,Trailer, News & Rumors

Everything we know so far regarding the third part of the extremely popular and iconic Portal game series. From gameplay features to supported platforms and much more, get all the information in one place.

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Portal 3 Release Date
Portal 3 Release Date (Image Credits – Valve)

Valve’s Portal duology has left a heavy imprint on the minds of gamers. The clever writing and humourous punchlines made Portal stand out from other puzzle platform games of its time. Ever since the end of Portal 2, the fans have stuck to comprehend whether Chell managed to escape the turrets.

Fans have been coming up with their very own speculations and pondering the sequel’s plot. The Portal 2 game was released in April 2011 and even a decade later, fans live with the hope of Part 3. If you are one of the Portal 3 enthusiasts this is the right arena for you.

Though, you must have already foreseen that this post contains spoilers. If you haven’t finished the Portal duology this post may spoil the essence of the game for you. We will be sharing the release date, gameplay, latest news & Portal 3 rumors in this post.

Portal 3 Release Date

The Portal 3 official release date has not been revealed by Valve Corporation as of yet. Contrary to the silence on the matter by the Studio, various speculations on the internet claim the release of Portal 3 in the year 2025.

The game will be unleashed on multiple gaming platforms including Xbox 1, PS 4, Windows, and Mac OS. We will update the Portal 3 release date in this article once the official date is revealed by official sources.

Portal 3 Gameplay

Portal 3 Gameplay
Portal 3 Gameplay (Image Credits – Valve)

The Portal Game is an interactive puzzle game operated by the character Chell. The game can be played in either single-player mode or as a cooperative alliance.

The character is equipped with limited Hit Points. The protagonist, Chell is designed to probe around the Aperture Science lab. Chell explores the facility with the aid of a Handheld Portal Device. The range of the portal has its restrictions in the previous versions of the game.

It is much anticipated by the fans that the portal gun will deliver more possibilities in Portal 3 gameplay.

The player is provided with different gel-like substances to facilitate the game journey. Each gel is different in color and imparts different properties on the surface of the Aperture Lab.

Orange Propulsion Gel increases the speed of the character while the Blue Repulsion Gel stimulates bouncing through obstacles. There is a white gel that helps the character travel through the portal.

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Portal 3 Storyline

The prequels of the Portal’s third installment revolved around the Aperture Science Lab facility. The lead of the story, Chell navigated her way out of the dangerous facility with the aid of a portal gun. The protagonist is set against Artificial intelligence, GLaDOS in the first arc of the game. Chell has to slice through the army of Turret robots to escape the facility.

The second arc of the Portal franchise took an interesting turn of events. The protagonist and GLaDOS had to team up to resolve the impending doom created by Wheatley.

The arc ended on a cliffhanger where Chell could have either escaped or been captured by the army of Turrets. With the consistent unpredictability in the precious arcs, the storyline of the third part isn’t easy to predict. However, the release of the Portal 3 would resolve the decade-long suspense of the fans.

Portal 3 Characters

The witty writing and dark humor of the game writers are beautifully laced with the epic characters of the game line. Whether it is the mysterious protagonist Chell or the lifeless antagonist GLaDOS, they all execute the plotline of the game exceptionally.

The character design acts as a cherry on top of the Portal 3 Gameplay. We have listed some of the classic Portal 3 characters in this section.

  1. Chell: She is the protagonist of both the Portal game series, she has also featured in some other Valve games such as Half-Life. Chell is a silent character with a mysterious aura to her. Few scrapes about her past are revealed in the plotline with a sketchy undertone to the provided facts.
    Chell Portal with Portal Gun
  2. Cave Johnson: He is the founder of the Aperture Science Labs whose current status is unknown in the plotline. Even though he is indicated as dead, his death reeks of suspicion & conspiracy to various Portal enthusiasts. He does not directly appear in the game but his voice recordings in the Portal 2 are the leading clues through the journey. More secrets about Cave will be brought to light after Portal 3 is out.
    Cave Johnson
  3. GLaDOS: She is an AI who took over the Aperture Science Lab. She is the central core of Aperture Science Personality Spheres. She is the main antagonist in the first edition of the Portal game. After the protagonist neutralizes GLaDOS in the first part of Portal she is reawakened by Wheatley. Wheatley was initially a part of GLaDOS but later became independent.
    GLaDOS Portal
  4. Wheatley: Wheatley was formerly one of GLaDOS‘ personality core who got separated from the AI. He attempts to rescue Chell from the cryogenic facility when he mistakenly resurrects GLaDOS. Wheatley clumsily ends up failing the entire research facility. This is when the protagonist & the antagonist had to team up in Portal 2.
    Wheatley Portal 2
  5. Turrets: Turrets are armed immobile robots designed to aim at the player. These robots must be neutralized by the protagonist to proceed further in the storyline. Turrets gained vast popularity for the humorous delivery lines after being annihilated by the player. Turrets have a limited range to attack the protagonist. If the player loses all the HP (Hit Points) in combat fighting the Turrets they have to start over.
    Turrets Portal 2

Portal 3 Platforms

The platforms on which the upcoming Portal 3 game will be available have not been confirmed by Valve yet. However, we have anticipated & compiled the Portal 3 platforms based on the previous versions. The game will be launched for gaming consoles as well as PCs.

The PC version of the game will be available on Steam. The retail distribution of the Portal 3 will most probably be assigned to Electronics Art just like the previous time.

Portal 3 for PlayStation

Portal 3 for PlayStation 4 will be available to you right after the release. You will need to wait for the official release of Portal 3 to find out more about PS compatibility.

Portal 3 for Xbox

You will be able to access Portal 3 for Xbox One soon. The release date of the game is destined for the developers of the Valve Studio.

Portal 3 for Nintendo Switch

Valve’s upcoming Portal 3 for Nintendo Switch and all the other compatible devices will be out very soon.

Portal 3 for PC

The legendary Portal 3 for PC will be released for both Windows and Mac operating systems. The game will be distributed by the Steam Gaming Software client to PC users.

Portal 3 Trailer

The Portal 3 official trailer has been awaited for a long time. This, however, has not demotivated the fans but only encouraged them to use their creative genius to make their very own trailers & theories.

The trailer below, for example, can quite easily pass as the Official Portal 3 trailer. Many fans even mistake such videos for the real deal. We want to clarify that the official trailer is yet to be released.

Portal 3 News & Rumour

Erik Wolpaw, one of the co-creators of the Portal series revealed in an interview that the game development for the third Portal installment is underway. This interview has led Portal 3 Rumours to be out in the year 2025.

There are also speculations regarding the advancement of the portal gun range in the upcoming game arc. The release of the new part will also provide insights into Chell’s cliffhanger at the end of Portal 2.

Frequently Asked Questions For Portal 3

What is the Portal 3 Release date?

The official Portal 3 release date has not been revealed by Valve yet. However, many unofficial sources have predicted the game’s release in the year 2023. You can read other news and updates about the release date on our website.

How are Portal and Half-Life related?

Portal and Half-Life are both set in the same universe. The story arc of these games, however, does not intertwine except for the rivalry between Black Mesa and Aperture Science. There is no official linkage to the storylines of these games only fan-created assumptions exist.

Did Valve cancel the Portal?

The decade-long spree of muffled anticipation of Portal 3 was reignited after Erik Walpow’s recent interview. Erik is an integral part of the Portal game developing team. He directly hinted at the development of Portal 3.

What was the last Portal game?

The last Portal game to be released was Portal 2. It was released in the year 2011. Ever since fans have been anticipating the release of the third installment of the series.

Who is the main villain in Portal?

The main villain in the Portal 1 was the AI named GLaDOS. However, in the second part, GLaDOS teams up with the protagonist in an unexpectedly chaotic expedition.