Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, Rumors & More [2024]

Read on to know if and when the sequel to this well-received adventure-platformer game, Super Mario Odyssey, will be released for players to enjoy.

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Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date
Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Super Mario Odyssey was one of the most successful games in 2017 thanks to its unique sandbox-style gameplay and amazing graphics. Players loved the storyline of the first game where Mario attempts to save Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches once again.

The game received tons of positive reviews and was critically and commercially a huge success.

Mario fans are eagerly waiting for a sequel and in this article today we will discuss Super Mario Odyssey 2’s Release Date, Gameplay, Trailer, and more. If you are a Mario fan and are looking for information about the Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date, Gameplay, trailer, etc. then you have landed on the right page. So without any further delay let’s get started.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Release Date

Super Mario Odyssey 2
Super Mario Odyssey 2 (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Super Mario Odyssey 2 is a game that Mario fans have been patiently waiting for. It is the second installment of the Super Mario Odyssey series and we believe that the second game will be launched by the end of 2024. However, take everything with a grain of salt as the developers have yet to confirm anything regarding the official release of the game.

We, at Benettonplay will actively try our best to provide you with all the latest news and updates about Super Mario Odyssey 2’s Release Date, so all you guys need to do is sit back and relax.

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Super Mario Odyssey 2 Trailer

As we speculated earlier, Super Mario Odyssey 2’s Release Date would be around the end of 2024, so we can also speculate that we might get to see an official trailer for the game around the end of 2023 or the start of 2024 as well.

Moreover, there are tons of fan-made trailers currently circulating on YouTube but don’t let them mislead you into believing something untrue.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Platforms

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Platforms
Super Mario Odyssey 2 Platforms (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Moving on to the platforms on which Super Mario Odyssey 2 will be launched, they are unknown for now as we do not have any official information about them from the developers of the game.

However, we firmly believe that since the previous installment was released on the Nintendo Switch, we expect this game to be released for the same console as well but there is also a possibility that if some other version of the Nintendo console releases before the game’s launch then we can expect the game to be released on that specific console too.

Furthermore, some people also speculating that the new Mario game will be released on different consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox but again, as we stated earlier, you all should take everything with a grain of salt and not get your hopes up regarding these rumors as nothing regarding them is confirmed at the moment.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Gameplay

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Gameplay
Super Mario Odyssey 2 Gameplay (Image Credits – Nintendo)

We do not currently have any accurate information about the gameplay of the upcoming game but many leaks and rumors are suggesting that the Super Mario Odyssey 2’s gameplay will be a lot like the first one but with the addition of 20 different playable for players to indulge in this time, upgrading from the previous game which only had 18 playable kingdoms in it.

Moreover, some leaks even suggest that the game will allow players this time around to enjoy the game with their friends with its dedicated co-op multiplayer mode.

If these leaks are indeed true, then we believe this new Mario game is going to be something that fans of this game series will remember fondly for a long time, but we hope that the developers don’t get too ambitious in their plans for this game and mess it up.

We will keep on updating you all as soon as we get our hands on some new and valuable information.

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leaks

Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leaks
Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leaks (Image Credits – Nintendo)

There have been numerous Super Mario Odyssey 2 Leaks floating around the internet. A leaker in 2021 posted a couple of photos that leaked a lot about the new Mario games.

Here, take a look at the Leaks down below.

These leaks suggest that Mario and Cappy will head off on another adventure but this time Luigi will tag along with the players. This leak also consolidates the fact that players will be able to play the new game in a new co-op multiplayer mode along with their buddies and make some great memories.

Additionally, players will also be able to customize their Odyssey, and Cappy isn’t going to be the only one who’s gonna help you, as this time around, Yoshi and other characters will also be joining the party.

This leak also suggests that there are going to be numerous different locations for players to visit, with each having numerous puzzles and challenges for players to solve.

Going by all the leaks mentioned in the tweet, if any of them are true then we can be sure that the upcoming game is going to surprise many die-hard fans of this series.

However, we do not want any of you to get your hopes up just yet, so we request you take everything that you have read with a grain of salt and only use it for the sake of reference.

Now we will answer some FAQs down below

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a 2017 platform game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch console.

Why is Super Mario Odyssey so good?

Super Mario Odyssey is a great game because it is a 3D Mario game with a stunning storyline and exquisite graphics.

When was Super Mario Odyssey released?

Super Mario Odyssey was released on 27th October 2017.

When will Super Mario Odyssey 2 be released?

As we speculated earlier in the article, we believe Super Mario Odyssey 2 will be released at the end of 2024.

Is Super Mario Odyssey multiplayer?

No, Super Mario Odyssey is not multiplayer. However, we believe that the next installment in the franchise will support the multiplayer feature.

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