6 Things to Know Before Playing Harvestella

We’ll walk you through the finest strategies for younger entrants in our Things to Know Before Playing Harvestella Article, including how to make the most of their cast’s vitality, and success in battle. Our Harvestella Beginner Guide is intended for all the players who have newly purchased this Life Simulation RPG and are seeking to ... Read more

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We’ll walk you through the finest strategies for younger entrants in our Things to Know Before Playing Harvestella Article, including how to make the most of their cast’s vitality, and success in battle.

Our Harvestella Beginner Guide is intended for all the players who have newly purchased this Life Simulation RPG and are seeking to prepare for their pursuits. Harvestella has several brilliant features, in addition to managing agriculture and cattle to generate profits.

Players also need to clear missions as well as establish relationships with NPCs.

Harvestella Video Game Scene

The underlying reality of any life simulation game is that players don’t have a substantial amount of time on a daily basis to accomplish every game task. This is why we will prioritize the important tasks to simplify controlling your energy in Harvestella.

Things to Know Before Playing Harvestella

In Harvestella, the player takes charge of a traveller character who passes out in the middle of a season called Quietus, which brings a disaster each passing month and poses a danger across all existence, in the remote Lethe Community.

The villagers are rescued from the calamity by the Town Doctor, Cres. Finally, the fatal events lead the player to take shelter in a nearby area where they engage in agriculture and other livelihood activities such as animal husbandry and fishing.

The player encounters two individuals: Asyl, a warrior of the Argus Brigade, and Aria, a researcher. And both these individuals claim to have come from the future. They came to the past seeking to unravel the truth of Quietus and now need a way to return to their timeline.

Important Things to Know Before Playing Harvestella

Harvestella features a lot of aspects and elements in its gameplay. Despite having the appearance of a straightforward agricultural simulator the game actually has an added twist of Mystery which makes it stand out in its genre.

Harvestella isn’t an open-world game, despite this fact, the Map of the game is significantly large and a little hard to follow. That is why, it is best to have some context regarding the game so that you don’t get lost initially. The same developers created Harvestella as the Final Fantasy videogames and the strategic similarities between the two are quite noticeable.

So, if you are considering playing Harvestella, you may want to know the following points in advance for a smoother game progression.

1. You must socialize with others


In Harvestella, socializing is a crucial gameplay aspect, and you need to help each other to advance in the game. Therefore, the more successful your interactions with the individuals you discover, the simpler it becomes for you to lead a normal life. The game will record the degree of friendship you have achieved with a character and that will decide the fate of the events that will unfold for you in the game.

Character stories for significant protagonists and NPCs in combat are also available in the game. Supporting your allies is also valuable since they’ll give you rewards like handy equipment and advantages in battle.

2. Learn to take advantage of an opponent’s flaws


Adversaries possess vulnerabilities to specific threat classes and physical qualities in traditional RPG fashion. Whenever you notice a particular attack taking a significant toll on the enemy, repeat that attack.

You can also, use your enemies’ vulnerabilities to get yourself out of a sensitive position. For example, if you see the enemy holding you in a strong grip, use an attack that they are weak to and you can easily recuperate. You can find these weaknesses with the aid of the Encyclopedia, which is accessible from the main screen. It contains all the information about your opponent’s vulnerabilities.

3. Make new dishes with seasonal food items


There are certain times that are suitable for cultivating and gathering special food items. For instance, the Lumpotato will only be harvested in the cold, whereas the Nemean Tomato exclusively sprouts in the Spring time.

Producing seasonal vegetables is worthwhile and it’s a terrific method for making extra cash as well as providing some interesting dishes that aren’t available during other seasons in the game.

4. Gather more and more equipment


In an agricultural simulation, your equipment is your most valuable resource. To complete your work, you will need tools including watering containers, hammers, and other specialized items. Some of these tools are directly obtained by moving the plot along, but not all of them are.

The Sledge Hammer is the initial item that you will obtain in the game. After you reach the concerned time, you will automatically unlock the item. The fishing rod, on the other hand, will become accessible to you at Lethe Village’s flagship shop.

5. Dungeons won’t be quick


A number of dungeons must be explored and conquered during Harvestella gameplay in order to advance the plot and unlock new areas on the Map. You may be tempted to complete castles as soon as possible due to limited game time, however, this is not advisable.

The adversaries in dungeons can be quite hazardous and therefore will frequently attack you. The ideal strategy is to make peace with the little progress you make each day when it comes to Dungeons. However, you will be able to make relatively faster progress in the Dungeons if you have special and leveled-up weapons.

6. Full your Stocks ASAP


Harvestella is packed with numerous battle jobs with team members to assist you in your travels, staying true to its RPG origins. Nevertheless, given the story’s speed and the constrained amount of time players possess daily, you may be tempted to pace through the game. However, this comes with a huge cost.

Players should inspect the status of the stock their group has and try to fill up the stocks before proceeding in their quest. Players must also actively work on their combat skills. Since you will be limited to performing three tasks during any specified instant, you need to ensure you engage in the tasks that will help you in the practical aspects of the game.


What are the platforms where I can play Harvestella?

Harvestella videogame is available on MS Windows & Nintendo Switch.

What things can I purchase from the Harestella general store?

The Shopping Center sells a variety of farming equipment, cookbooks, saplings as well as Seeds, and other goods.

Is it important to make friends in the Harvestella?

Of course, without friends, you will be missing out on a lot. It is important to socialize with NPCs as well as other players for the best experience in Harvestella.


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