Minecraft Beginner’s Guide To Help You Survive Your First Day!

Today we will provide you guys with a Minecraft Beginner’s Guide for all the New players out there. This guide will teach you how to play Minecraft as a beginner and provide you with everything you need to know before starting the game. Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most creative games ever ... Read more

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Minecraft Beginner's Guide
Minecraft Beginner’s Guide

Today we will provide you guys with a Minecraft Beginner’s Guide for all the New players out there. This guide will teach you how to play Minecraft as a beginner and provide you with everything you need to know before starting the game.

Minecraft is without a doubt one of the most creative games ever made where players can show off their creativity in a great manner.

Players can create or do almost anything their heart desires in the game. However new players are still joining the game and are having problems surviving.

But before we start the guide let me tell you that two editions of the game are currently available. The first one is the Java edition which is played on Windows and Mac; the other one is the bedrock edition which is played on platforms like PS, Xbox, and Mobile.

Our guide will work for both editions of the game. So without wasting any moment let’s jump straight to the Minecraft Guide for starters.

Minecraft Beginner’s Guide

We have listed all the steps you guys need to perform to survive in your Minecraft world.

1. Generate Your World

Generate Your World
Generate Your World

Okay, so the first thing you need to do before generating your world is choose the type of mode you want to play the game in. There are currently three modes present in the game and those are:-

  • Survival Mode
  • Creative Mode
  • Hardcore Mode

Survival Mode is one of the most popular modes as you will need to survive in your Minecraft world by doing whatever it takes to survive. Players can even choose the difficulty level in this Mode.

Creative Mode lets players take full control of the game and get whatever they want. Players don’t need to worry about their health bar as they won’t die even after falling from high heights.

Hardcore Mode is just like the survival mode except the difficulty is set to the hardest which cannot be changed later. Players will only have one life in this mode, making this the most challenging mode in the game.

There are over four difficulty levels in Minecraft and we will briefly explain all of them down below.

Peaceful This is the easiest difficulty level in the game as your food bar will never deplete because you cannot eat. However, players can still get hurt by falling or walking on lava.
Easy The game will spawn hostile mobs but they won’t do serious damage to your character. The cave spider cannot poison you as well.
Normal Hostile mobs will spawn and do serious damage to your character.
Hard This is the hardest difficulty level as hostile mobs will cause the most damage and your health will start depleting if the food meter runs out.

2. Gather Materials

Gather Materials
Gather Materials

Gathering materials is the second step that every player should follow as you just spawned into your Minecraft world without any supplies, so it would be wise to look for materials right away.

Players should start by gathering wood as it is really simple; start punching a tree and it will break eventually and provide you with wood. Once you have wood, then you can create a crafting table.

To make a crafting table use one wood block to create a plant and then use four planks to create a crafting table.

Also, gather different food materials such as apples and meat, which can be easily found at the beginning.

Players can get meat by killing a cow, pig, chicken, or sheep. Yeah I know killing animals can be a bit rough but Hey! We must do whatever it takes to survive the harsh world of Minecraft.

Food can also be grown by farming and if you want to know how you can grow your crops, check out the Farming Guide for Minecraft. Now let us move on to the next step which is Crafting.

3. Crafting


Crafting is simply taking all those things that we have gathered and creating some valuable items from it and according to our research, there are currently over 350 craftable items in Minecraft.

Players can craft many different items in the game, and we have listed a few below.

  • 2 sticks stacked + 3 wooden planks = Wooden Pickax
  • 2 sticks stacked + 1 wooden plank on top = Wooden Shovel
  • 8 stacks in all spaces except the middle = chest

There are tons of other stuff you guys can craft, and you can see all the crafting recipes in the crafting book that will appear in your crafting menu.

4. Build a Shelter

Build a Shelter
Build a Shelter

It will start to get dark soon so it will be wise to build yourself an excellent Shelter that will keep you safe from hostile mobs.

You guys can create a normal house or shelter in the beginning as it will be your first time and later you can create a nice-looking house by taking inspiration from some of the best house ideas for Minecraft.

I would advise you to start digging in some dirt and create a nice small shelter for yourself as it would be much easier.

During nighttime, be inside your shelter and do not expose yourself. Add a door to your shelter as well. Players can even block themselves with some glass as it would help them see what’s happening in the outside world.

If you come across a sheep at the beginning, don’t forget to hunt it down as it will provide you with some wool that can be used to craft a bed. 3 rows of world + above a row of 3 planks = bed.

5. Gather More Food Sources

Hunting More Animals
Hunting More Animals

When the sun rises again in the morning, you guys can now look for more valuables and craft a wooden sword as you need to head out to kill more animals and gather more food items.

Players can find more apples and kill animals such as cows, chickens, and more. One thing that all Minecraft players will agree with is that there are only a limited amount of animals present in the game. However, that can be fixed with some of the Best animal Mods available for Minecraft.

6. Start Mining

Start Mining
Start Mining

Mining is one of the most vital elements in the game as every player needs to Mine to survive. After gathering more food sources, Mining should be the next thing Minecraft players should do.

Players should start by mining coal and stone as those resources will help them craft different useful items. However, in order to mine coal and stone players need to have a wooden pickax.

We all know that the graphics quality in Minecraft is not really that impressive and that is why some of the best shaders will help level the visual quality of your game.

7. Craft Furnaces or Torches

Craft Furnaces or Torches
Craft Furnaces or Torches

Light is also another important aspect of the game as it prevents mobs from spawning near you at night, so make sure to use light near your house/shelter.

One of the best ways to have a light source in our shelter is by torches. We will list down the steps through which you guys will be able to craft furnaces and torches.

  • Place eight cobblestones in all of the crafting spots except in the middle = Furnace.
  • To create charcoal use any wood and put at least one piece at the bottom for fuel and also in the top spot. You will be using wood to turn it into charcoal.
  • After creating charcoal, stack a piece on top of a stick, and it will craft a torch. Voila! Your torch is ready and will protect you from hostile mobs.

These were all the steps that you need to perform in order to survive in Minecraft. There are tons of other things that you can do in-game. Players can even do crop farming in Minecraft and grow their own crops, which will be a good source of food for them.

Our Minecraft Guide for starters will help newbies progress further into the game without going through the hassle that most players face.

Now we will provide you with some tips to help you through the game.

Best Minecraft Tips for Beginners

1. Never Dig Straight Down

Digging down in Minecraft is extremely risky as players could fall into a deep cave or lava. So, that is why every player should avoid digging straight down.

2. Use The Compass To Find Your Spawn Location

Compass will be your best friend if you get lost in the large world of Minecraft. Whenever you feel lost, check your compass, which will always point back to your spawn location.

3. Make Sure To Carry A Water Bucket

This might be one of the most vital items in Minecraft. A water Bucket is useful in many ways such as:

  • Turning Lava into obsidian
  • prevent mobs from coming after you
  • catch your character from large falls

4. Dig Down Deep For Diamonds

Earlier the diamonds in the game spawned at Y-levels 5 but as the game got updated, the diamonds are now spawned at Y-levels 15. Players should now dig in deep in order to get some diamonds.

5. Crouch to Avoid Falling

Make sure to crouch as it will prevent your player from falling off blocks and it doesn’t matter where you walk.

6. Use Snowballs to Fight Blazes

When you progress further in the game you will come across Blazes, fire-based enemies whose weakness is Snowballs. Make sure to use snowballs to fight Blazes.

7. Do Not Sleep In the Nether

I would recommend every Minecraft gamer to never sleep in the nether as it will simply kill you. If you try to sleep in the Nether, it will create an explosion as powerful as TNT, instantly killing you. So try to avoid sleeping in the Nether.

This was it for the tips; we are sure they will help you through the game. Now we will answer some FAQs down below for you guys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Minecraft for Beginners?

If you’re a beginner, the first thing you should do is look for resources such as food and then build your shelter to protect yourself from hostile mobs during nighttime.

How to craft a boat in Minecraft?

Crafting a boat in Minecraft is quite easy. All you need is a few oak wood planks. Open the Crafting menu made up of a 3×3 grid and place two oak wood planks in the first row and three oak wood planks in the second row. Once you’ve crafted your boat, move it to your inventory.

Which Minecraft Editon is better?

I personally feel that it all comes down to the choices and preferences of the player. If you’re a PC gamer then of course you’ll be playing the Java edition but if you’re a console gamer, then the bedrock edition would be the one for you.


This was it for the Best Minecraft Beginners Guide and we hope that after reading, you guys can play the game even better. If you have any doubts regarding the information we have provided above, please write them down below.

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