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Check out our comprehensive list of some of the ugliest Pokémon present in the game.

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Ugliest Pokemon List
Ugliest Pokemon List (Image Credits – Nintendo)

In the Pokemon World, there are more than 1000 Pokemon. Numerous Pokemon designs are iconic or badass, and most of them are adored by the general public.

But given that there are presently nearly over a thousand Pokemon in existence, not every design is a smash hit with fans; some are ugly to the point of being quite unsettling to see.

There are many downright ugly characters in the Pokemon universe. While some Pokemon are very unattractive, others fall into the “horrifyingly hideous” category.

Whatever weird or unsettling aspects of these Pokemon may be, they all share the same ugly trait. The ugliest Pokemon ever to exist are listed here for your viewing pleasure, or should I say displeasure.

1) Nosepass

Nosepass (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Let us start this list of the ugliest Pokemon with a nose; yes you guessed it, it’s Nosepass. This Rock Pokemon looks like a mix of an Easter Egg Island head and a garden gnome.

Nosepass is kind of disgusting, especially since it’s a jew permanently hunting shekels with his magnetic nose. Maybe Nintendo went to a circus and based this thing on a clown or something.

Like really Nintendo, a nose Pokemon? Nosepass is one of those stupid old rocky stuff that doesn’t do much damage and looks lame. Boo, Nosepass!

2) Mr. Mime

Mr Mime
Mr. Mime (Image Credits – Nintendo)

The Galarian form of Mr. Mime is even more ugly and terrifying than the regular form. If he were real, I would either scream and run away or drop dead in sheer terror.

Just look at that toothpick-like body with round joints. That is super ugly! And its boots – they’re not just ugly, they’re terrifying! Every human-like Pokemon in the anime series is ugly and terrifying, and Mr. Mime leads the charge of all those ugly Pokemon!

3) Bruxish

Bruxish (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Some people try to justify the ugliness of Bruxish by saying that it was meant to be ugly. I don’t know how that makes Bruxish seem any less ugly to me. In fact, it had the opposite effect on me.

It is my least favorite Alolan Pokemon ever. I understand it should be based on the Hawaiian Reef Triggerfish, but why did they give it such awful lips? If they got rid of those lips, I would be much more accepting of this creature.

Don’t even get me started on its color scheme, It’s like they only designed this hideous pocket monster and gave it to a 3-year-old to color.

4) Barbaracle

Barbaracle (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This ugliest Pokemon is so ugly that it makes me lose my appetite. It’s just as nasty as a worm in an apple that has eaten the whole apple and is now crawling out! I shouldn’t have said that.

It’ll give GameFreak ideas. It looks like GameFreak cut off some guy’s arms, glued them to a rock they found, and drew faces on them. And then this ugliest Pokemon was made. And don’t even get me started on the hot mess it gets evolved from, yeah! I’m talking about that ugly Binnacle.

I don’t even know why and just why the creators decided to make this Pokemon. A Pokemon this ugly should not exist.

5) Purugly

Purugly (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This cat is really ugly! It’s fat, has big ears, and looks like an old lady. It’s also named after something ugly. But you know what? This thing should be ugly because it’s in the name.

We haven’t included this cat high on the list, but that doesn’t mean it looks good.

I hate this evolution. I mean, who doesn’t?

This is why some trainers don’t allow Glameow to evolve because they don’t want this fatso in their Pokedex.

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6) Jynx

Jynx (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Jynx is one of the more humanoid Pokemon, which some people find creepy and off-putting. It is based on a purple woman, which many people find to be ugly. Some people love Pokémon because the characters resemble animals or fantasy creatures, but Jynx is neither.

The design of Jinx is very off-putting; it looks like a walrus that has had its tusks removed and then painted purple. It also wears a dress and a wig, making it look strange. Many people thought the original black version of Jinx was racist, so the designers changed it to purple.

However, this new color does not make the Pokemon any less creepy. Everything about its appearance is unsettling, from its lips to its overall proportions.

7) Gurdurr

Gurdurr (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It looks like a mutated Ronald McDonald with big, gross, purple veins on its limbs. Why would you create such a thing? Just look at its face; it’ll make you frown in less than a second.

His tiny skull is not enough for his big dumb brain. With evolution, the only thing that didn’t change was his clown nose, which is the worst thing for him.

Don’t even get me started on his body, I mean, look at its legs; how does it even run on those tiny things? Gurdurr deserves his spot in this list of ugliest Pokemon.

8) Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr (Image Credits – Nintendo)

There’s no one worse than Conkeldurr, who is a clown, a construction worker, and an old man. This is another one of those Pokémon who look like a person. And what’s that thing in its head supposed to be?! Ponytail? One of those cartoony bumps when somebody gets hurt?

Their veiny arms and fleshy growth on their heads are pretty gross, and their nose and eyes are also quite sunken. And why the clown nose? The pink things around its body look like some suit made of veins. It looks disgusting.

It looks so ugly, like a cross between a Goron from Legend of Zelda and a cranky old man with a red nose.

9) Seismitoad

Seismitoad (Image Credits – Nintendo)

I mean, I kind of like Seismitoad. But it’s still really hideous. I mean, look how happy Tympole and Palpitoad are until they evolve, and become miserable because of how ugly they became!

Poor Seismitoad. His face looks so depressing and it seems like even he doesn’t like himself after evolving.

Those two giant blobs on its head seem to bother him and don’t look good on him. He lived a good life as his previous evolutions.

10) Probopass

Probopass (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Probopass is very, very ugly! He has a weird hat and an ugly beard, and it looks like the creators took inspiration from Mario while making this Pokemon.

It looks like a cross between Mario and a rock. It has to be the ugliest Pokémon to have ever existed. I mean, who puts nose hair and that too on a Pokemon? Come on! It looks like you painted an Easter Island head statue blue and red and gave it a mustache similar to Mario’s.

It’s even uglier than Nosepass. Why do some Pokemon get uglier as they evolve?

11) Alolan Muk

Alolan Muk
Alolan Muk (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Muk is an ugly, amorphous creature that seems to be made up of rotting garbage. It has eyes and arms, and it can kill plants simply by touching them.

This must be extremely harmful to the environment. It is not something you would want to be near given its propensity for destruction.

Once a pile of garbage and leftover drinks (mostly purple) was left to rot for years after which a witch breathed life into that pile of garbage, now we call that slimy pile Muk. Yuck!

12) Weezing

Weezing (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Finally, Weezing is on this list! Not only is it gruesome, but its design is lazy. All they did was give Koffing two heads and call it a new Pokemon. Weezing looks even uglier when it frowns.

At least Koffing has a smiley smirk. I heard that some of the guys at Team Rocket were trying to make a Ghost-type out of the Koffing clone, but they failed and ended up with these two barf bags instead.

If I had been in the Pokemon world, I would not have wanted such an ugly Pokemon around.

13) Golbat

Golbat (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Golbat’s mouth seems like a portal to another dimension; you can’t see what’s inside of it because it’s so dark. A Golbat is nothing but a head with wings. He has to be one of the ugliest Pokemon to have ever existed, and if not the ugliest then surely the funniest.

I mean, why wouldn’t he close his big mouth? His mouth is so big that you can easily fit ten hamburgers in it.

14) Garbodor

Garbodor (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Why would anyone want a Pokemon that is based on trash? It’s not exactly something that people are attracted to. And if trash came to life and became a Pokemon, I would definitely avoid it.

Can we please stop with the poison-type Pokemon that glorify pollution?

There are already enough of them, and most don’t look very good. Also, some of them have abilities like Weak Armor which makes their defense go down every time they’re hit with a physical attack.

I don’t know why Roxie made this her top Pokemon at the Virbank City Gym either! Yikes!

15) Feebas

Feebas (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Feebas is an ugly Pokemon, in my opinion. Thanks to its evolved form Milotic, it got even uglier. Milotic is just too gorgeous. It’s like a fish caught in a red tide or worse, a water-polluted ocean or an oil spill.

Feebas is so ugly that even its Pokedex entry says it’s ugly. It’s so weird how it can evolve from something so weird-looking to a beautiful Milotic!

16) Drowzee

Drowzee (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It looks weird. It reminds me of Baku and Babblong from Yo-Kai Watch. Not much is wrong with Drowzee except for its weird nose, which looks like something I’m not supposed to write (got it? Good!) Its small eyes contribute significantly to increasing its ugliness score. Also, its body is out of this world.

I don’t know why they don’t make the pupil of the eyes of Pokemon slightly bigger. Anything with smaller pupils in their eyes looks terrifying and ugly.

17) Croagunk

Croagunk (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Croagunk is just plain HIDEOUS; at least that’s what I think. Maybe that’s because I can’t stand frogs. It looks like Seisotoad made love with a Politoed and had Croagunk. I shouldn’t have said that too! It looks like a mutated version of Froakie, but worse! People frown just by looking at its face.

I bet Croagunk will win the “Ugly but Funny” contest if there is one. He deserves it! Jokes apart, he is a great fighter and no less than a world-class asset in IC battling.

18) Trubbish

Trubbish (Image Credits – Nintendo)

One day creators were roaming down the street and they saw someone taking out a garbage bag and that’s how they got the inspiration for Trubbish. Many members of the fandom criticize this Gen 5 Poison-type Pokémon for being ugly or having poor design, and we wholeheartedly agree with them.

Its peculiar idea is just a garbage bag with eyes on it. Like really? You just want to increase the number of Pokemon varieties, don’t you Nintendo? Trubbish has eyes that have small pupils that look ugly. It has really lazy eyes and a toothy frown that is comical.

Additionally, Trubbish has some kind of bunny ears on top of its head instead of what seems to be the knot at the top of a knotted garbage bag.

19) Exeggutor

Exeggutor (Image Credits – Nintendo)

This Pokemon is nothing but a carton of eggs. And if you go to the Pokemon daycare center and if you breed an Exeggutor with another Exeggutor you get an egg. And when the egg hatches, six more eggs are inside it (pun intended!).

I mean, how do these things even function? Do they share all body systems or are they just a hive mind? What about giving birth? Do they give birth to one egg each or something? What about the cracked one? Do they each have a distinct personality? Just… what?

The other Pokemon on this are somewhat bearable (not you Bruxish and Jynx!) on this list but this is just out of control and lazy! It is just a palm tree with egg-like faces on it!

20) Vullaby

Vullaby (Image Credits – Nintendo)

I couldn’t care less about Vullaby. Cubone wears a broken skull. I don’t think Vullaby is wearing a skull though. Just some bones; we’re not specific on what. It could be the hip bone. But not a skull. In its dex entries, they say nothing about skulls just about the posteriors being guarded with bones.

It’s not confirmed, but I think it is the hip bone. It’s a dark type, I don’t think it would have many colors. It is pink because it is based on the hooded vulture baby.

This ugly Pokemon should not even exist. Cubone did the bone-wearing thing so much better, and it came across as really cute. Vullaby, on the other hand, is just plain ugly! It has a gross bald head and stubby legs, and its bone underwear doesn’t help it one bit.

21) Amoonguss

Amoonguss (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Many Pokemon are disliked for their design, but Amoonguss stands out for its strange shape and angry eyes. Its design is also not appealing, with a beer belly and an alien mouth.

A live mushroom is terrifying, and its lack of attractiveness isn’t improved by its design. Amoonguss is generally overly curvaceous in a peculiar way, giving it a beer belly and an alien mouth on top of that to spook your head.

Like the other Pokemon on this list, its eyes nearly always have an angry expression.

It has half Pokeballs for palms on its hands as if some trainer threw a Pokeball to catch it and this dope caught the Pokeball instead and hasn’t let go of it until now. It is understandable why so many people despise this Pokemon.

22) Drapion

Drapion (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Drapion is based on a scorpion, and as such, it has several features that resemble a scorpion. These include a tail that has a stinger on the end and two large pincers. Drapion is also purple and has a dark blue underbelly. Drapion is considered one of the ugliest Pokemon due to its unusual spring-like design.

It has a large, bulky body with spiked shoulders and sharp claws. Its black and purple coloration makes it stand out even more, making it appear menacing and unappealing.

In addition to its unusual design, Drapion has a unique set of eyes that are said to be able to see in the dark. Its menacing expression and large fangs add to its gruesome appearance, making it seem even more intimidating. Furthermore, its large size makes it an intimidating presence in battle.

23) Rhyperior

Rhyperior (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Rhyperior is considered to be one of the ugliest Pokemon due to its unusual coloration. It has a grayish-blue body with bright yellow and orange patches, giving it an overall strange and unappealing look. Additionally, Rhyperior has an overly muscular body, making it appear even more menacing.

Its size also adds to its intimidating appearance. It has a large, bulky body with thick armor plating and spikes all over it, giving it an intimidating and unappealing look.

24) Electivire

Electivire (Image Credits – Nintendo)

I have a few reasons why Electivire is one of the ugliest Pokemon.

Firstly, its bulky body is covered in a combination of yellow, black, and purple stripes, giving it an unusual and unappealing look.

Additionally, it has two large appendages on its back that strongly resemble horns, a large lightning-shaped tail that adds to its menacing appearance, a wide open mouth with sharp, jagged teeth, and its eyes appear to glow, adding to its intimidating demeanor.

Lastly, it has large claws on its foot, making it seem even more menacing.

25) Alolan Raticate

Alolan Raticate
Alolan Raticate (Image Credits – Nintendo)

It can’t just be me who hates this big fat rat. Alolan Raticate is considered one of the ugliest Pokemon for several reasons. Its black and white fur is covered in yellow and purple stripes, giving it a disheveled and unappealing look. Its tail is extremely long and thin, making it seem quite strange.

Also, it has two large buck teeth that protrude from its mouth, giving it a unique but off-putting appearance.

Furthermore, its ears are both large and floppy, further contributing to its unattractive look. Its eyes are small and beady, adding to its ungainly appearance. Lastly, its mane is incredibly bushy, making it seem even more unkempt. God save people from this horrifying fat rat.

26) Snubbull

Snubbull (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Snubbull has an unusual design that some people may not consider attractive. It has a pink, round body with a large head and small ears. Its large eyes are sunken deep into its face and seem almost sad, adding to its unappealing look. Its wide mouth is filled with sharp teeth, giving it a menacing expression.

Finally, its short tail is curly and heavily furred, further contributing to its ungainly appearance. The creators created an always frowning creature and that too in pink color; I mean why? Also, it has short stubby legs that make it look awkward.

27) Dracovish

Dracovish (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Dracovish is considered to be one of the ugliest Pokemon due to its strange and unusual design. It has a large blue body with a long, snake-like tail and two large fins on its back. Its head is covered with black scales and it has two large yellow eyes with a draconian expression.

Additionally, it has multiple sharp teeth along its jawline that are very unappealing and terrifying in equal measure.

Furthermore, Dracovish also has long, spiky claws which give it a rather frightening look. Its body is covered in brown scales and its head is adorned with green spikes, making it even more unappealing. Its bulky body, sharp teeth, and draconian expression make it appear quite intimidating and scary.

28) Exploud

Exploud (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Exploud is considered ugly due to its strange design. It has a large, bulky body with a blue and yellow color scheme and two yellow horns protruding from its head. Its mouth is wide open and full of sharp teeth and its eyes are set in an intimidating expression.

Its bright coloration combined with its large size, sharp teeth, and menacing expression gives it an intimidating appearance. Additionally, it has an extra-long tongue hanging out of its mouth and its two large ears flap back and forth unnaturally, further contributing to its ungainly look.

29) Grimer

Grimer (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Grimer has a peculiar amorphous body, which is made up of a living purple sludge and appears quite strange. Its two small eyes are set in a menacing expression and its mouth is filled with sharp teeth. Its large yellow spikes protruding from its back also give it an intimidating look.

Grimer’s unusual design and coloration make it stand out and give it an unappealing and ungainly aura. Furthermore, its size is quite uncanny and its tail is also oddly shaped. All these features combined make Grimer one of the ugliest Pokemon available in the game.

30) Camerupt

Camerupt (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Camerupt certainly has a large body covered in a mix of red, brown, and orange fur, giving it an unusual and unappealing appearance.

Its head is adorned with two large horns which are tipped in yellow, further contributing to its strange look. Its eyes are sunken deep into its face and appear quite menacing, and its mouth is filled with sharp teeth.

Its long tail is also covered in spikes, making it appear even more intimidating. All these features combined make Camerupt an unappealing and ungainly Pokemon.

31) Metagross

Metagross (Image Credits – Nintendo)

The last entry on this list of the ugliest Pokemon is Metagross. It has a large, bulky body comprising four interlocking metal plates and is covered in a yellow and gray color scheme.

Its head is adorned with two red and black eyes that have a menacing expression and a desert-yellow X on the forehead.

Additionally, its mouth is filled with sharp teeth and has two large claws, giving it an intimidating look. All these features make Metagross appear quite strange and off-putting. Furthermore, its jagged edges and sleek metal plates give it an unnatural and unappealing aura.

This marks the end of our post on The Ugliest Pokemon list. We want to clarify that this post was written in good humor and solely created for entertainment purposes but if you found any word or phrase to be demeaning or derogatory, we apologize.

So, which Pokemon did you find the ugliest? Let us know in the comments section below. We will be back with some fresh crispy Gaming news soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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