Valorant Tier List – Best Agents in Valorant (March 2024)

Check out our dedicated Valorant Tier List to know which of the 23 agents should you select as your main agent and which ones to avoid altogether.

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Valorant Tier List
Valorant Tier List (Image Credits – Riot Games)

Looking for the Valorant Tier List? In this article, we have listed out the best Best Agents to utilize in Valorant. Valorant has contributed a lot to the Esports community as it is one of the most played video games in Esports tournaments.

There are slight changes made in the game with every new patch. Choosing the right Agent for yourself is a challenging task, but today, we’ll make it easier for you by providing a Tier list of all the Best Agents in the game.

Valorant is also considered one of the best FPS games like COD, and a new agent named Harbor has recently been introduced, we will indeed include him in our Tier List today as well.

So, let us start with our Tier List without wasting any moment.

Valorant Tier List

We have divided all the agents in the game into different Tiers. Here, take a look:

S-TierOmen, Jett, Killjoy, Reyna, Skye, Raze
A-TierViper, Sova, Phoenix, Brimstone
B-TierAstra, Cypher, Fade, Sage, Breach, Deadlock, Chamber
C-TierHarbor, Gekko, KAY/O, Neon, Yoru

S-Tier Agents

1) Omen

Omen (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameOmen

Next up on Tier-S is Omen, and I love using this Agent because of his abilities. He can refill his smokes very quickly, which can help the team to fall back and re-execute the plan once more from a different site.

Omen has a limited memory of his past and remembers his friendship with Viper, Sabine, and Callas. He surely deserves his spot in this Tier.

2) Jett

Jett (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameHan Sunwoo
OriginSouth Korea

We present to you one of the best entry fraggers in the game named Jett; She is a Korean wind assassin who truly earned her spot at Tier-S without any doubts.

Her dash might be the best free ability in the game, plus her kit is also pretty impressive. She also has the tremendous ultimate ability, two smoke clouds. Jett’s updraft can get her into weird angles and places quickly, which is why she is the choice of almost all the pro players.

3) Killjoy

Killjoy (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameKlara Böhringer

Killjoy won’t have any problems eliminating the opponent team as she is one of the strongest anchors in the game. On top of that, she also has one of the most vital ultimate abilities in the game, which can now not be destroyed by the enemy utility.

She was the fourth agent to join the game’s protocol, and she’s a perfect fit for Tier-S agents, so make sure to use her whenever you play Valo next.

4) Reyna

Reyna (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameZyanya Mondragón

If you’re a true Valorant fan, then you must be aware of the fact that Reyna is also known as the Salish Agent. Reyna only has a single ability, which also isn’t powerful enough to stop the opponents.

Reyna’s ultimate ability is also a poor choice for gamers, and she isn’t as strong as compared to the other agents such as Raze or Jett. She is also considered one of the weakest duelists in the game.

5) Skye

Skye (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameKirra Foster

Skye is one of those Agents in Valorant that you should choose if you want flexible flashes because her information-gathering abilities aren’t quite impressive, but she still holds her place in A-Tier.

However, her flash and fast trailblazer abilities are intriguing, and she has spent years fighting against the Kingdoms Corporation ventures around Eastern Australia. Her experience and skills make her worthy of a spot in this Tier.

6) Raze

Raze (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameTayane Alves

Raze is considered one of the best Duelists in the game, possibly due to her flexible kit. She is also one of those few agents that rack up kills extremely fast and will indeed create problems for her enemies wherever she goes.

She can clear angles using her grenades, use her Boomboot for gathering info, and even use satchels for entry fragging. Raze can kill one enemy with her ultimate ability if appropriately used; that is why having her on your team can be beneficial.

A-Tier Agents

1) Sova

Sova (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameAlexander (Sasha) Novikov

Sova truly deserves his spot in the S-Tier, and we believe that he won’t be leaving this Tier anytime soon. Sova was an archer who became a Valorant agent for the Valorant protocol; his right eye was replaced with a mechanical look after he lost it.

He is one of the top initiators to pick if you want to win the game as he has earned his reputation of being one of the most trusted agents, especially to the commander of the organization named Brimstone, so make sure to choose Sova.

2) Viper

Viper (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameSabine Callas
OriginUnited States

It would be a shame we wouldn’t include Viper in Tier-A as her abilities and molly that can delay enemies’ executions make her perfectly capable of being a part of this Tier.

One thing about Viper that disappoints me and many fans is that her ability can’t be redeployed once used (except for Poison Orb), but that is understandable, considering how strong her kit and ultimate skills are.

Viper’s ultimate ability has the highest win rate, but due to some recent nerfs, she has been dropped down to Tier A from Tier S, but she still is one strong character that every character must use once.

3) Brimstone

Brimstone (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameLiam Byrne
OriginUnited States

Brimstone is a commander skilled at using all the various intricate technologies to always have an upper hand on his enemies. He has a technologically advanced tool on his forearm which he utilizes to unleash devastating orbital attacks on his foes to completely vaporize them.

Like the other controller agents on this list, Brimstone also has a few powerful abilities that he utilizes to cause havoc in the arena.

The Incendiary skill enables players to fire a fire grenade at their foes which explodes into a pool of fire to cause burning damage. Sky Smoke allows players to select 3 specific points within the arena’s area to be covered in balls of smoke to act as barriers between the players and their foes.

The Stim Beacon enables players to fire in rapid mode when completely deployed, whereas Orbital Strike unleashes an unrelenting fire beam strike on a particular spot chosen by them to completely obliterate anything unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

4) Phoenix

Phoenix (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameJamie Adeyemi
OriginUnited Kingdom

Phoenix is a character that has recently been buffed and is now picked more by gamers, and he can prove to be a decent entry fragger because of his flash and wall.

Even tho he is mainly overshadowed by other agents such as Raze and Jett; players can surely give him a try. This was it for Phoenix. Now, let us move on to C-Tier.

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B-Tier Agents

1) Cypher

Cypher (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameAmir El Amari

Cypher is a buffed character who can make it harder for his opponents to eliminate his team. However, he is still not as flexible as Killjoy, and his ultimate ability is still inferior to lockdown. However, he is still a pretty powerful character and is a problem for the opposing team.

He is constantly gathering secrets and information so he can retrieve the passwords of everyone in the game’s protocol. Cypher is quite secretive as he keeps all his collected information to himself, and his allies don’t know much about him.

2) Fade

Fade (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameHazal Eyletmez

Who doesn’t like Fade? She is one of the best Initiators with excellent information-gathering skills. Fade has an eye that detects enemies, a prowler that can clear angles, and last but not least, her ultimate ability can render enemies deaf.

Fade has the potential to be the greatest Initiator, but she still lacks in some areas, which is why Sova is considered superior to her.

We’ll have to wait and see if she gets more robust with the upcoming updates, but do not worry, as we’ll keep updating this Tier List actively every month or as soon as a new character is introduced to the game.

3) Astra

Astra (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameEfia Danso

Astra used to be the most potent Controller in the game, but unfortunately, she has been wholly nerfed to the ground by the developers while Omen and Brimstone have received buffs. She relies on her stars while using her abilities.

Her abilities take a lot of time to cool down, making re-executing sites much more complicated than other controlling agents in the game.

4) Sage

Sage (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameWei Ling Ying

Sage takes on the role of Healer in this game as with the help of her abilities, she not only heals her teammate’s injuries, but she is also quite capable of handling her own and defending against various other aggressors.

Sage utilizes a variety of skills to her benefit to get the upper hand on her aggressors, and one of her major skills is to use a Slow Orb. When thrown, the orb explodes and covers a particular area with a crystal-like layer that completely slows players down when they walk on it, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

The Healing Orb, on the other hand, helps her to health fellow agents when they are low on health and need assistance.

The Barrier Orb allows Sage to erect a tall crystal wall between her and the attackers for extra defensive solidity, whereas the Resurrection ability allows her to bring the recently deceased agents back from the dead.

5) Breach

Breach (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameErik Torsten

Breach is an aggressive bionic agent who relies on his explosive maneuvers to clear enemies off his path and keep moving forward. Moreover, he doesn’t shy away from wreaking havoc across the arena if it helps him complete the assignment and get paid.

Breach has quite a few interesting and explosive abilities that players using him will be able to use like Flashpoint, which allows players to shoot a laser-like beam through the walls to take out enemies.

Fault Line launches a lighting strike across a designated area in front of the player to cause massive AOE game to the foes, whereas Aftershock launches a targeted inferno in a straight cylindrical line, damaging anything that gets in between.

Rolling Thunder is, at its core, very similar to Fault Line in terms of its damage type, only this time, the overall AOE is considerably large enough to completely damage a large section of the map.

6) Chamber

Chamber (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameVincent Fabron

Chamber acts as the sniper class in this game as he prefers to engage and eliminate enemies from afar thanks to his deadly precision.

He has a variety of impressive abilities at his disposal as well which helps him shine even when he’s in tough spots. The Headhunter skill allows him to wield a hard-hitting revolver that takes out enemies in a single shot, Rendezvous ability allows players to place a teleport anchor on the ground that enables them to teleport themselves back to it whenever they want.

The Trademark ability assists in marking people on the map to help players identify where the enemy units are, whereas Tour De Force summons a custom sniper rifle for them that is fully capable of eliminating enemy units with a single shot, provided it hits them in their upper bodies.

7) Deadlock

Deadlock (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameIselin

Deadlock is the newest Agent in the game who has a well-rounded kit, and with the help of strong duelists such as Jett and Raze, she can prove to be an asset for the team.

However, her kit is not as strong as Cypher’s, so we decided to put her in Tier B for now.

C-Tier Agents

1) Gekko

Gekko (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameMateo Armendáriz De la Fuente
OriginUnited States

Gekko is Valorant’s twenty-second recruit and owns a crew of four creatures known as radivores who can transform into mimicked animalistic forms.

Gekko is a relaxed, supportive, and kind person (but do not expect him to be forgiving if he’s your opponent). He has numerous helpful abilities that help him to be in this Tier as an initiator.

2) Neon

Neon (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameTala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez

This Agent has an intriguing kit that is best effective on tight maps, and her ultimate ability is also one of a kind. Neon is radiant, which is empowered by her bioelectricity.

Neon has been recruited by the game’s protocol as a part of the Omega project, especially to make good use of her electric abilities. She’s an effective choice for a Duelist, so make sure to give her a try once.

3) KAY/O

KAY/O (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameKAY/O
OriginAlternate Timeline Earth

KAY/O is one of the most recent agents released in the game, and he has been my consistent pick for a few specific maps in the game. He is a robot from an alternate future that Humans created in his timeline so they could face the radiants.

He also has a flexible kit and can prove to be a great asset when paired with a good duelist. My favorite thing about him is that KAY/O can also disable the enemy’s utility.

4) Yoru

Yoru (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameKiritani Ryo

Yoru has a pretty interesting kit for a duelist, as he can deploy clones and bounce flashes, but they aren’t really strong compared to other agents.

His ultimate ability can be an asset for the team as it can help him gather info and execute site entries as well. Yoru kit can be tricky, but a pro player can master it and cause chaos in-game.

5) Harbor

Harbor (Image Credits – Riot Games)
Real NameVarun Batra

Even after being buffed in the last patch, Harbor might be the weakest Agent in the game. His smokes aren’t as effective as those of other controllers in the game.

He also requires unique execution, which makes him slightly more complex than other agents such as Omen, Jett, etc. However, his ultimate ability is excellent for retakes, but due to his other attributes, he is placed in Tier-C.

This was our Tier List of the Best Agents in Valorant, and we hope that by now, you guys have all the knowledge regarding the Agents in the game.

If you still have any doubts regarding any of the above agents, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll be delighted to provide more information on them.

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