All Star Tower Defense Tier List (February 2024)- ASTD All Characters Ranked

All Star Tower Defense, this game kinda gives away the majority about its own genre. Therefore if any of you still don’t understand what it’s for, then we have explained it here. All Star Tower Defense is a side-scrolling strategy game on Roblox, though with a variation. With the exception of standard tower defense games, this one offers a ... Read more

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All Star Tower Defense, this game kinda gives away the majority about its own genre. Therefore if any of you still don’t understand what it’s for, then we have explained it here.

All Star Tower Defense is a side-scrolling strategy game on Roblox, though with a variation. With the exception of standard tower defense games, this one offers a large selection of well-known animated characters from which to choose.

They are essential in finishing the tale or reaching the top of the standings rankings in the competition’s unlimited mode.

Utilizing this All-Star Tower Defense lineup, you’ll be able to breeze through the main quest while simultaneously ranking well in the endless level.

The ASTD tier list that we have mentioned is based on our own observation and so much research. Regardless of the evidence-based rationale, the All-Star Tower Defense tier list might differ from your understanding due to differences in sensory consciousness.

While performance appraisal must be appreciated, one point is certain: this tier list would assist you in getting benefits.

All Star Tower Defense Tier List
All Star Tower Defense Tier List

All-Star Tower Defense Tier List (ASTD tier list)

Probably we won’t even go into depth below because it can completely remove the pleasure if you’re just starting off.

Instead, to provide viewers with a clear snapshot, we’ll go through the fundamentals of such gameplay. Unless you’ve experienced strategy game titles before, the activity will not be uncommon for you.

Yet, even if you’ve never, a basic lesson on every tower defense game will enable you to master the foundations of the All Star Tower Defense gameplay and grasp the ASTD Tier List (November 2023).

In a conventional tower defense play, players erect towers that either assault or protect their region.

But, inside this game, players must fight or guard. Players can do this using famous cartoon figures from shows like Naruto, One Piece, and others.

This game has over twenty-five levels, therefore selecting the proper fighter as the difficulty grows is crucial. This is where the All-Star Tower Defense Tier (ASTD Tier List) info came in helpful.

This same virtual gameplay experience has changed dramatically in recent years. Gamers now have access to more gaming options than ever before.

Compared with the previous couple of decades, there are so many more gaming styles. Another sort of game in this category is Tower Defense, in which you must conserve a large amount of your territory or products while destroying everyone else in terms of winning.

Standards for All-Star Tower Defense Tier List

There are many more than 30 avatars in the universe of All-Star Defense, that may be deployed across three planets including over 25 stages.

Since there is so much variety within the game, you need to have a decent system for categorizing the characters into levels to assist you in avoiding being confused.

All-Star Tower Defense Tier Lists
All-Star Tower Defense Tier Lists

With this All-Star Tower Defense Rankings, we’ll break it down into different categories to help players go through the options and get the most out of the gameplay. These are as follows S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, C Tier, and D Tier will become the four tiers.

S Tier of ASTD will include the utmost strong yet valuable characters. However as the level of tier falls, the strength, as well as the effectiveness of the characters, declines.

Therefore C Tier will naturally have enough players’ lowest-ranked personas. Every tier and thus the strength of the heroes are inextricably linked.

Description of All-Star Tower Defense Tier List

As we proceed, kindly be informed that it’s only our personal perspective of the profitable trading modules. You might feel that such a troop is so much more significant than another.

Therefore it should be on another tier or is absent. Since there are many other trading components in this gameplay, We’ve only selected the best individuals for all of you to make a deal with. Therefore, without any sound and fury, here is a rundown of the best trade tier levels.

Tier S

This list contains the absolute pinnacle of gaming brilliance; all are extremely strong and have powers. Which will help you win no matter where you are or what stage you are playing at. Choosing these makes the whole thing easier for you, and then you’ll win swiftly and effectively.

The ratings throughout this S tier vary a lot, however, keep in mind that they do not even matter. Also with its unique orbs, several of the league’s six-star characters are ineffective.

The player’s expansions are extremely crucial, but certain heroes, such as Bellma, are stronger over Mikato after complete expansion, despite the fact that Mikato is indeed a 6-star rated character whereas Bellma really just has a 5-star rating.

Name of CharacterTier NameType of CharacterRating (Stars) of Characters
King of HeroesSGround & Air6
KosukeSGround & Air6
TokensSGround & Air6
The BoysSGround6
Ice X-MarineSGround & Air6
Dark WingSGround6
Old WillSGround & Air6
Jin MoriSGround5
HashiramaSGround & Air5
Expert SorcererSGround6
Orange HeadSGround6


Characters in tier A of the All Star Tower Defense Tier List are quite a step beneath those from the S level. But these characters are by no way inferior but were on the edge of being promoted to that same S tier following the game’s upcoming big update.

Hence others may be demoted to the B tier. But they’re still in this category for a purpose for the said time being.

Every Tier A is often a challenge, although there is a lot of space for judgment below. Just a case our viewpoint differs from yours, or even if corrective feedback is required, please let us know in the space given below.

Character’s NameTier InfoCharacter TypeRating (Stars)
Dungeon QueenAGround6
Joke Da FoolAGround5
Evil ShadeAGround 5
ManiacAGround & Air5
BoxAGround 6
Legendary BorulAAir5
WaifuAGround & Air5
Maid WaifuAGround6
The PathAGround & Air6


These heroes are low-breaking prerequisites and therefore can help you go through the early stages with ease. They’re decent for a newcomer to the game, as well as using them correctly may aid with tower defense.

There really are avatars with more ratings than the next T, although he reached our list due to a bug. Because of the bug, if your maximum out Upcoming T. Afterwards buy them only with the yellow orb, then it will stay with you permanently.

Name of CharacterName of TierType of CharacterRatings (Stars)
Mountain CannonBGround5
Martial ArtistBGround5
Blinding LightsBGround & Air5
Koku Black PinkBAir5
Lucky GreenBAir5
Paper BeautyBGround 5
Super BooBGround5
Flamin TigerBGround 5
Blonde EsperBGround5
Red Eye WarriorBGround5
Tony Stark (Coyote Starrk)BGround5
Future TBGround 4
MingBGround 5


Plotlines in tier C of Exputer’s All Star Tower Defense Tier List are far below estimated value and though beneficial to certain gamers.

These aren’t really beneficial mostly in a lot of stages, and they may give you a small huge amount of time for easy levels when compared to players out from bottom ranks, or tier D.

Name of CharacterTierCharacter TypeCharacter Ratings (Stars)
WhitestacheCGround 5
Dimensional AlienCGround5
AirrenCGround 5
Humble SwordmanCGround5
Plant ManCGround5
Ikki (BW)CAir5
GenieCGround 5
Boggi “The Clown”CGround3


In this category of the game weakest characters may be found. Understanding them is essential since you’ll need them when you’re fresh here on the team and playing solid basics is crucial.

Absolutely, these are quickly obtained and are vital in the narrative version. Many will be around for a while, and others were simply downgraded following an update the previous month. 

Name of CharacterTier NameType of CharacterRatings (Stars)
LexDGround 4
IkkiDSingle 3
Koku BlackDAir4
Yoshage KiryuDGround5
Hammer GiantDGround5
KoroDGround 3
Anti MagicianDGround3

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you know about All-Star Tower Defense trading?

Gamers over rank 40 can purchase unachievable units, thanks to functionality added in Patch 21. Users can make bids again for troops they want, exchanging one army for just another.

Who do you think is the best character in ASTD tier S?

We think ASTD Tier S best avatar is Zazashi. Answers to this question may differ depending on the person.

What is the process of unlocking S Tier Bellma?

Bellma could only be acquired by developing her or retrieving her from Brave Summon.

In which ASTD tier you have placed Whitestache?

We have positioned Whitestache in ASTD Tier C.

This marks the end of our Tier List on the Best ASTD Characters. We hope this list will help you make more informed decisions when it comes to the ASTD gameplay. Drop by any query you have regarding this post by commenting below. We will be back with more exciting gaming articles soon, Till then!

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