Ultimate Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List (Feb 2024) : Best Sync Pairs Ranked

When we talk about games that have a fearsome number of characters/heroes, Pokemon Masters Ex always makes it to that list. The 3rd anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX, a game officially licensed by DeNa, has brought many new sync pairs for players to collect and use. With the abundance of choices available, both new and ... Read more

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When we talk about games that have a fearsome number of characters/heroes, Pokemon Masters Ex always makes it to that list.

The 3rd anniversary of Pokemon Masters EX, a game officially licensed by DeNa, has brought many new sync pairs for players to collect and use.

With the abundance of choices available, both new and veteran players may have difficulty deciding which ones are the best.

This Pokemon Masters Ex tier list is designed to help them on their journey to becoming excellent Pokemon trainers by curating the best sync pairs among over 200 collectible ones.

Before starting, please bear in mind that all the tier lists are somewhat subjective in nature and we also have curated this tier list according to our understanding and likings. The sync pairs that are ranked in this tier list might work for some and might not for others.

So feel free to experiment and remember to enjoy the game, ’cause that’s what they are made for. Now without any further ado, let us directly jump into the Tier List.

Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List

Pokemon Masters Ex Tier List


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-S
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-S
Lucas & DialgaSygna Suit Lyra & CelebiSkyla & Swanna
Sonia & TsareenaSerena & DelphoxSonia & Yamper
Sygna Suit Red & Mega Charizard XSygna Suit Leaf & Mega VenusaurBurgh & Togepi
Steven & Mega MetagrossMaxie & GroudonHop & Zamazenta
Ash & PikachuSkyla & TornadusDawn & Torterra
Sygna Suit Giovanni & NidokingMay & Mega LatiasProfessor Sycamore & Xerneas
Karen & Mega HoundoomProfessor Oak & Mews
Blue & Mega Aerodactyl

S-tier sync pairs are amongst the most effective in the game, offering a mix of hard-hitting and supportive plays.

It goes without saying that these are the best pairs in the game and if you can get your hands on them, you should definitely go into battles with these pairs.


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-A
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-A
Aaron & VespiquenIris & HydreigonPlayer & Torchic
Alder & VolcaronaAgatha & Mega GengarPiers & Obstagoon
Hilbert & MightyenaBrock & OnixLeaf & Eevee
Sygna Suit Grimsley & Mega SharpedoAcerola & PalossandSygna Suit Blue & Mega Blastoise
Leon & CharizardMay & SwampertRosa & Serperior
Jasmine & CelesteelaWill & XatuGlacia & Mega Glalie
Steven & Mega MetagrosClemont & HelioliskHilbert & Samurott
Lance & DragoniteFlannery & Torkoalf
N & ZekromViola & Masquerain
Selene & DecidueyeCalem & Meowstic
Wally & Mega GalladeDawn & Alcremie
Lance & GyaradosLisia & Mega Altaria
Player & Solgaleo
Cyrus & Palkia

A-tier sync pairs are still sound choices, yet they do not boast the same potential as S-tier ones. This is due to either their need for more setup or less effective type-based abilities.

These are those pairs that can get the job done with not much of that skill required. Currently one of the best sync pairs in Pokemon Masters Ex.


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-B
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-B
Blue & Mega PidgeotBianca & MusharnaRosa & Delibird
Lillie & PolteageistGhetsis & KyuremJasmine & Mega Steelix
Iris & HaxorusBrawly & HariyamaCheryl & Blissey
Lysandre & YveltalRamos & VictreebelErika & Comfey
May & Mega LopunnyAcerola & MimikyuPlater & Pikachu
Burgh & LeavannyKukui & LycanrocLillie & Clefairy
Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-oKoga & Crobat
Cynthia & Mega GarchompCrasher Wake & Floatzel
Bugsy & Mega BeedrillMallow & Tsareena
Brendan & SceptileSerena & Whimsicott
Elesa & ZebstrikaWallace & Milotic
Zinnie & Rayquaza
Korrina & Mega Lucario

For players who aren’t fortunate enough to possess high-tier sync pairs, B-Tiers are a viable option. These combos are neither great nor terrible and thus make for decent alternatives.

Once you manage to get your hands on an S- or A-Tier, however, it is advised that you focus your resources on them. These still are some of the best sync pairs in Pokemons Masters Ex.


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-C
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-C
Noland & Mega PinsirMarnie & MorpekoMarlon & Carracosta
Barry & EmpoleonBrycen & CryogonalElio & Primarina
Bruno & MachampBlaine & RapidashSabrina & Mega Alakazam
Molayne & DugtrioVolkner & LuxrayMarley & Arcanine
Kris & FeraligatrCandice & AbomasnowMaylene & Medicham
Roxie & ScolipedeLucy & Seviper
Hapu & MudsdaleLt. Surge & Electrode
Lorelei & Lapras
Siebold & Octillery

Unless you do not possess any other higher-tier pairs that would fit your team, it is best to avoid C-tier sync pairs as they are merely passable.

We definitely do not suggest these pairs if you have access to any of the pairs mentioned over and above this tier.


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-D
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-D
Marshal & ConkeldurGladion & SilvalyLiza & Lunatone
Norman & SlakingGrant & AurorusMisty & Starmie
Tate & SolrockThorton & BronzongRoxanne & Probopass
Gardenia & RoseradeWhitney & MiltankCheren & Stoutland
Shauntal & ChandelureJames & WeezingPhoebe & Dusknoir
Ethan & TyphlosionWinona & PelipperSygna Suit Elesa & Rotom
Pryce & Dewgong

Tier-D contains one of the hardest-to-master sync pairs on our tier list, making it a bad idea for beginners to use.

It requires a lot of skill and experience to master these heroes, so it’s best to get familiar with other sync pairs in the game first. Doing this will help you contribute more to your victory.


Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-F
Pokemon Masters Ex Tier-F
Player & SolgaleoKoga & CrobatDrake & Salamence
Silver & Ho-ohSophocles & TogedemaruLyra & Meganium
Roark & RampardosMina & Granbull
Valerie & SylveonSkyla & Togekiss
Lyra & JigglypuffErika & Vileplume
Siebold & Clawitzer

F-tier sync pairs should not be invested in as they are the worst options available. As soon as better pairs become available, these should no longer be used or given any time.

Sync Pairs in Pokemon Masters Ex

Damage Sync Pairs

This tier list mainly evaluates sync pairs’ damage-dealing abilities. Most pairs are equipped with impressive moves for dealing more damage, though certain exceptions exist–such as Steven & Deoxys (Attack Forme), which can also raise all allies’ critical hit rate. Nonetheless, these exceptional sync pairs still maintain their high damage multipliers and values.

Red & Pikachu possesses an impressive damaging move called Thunderbolt, which amplifies its power with each user and is thus useful in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Lucas & Dialga stand out as the best Dragon-type sync pair available with their special move Dragon Zone that can boost the stats of all Dragon-type sync pairs. Alongside these two, Steven & Deoxys are also noteworthy damage dealers.

Tech Sync Pairs

The Sync Pairs in this tier list are assessed based on their combined capabilities of dealing damage to enemies and providing support for allies/debuffing enemies.

They are mainly categorized as “Tech”. Of high importance are the Hybrid Sync Pairs, who can change the whole situation on the battlefield by altering stats, giving out lots of buffs/debuffs, and even delivering damage with effectivity, although not as much as Damage Dealer Sync Pairs.

Sygna-Suit Thunderbolt Red & Pikachu is a prime example of an effective hybrid-sync-pair, as it can be used both offensively and defensively depending on the scenario.

The moves Electric Field and +B Volt Tackle are notably synchronized; Electric Field changes the terrain to an Electric type, which also happens to be the activation condition for +B Volt Tackle.

On the other hand, Maxie & Groudon have proved to be an incredible enabling sync-pair; their passive skill Hoenn Pride increases the attack power of all physical type attack moves for allies by 20%

Support Sync Pairs

The main objective for judging sync pairs in this tier list will be their support and utility for the team. Weight will be given to those sync pairs that can both deal damage and provide assistance, similarly to how exceptions were made with damage dealers.

When it comes to healers, Ingo & Excadrill and Sygna Suit Kris & Suicune are two great choices for players looking to add additional healers to their team.

The former’s Potion restores an ally’s HP by 40%, while All Aboard! increases Attack power and critical hit rate by 1 stat rank. Meanwhile, Mini Potion All from the latter heals 20% HP of all allied sync pairs. Moreover, Spring of Knowledge! is a powerful AOE-buffing move that boosts the Sp of all allies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which factors were considered in making this tier list?

    We have considered several factors in curating this tier list like flexibility, self-sufficiency, versatility, and potential to make an impact in the battle.

  2. Which sync pair deals the maximum damage in Pokemon Masters Ex?

    Some of the sync pairs that deal the maximum damage in the game include Red & Pikachu, Lucas & Dialga, and Steven & Deoxys (Attack Form). If you know how to use these pairs efficiently, then there’s nothing stopping you from winning those Pokemon battles.

  3. Which tech sync pair is the best in Pokemon Masters Ex?

    Sygna Suit Thunderbolt Red & Pikachu is an example of an excellent dual sync pair, as it can be used both offensively and defensively based on the situation. Maxie & Groudon, however, is an incredible enabler of a sync pair and is one of the best tech sync pairs in the game.

So that is it guys, we hope that you were able to get some insights and inspiration from this tier list of best sync pairs in the Pokemon Masters Ex.

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