Anime Adventures Tier List (2024): Best Characters To Pick

Are you into tower-defense games like Anime Adventures? If yes, then you must be aware of the plethora of characters the game throws at you, and it can become extremely difficult for players to decide which ones to use and which to discard. Although all the characters come with their very own sets of strengths ... Read more

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Anime Adventures Tier List
Anime Adventures Tier List (Image Credits – Carousell)

Are you into tower-defense games like Anime Adventures? If yes, then you must be aware of the plethora of characters the game throws at you, and it can become extremely difficult for players to decide which ones to use and which to discard.

Although all the characters come with their very own sets of strengths and weaknesses, the real difference between successfully defending their towers and losing the battle is knowing which are the best characters to use in the game to have the best possible chance of success.

Anime Adventures is a tower defense game where players not only have the freedom to choose between a selection of animated characters but also have the option to unlock and redeem upgrades to make their chosen characters stronger and fight better during encounters.

At the beginning of the game, players will have 4 heroes at their disposal, but as soon as they hit level 50, they will be able to increase their party’s capacity from 4 to 6 heroes.

So to know which heroes are worth including in your party and which ones to leave behind, without any more delays, let us jump right into our in-depth Anime Adventures Tier List to know more:

Anime Adventures – Types of Units

The heroes that players will receive in this game are divided into the following types:

  • Ground Units: Great at dealing high amounts of damage to enemy ground units but unfortunately, they cannot attack aerial enemy units.
  • Hybrid Units: These types of heroes can utilize both ground attacks as well s aerial attacks.
  • Summoner Units: Effective units are used to summon powerful friendly units to fight alongside the players.
  • Farm Units: These types of units are used by the players to farm in-game money resources. They can buy XP-boosting food materials with this farmed money to increase their character’s power and strength.

Anime Adventures – Character Tier List Categories

Before we jump into the actual tier list, it is only fair that we elaborate on the tiers according to which the animated characters in the game are segregated:

  • S-Tier: Characters belonging to this tier are the strongest ones in the game and deal massive amounts of damage.
  • A-Tier: These characters may not be as powerful as S-Tier characters but they are nevertheless, great additions to any team.
  • B-Tier: Characters belonging to this tier are not the greatest options but are good enough to support S-Tier and A-Tier characters, but only barely.
  • C-Tier: This tier primarily contains support class characters who may not be able to deal massive amounts of damage to their foes but prove to be very effective when providing boosts and buffs to their team members. If you’re looking for high-damage output characters, it’ll be better to avoid characters from this tier altogether.
  • D-Tier: Characters belonging to this tier are the weakest ones in the game and should only be used if necessary, otherwise they are better avoided as they might hamper and bring down the overall strength of your team.

Now that we are well aware of the different varieties as well as tiers of characters available in the game, let us take a look at the tier list and see where each character has been allocated based on their overall strengths, weaknesses, and effectiveness in battle.

S-Tier Characters

Here, let us take a look at the most effective characters in the game:

CharacterTower TypeDamage Type (Primary/Secondary)
Tango (God of Flashiness)GroundPhysical/Rose
Poseidon (Tyrant of the Seas)GroundPhysical/Aqua
Golden Freezo (Emperor)HillMagic/Light
Kiro (Bites the Dust)GroundMagic/Rose
Mamy (Holy)GroundMagic/Light
Usaop (God)HybridTrue/Air
Gilgamesh (King of Heroes)GroundMagic/Light
Leafy (Sylph)HybridMagic/Air
Homuru (Time Traveller)GroundPhysical/Dark
Harribu (Shark Empress)HillMagic/Aqua
Albedo (Overseer)GroundPhysical/Dark
Fuji (Admiral)HillPhysical/Dark
Orwin (Erwin)HybridPhysical
Avdo (Magician’s Red)GroundMagic/Fire
Kiroto (Dual)GroundPhysical/Storm
Senbodu (Buddha)GroundMagic/Light
Griffin (Darkness)GroundMagic/Dark
Aizo (Final)GroundMagic/Dark
Roger (Pirate King)GroundPhysical/Fire
Guts (Berserk)GroundPhysical/Fire
Heathcliff (Admin)GroundPhysical/Fire
Power (Fiend)GroundPhysical/Fire
Peruna (Ghost Princess)HillMagic
Narbera (Battle Maid)HillMagic/Storm
Skull Knight (King)GroundPhysical/Dark
Lufo (Gear IV)GroundPhysical/Fire
Stain (Hero Slayer)GroundPhysical/Dark
Diavoro (Diavolo)GroundPhysical/Rose
Pride (The One)GroundPhysical/Fire
Evileye (Landfall)GroundMagic/Aqua
Anz (Overlord)GroundMagic/Dark
Metal KnightHillMagic/Storm
Saber (Promised Sword)GroundPhysical/Light
Megomu (Chimera Shadow)GroundMagic/Dark
Asuno (Flash)GroundMagic/Rose

A-Tier Characters

CharacterTower TypeDamage Type (Primary/Secondary)
Dezu (Vigilante)GroundPhysical/Storm
Ice Queen (Empire’s Strongest)GroundPhysical/Storm
Gabimaro (Ascetic Blaze)GroundPhysical/Rose
Flamingo (Awakened)GroundMagic/Rose
Melio (Assault)GroundPhysical/Dark
Kizume (Tailless Beast)GroundPhysical/Storm
Issai (Boosted Gear)GroundPhysical/Air
Sayako (Sapphire Blade)GroundPhysical/Aqua
Lancer (Child of Light)GroundPhysical/Storm
Minata (Minato)GroundMagic/Storm
Illy (Homunculus)GroundMagic/Dark
Mochi Charlot (Katakuri)GroundPhysical/Fire
Charmi (Sheep)GroundMagic
Demiurge (Demon Emperor)GroundPhysical/Fire
Klay (Bachelor)GroundPhysical/Fire
Koichy (Echoes)GroundPhysical/Air
Vegita (Super II)GroundPhysical
Lulu (Geass)GroundPhysical
Kyoka (Scarlet Lance)GroundPhysical/Fire
Sosuke (Storm)GroundMagic/Storm
Gyutaru (Moon)GroundPhysical
Smoka (Hunter)GroundPhysical/Air
Bakugo (Howitzer)GroundPhysical/Rose

B-Tier Characters

CharacterTower TypeDamage Type (Primary/Secondary)
Endeavor (Hellflame)GroundMagic/Fire
Akin (Contract)GroundPhysical/Dark
Akena (Fallen Angel)GroundMagic
Conrod (Wizard King)GroundMagic/Air
Shigaruko (Symbol of Fear)GroundMagic/Dark/True
Jokujo (The World)GroundPhysical/Dark
Angel (Devil)GroundMagic/Light
Greed (Hunt)GroundPhysical/Rose
Nejiri (Nejire)HillMagic/Air
Archer (Heroic Spirit)GroundPhysical/Fire
Haze (Rage)GroundMagic/Aqua
Yuto (Cursed Child)GroundMagic
Hawk (Fierce Wings)HillPhysical
Saby (Flame Emperor)GroundPhysical/Fire
Geno (Incinerate)GroundPhysical/Fire
Chainsaw (Hybrid)GroundPhysical
Mirka (Mirko)GroundPhysical/Light
Hanje (Captain)HillPhysical/Air
Raylay (Rayleigh)GroundPhysical/Dark
Shisu (Flicker)GroundPhysical
Carrot (Sulong)GroundPhysical/Storm
Denjy (Denji)GroundPhysical/Air
Itochi (Susanoo)GroundMagic/Fire
King (Sloth)HillMagic/Light
Daky (Obi)GroundPhysical/Rose

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C-Tier Characters

CharacterTower TypeDamage Type (Primary/Secondary)
JIO (Over Heaven)HybridMagic/Light
Puchi (Heaven)GroundMagic/Light
Todorro (Released)GroundMagic/Storm/Fire
Kizzua (Godspeed)GroundPhysical/Storm
Kisoko (Bankai)GroundPhysical
Soi Fan (Hornet)HillPhysical/Air
Unohona (Retsu Unohana)GroundPhysical/Fire
Yoshina (Spirit)GroundMagic/Storm
Broke (Soul King)GroundPhysical
Tatsumiki (Tornado)GroundMagic/Air
Sonic (Speed)GroundPhysical/Dark
Cel (Super Perfect)HillPhysical/Air
Oshy (Idol)GroundMagic/Rose
Shallta (Bloodfallen)GroundPhysical/Rose
Yamomoto (Hellfire)GroundPhysical/Fire
Goju (Six Eyes)GroundMagic/Aqua
Piccoru (Nameless)GroundMagic/Air
Emili (Emilia)GroundMagic/Rose
Sukuno (Sukuna)GroundPhysical/Fire
Hime (Ghost)GroundMagic/Storm
Merlyn (Infinity)GroundMagic
Lao (ROOM)GroundMagic/Aqua
Ichi (Final Dusk)GroundPhysical/Dark
Wenda (Wendy)HybridMagic/Air

D-Tier Characters

CharacterTower TypeDamage Type (Primary/Secondary)
Crush (Ace)GroundPhysical
Getu (Maximum)GroundMagic/Dark
Ezra (Lightning)HillPhysical/Storm
Android 21HillMagic
Dark Asto (Black Asta)GroundPhysical/Dark
Kent (Overtime)GroundPhysical
Red Scar (Shanks)GroundPhysical
Lucky (Thunder Fiend)GroundPhysical/Storm
Vas (Cross)GroundPhysical
Toshin (Dragon Lotus)HybridPhysical/Rose
Gowthy (Gowther)GroundMagic/Rose
Kenpaki (Maniac)GroundPhysical/Light
Thor (Awakened)GroundPhysical/Storm
Jelly (Heaven)HybridMagic/Light
Ipo (Ippo)GroundPhysical
Lord BoronGroundMagic/Storm
Yono (Spirit)HillMagic/Air
Julio (Wizard King)GroundMagic/Light
Snake Princess (Boa Hancock)GroundMagic
Ria (Devil Princess)HillMagic/Rose
Gray (Devil Slayer)GroundMagic/Aqua
Dany (Creation)GroundPhysical
Heavy Weather (Weather Report)HybridMagic/Storm
Luci (Celestial)GroundMagic/Physical/Light/Aqua
Aokijo (Blue Pheasant)GroundMagic/Aqua
Kobeno (Scared)GroundPhysical/Rose
Ulquiro (Resurreccion)GroundMagic/Dark
Tatsumo (Tatsumi)GroundPhysical
Emperor WhitehairGroundPhysical/Aqua
Erein (Founder)HybridPhysical
All Force (Symbol of Peace)GroundPhysical/Light
Jolyna (Determination)GroundMagic
Bang (Silver Fang)GroundPhysical/Aqua
Yamo (Captain)GroundPhysical/Dark/True


That was it for our in-depth Anime Adventures tier list. Thanks to this tier list, we hope you guys now have a better understanding of which heroes to use in the game and which not to.

As mentioned earlier, no hero is particularly unusable, but players must consider their team’s overall level before deciding whether or not a particular hero is worth including in their party or not.

Please keep coming back to this post regularly as we keep updating it with all the latest updates, as and when they are released since the characters in this tier list keep on changing and evolving.

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