10 Best Action Anime That Will Get You Hyped Up!

Action is one of the most-watched genres of all time. Who doesn’t like watching two powerhouses facing off against each other in combat? If you are an Anime fan then you must’ve watched loads of anime series by now. Today we will be providing you guys with a list of the greatest Actions Anime of ... Read more

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10 Best Action Anime
Best Action Anime to Watch 2023

Action is one of the most-watched genres of all time. Who doesn’t like watching two powerhouses facing off against each other in combat? If you are an Anime fan then you must’ve watched loads of anime series by now.

Today we will be providing you guys with a list of the greatest Actions Anime of all time and you guys might be missing out on a lot of things if you haven’t watched any one of the Anime that we’re going to mention on our list today.

The anime in the list that we’re going to mention down below are based on the opinion of anime fans worldwide. So let’s not waste any more time and let’s get started with the first anime on our list.

10 Best Action Anime of All Time

1. Jujutsu Kaisen

Release DateOctober 3, 2020
Written ByGege Akutami
IMDB Rating8.5/10
Total Episodes24

We’re starting off our list of the best kick-ass anime with none other than Jujutsu Kaisen. Emotions are always important no matter where you go however, they are especially important in the Jujutsu Kaisen World. The storyline of this anime features Yuji Itadori as the main protagonist who is a freshman at Sugisawa Municipal high school and a member of the modest occult research club.

Yuji has exceptionally strong physical capabilities and he is told to use that strength to help others by his grandfather on his deathbed. Later Yuji is approached by Megumi Fushiguro (a first-year at Jujutsu High) who has been tracking a cursed object around Yuji’s school. Yuji then reveals that he and his friends at the occult club have possession of the cursed object and have planned to take the seal off it that very night.

Megumi explains that the seal is the only thing keeping all the curses away from school and later both Yuji and Megumi then rush to the Sugisawa high school only to find out that they are late and Yuji’s friends have already taken the seal off the object. The curses now began to converge and now Yuji and Megumi need to fight the curses.

There are tons of great action sequences in this anime. Jujutsu Kaisen is also considered one of the Best Anime of all time due to its storyline and action sequences. This was it for our first Anime and now we will move on to the next anime on our list of the Great Action Anime.

2. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z
Dragon Ball Z
Release DateApril 26, 1989
Written ByTakao
IMDB Rating8.8/10
Total Episodes291

It would be a disgrace to the whole Anime community if we do not cover Dragon Ball Z. This staggering Anime features one of the most powerful characters ever created and yes you guessed it right it is Goku. This anime is our favorite in this list because of its storyline, plot, and characters, and especially the action elements present in this anime are just top-notch. Sometimes it is hard to believe that this Anime was released back in 1989 because it is too good.

The storyline starts off with Goku and his young son Gohan living a happy and peaceful life and later they are on their way to meet Goku’s old friends. Upon arrival, Goku meets his friends who are shocked to see his son Gohan. Goku’s happiness is short-lived as his brother named Raditz arrives on Earth to eliminate every single human being. Raditz then reveals that Goku is a Saiyan who was born on the planet Vegeta and was sent to Earth to eliminate the human race. Then we see a battle between Goku and Raditz where Raditz absolutely crushes Goku as he has been trained under the best conditions.

Raditz then takes Gohan (Goku’s son) with him and Goku couldn’t do a single thing as he was already defeated. Later Goku wakes up and teams up with his old rival Picollo who is a Namekian. Both Goku and Picollo then fly to Raditz in order to defeat him once and for all and secure Goku’s son as well.

This is just the beginning of one of the greatest Anime and we are sure that once you start watching it you would not be able to stop yourself from watching the next episode. There are tons of great action sequences in this anime that will get you hyped up. Goku has no idea about the extent of his powers and you guys should watch this anime if you guys wanna discover Goku’s full power.

3. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan
Release DateSeptember 28, 2013
Written ByHajime Isayama
IMDB Rating9.1/10
Total Episodes89

If you are into action, romance, and emotional anime then Attack On Titan is what you need to cure your boredom as this anime has it all. Attack on Titan also known as AOT is set in a world where humanity is forced behind enormous walls because of the humongous, man-eating giants known as the Titans. These Titans would eat every single human in their sight and that is why humanity has been forced to live behind largely great walls.

These Titans can’t Talk, have magical healing powers, are burning hot, and can only be killed by a strong strike at the nape of the neck. There are three walls that protect humanity from the Titans and those are Wall Sina(the innermost wall), Wall Rose(the middle wall), and Wall Maria (the outermost wall). The storyline of this anime takes place in a district inside the outermost wall named Shiganshina where 2 abnormal titans break the Outermost wall (Wall Maria). One was with a fully armored body and the other one was super tall. Both of them weren’t like any of the Titans seen before and they breach the gates of the Wall and start eating every human they see.

There is massive chaos in the Shiganshina district and we are introduced to our main protagonist named Eren Jaeger and his two friends Mikasa and Armin who are teenagers. Everybody in the SHiganshina was retreating back into the Wall Rose (middle wall). However, sadly Eren’s mother was caught by one of the Titans and was eating right in front of Eren’s eyes. The first episode of this anime is going to be really emotional but it will definitely hype you up to watch the other episodes as later Eren swore to kill every last Titan to ever exist.

This anime has loads and loads of action sequences and you might be surprised to see how this anime turns out as you progress watching it further. AOT really explains to its viewers what love, power, and friendship should be like and we are sure that you guys won’t regret watching this anime for sure.

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4. 91 Days

91 Days
91 Days
Release DateJuly 9, 2016
Written ByTaku Kishimoto
IMDB Rating7.8/10
Total Episodes13

This Anime is all about Revenge. Ah! Revenge is a fascinating concept and we believe that it has been around since probably human civilization. Watching someone deserve punishment for what they did wrong in the past might be one of the greatest guilty pleasures of all time. However, sometimes Revenge can be really powerful and even mold a human being into something really dangerous.

The storyline of this anime focuses on Angelo Lagusa who is an orphan that has lost both his parents and younger brother at the hands of the Mafia (Vanetti Family). Angelo seems like he has lost everything in his life and has no desire to live anymore. Even his landlady reported that Angelo is really creepy and she couldn’t even tell if he is dead or alive. One day Angelo receives a letter that tells him the names of the people who were responsible for the death of his family, the hunger for revenge rises inside him and we all could see the birth of a monster.

Well even tho we all know that “Revenge is a Fools game” (Arthur Morgan RDR2) still watching this anime can really be a guilty please for some viewers out there as you wouldn’t yet realize what this anime has in store for you once you watch it. As we have mentioned above, this anime is all about revenge so it must be obvious that it would be packed with action sequences all along. We highly recommend you guys to watch this anime. Alright, this was it for 91 Days and now we will move on to the next best action anime on our list.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul
Release DateJuly 3, 2014
Written BySui Ishida
IMDB Rating7.6/10
Total Episodes12

Some viewers can get uncomfortable while watching this anime as there’s a lot of gore and violence in this anime but if you are into all that then let us spill some beans about Tokyo Ghoul. This action anime features Ken Kaneki as the main protagonist who lives in an alternate reality of Tokyo where ghouls live among humans. Ghouls are exactly like humans except they have enhanced senses and predatory organs called Kagune that can be used as weapons. One weird thing about the Ghouls is that they eat nothing but human flesh.

Kaneki goes out on a date with Rize but the date was a nightmare for Kaneki as Rize turned out to be a Ghoul. However, before Rize could eat him she gets squashed by metal beams and dies. RIP. Later Kaneki wakes up in a hospital and the doctor explains to him that he transplanted Rize’s organs into him in order to save his life. Kaneki then realizes that he is now going to end up as a Ghoul like Rize which he never wanted to be.

This action anime has great action and loads of drama and adventure. We highly recommend you give this anime a try out for yourself.

6. The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins
Release DateNovember 1, 2015
Written ByNakaba Suzuki
IMDB Rating7.8/10
Total Episodes100

The next action anime we have on our list is known as The Seven Deadly Sins. The storyline of this stunning anime starts off in the Kingdom of Liones where we see an old knight and a young squire coming across dozens of holy knights who were killed instantly by seven people. Those seven people came to be known as the seven deadly sins. Then we jump on to Caine’s village 10 years later where we are introduced to our main protagonist of the anime named Meliodas who is also the owner of a bar called the Boar Hat.

Later someone in a huge armor speaking about the seven deadly sins enters the bar. The person in the armor then falls down on the ground revealing and the helmet falls off which reveals one of the cutest characters in this anime named Elizabeth Liones. She later explains that she is looking for the seven deadly sins. Elizabeth also explains that the holy knights are corrupt and the seven deadly sins were right as they were also trying to save the kingdom ten years ago. You guys should definitely watch this action anime to see what secrets are the holy knight hiding.

This anime is great for people who are into action as you won’t get bored of this anime because it is packed with tons of action stuff. This was it for the seven deadly sins and now we will spill some beans about the next action anime on our list.

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7. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Release DateApril 17, 2016
Written ByYoshihiro Togashi
IMDB Rating9/10
Total Episodes148

Rightfully earning the seventh spot on our list is Hunter x Hunter. This action anime follows the story of a young boy named Gon Freecss who one day discovers that his father who he thought was dead is in fact still alive. Gon also learns that his father Ging is a legendary hunter and an individual who has proven himself to be a top member of humanity. Gon also decides to follow in his father’s footsteps once he learns that his father left him to follow his dreams. Now Gon has decided to become a hunter in his own right. In order to pass the hunter exam and prove his ability Gon catches a local monster fish.

This action anime will surely be worth your time and we can bet that you would wanna watch more after each episode. Hunter x Hunter will take you through the struggles and adventures of Gon. There are many action sequences packed in this exquisite anime. Some anime fans even consider this as one of the best anime ever made.

8. Naruto

Release DateSeptember 10, 2005
Written ByMasashi Kishimoto
IMDB Rating8.4/10
Total Episodes500

We don’t think that this action anime needs any introduction but still, there are some new people in the anime world as well. The 8th spot on our list goes to Naruto, it is an anime that is filled with emotional charge, and the storyline of this anime starts off with a quick scene summarizing Naruto’s past. Naruto was quite a troublemaker child as he drew graffiti on the Hokage rock and he was later scolded by his teacher named Iruka Umino. Later a shinobi named Mizuki tries to take advantage of Naruto while he’s emotionally weak.

Mizuki tells Naruto that he needs to steal the Shadow Clone jutsu from the Hokage residence in order to learn how to use it later Mizuki learns that Naruto manages to master the Jutsu straight from its source and this turns out to be a mistake for Mizuki and as he goes to take the Jutsu he and Iruka are thrown into a fight where Mizuki proves to be superior but Iruka sacrifices himself for Naruto. This event causes Naruto to use the Jutsu to absolutely destroy Mizuki.

You guys should definitely check out what happens to Naruto later in the action anime so don’t forget to watch it. Naruto is packed with fun action sequences from the beginning and if you haven’t watched it then you are missing out on something really worth your time.

9. One Punch Man

One Punch Man
One Punch Man
Release DateOctober 5, 2015
Written ByYusuke Mutara
IMDB Rating8.7/10
Total Episodes24

Now it’s time to discuss one of the most loved anime which is One Punch Man. The anime opens up on an ordinary day in a peaceful city that is quickly spoiled by the arrival of a lethal monster. The monster causes a lot of chaos around the city and even beats up any heroes that stand in his way. However, later a blad, skinny and disinterested man approaches the monster who turns out to be our main protagonist named Saitama.

Our protagonist then proceeds to eliminate the monster in a single punch. Saitama then curses himself for being too powerful. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Saitama lives in a simple life in a tiny apartment and is looking for a worthy challenge. Saitama later saves a few more heroes who later decide to be his disciple.

We are pretty sure that you guys must’ve heard about this anime once as it is overwhelmingly popular worldwide. Now we will hop on to the last action anime on our list.

10. Pokémon

Release DateApril 1, 1997
Written BySatoshi Tajiri
IMDB Rating7.5/10
Total Episodes1244

So the last anime on our list is none other than Pokémon. It would be a shame if we did not cover this anime in our list today. The hero of anime here is Ash Ketchum who is a 10-year-old kid. Most of you who haven’t watched the Pokémon series must still be aware of Ash Ketchum as he is also one of the most-loved anime characters of all time. Ash seeks to become a master Pokémon champion in the pocket monster fighting circuit.

However, Ash is a lazy bum as he wakes up late for the most important day that he has been preparing for. Ash then misses Professor Oak’s standard selecton Pokémon and this leaves Ash stuck with an electric mouse Pikachu. Pikachu is one of the cutest anime characters of all time and also one with anger issues. Professor Oak gives 6 Pokeballs to Ash so he could catch some Pokémons. Check out all the Pokemon games you can play right now.

If you guys have not watched this anime then we highly recommend you watch this one. This action anime has over 1000 episodes so yes it might take a bit of time but it would surely be worth it in the end and we can bet on that. This was it for Pokémon


This was our list of the most popular action Anime of all time and we hope that you guys have an anime on your watchlist now. If you guys have any doubts regarding the information that we have provided above then feel free to write them down below.

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