20 Best Games Like Stardew Valley To Play If You Like Country-Life RPGs

Stardew Valley has managed to grow into one of the most beloved Simulation role-playing games in recent times. The players assume the role of a character who has been left with his deceased grandfather’s farm as an inheritance, and now as the new owner of a shabby farm, you have to restore it to a ... Read more

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Best Games Like Stardew Valley
Best Games Like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has managed to grow into one of the most beloved Simulation role-playing games in recent times. The players assume the role of a character who has been left with his deceased grandfather’s farm as an inheritance, and now as the new owner of a shabby farm, you have to restore it to a properly functioning farming facility.

If you are a Stardew Valley lover and love playing Country Life RPGs then we have come up with some of the Best Games Like Stardew Valley which you will be enjoying for sure.

If you enjoy playing Farming Simulation games and have found a keen interest in playing Stardew Valley, we have a more exciting collection for you.

We have compiled some of the most amazing Farming Sim Games like Stardew Valley for you to recreate similar magic.

20. Garden Story

Garden Story
Garden Story
Release Date11 August 2021
PlatformsNintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PC, macOS,
Mac Operating Systems

Garden Story is an action role-playing game in which players will play as a grape named Concord, who is the caretaker of a kindergarten. Concord is tasked by the Guardian of the Spring Hamlet to go on an epic adventure to rid their beautiful and vibrant world of the rapidly growing threat of something called the Rot.

In this game, players will meet interesting characters, who much like our main protagonist, resemble various other fruits and vegetables, and it is by conversing with them that players will be able to know more about their history and help them rebuild the place together.

Additionally, players will also look to fend off the rot by solving puzzles located all throughout the four distinct colorful regions in the game.

19. Littlewood

Release Date4 August 2020
Developer(s)Sean Young
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC, Linux, macOS

Littlewood is a town-building game that takes place in a world that has been saved from the looming threats of the Dark Wizard, but the victory has come at a great cost to everyone involved in it Their town is now a shadow of its former self and it is now up to the Players in this game, along with the fellow residents of the town, to work together and take up the responsibility of restoring the town back to its glory days.

Players will look to explore the expansive world of Solemn and visit the various unique biomes located all across the game’s map like Enchanted forests, chirpy fishing villages, and dark and dangerous caves in search of various rare resources that they can utilize to rebuild the towns.

Additionally, players can also look to master new hobbies in the game like Woodcutting, Mining, Fishing, Farming, etc.

18. Doraemon Story of Seasons

Doraemon Story of Seasons
Doraemon Story of Seasons
Release Date11 October 2019
Developer(s)Marvelous Inc., Brownies Inc.
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4

Doraemon Story of Seasons is a farming simulation game that looks to successfully combine the farming elements from the Story of Seasons series and the various unique characters and gadgets of the Doraemon series.

Players will play as the iconic Doraemon character named Nobita and will take part in various activities like plowing fields and growing crops, feeding and taking care of their cattle and sheep, indulging in the game fishing system to catch various varieties of fish, utilizing the house-decoration system to decorate their house from head-to-toe with aesthetic elements, and much, much more.

Moreover, fans of the popular Doraemon series will be pleased to see members of the original cast of the series like Gin and Shizuka be available in the game in the form of supporting actors, to try and assist Nobita in his adventures.

17. Immortal Life

Immortal Life
Immortal Life
Release Date28 April 2022
Developer(s)YiFang Studio

Immortal Life is a town management game with simulation elements in which players will take control of a member of a cultivation sect, who discovers a recently formed village located in a picturesque valley after they had initially fled their own village due to its destruction.

Now welcomed as the newest member of the young community, players will now try to devotedly develop the newly formed village into a thriving village to the best of their abilities by taking part in various activities like farming.

Occasionally, fellow villagers will call upon them to assist them in other activities as well like harvesting raw materials, hunting more food for them, or constructing new structures and buildings.

Helping fellow villagers acts as a major part of this game, as the more the players help them in various activities, the stronger their relationship with the villagers will eventually become, opening the way for them to receive new items, skills, and quests from them.

16. Roots of Pacha

Roots of Pacha
Roots of Pacha
Release Date25 April 2023
Developer(s)Soda Den
PlatformsLinux, macOS, PC

Roots of Pacha is an indie farming and live simulation game that is set in the Stone Age where a clan of people, on the guidance of their Goddess Pacha, relocate their entire settlement next to a well-renowned Pacha tree and start afresh.

This game is mainly centered around the concept of ‘idea’ and ‘discovery’ where activities of the player’s character contribute to the overall development and advancement of the clan as a whole.

Fishing for various varieties of fish or harvesting various crops and donating them to the village, for example, will grant players not only welfare points but most importantly, contribution points as well, that act as the main currency of the game, which players can trade for new technologies and tools.

15. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Release Date6 September 2022
PlatformsNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, macOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-simulation adventure game in which players must oversee a fantasy valley full of iconic Disney characters and must look to rid it of a curse called ‘The Forgetting’ and aim to try and restore the valley to its former glory.

In this game, players will take control of various iconic characters usually seen in Pixar and Disney cartoons, shows, and movies and will have to take part in activities like farming for various food items, constructing/renovating the house of their dreams, exploring the open world of the valley to collect rare resources.

14. Kynseed

Kynseed game
Kynseed game
Release Date6 December 2022
Developer(s)PixelCount Studios

The next game on our list is a fun and relaxing, 2-D Indie life simulation game called Kynseed which is set in the mystical world of Quill. The game has a unique mechanic where players will grow a family, and when they eventually grow old and die, the knowledge and skills they acquired during the duration of the game will be passed down to their children, and the cycle continues indefinitely.

In this game, players can take part in a variety of different activities like exploring the open world the game has to offer and taking on mysterious creatures, becoming full-fledged entrepreneurs, and running their very own blacksmith, or goods store business.

Moreover, players will also be able to farm their lands and grow various crops, develop meaningful relationships with NPCs, gather materials to craft items and construct weapons, and buy strange, and powerful artifacts to help you on your journey.

13. Dinkum

Dinkum game
Dinkum game
Release Date14 July 2022
Developer(s)James Bendon

Moving on to the next game on our list, Dinkum is a relaxing life simulation, town-builder game set in the Australian outback-inspired locality, in which players will look to grow a seemingly vacant area into a thriving colony.

In this game, players will look to explore lush tropical forests, withstand the iconic intense heat of the outback area, and go fishing, hunting, and bug-catching to add them to their collection.

Moreover, players will also be adding and decorating their town with various elements like fences, streetlamps, windmills, hedges, and more to not only keep the existing civilians happy and invite newer ones to join in and settle down, but to also enable them to open stores selling rare and unique items.

12. Yonder: The Cloudcatcher Chronicles

Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
Release Date18 July 2017
Developer(s)Prideful Sloth
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One,
Xbox Series X/S

Coming to the next game on our list of best games to play like Stardew Valley, Yonder is a third-person, calming open-world adventure game in which players play as a customizable character who is shipwrecked on a magical island known as Gemea.

While on the island, the players must assist the townsfolk by dispelling a toxic fog known as the Murk by traveling across 8 distinct environments ranging from snow-capped mountains to tropical beaches, to try and collect the required number of sprites to cleanse the Murk, once and for all.

During the course of the game, however, players will also take part in activities like bartering with the local townsfolk, indulging in a relaxing experience of fishing and farming at leisure, interacting with and adopting the local fauna, and also experiencing the game’s unique dynamic cycle and day-and-night cycle, to give the entire island of Gemea a truly living and breathing feel.

11. Coral Island

Coral Island game
Coral Island game
Release Date11 October 2022
Developer(s)Stairway Games

Moving on to the next game on our list, Coral Island is a vibrant farming simulation game that gives players complete freedom in deciding what kind of life-simulation game they wish to play.

In this game, players can either look to create a character of their choice and venture to the colorful Coral Islands to try and live the ultimate life by building the ideal farm of their dreams, or live the laid-back lifestyle and live off the many resources the island provides them with.

Additionally, apart from building the farm of their dreams, and deciding what crops to grow and which animals to own, players will also be able to dive into the ocean and explore underwater caverns to harvest precious gems and clean up the coral life in the process as well, to create a more sustainable environment.

10. Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4
Rune Factory 4
Release Date19th July 2012
Developer(s)Neverland, Marvelous, Hakama Inc.
PlatformsXbox One, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC

If you are looking for a decent alternative to Stardew Valley then Rune Factory 4 might be the perfect Farming Simulation for you. This game offers perfect farming simulation with additional features such as raising animals, mining resources, fishing, and building relationships. The storyline of this game is quite captivating with unique experiences and elements. To kick things up a notch, the developers didn’t hold back on the graphics either.

9. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town
Release Date18th April 2003
Developer(s)Natsume Inc, Marvelous Entertainment Inc.
PlatformsWii U, Game Boy Advance

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town is yet another game that captures the essence of Country Life perfectly. This game provides all the necessary features which are essential in any farming sim. The features include crop cultivation, raising livestock, and participating in various rural community activities. The game aesthetics are simple and vivid with contrasting color schemes.

8. My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia
My Time at Portia
Release Date23rd January 2018
PlatformsmacOS, PC, Xbox Cloud Gaming, iOS Xbox One, PS 4,
Nintendo Switch, Android

My Time at Portia is a unique take on the Farming Sim Category by taking place in a post-apocalyptic setting. In this game, you inherit your father’s workshop and work on its restoration and degradation.

In this game, you are required to gather resources and craft items while attending to the needs of the townspeople.

The vivid graphics and explorative design of the game make it a thousand times more engaging.

7. Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher
Slime Rancher
Release Date14th January 2016
Developer(s)Monomi Park
PlatformsMac OS, PC, Xbox One, PS 4, Nintendo Switch, Linux

Slime Rancher is a very unique take on the genre with the story unfolding on a different planet altogether. In this game, you play as a character called Rancher who is tasked to raise and collect adorable and colorful creatures called Slime. This is yet another open-world explorative design that will give you a remarkable experience. The game may not exactly be like Stardew Valley but this unique take on the concept surely will be a fresh and welcome change for you.

6. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Story of Seasons Trio of Towns
Story of Seasons Trio of Towns
Release Date23rd June 2016
PlatformsNintendo 3DS

You can count on Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns for an immersive farming simulation. In this game, you get the opportunity to manage your farm while having 3 distinct towns at your service.

Each town brings forth unique characters and cultures. You can engage in activities such as cooking, mining, and fishing.

This game also provides the opportunity to build relationships and friendships with the game characters.

5. Farm Together

Farm Together
Farm Together
Release Date22nd February 2018
Developer(s)Milkstone Studios
PlatformsPS 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS, Xbox One,

Farm Together is a delightful Co-op farming simulator that lets you manage your own farm. This relaxing game gives you the opportunity to play solo or with friends as per your preference. You can engage in farming activities, raise animals as well as decorate your farm.

As you level up in the game, more items and crops are unlocked keeping the game progression refreshing.

4. Staxel

Release Date23rd January 2018
Developer(s)Plukit BV, Plukit

Staxel is a Voxel-based Farming sim with an interesting game design. In this game, your journey begins as a new resident in a vibrant village.

The colorful and block-like art style of the game is enjoyed by a number of players worldwide. Whether it is cultivating crops, raising animals, or engaging in activities such as fishing, this game has it all.

This game also gives emphasis on relationship-building with the game characters.

3. Verdant Skies

Verdant Skies
Verdant Skies
Release Date12th February 2018
Developer(s)Howling Moon Software
PlatformsPC, macOS

Verdant Skies is yet another decent alternative for Stardew Valley with a vivid and graphical countryside view. In this game, you get to unravel various mysteries of the plane. You can explore the limitless beautiful landscapes while tending to your farming duties.

2. World’s Dawn

World's Dawn
World’s Dawn
Release Date25th January 2016
Developer(s)Wayward Prophet

World’s Dawn is a life sim that takes you to live a coastal village life. In this video game, you can cherish doing various fun farm activities in a picturesque setting. On the plus side, you get to interact with a diverse set of characters in the game and enjoy a purely interactive and immersive gameplay experience. The ambiance of the game is soothing and enjoyable with lots of fun events and festivals.

1. Garden Paws

Garden Paws
Garden Paws
Release Date20th October 2018
Developer(s)Bitten Toast Games
PlatformsPC, Nintendo Switch, MacOS

Garden Paws is an enchanting escape into the world of RPGs. The dynamics of this game are a little different than the other games on this list. In this game, you take on the character of a cute animal who is set on an expedition of discovering its surroundings. The gameplay lets you engage in farming activities, building, and entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which game is like Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley belongs to the category of Farming Simulation and RPG. Some games similar to Stardew Valley are My Time at Portia, Garden Paws, World’s Dawn, and Verdant Skies.

Can you play Rune Factory 4 on PC?

Yes, Rune Factory 4 is compatible with PC.

Is the Stardew Valley game safe for kids?

Well, overall Stardew Valley is a safe choice for kids but it does involve some monster fighting and is thus rated for children above 10 years of age.

Does Stardew Valley have romance?

As a matter of fact, Yes! Stardew Valley has romance options.


This brings you to the end of our article on The Best Games Like Stardew Valley, also check out its mods here. We hope that you will enjoy playing these games. Do not forget to write down your favorite Farming Sim in the comments below. We will be back with more exciting and fun gaming news soon. Till then, Happy Gaming!

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