The 10 Best Characters In Tekken 7 – Tier List 2024

Tekken is a Japanese Media Franchise that has been developing stunning titles for over the past 29 years. This video game franchise is one of the oldest franchises in existence, and even today, its influence and fanbase are continuously growing. It has proved to be successful, both commercially and critically. So far, there have been ... Read more

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Tekken is a Japanese Media Franchise that has been developing stunning titles for over the past 29 years. This video game franchise is one of the oldest franchises in existence, and even today, its influence and fanbase are continuously growing.

It has proved to be successful, both commercially and critically. So far, there have been seven main games and three additional games in this franchise, with Tekken 7 being the latest mainline entry, and a new title in this franchise is around the corner named Tekken 8.

10. Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix
Paul Phoenix

Paul Phoenix is among those very few characters that have consistently been a part of every main Tekken game, and there is no way that the list of best characters in Tekken 7 can be completed without Paul.

He is an American martial arts champion who has Kazuya and Kuma as his longstanding rivals. He has desperately tried to win the King of the Iron Fist tournament but failed every time despite reaching very close to winning it.

Paul is one of those characters that is picked the most by the beginners because of his easy move-set. On offense, Paul is a ferocious character, with his quick evasive moves and incredibly frightening counter-hit launcher that makes any attempt to fight back intimidating.

If somehow he manages to pin an opponent to the wall, their fate is sealed, thanks to his deadly combos. Marshall Law is his closest foe.

9. Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama
Asuka Kazama

Asuka Kazama, though just 17, is a fierce warrior of the Kazama clan who will never pull off her hands from a fight. She is the half-sister of Jin Kazama and fights using Kazama style traditional martial arts which she learned from her father.

Asuka has a good heart that drives her to become a vigilante because of which she is known to break up fights or even cause them if need be.

She has one of the finest reversals in the game, as well as a variety of evasive moves that allow her to score a counter hit that can lead to highly deadly combos.

A good knockdown is capable of providing Asuka with a significant momentum boost, which she can channel into her strong okizeme move.

She made her first appearance in Tekken 5. She earns her spot in the list of best characters in Tekken 7. Now let us move on to the next character on our list of the best characters in Tekken 7

8. Hwoarang


Hwoarang is one of the oldest and best Tekken 7 characters. He is skilled in the Taekwondo art. Initially, he used to take part in street fights where he met Jin Kazama, the fight between the two ended in a draw after which Hworang decided to improve upon his skills so that he could defeat Jin. Interestingly, both Hworang and Jin become friends.

Hwoarang has also served in the special force unit in the South Korean military which he left after some time for which he was arrested but finally pardoned for good service and previous exploits that he did for the military.

Hwoarang doesn’t like to take orders from anyone, except his master, Baek, whom he respects dearly. His defense is not that great but his offense is unparalleled, he can K.O his opponents using just his kicks.

7. Bob


If any character has gone through an extreme transformation in the history of Tekken, it has to be Bob (Robert Richards).

Bob, the martial arts prodigy, earlier used to be slim and short because of which he was unable to get in fights with bigger and stronger opponents because of his weight. An alternative version of him, named Slim Bob can be played in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Bob made his debut in Tekken 6 and has been a regular member of the roster of every subsequent Tekken game.

Bob thrives to become better every day, as a result, he doesn’t care much about his chiseled looks anymore as he had back in the day when was slim, and instead gives up his amazing physique by gaining quite a few pounds just because he wants to fight in the league above his. Despite his heavy build, he is exceptionally fast, strong, and hard-hitting.

6. Julia Chang

Julia Chang
Julia Chang

Julia Chang is not a new name in Tekken Universe, she has been a consistent member of the Tekken Roster since Tekken 3.

Her unknown parents abandoned her when she was just an infant, after which she was found and raised by her adoptive mother Michelle, whom Julia adores.

She is a brave woman who, when confronted with challenges, will stand her ground and fight for the greater good to safeguard the people and the things that she values.

Julia Chang is arguably the most powerful female character in the game, which is why in this Tekken 7 tier list we have given her the number six spot.

She is super fast and her rapid attacks can be chained into other attacks resulting in deadly combos that deal can deal massive amounts of damage. In the hands of a capable player, Julia Chang is a death machine.

5. Lee Chaolan

Staggering Lee Chaolan

Lee Chaolan first appeared in Tekken 1 then later appeared in every single Tekken game except for Tekken 3. He is also the founder and CEO of the robotics corporation.

Lee’s parents died when he was young then Heihachi Mishima adopted him when and raised him to be a challenging opponent for Kazuya Mishima. Lee is also a master of the Mishima Fighting style.

Lee can kick his opponent numerous times in just a few seconds. He is also really charming and quite the ladies’ man. Players should learn to control Lee before choosing him as a player. Alright now let us move on to the next character on our list of the astonishing Tekken 7 characters.

4. Akuma


Akuma is one of the best characters in Tekken 7, his character is shown to be ruthless and terrifying. He has mastered the art of Satsui No Hado and even killed his master, who taught him the martial art style, to prove that he is better.

Though Akuma is ruthless and shows no mercy on his opponents, he is known to spare opponents who he thinks have the potential to become powerful fighters in the future.

Despite his terrifying disposition and ruthless personality, Akuma has a soft corner in his heart. He is not known to pick up fights with people weaker than him rather he’ll save them if need be.

He has the best combo damage in the game. Akuma makes his debut in Tekken 7 where he goes on a quest to fulfill his promise to Kazumi to kill her husband Heihachi and their son Kazuya.

3. Heihachi Mishima

The owner of Mishima Zaibatsu and the original host of the King of the Iron Fist Tournament, Heihachi Mishima is also one of the strongest Tekken 7 characters.

He is a cruel person, and his acts are brutal. He threw his five-year-old son, Kazuya, off a cliff just to check if he was strong enough to run the Mishima Zaibatsu.

He also imprisoned his father and starved him to death, killed his wife (allegedly in self-defense), shot his grandson, Jin, and performed other evil acts.

Despite all this, he also has a good side, he raised two bears and other animals which shows his love for them. Also, he loved her wife Kazumi before the Devil Gene took over her.

Because of his powerful and over-the-top moves, Heihachi is one of the greatest choices for aggressive players. Most of his finest techniques are low-to-no-risk, and his damage potential is enormous.

His easy-to-use, Demon Uppercut is a deadly launcher that is nearly impossible to punish even if it is blocked.

2. Kazuya Mishima

On the number two spot of this Tekken 7-tier list of strongest characters, we have Kazuya Mishima. Some people even believe that he is the strongest character in the history of the Tekken Universe, but that is not the case.

He was thrown off a cliff by his father, Heihachi Mishima when he was just five years of age which activated the devil gene inside of him.

Even Kazuya couldn’t make his son Jin love him, and the family tradition of Mishimas, the father-son strife, continued.

Kazuya is often the primary choice of old Tekken players. He is known to land single blows that are powerful enough to knock down the opponent.

Players take the most out of Kazuya by Punishing after blocking the enemy attacks rather than surprise attacks. Kazuya is equipped with one of the deadliest punishment moves in the game.

Kazuya is not the character that you want to pick if you’re a beginner, only an experienced player can bring the best out of him.

1. Jin Kazama

The top spot in the list of the most powerful and the best Tekken 7 characters we have none other than Jin Kazama. He is the best of both worlds- the Mishima clan and the Kazama clan.

His fighting style is Mishima Style Fighting Karate mixed with Kazama Style Traditional Martial Arts which makes him one of the deadliest fighters in the game.

At the end of The King of the Iron Fist tournament, he was shot in the head by his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima which awoke the devil gene inside of him.

He is a well-rounded character that allows players to play to their strengths. With his excellent movements, Mishima-style wave dash, and powerful ranged attacks, he does a great job at keeping the opponents wherever he wants and dominates the space.

But again, he is not a character you might wanna pick if you’re a beginner. To be able to use Jin to his full potential, one needs a lot of dedication and near-perfect execution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which character is the strongest in Tekken 7?

    Jin Kazama has to be the strongest character in Tekken 7. Even if you disagree with that, Devil Jin surely takes the first spot among the strongest fighters in the game.

  2. Who are the Tekken 7 DLC characters?

    The Tekken 7 DLC characters include Anna, Lei, Marduk, Armor King, Julia, Zafina, Ganryu, Leroy, Fahkumram, Lidia, and Kunimitsu.

  3. Is Jin Kazama a good guy?

    Jin Kazama used to be a good guy as he was the hero of the game in Tekken 3,4, and 5 but in Tekken 6 after the devil gene inside of him took over him completely, he became unstoppable. He has caused more deaths in Tekken 6 than Kazuya and Heihachi have in the whole series combined. He can never be a good guy.

  4. Who is the most loved Tekken character?

    This question is very subjective. The players seem to have sympathy for Kazuya after knowing what he has gone through in his childhood, players also love Jin, though, after the events of Tekken 6, that number surely would have dropped. There are other characters as well like Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law that people love, so there is no single answer to this question.

  5. Is Tekken 7 the last Tekken?

    No, definitely not, in fact, Tekken 8 is currently in development and can be released in 2023, though the developers have not announced the exact release date yet.

So, that is it, these are the best characters in Tekken 7, of course from our point of view and what we think. You can comment down below and tell us what you think of this list. We know that we have excluded some of the characters that are indeed powerful and worthy of mention like, Nina Williams, Steve Fox, Brian Fury, and others.

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