Alchemist Code Tier List 2024: Best Characters Ranked

Alchemist Code is a mobile strategy-based RPG developed by the Japanese Game Company, Gumi Inc. Just like other turn-based role-playing games, Alchemist Code’s gameplay is centered on team structuring. The player has to deploy a team of 4 characters to clear the storyline of the game. We cannot proceed in the chapter if our team ... Read more

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Alchemist Code is a mobile strategy-based RPG developed by the Japanese Game Company, Gumi Inc. Just like other turn-based role-playing games, Alchemist Code’s gameplay is centered on team structuring.

The player has to deploy a team of 4 characters to clear the storyline of the game. We cannot proceed in the chapter if our team is not strong enough.

It is important to deploy strong characters during the gameplay to safeguard your chances of winning. This is why we’ve prepared a Tier List for you so that you know the best characters to deploy in your team.

Alchemist Code Tier List

Alchemist Code
Alchemist Code

The characters in Alchemist Code can be summoned by Banners, Story Events, Unit Shards, and Special Events.

It is always convenient to know the strongest characters in the game so that you can increase the chances of clearing the level. This is why we felt the need to curate a Tier List to help you select the best characters in your team.

Upon procurement of these characters, you can proceed to level them up. It is essential to evolve the characters to utilize their maximum potential during the gameplay.

If the characters are not leveled up continuously, they may cause hindrance in your game progression and you will have to repeat the level several times.

We have divided the Alchemist Code Tier List based on the rarity and abilities of the characters. Upon incorporation of these factors we have come up with:

  • S Tier List: The list of strongest Alchemist Code Characters that will grant you maximum chances of winning.
  • A Tier List: These are strong characters that provide solid stability to the team.
  • B Tier List: This list contains characters that have average ability statistics.
  • C Tier List: This list contains the lowest cadre of Alchemist Code Characters that may only serve well in the initial levels of the game.

Alchemist Code Character Elements

Alchemist Code Elements
Alchemist Code Elements

It is important to keep in mind that the element of the character is also necessary to be taken into consideration. Certain characters are more vulnerable to specific enemies due to their core elements.

There are a total of 6 elements that make up the essence of every character. These elements are:

  • Dark
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Thunder
  • Water
  • Wind



This section contains the list of the strongest characters you will find in Alchemist Code. Even having a single S Tier Character in your team will give you a huge advantage in the gameplay.

To impart maximum damage and best resistance from the enemy troops, it is best when S Tier characters are leveled up to the max.

It is advisable to have at least one S Tier Character in your team to have an upper hand against the enemies. Here is the list of best Alchemist Code Characters distributed according to their core elements.

DarkZahar, Sol, Ryui, Nero, Jin, Ikasa, Naofumi Iwatani, Lil’ Ouroboros, Eliza, Ignacio,
Failnaught, Grimm I
FireHestia, Bell Cranel, Ugachi, Kaya, Nesha, Escanor, Morrigan, Vettel, Chihaya,
Ragnarok, Nimul, Asuka, Icona, Cadanova, Mira, Adaleigh
LightZechs, Tiferet, Suzuka, Spica, Raphtalia, Nina, Neica, Minerva, Milim Nava, Logi, Hisham, Emmel, Chloe, Cheryl, Blair, Andechs, Alma, Ainanna
ThunderYna Ku, Vier, Roxanne, Minerva, Nyx, Monzein, Lilith, Dark Julia, Dark Othima, Gerald,
Judith, Celis, Cassius, Zafeiris, Claris
WaterLisbeth, Ankh, Dark Loginus, Elra, Letitia, Ravina, Julia, Yauras, Voda, Dark Mira, Emrys,
Li Wang
WindWallenstein, Uzumu, Tamis, Setsuna, Red Vi, Rahu, Ramses, Nefertiti, Natalie, Na Zhu,
Masakado, Macherie, Leafah, Lachesis, King, Filo, Ewan, Eulalia, Dark Nyx, Acht

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A-Tier characters provide the next best lineup in the Alchemist Code after S Tier Characters. Even if you don’t possess higher-ranked characters, having at least three A-Tier Characters will give you a fair chance of winning. However, it is best to pair A-Tier Characters with S-Tier Characters for maximum impact. It is important to level up your A-Tier Characters at every opportunity you get.

Here is the list of all the best A-Tier Characters that you can summon in Alchemist Code.

DarkAlbea, Matia, Anastasia, Basheeny, Bertha, Birgitta, Glanz, Irene, Kudanstein, Estella, Rosa,
Lakina, Lunaris, Meliodas, Merlin, Mia, Neun, Quence, Zheng Yi, Yura, Tsukuyomi, Reida,
FireNoah, Miuna, Lupinus, Lisanaut, Kagura, Emma, Don Taras, Sulva, Dark Setsuna,
Dark Masamune, Daisy, Ines, Rochelle, Hazel, Fuu, Fury, Eve, Courage, Fitoria, Reimel,
Carla, Benimaru, Ban, Arthur
LightBianca, Dark Tyrfing, Fairily, Fiona, Fraise, Kasumi, Solomon, Kanon, Hercule, Gowther,
Siegfried, Sieba, Nicaea, Moa, Zain Kaeda, Claybelle, Tyrfing, Toritoh, Su Yi
ThunderMocca, Teona, Glass, Sharon, Rebecca, Rachel, Fujika, Lucia, Lucretia, Magnus, Orion,
Ange, Zeldris, Caris, Corvus, Dark Freikugel, Dark Laevateinn, Dark Olivier, Edger, Eizan
WaterZehn, Soren, Rimuru Tempest, Ren, Plumeria, Othima, Natsume, Minario, Melty Melromarc,
Merlinus, Lofia, Lamia, Klima, Itsuki, Evelika, Eins, Daphne, Shahel, Diane, D’Artagnan, Alaia
WindMocca, Fayrene, Dark Parashu, Dark Artemis, Artemis, Balt, Kubera, Leoniaz, Lucian, Patty,
Scheherazade, Seida, Shion, Tanosuke, Tamamo, Zwei, Schmeier, Yomi



Alchemist Code B Tier Characters can furnish only average combat & defense potential against the enemy troops. It is not as much of a luxury but a necessity to level up these characters to advance in the game. It is not the best choice to have B Tier Characters in your team. However, it becomes necessary to work with B-Tier Characters in the initial stages of the game. Here is the list of B-Tier characters divided as per their elemental powers.

DarkTheresa, Reida, Priscilla, Mirianne, Kuza, Hozuki, Gormalas, Dark Zain, Dark Princess Yomi,
Dark Chloe, Blanchett, Aswald
FireZangetsu, Vivi, Sakura, Melda, Liu Shen, Kamui, Gilfred, Creto, Dorothea
LightRyle, Waginau, Meilikki, Hange, Margaret, Freed, Eros, Elizabeth Liones, Aisha, Bud, Carol
ThunderZofia, Yuri, Tsang Lei, Tehre, Meily, Laevateinn, Mei Fang, Lotiyah, Laila, Deneb, Blitz
WaterElaine, Elizabeth, Ennis, Forcas, Fung Liu, Gino, Rimuru Tempest, Malta, Kevin, Longinus,
Selena, Shenmei, Shayna, Sophia, Yunagi, Tethys
WindTina, Helene, Suiran, Silma, Parashu, Lizardman, Hiiragi, Izayoi, Hayate, Cordelia, Cita,

Alchemist Code C Tier List


Last but not least is the list of Alchemist Code C Characters. This list includes all the 1-star & 2-star characters of Alchemist Code. These are the characters that hold the least advantage during the gameplay. Being very common characters, they are the easiest to procure in the game. Ideally, it is best not to deploy C-Tier Characters. If there is no other option to deploy then the element of the characters should be taken into consideration in the context of enemy vulnerability.

Here is the Alchemist Code Tier List for all the C Tier Characters in the game.

DarkZahar(Fate), Yuan, Sabareta, Rosa, Pride, Levi, Annerose, Aranea, Archer, Killia, Harbinger,
FireYuto, Veloz, Vargas, Shekinah, Lambert, Laharl, Jake, Roy Mustang, Rin Tohsaka, Richie,
Ciel, Arkil, Alyu, Red Magnus, Mianne, Masamune, Ila, Gladiolus, Eren
LightAmaterasu, Tomas, Victor, Won, Zeke, Soleil, Shaman, Seraphina, Protector, Hugo, Kuon,
Olga, Peridot, Etna, Alphonse, Celliers, Decel, Dragoon Chloe
ThunderAlfred, Amis, Aruba, Chao, Dilga, Freikugel, Gilgamesh, Ishuna, Justin, King Bradley, Luchido,
Megistos, Prompto, Vincent, Vanekis, Usalia, Sovereign, Retzius
WaterReagan, Riza Hawkeye, Prinny, Noctis, Mizuchi, Mikasa, Micheal, Rin(Disgaea), Lamia(Fate),
Forcas, Illyasviel, Gunner, Gato, Strauss, Gane, Elrike, Dancer Shenmei, Chiruru, Rin,
Chat Noir, Annika, Almace, Alexis, Amane
WindReiner, Rigalt, Saber, Thillie, Yomi(Fate), Celine, Almira(Disgaea), Edward, Envy, Fencer,
Leon, Melia, Milis, Nasario, Polin, Kazahaya, Ignis, Hazuki, Gyan, Flamei

This marks the end of our post on the Alchemist Code Tier List. We truly hope that this list will guide you in your gameplay. If you wish to connect with us, simply leave a comment. We will be back with more exciting Tier Lists soon. Till then!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Elemental Shards in Alchemist Code?

There are various ways to obtain Elemental Shards in the Alchemist Code. You can exchange a duplicate character unit for Soul Shards, obtain 3 shards on clearing each stage, and earn them as event rewards. You can also buy them from the in-app store and soul exchange shop.

Who is the best character in the Alchemist Code?

Many characters in Alchemist Code provide a wide range of attributes to the team. In our personal opinion Daisy, Fuu, Don Taras, and Asuka are the top picks in Alchemist Code.

Is Alchemist Code shutting down?

Unfortunately, Yes. The Alchemist Code game is shutting down on 31st March 2023. The official announcement was made on Twitter on 7th February 2023.

Can I play Alchemist Code on PC?

Well, Alchemist Code is a game that is specifically designed for mobile devices. If you, however, want to play Alchemist Code on your PC. Then, you can use an Android Emulator such as BlueStacks to run the game on your PC device.

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