30 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods For Players To Use To Make Their Time Spent In Night City More Engaging

With all its technical hiccups aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game underneath. It has a lot of great things going in its favor like the amazingly well-crafted and atmospheric Sci-fi Night City, intricate and diverse cybernetic augmentations, smooth, fast-paced combat mechanics, interesting, memorable characters with unique backstories, and much more. Even with all these ... Read more

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Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods
Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods

With all its technical hiccups aside, Cyberpunk 2077 is a great game underneath. It has a lot of great things going in its favor like the amazingly well-crafted and atmospheric Sci-fi Night City, intricate and diverse cybernetic augmentations, smooth, fast-paced combat mechanics, interesting, memorable characters with unique backstories, and much more.

Even with all these great things already present in the game, however, players still feel the game is lacking in a few aspects. Luckily for CD Projekt, the intuitive modding community has taken matters into its own hands and has come up with some truly spectacular mods for this game that cover almost everything from tweaking the overall graphics and textures of the base game to something more advanced like a powerful XP Multiplier, and also introducing new gameplay mechanics like a brand new stealth system.

So, if you are someone who has been sitting on the fence about whether or not to try this game or someone who has just taken a hiatus from the horrible initial launch this game went through, we request you take a look at these gameplay-enhancing mods that will surely entice you enough to dive back into this game and experience Night City’s life first-hand, in all its glory.

Before we take a look at all the amazing game-altering mods, however, let us first understand how to integrate mods in Cyberpunk 2077 in the first place:

How To Install Mods In Cyberpunk 2077

Implementing mods in Cyberpunk 2077 is not complicated at all but there are a few crucial steps involved that the players will have to follow to be able to install the mods of their choosing properly.

The steps to properly install mods in this popular sci-fi game are as follows:

Step 1: The first thing players need to do is go over to ‘Nexus Mods’ and download their very own mod manager called ‘Vortex’. Next, follow the on-screen pop-ups and instructions to successfully install it in the drive of your choosing. By default, it will install in C Drive.

Step 2: With the Vortex Mod Manager downloaded and installed, players need to log in to Vortex Mod Manager using their registered Nexus Mods’ account credentials.

Step 3: Once players successfully log into their Vortex Mod Manager dashboard, they need to navigate to the ‘Games’ tab and search for Cyberpunk 2077. Once they see the game in the search result, they need to click on it to begin the game’s integration process with the Vortex Mod Manager.

Step 4: Now that the Vortex Mod Manager has a Cyberpunk 2077 category made in it, it requires some mods to integrate into the game. So to get the mods, players must navigate to Nexus Mods once again and search for Cyberpunk 2077 mods.

Step 5: From the available mods, click on the one that matches your tastes and expectations, and it will take you to its dedicated description page. Here, look for the download option labeled ‘Vortex’ and click on it. This will download and merge the mod with the Vortex Mod Manager.

Step 6: With the mod now linked with the Mod Manager, players need to navigate to the Vortex Mod Manager and search for the mod they had just downloaded. Once found, they need to click on it and select the ‘never installed’ option for a clean new install.

Step 7: Once installed successfully, players need to enable the mod by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Once the background processes are completed, a green box will appear next to the mod signifying it is ready to be launched with the game.

Step 8: To be able to use the mods in the game without any errors, players will need to start the game from the Vortex Mod Manager itself using the ‘Elevate’ option rather than using the game’s separate launcher.

Now that we know how to properly download, install, and integrate mods using the popular and intuitive Vortex Mod Manager, let us now take a look at all the best mods to use in the game:

1) Better Minimap

Better Minimap
Created byWillyJL
Release Date31 December 2020
Total Downloads So Far1,505,000+

Cyberpunk has many great elements present in it but the minimap is not one of them. The default minimap is a bit cluttered and vague but thanks to the Better Minimap Mod, players will now have access to a more spaced-out minimap to use which will help them identify places in the game’s sprawling world more easily.

2) Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked Project

Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked Project
Created byHalk Hogan PL
Release Date12 March 2023
Total Downloads So Far815,000+

Cyberpunk 2077 is a very pretty game to look at but graphics are something that can always be enhanced to look better that is exactly what this mod does. The Cyberpunk 2077 HD Reworked Project Mod enhances and amplifies all the textures present in the game world by replacing all the default textures of in-game elements like roads, walls, graffiti, vegetation, etc with new and improved high-quality HD textures.

3) Enhanced Police

Enhanced Police
Created bymandruis7
Release Date15 February 2021
Total Downloads So Far670,000+

In the default version of the game, countless players have found the in-game police NPCs to be quite docile and weak, but not anymore. With the help of the Enhanced Police Mod, the law enforcement units in the game respond faster to crimes, attack harder, and also pursue the player’s vehicle with more gusto than they ever did before.

4) Immersive First Person

Immersive First Person
Created byBonaniki
Release Date27 May 2021
Total Downloads So Far3,140,000+

Being a great first-person game, players don’t have much to complain about its first-person point of view, but the Immersive First-Person Mod takes things up a notch and gives the default first-person view of the game a total makeover.

By using this mod players will not only be able to see their limbs while moving or standing still, but they’ll also be able to freely rotate their character’s heads like in real life using the mod’s dedicated ‘free-look’ mode.

5) Car Modification Shop

Car Modification Shop
Created byErok
Release Date6 March 2022
Total Downloads So Far1,450,000+

Players can drive or ride a lot of different vehicles in Cyberpunk 2077, but there aren’t any options available in the game when it comes to customizing them to their liking. Thanks to the Car Modification Shop Mod, however, that won’t be an issue for long as this mod adds an intuitive car modification shop into the game, just like the ones found in GTA 5.

In this car modification shop, players can customize and upgrade everything about a car without any hassle to make it their own.

6) JB – TPP Mod WIP Third Person

JB - TPP Mod WIP Third Person
Created byJelle Bakker
Release Date2 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far2,320,000+

The first-person mode is Cyberpunk 2077 provides players with an immersive experience of Night City but it’s a real shame that players can’t see their character’s cool cybernetic implants and fancy attires in third-person while playing the game. Worry not because with the help of the JB – TPP Mod WIP Third Person Mod, players will now be able to do exactly that and experience the game and its characters, in a polished third-person mode.

7) Let There Be Flight

Let There Be Flight
Created byJack Humbert
Release Date13 September 2022
Total Downloads So Far1,610,000+

Tired of making your way across the same streets and intersections in Cyberpunk 2077? Worry not because with the help of the intricate Let There Be Flight Mod, players will now be able to take to the skies and reach their destinations in a jiffy as this mod gives every vehicle in the city their very own thrusters, enabling them to take flight.

This mod comes equipped with elaborate vehicle thruster controls, visual and sound effects, and various animations, to give players the best vehicle flying experience that they can possibly hope to have.

8) Better Vehicle Handling

Better Vehicle Handling
Created byRB
Release Date15 December 2020
Total Downloads So Far2,800,000+

As good as the other aspects of the game are, the default vehicle handling is very non-user-friendly as far as driving mechanics go. Thankfully, we have the Better Vehicle Handling Mod from RB. This intuitive mod does exactly what its name says, it dramatically improves the handling of all the vehicles in the game to make them much easier to control and maneuver than before and move a lot less like a Hot Wheels car brought to life.

9) Night City Interactions

Night City Interactions
Created byDeceptious
Release Date30 December 2022
Total Downloads So Far1,080,000+

The interactions players have with various NPCs in the game are truly captivating, to say the least, but they only appear during main missions and sidequests, and there just aren’t enough of them taking place anywhere else in the game.

Thanks to the Night City Interactions Mod, however, players will now have the option to take a breather at a few additional ‘resting spots’ located throughout the game’s world and grab a few drinks with one of the notable characters in the game. Although this action statistically adds nothing major to the game, it definitely ramps up its immersion meter by quite a bit.

10) AI Netrunners Enhanced

AI Netrunners Enhanced
Created byRMK
Release Date27 April 2021
Total Downloads So Far960,000+

Are default AI Netunners in this game proving to be too easy for you to take down and not putting up much of a challenge? Not to worry as the AI Netrunner Enhanced Mod notches up the difficulty and complexity of in-game AI Netrunners to provide players with stiffer competition by not only increasing their overall hacking attempt frequency on the players but also causing more damage through them as well than they did before.

11) Silent Silencers And Throwing Knives

Silent Silencers And Throwing Knives
Created byRMK
Release Date9 March 2022
Total Downloads So Far790,000+

The combat mechanics in Cyberpunk 2077 is fast-paced and engaging but the stealth elements like stealth takedowns leave much to be desired as the lack of polished stealth mechanics leads the player’s every infiltration mission into an intense gunfight.

Thanks to the Silent Silencers and Throwing Knives Mod, however, players will now not automatically alert enemy NPCs in the game and enter into a skirmish with them whenever striking them with throwing knives, or silenced pistols while attempting stealth takedowns. This little but necessary tweak gives the players more of a fair chance to complete infiltration attempts stealthily.

12) Drone Companions

Drone Companions
Created byScissors
Release Date3 July 2022
Total Downloads So Far490,000+

As fun as it is for players to roam in and around the daunting Night City all by themselves, fighting, trading, and questing to their heart’s content, they can’t help but feel the need for some NPC companions to accompany them in their travels throughout the game’s world.

Thankfully, the Drone Companions Mod come to the rescue. With the help of this mod, players can now equip a new operating system called TechDeck that allows them to craft and control NPC drones in the game that will accompany players wherever they go and whatever activity they engage in until they are destroyed, whether it be while undertaking various quests for other NPCs or getting into intense fights with rival gangs, and acting as much-need backup.

13) Enhanced Craft

Enhanced Craft
Created byDJ_Kovrik
Release Date19 April 2022
Total Downloads So Far964,000+

Crafting is an essential element in Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay loop but the rewards players get by engaging in it are good but quite basic as well, to say the least. With the help of the Enhanced Craft Mod, however, players looking to get more control over the in-game crafting process might be mightly pleased.

This is because, apart from getting an upgraded weapon, players will be able to decide what type of damage type it should possess like fire, shock, etc., and how many components will be required to craft a particular item. Moreover, players will also be able to use clothing and weapon skins to customize their newly crafted equipment’s look, all while also having the option to rename it to their liking as well.

14) Cyberware-EX

Created bypsiberx
Release Date1 October 2023
Total Downloads So Far902,000+

Installing and utilizing cybernetic enhancements in Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the major highlights of the sci-fi game that players look forward to but this cool feature can also be both an exhilarating and stressful experience in equal measure for players as well. This issue is largely down to the plethora of implant options they have at their disposal, hence deciding which one to use and which one not to leads to more confusion than freedom.

The Cyberware-EX Mod, however, tries to help with this dilemma slightly by giving players the option to upgrade their cybernetic implant slots and add one more slot to each of its categories, to help accommodate one more powerful implant. By upgrading their implant slots, players will be able to install and utilize various powerful implants together, something that wasn’t possible before.

15) Metro System

Metro System
Created bykeanuWheeze
Release Date19 December 2021
Total Downloads So Far1,616,000+

Traveling through and exploring the sprawling world of Night City is not an issue for players as they can easily run, ride, and drive their way to any point displayed on the map but players looking for an immersive feel can’t help but hide their disappointment regarding the fact that the game did not contain a fully functional metro system from the off, just like the one in GTA games.

There is something about having an organized and systematic metro system present in the game and thankfully, the guys who made the Metro System Mod for this game understood this fact perfectly. This quality-of-life mod adds an elaborate Metro system having around 19 unique handcrafted metro stations to the game’s map from where players can hitch a ride to a location of their choosing.

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16) Sit Anywhere

Sit Anywhere
Created bykeanuWheeze
Release Date2 February 2023
Total Downloads So Far258,000+

Do you like admiring the breathtaking view and scenery around Night City but don’t have a place where you can sit and do that? Not to worry, as with the Sit Anywhere Mod, players will be able to sit almost anywhere in the game’s world without any restrictions and admire whatever they wish to, be it vehicles, people, the sunset, skyscrapers, etc.

17) Talk To Me

Talk To Me
Created byJoe Parker
Release Date1 October 2022
Total Downloads So Far350,000+

Cyberpunk 2077 has a living, breathing world with lots of activities happening in the background but one aspect where the game lets its playerbase down is the lack of interactive NPCs inhabiting the game’s sprawling world. The NPCs are almost always silent and do not impart the feeling of a city packed with real people.

Thanks to the intuitive quality-of-life Talk To Me Mod, however, NPCs in the game will now converse with players whenever they walk past or stand close to them, giving the game a real-life ‘soul’ which was previously found lacking in the vanilla version of the game.

18) Better Loot Markers

Better Loot Markers
Created byrodikh
Release Date22 November 2021
Total Downloads So Far664,000+

In Cyberpunk 2077, players will loot a lot of bodies and containers, picking up a variety of items in the process, so it is only natural for them to eventually get encumbered with a truckload of loot, sooner rather than later. To avoid this encumbered situation, however, players can integrate the Better Loot Markers Mod into their games.

With the help of this mod, players will see glowing item signs hovering above containers or bodies present around them, clearly denoting what type of loot or items are available in them to pick up. This little quality-of-life addon will allow players to freely decide whether they want to pick something up or not, thereby preventing them from filling their inventories with unwanted loot items.

19) Fancy Knives And Katanas

Fancy Knives And Katanas
Created byInuk
Release Date16 June 2021
Total Downloads So Far416,000+

Melee combat is one of the integral elements of Cyberpunk 2077’s gameplay, so it is unsurprising to see players collect a lot of unique-looking melee weapons during their playthroughs and although the weapons look nice, they could do with some fancy-looking modifications.

With the help of the Fancy Knives and Katanas Mod, players will be able to do exactly that. This mod allows players to customize the look of their in-game knives and Katanas by applying certain attractive glowing effects on them to help them stand out from the crowd. Although this isn’t a game-changing mod by any stretch of the imagination, it does allow players to have a little fun with their favorite in-game knives and katanas.

20) Street Vendors

Street Vendors
Created byMathiewMay
Release Date7 July 2021
Total Downloads So Far702,000+

While traversing the Night City streets, players will come across various vendors selling various like food, clothes, and whatnot, but they will quickly find out the bitter truth that they sell nothing and are only there for presentation purposes. Thanks to the Street Vendors Mod, however, things are about to change for the better.

With the help of this mod, players will now not need to go back to the main traders in the game to buy certain items as all the previously ‘for-show’ vendors will become full-time traders from whom players can actually buy stuff depending on their professions, and the wares on offer. For example, a food vendor will sell food items, whereas a clothes vendor will sell clothes, and so on.

21) Autoloot

Created byKeanuWheeze, anygoodname
Release Date22 September 2022
Total Downloads So Far594,000+

As mentioned earlier, while traveling through the sprawling city of Night City, players will find a plethora of loot to collect, but manually pressing the ‘pick up’ is quite tedious. To help with this issue, however, the modding community came up with the Autoloot Mod.

This mod enables players to auto-pick up lootable items scattered around the game’s world without the need for them to press a single button from their side. To prevent their characters from picking up unwanted, junk items, however, players will also have the option to tweak the mod’s settings as well, to enable their characters to only auto-loot specific items like ranged and melee weapons, crafting materials, consumables, etc.

22) V’s Apartment Renovation

V's Apartment Renovation
Created byfuxsart
Release Date2 April 2021
Total Downloads So Far516,000+

In Cyberpunk 2077, players will have a dedicated apartment allocated to them, which from the outset looks worn-out and shabby but by implementing the V’s Apartment Renovation Mod, players will be able to customize the look of their apartments to give it a more modern, clean look.

For starters, players can easily change the overall color palette of the apartment but players who want even more customization options can also look to customize the braindance machine, the ceiling fan, the desk chair, the overall bedding, posters, stickers, bean bags, and much more.

23) Advanced V Customization

Advanced V Customization
Created byalmico
Release Date15 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far1,311,000+

When beginning their playthrough, players will be presented with a fair number of character creation choices that they can make use of to create their best version of V to play the game with. Although the preset options are enough, they are quite standard and do not delve deeper into the lore of the game. Thankfully, players have access to the Advanced V Customization Mod for that.

This character creation mod gathers the details of all the NPCs in the game and presents it to players to use when creating their ideal in-game playable character. Players can choose from various options like toned bodies with abs and muscles, new hair colors and styles, different styles of tattoos, new clothes and attires, unique cybernetic patterns, and much more.

24) Vehicle Combat

Vehicle Combat
Created byScissors
Release Date9 February 2022
Total Downloads So Far778,000+

Cyberpunk 2077 aims to give its players an immense amount of freedom for them to let them enjoy the game to their liking but one aspect where the players become severely handicapped is during vehicle combat scenarios. The game does not come equipped with any default vehicle combat mechanics whatsoever, so the best bet for players is to avoid combat whenever they find themselves driving or riding a vehicle.

To help with this slightly outdated gameplay mechanic, however, the modding community came together and made the flexible Vehicle Combat Mod. This mod does exactly what it says: it enables the options for players to engage in vehicle combat situations by utilizing the various ranged and melee weapons at their disposal. So the next time players get involved in a fight, they do not have to think twice before firing at the pursuing police cars or when chasing rival gang members.

25) Simple XP Multiplier

Simple XP Multiplier
Created byRMK
Release Date5 September 2021
Total Downloads So Far426,000+

When completing missions, side quests, or engaging in any other type of activity in Cyberpunk 2077, players are rewarded with a fixed amount of XP for a particular gameplay activity in the form of street creds, experience points, crafting materials, money or weapons, etc., and although it is adequate as per the game’s default design, players sometimes feel they deserve more than what they receive.

Thanks to the Simple XP Multiplier Mod, however, this issue is of the past as players can now use the intricate interface of the mod and set the value of the rewards themselves. Players must keep in mind that the quantity of the reward that they can hope to earn depends entirely upon the activities they complete, the types of reward they merit, and the classes of their characters.

26) In-World Navigation

In-World Navigation
Created byJack Humbert
Release Date2 June 2022
Total Downloads So Far419,000+

Night City is a big place to explore and without any proper pointers pointing in the right direction, it can become quite a hassle for players to move around and reach their desired destinations. To help with this simplistic but practical issue, however, the dedicated modding community came up with the effective In-World Navigation Mod.

This mod does nothing but integrate an effective navigation system into the game that will always guide players in the right direction. All players need to do is place a marker or waypoint on the map and a path in the form of arrows will lead them there. Simple and effective.

27) Always First Equip

Always First Equip
Created byDJ_Kovrik
Release Date6 May 2021
Total Downloads So Far1,701,000+

In Cyberpunk 2077, players get their hands on a wide variety of weapons, and each weapon that they acquire has a stylish first-time-equipped animation tied to them that looks really cool. Unfortunately, this animation has a short lifespan and does not occur again after the players are done equipping a particular weapon for the first time.

Thanks to the Always First Equip Mod, however, players will now be able to treat themselves to impressive first-time weapon animations of all the weapons whenever they wish to, as with the help of this mod, all the weapons that they have on them will play their default unique intro animation whenever players switch back and forth between the weapons from their inventories.

28) Arasaka Cyberarms

Arasaka Cyberarms
Created byAanderz
Release Date20 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far2,711,000+

Cybernetics implants play a prominent role in the sci-fi city of Night City and each character or NPC that players encounter in the game has some kind of unique implants embedded in them, and although they look great by default, there is no denying the fact that they look quite basic in appearance.

With the help of the Arasaka Cyberarms Mod, however, players will now have the option to change all of that as this mod allows players to customize the look and feel of their character’s cyberarms and more, by not only giving them access to new color options but also new make and design options as well. Although these tweaks do not give players any in-game combat advantage, they still nonetheless give players’ cybernetic implants a very cool look.

29) Cyber Vehicle Overhaul

Cyber Vehicle Overhaul
Created byErok
Release Date13 August 2021
Total Downloads So Far1,154,000+

Players spend a lot of their time traveling in Cyberpunk 2077, so it is only fair for them to expect their vehicles to be super fast and durable too, but sadly that is not the case as the default vehicles in the game are quite basic in their capabilities but could easily be much more.

Thankfully, the solution to this issue is quite simple and comes in the form of the intuitive Cyber Vehicle Overhaul Mod. This mod does nothing but amplify and enhance everything related to vehicles in this game, starting from increasing their top speeds, enhancing their power, improving their overall handling mechanics and brake systems, and much more, to give players an awesome in-game driving experience.

30) Stealthrunner

Created byRMX
Release Date25 March 2023
Total Downloads So Far223,500+

As good as all the elements of Cyberpunk 2077 undoubtedly are, the stealth mechanics of this game leave a lot to be desired. Thankfully, the dedicated Cyberpunk 2077 modding community has taken it upon themselves to rectify just that by developing the elaborate and equally extensive Stealthrunner Mod.

This mod completely overhauls and enhances the way stealth gameplay works in this game. This mod aims to provide players with an extensive list of stealth options that they can utilize to achieve their in-game goals while also receiving more appropriate rewards for undertaking them. Moreover, this mod also provides players with a new and improved stealth-focused skill tree where they can invest their hard-earned skill points to further hone their stealth skills.


And there you have it guys! These are some of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods currently available on the web that we could find that players can use to not only enhance existing features in their game but also add new quality-of-life features that will go a long way in satisfying their various sci-fi expectations and fantasies.

Cyberpunk 2077 is still quite popular today, so expect its dedicated modding community to keep producing more game-changing mods regularly, so please keep coming back to this post from time to time as we’ll make sure to update this post with all the latest mods, as and when they are released for the gaming community to try out.

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