23 Best State Of Decay 2 Mods For Players To Use To Help Them Thrive In This Epic Zombie Survival Game

Are you finding survival difficult in the challenging, post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world of State Of Decay 2? Worry not because you are not the first, and you most certainly won’t be the last either as the game has more than its fair share of harsh gameplay mechanics that will make even its best players shudder and ... Read more

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Best State Of Decay 2 Mods
Best State Of Decay 2 Mods

Are you finding survival difficult in the challenging, post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world of State Of Decay 2? Worry not because you are not the first, and you most certainly won’t be the last either as the game has more than its fair share of harsh gameplay mechanics that will make even its best players shudder and weep occasionally.

In this game, apart from trying their best not to get devoured by the innumerable undead freaks inhabiting the game’s world, players will also need to engage in important activities like scavenging for essential resources like weapons, consumables, and vehicles, while also discovering new places and meeting new survivors in the process as well.

Moreover, in addition to these activities, players will also need to return to their respective bases every night to defend their companions and themselves against ravenous hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, who are always looking for an opportunity to make quick work of their feeble community.

As fun and engaging as these daily, in-game gameplay activities and tasks sound, however, juggling between so many tasks daily is hard work, and it’s understandable if players feel a little overwhelmed by them and look for a little ‘assistance.’

Thanks to the underrated modding community, however, players will not have to go through the survival grind every day as they’ll have access to some game-changing mods that will completely transform their gameplay experience and make their time spent in this post-apocalyptic zombie hell more enjoyable than stressful.

So without any more delays, let us dive in and take a look at some of the best State of Decay 2 Mods that players can integrate into their games for an awesome post-apocalyptic adventure.

1) Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots

Vehicles Have 100 Inventory Slots
Created ByJustiny
Release Date19 March 2020
Total Downloads So Far100,200+

Cars are useful commodities in the State of Decay 2 as they allow players to collect and transport a large number of resources in one trip but as big as their storage capacity is, it is never big enough to accommodate all that the players will potentially find in the game’s world. With the help of the Vehicle Have 100 Inventory Slots Mod, however, all the vehicles in the game will now have 100 inventory slots., to allow players can easily pick up anything and everything that they can manage to lay their hands on.

2) Light-Bright’s Improved Headlights And Flashlights

Light-Bright's Improved Headlights And Flashlights
Created ByTx Digital Gaming Neru and ZOD C 137
Release Date12 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far69,500+

Nights in State of Decay 2 are pitch dark, so players are required to use their flashlights or their vehicles’ headlights to illuminate the area around them and identify collectibles and threats. As effective as the default light options are in this game, however, they are not powerful enough to illuminate the entire area around them, hence, Light-Bright Improved Headlights and Flashlights Mod comes to their rescue as it amplifies the strength of the light sources considerably to never be caught off-guard.

3) 10 Facility Mods Addon

10 Facility Mods Addon
Created ByTx Digital Gaming
Release Date28 November 2020
Total Downloads So Far63,000+

As players progress in the game, they’ll be able to add mods to the facilities built in their home bases to help amplify their productiveness. By default, players could only install around 2 – 3 mods in a particular facility but through the 10 Facility Mod Addon Mod, they’ll now be able to install up to 10 mods to open up new options and features that were previously unavailable.

4) Unlock All Hidden Bounties

Unlock All Hidden Bounties
Created Bykilleraltair
Release Date25 June 2020
Total Downloads So Far59,200+

Bounties are extra quests that players take up on the side to earn some enticing rewards. In the default version of the game, players will only be presented with a new bounty contract once they complete the current one. Through the Unlock All Hidden Bounties Mod, however, all the hidden bounties present with the bounty broker will be displayed all at once, thereby allowing players to select and pursue bounties based on their preferences, rather than due to lack of choice.

5) Short Night

Short Night
Created Bykilleraltair
Release Date4 December 2020
Total Downloads So Far57,900+

Nights are extremely dark and dangerous in this game for players who are looking to go out and scavenge for resources or rescue NPCs. Thanks to the Short Night Mod, however, nighttime in the game will now be much shorter and the days much longer, allowing players to engage in more interesting activities for much longer during the daytime.

6) 999 Stacks Of Items

999 Stacks Of Items
Created Bykilleraltair
Release Date10 October 2020
Total Downloads So Far51,900+

Running low on inventory space when scavenging for precious resources in State of Decay 2? Not to worry as the intuitive 999 Stacks of Items Mod allows players to stack 999 units of any item they pick up in this game during their runs, like ammo, mines, fuel, repair tools, etc., ensuring that they never have to leave a precious resource behind ever again due to lack of sufficient space in their inventories.

7) Better Outposts

Better Outposts
Created ByGift2
Release Date10 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far44,800+

Are your outposts not providing adequate yields to support your base’s needs? Thanks to the Better Outposts Mod, players will not need to stress about this issue anymore as this mod amplifies the yield capabilities of every outpost claimed by the players by x2, x3, x4, or x5 times their daily level of production. Additionally, through this mod, players can also enable their outposts to provide 4 or 8 beds towards their main base’s capacity, depending on their needs.

8) Weapons Rarity

Weapons Rarity
Created ByHero725
Release Date7 October 2021
Total Downloads So Far40,300+

Are the weapons in the game looking a bit too generic for your liking? Not to worry as the extensive Weapons Rarity Mod introduces a brand new weapons rarity system like the one seen in games like Borderlands, Diablo, and Dead Island, where weapons are coded with different colors and icons, to help players differentiate easily between the various categories of weapons found in the game at a glance.

It is worth clarifying that this mod does not enhance the stats of weapons in any way, it only applies a color code to the different types of weapons found in the game to help players identify the best in-game weapons to use.

9) 4 Core Specialization

4 Core Specialization
Created ByTheNeru
Release Date8 August 2021
Total Downloads So Far39,200+

In State Of Decay 2, players have 4 core skills that they can develop to help their characters become ultimate post-apocalyptic survivors. To unlock these useful core skill specializations, however, players will have to engage in certain gameplay elements related to them like running, shooting, fighting, etc. As effective as these default gameplay mechanics are, they are quite time-consuming.

With the help of the 4 Core Specialization Mod, however, players who do not want to wait around till their skill meter fills up can have instant access to all the 4 Core skill specializations that will help them survive in this unforgiving post-apocalyptic world.

10) Unlock All Outfits Mod

Unlock All Outfits Mod
Created ByZOD C 137
Release Date16 August 2021
Total Downloads So Far34,500+

Are you looking to permanently unlock and use all the available in-game outfits? If yes, then look no further than the Unlock All Outfits Mod, This mod permanently unlocks all the available outfits present in the game, from undiscovered ones ones, and enables players to enjoy and experience all that the game has to offer, as far as cosmetic clothing is concerned.

The best aspect about this mod is that after receiving all the clothing options from the game after enabling it, players can opt even to uninstall the mod from their systems if they wish to without suffering any drawbacks.

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11) Improved Cars

Improved Cars
Created ByKJ8888
Release Date15 August 2020
Total Downloads So Far33,500+

Vehicles are essential elements in the game that players can use to not only move around the game’s map faster, but they can also use them to transport large amounts of scavenged loot from a place to their bases. Although the default vehicles in this game are good enough, they do however have certain shortcomings. The Improved Cars Mod, however, aims to rectify this issue by amplifying the cars in this game by not only making them much stronger and faster than before but also making them more durable.

12) 999 Ammo Stack

999 Ammo Stack
Created ByHydra
Release Date5 February 2021
Total Downloads So Far29,800+

Running out of ammo on the regular? Not to worry as the intuitive 999 Ammo Stack Mod will allow players to stack 999 ammo rounds in their inventories. Moreover, all the ammo stacks that the players find and hoard will be completely weightless, so they do not have to ever worry about being encumbered because of them. A great option for gamers who rely heavily on firearms in this game but do not want to waste their precious time scavenging and crafting precious ammo rounds on a loop.

13) Smart AI Human

Smart AI Human
Created Bylixniqia
Release Date7 February 2022
Total Downloads So Far26,400+

During their playthroughs, players will encounter and interact with various other survivor groups called ‘Enclaves’ with whom players can trade and even look to recruit some of them if they match their needs. As good as they are, however, they aren’t the most agile or productive NPCs players will meet in recent games, which is a real shame.

Thankfully, players have access to the effective Smarter AI Human Mod that will make all the human AIs in the game smarter, allowing them to take actions they didn’t before like defending their bases and allies from the zombie threat.

14) In-Game Clock

In-Game Clock
Created ByTheNeru
Release Date9 February 2022
Total Downloads So Far25,800+

In State of Decay 2, time flies when players are engaged in different types of activities like scavenging for materials, completing missions and bounties, or taking out plague hearts, so it is always a good idea to have something on hand that tells them what the current in-game time is. The In-Game Clock Mod aims to help with this issue by displaying a simple in-game digital clock that will always guide players the right way by providing them with accurate in-game time.

15) Upgraded Gun Mods

Upgraded Gun Mods
Created ByHydra
Release Date5 February 2021
Total Downloads So Far24,200+

In State of Decay 2, players will lay their hands on numerous gun mods during their playthroughs that they can use to amplify certain aspects of their in-game firearms like adding higher capacity clips, muzzle brakes, compensators, silencers, reflex sights, and whatnot.

Although these attachments are good, they could be better, and that is where this enhanced mod comes in. Through the Upgraded Gun Mods Mod, players will gain access to superior gun mods that will not only do what the default ones were doing, but they’ll do it significantly better.

16) Faster Searching

Faster Searching
Created ByGift2
Release Date11 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far24,100+

In State of Decay 2, players will engage in a lot of looting activities to find various tools, materials, and weapons scattered around the game’s map, but the default ‘searching’ action present in the game takes a lot of time to complete, and if it is hurried, it can attract unwanted attention and even trigger a horde attack.

To tackle this issue, however, the modding community came up with an effective quality-of-life mod, called Fast Searching Mod. This mod increases the default looting speed of players in the game, allowing them to search for more items and find more valuable items in the process. Players must be wary as this mod also comes with a 10% chance of triggering a massive noise that will eventually attract a large horde, so tread carefully.

17) Vehicle Health Bar

Vehicle Health Bar
Created ByTheNeru
Release Date1 June 2022
Total Downloads So Far22,500+

In the default version of the game, there is no health bar displayed for vehicles, so players have no definite way to identify the overall remaining integrity of their vehicles. Thanks to the Vehicle Health Bar Mod, however, a vehicle health bar will now be displayed on the bottom left-side corner of the screen, next to the fuel meter, displaying how much health a particular vehicle has remaining before it requires repairs.

18) Plague Heart Health Gauge

Plague Heart Health Gauge
Created ByTheNeru
Release Date9 March 2022
Total Downloads So Far23,900+

When taking on plague hearts in the default version of State of Decay 2, players do not have a way to identify how much health of a particular plague heart is remaining and how much is yet to go.

Thanks to the Plague Heart Health Gauge Mod, a new and improved plague heart health gauge will now be displayed at the bottom of the screen, clearly displaying the remaining health of the plague heart currently being fought to give players an exact idea of how their fight is progressing.

19) Better Random Trait

Better Random Trait
Created Bybear
Release Date18 March 2021
Total Downloads So Far22,100+

At the start of the game, players are presented with 3 randomized characters to choose from to play this game with, each with their unique randomized skills, traits, and weaknesses. Although the default selection of character options is fine, they could be much better. The creators of the helpful Better Random Trait Mod, however, identified this issue and created this helpful mod that enhances the random character trait generation system and presents players with better playable characters having more varied, interesting traits.

20) No Mission Timers

No Mission Timers
Created ByBrian
Release Date20 August 2022
Total Downloads So Far14,500+

Occasionally, players will engage in time-based missions and although they are extremely entertaining, they do however add more stress to an already stressful and hectic zombie survival game. The No Mission Timers Mod solves this annoyance by removing the mission timers from the game entirely, allowing players to freely approach the mission at their leisure, without any forced time constraints bogging them down whatsoever.

21) No Fatigue

No Fatigue
Created ByMaVeRicK0I0
Release Date11 October 2020
Total Downloads So Far11,600+

Fatigue is a gameplay mechanic in State of Decay 2 where in-game characters become tired over time and must take a breather before they can be taken on more scavenging runs. As realistic as this mechanic is, it is highly limiting as players have to switch from their preferred character and select a new one. With the No Fatigue Mod in place, however, players will not need to switch from their favorite characters ever again as they will never get fatigued.

22) Hordes Are Hordier

Hordes Are Hordier
Created ByGift2
Release Date11 January 2021
Total Downloads So Far11,000+

Zombies are scariest when they appear in hordes in this game and that is exactly what this mod aims to enhance. The Hordes Are Hordier Mod does nothing but increase the overall size of the hordes appearing in the game to provide players with a more realistic yet challenging experience when encountering one themselves.

23) No Durability Loss – Ranged Weapons

No Durability Loss - Ranged Weapons
Created ByMaVeRicK0I0
Release Date11 October 2020
Total Downloads So Far21,700+

Firearms are the best way to deal with undead creatures in State of Decay 2 but they tend to break down a little too easily. Are you tired of repairing your ranged weapons again and again? Thanks to the No Durability Loss-Ranged Weapon Mod, however, that’s fortunately a thing of the past. With the help of this mod, players will be able to freely use their weapons to take down foes without any fear of their firearms breaking down.


These are some of the best State Of Decay 2 Mods that we could currently find that will not only enhance and breathe new life into the game by adding new gameplay elements and features, but they’ll also look to amplify certain preexisting gameplay features as well.

With the help of these mods, things will become a lot easier and more enjoyable for players who were so far having a tough time navigating through the various challenges presented by the game’s post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world so that they can focus more on the community-building aspects present in the game rather than only fighting and scavenging.

Please keep coming back to this post whenever you are looking for more interesting mods to integrate into your games, as we at BenettonPlay, will look to maintain and update it with more interesting and gameplay-altering mods, as and when they are available to the gaming community.

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