7 Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners (Answer from Reddit User)

The Elden Ring has marked its place as one of the Best Action RPGs of all time by grabbing the title of the Game of the Year 2023 under 4 categories! Ever since its arrival in the gaming arena, players are barely able to resist the impeccable and alluring gameplay that the game offers. When ... Read more

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Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners
Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners

The Elden Ring has marked its place as one of the Best Action RPGs of all time by grabbing the title of the Game of the Year 2023 under 4 categories!

Ever since its arrival in the gaming arena, players are barely able to resist the impeccable and alluring gameplay that the game offers.

When we peek further into the gameplay elements of Elden Ring, the combat system in particular can be a bit tricky to understand and master, especially for new players. In Elden Ring, it is pivotal for players to have a strong grip over the combat, which is why new players should familiarize themselves with certain in-game builds that can help them in the initial gameplay encounters.

To help players understand and thrive in this game, we at BenettonPlay, have taken things a step further and compiled a list of the Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners that they can look to replicate to have a better chance at surviving and progressing in this game. The Builds that we have included in this article are tested by our team and various other trusted gamers worldwide to ensure that players will never be left wanting and defenseless against the numerous adversaries they will encounter.

If you are fairly new to the game, let’s simplify the game basics for you. Builds in Elden Ring are the way you design your character’s skills by equipping weapons, spells, and other attributes.

All these build factors decide the fighting style of your character, their overall damage output, their resistance to certain damage types, and much more. The Build style can be magic-based, intelligence-based, dexterity-based, faith-based, and of course hybrid.

The game offers a lot of combination options in terms of their weapons and armor that the players can use to build up their character stats and resistance, exactly to their liking. However, the presence of more options can be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are new to the game. In this situation, it is better to go with tried and tested Builds rather than blindly rushing into the game.

We have curated the Best Elden Ring Builds that will come in particularly handy to you in the initial levels of the game. These methods will give you a fair advantage against the enemies and you will be able to understand the combat mechanics better.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the best builds now:

1. Sorcery Build

This build is one of the best beginner builds in the game and a highly recommended one for someone who does not know much about how combat works in Elden Ring. This Build provides fair stability against a vast range of enemies and will save you time and frustration, some things which are usually associated with players just starting out playing Elden Ring.

Our recommendation: You can go with the Astrologer Class to make a strong sorcery build.

Sorcery Build

Here are some key advantages of using Sorcery Build as a Beginner:

  • Sorcery builds are relatively easier to use and are extremely beginner-friendly.
  • You will not have to engage in close combat (melee) and will be able to obliterate your enemies from a distance.
  • You can inflict massive amounts of damage from your ranged attacks.
  • There is a long list of magic spells that you can use in this build. These spells can be used to either weaken the enemy or improve your character’s abilities instead.

2. Bleed Build

When it comes to Easiest Elden Ring Builds you can also start your Warrior’s journey with the Bleed Build. These character builds are designed to inflict bleeding-type damage to the enemies that will keep hitting them for a while.

This build is particularly effective when beginners deal with bigger enemies and level bosses. It may be otherwise difficult to combat huge bosses when you are using other builds in the initial Elden Ring Gameplay.

Bleed Build
Bleed Build

Some of the benefits of using Bleed Build in the beginning stages of Elden Ring Gameplay are:

  • While Sorcery Build can be a little tedious to understand, Bleed Build can easily be understood and executed by beginners.
  • Bleed Builds grants players exceptional crowd-control capabilities, helping the player take out a large number of enemies with minimum effort.
  • Bleed builds can work with a variety of weapons such as katanas, swords, and daggers. However, you should be able to be good at dodging to make the most of Bleed Build.
  • You can execute high-damage attacks with immaculate precision to allow players to remorselessly bleed their adversaries dry.

3. Shield Poke Build

Shield Poke Build
Shield Poke Build

If you are one of those players who likes to proceed cautiously by maintaining strong defenses, then Shield Poke Build Style is just made for you!

There are various combinations you can try with this build style including sorcery. This Build can assist new players in maintaining durability in the battles as it increases their damage-dealing capabilities and blocks enemy attacks in the process as well.

Using Shield Poke Build can help you in your Elden Ring journey in the following ways:

  • Using this Build will enable you to strategize more rather than depending on brute force.
  • You don’t need to make complex weapon combinations to make Shield Poke Build work.
  • This Build technique is effective against a vast range of enemies.
  • You can time your attacks as per your will while protecting yourself with the strong defense attributes of this build.

4. Shortbow Build

Shortbow Build
Shortbow Build

Next on Elden Ring Beginner Build is the Shortbow Build. This build style will suit your taste perfectly if you enjoy ranged attacks very much and finding spells is too much work for you.

In such a scenario you can simply go with this traditional bow and arrow combat style. It is a smart choice to use ranged build styles if you are new to ARPGs and close combat style isn’t your forte.

Shortbow Build is one of the easiest Elden Ring builds due adopt due to the following reasons:

  • As we already mentioned in this method, this build allows players to effectively use ranged attacks.
  • Shortbow attacks can be timed much more quickly than other ranged weapons, mainly due to their lightweight and easy grip.
  • Shortbow attacks take a relatively low toll on your ammunition than any other ranged weapon.
  • You can use this build style against a variety of enemies from a safe distance.

5. Strength Build

Strength Build
Strength Build

If you do not enjoy strategizing and using incisive ranged attacks to take down your foes, instead your aim is to armor yourself up well only to fight in close proximity to the enemies, then this build is the best option for you.

All you need to do is equip a big weapon and leap on the enemies without holding back. You will also need to

The advantages of using Strength Build as a beginner include the following reasons:

  • You can inflict massive damage on the enemy troops singlehandedly.
  • Strength Build Style is pretty straightforward and can be really fun and satisfying.
  • It is easy to take down a variety of enemies through this approach.
  • You do not have to level up multiple stats in this build style other than strength. This makes leveling up this Build easier than other styles.

6. Dual-Wielding Antspur Rapier Build

Dual-Wielding Antspur Rapier Build
Dual-Wielding Antspur Rapier Build

Dual Wielding Antspur Rapier Build Technique has been seen as one of the Best Elden Ring Builds for Beginners lately.

Antspur is an agile weapon that facilitates you to make precise and lightning-fast attacks. Now, a second Rapier in the equation makes the player’s attacks even more lethal.

The reasons behind this Dual Wielding Technique being one of the Best Elden Ring Builds are as follows:

  • This technique assists you in inflicting piercing physical attacks which are effective against a wide range of enemies.
  • This build style can be used to deal damage to more than one enemy simultaneously.
  • Obtaining an Antspur Rapier is quite easy even in the early stages of the game, so players do not have to do too much to adopt this style.

7. Unga Bunga Build

Unga Bunga Build - best vagabond build elden ring
Unga Bunga Build – best vagabond build elden ring

If intricate and complex weapon combinations confuse or bore you then the Unga Bunga Build Technique is just made for you.

The Unga Bunga Build Technique is quite similar to the Strength Build as both require the player to carry a heavy weapon and engage in melee combat. However, Unga Bunga Build relies on slower weapons such as Hammers and Greatswords.

The potential advantages of using Unga Bunga Build by beginners include:

  • Straightforward and easy-to-understand Build Style.
  • You can inflict high amounts of damage using this Elden Ring Beginner build.
  • The player can withstand enemy attacks as this build requires the player to guard themselves with heavy armor.
  • You do not need to work too much on stat allocation and proceed with minimalistic background work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good beginner build class for Elden Ring?

Astrologer is a good beginner-build class for Elden Ring if you like ranged attacks and casting spells.

Which is the best Elden Ring Class for beginners who enjoy melee combat?

If you are looking for the Best Elden RIng Class for beginners who enjoy melee combat then you should definitely try the Vagabond build!

Which is the hardest Elden Ring Class for beginners?

The Wretch is mongered as the hardest Elden Ring Class for beginners.

Is Elden Ring beginner-friendly?

The answer may not come as a surprise to you that Elden Ring isn’t exactly beginner-friendly. You will definitely feel very lost initially without any pointers.


You have reached the end of our article on Easiest Elden Ring Strong Builds for Beginners. We hope that this game guide will help you begin your Elden Ring Journey on a thrilling note.

If you wish to share your opinion about this post or simply want to give any suggestions, feel free to comment below. And do not forget to check out more Game Guides from Benettonplay!

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