Until Dawn 2 Release Date, Platforms, Characters & Rumors

Until Dawn is one of the best interactive horror adventure games out there, the game has garnered a huge fan base because of its compelling story and great graphics. The game is developed by BAFTA-winning UK Studio Supermassive Games, known for creating some of the best horror games. Until Dawn was released in 2015 and ... Read more

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Until Dawn 2 Release Date
Until Dawn 2 Release Date

Until Dawn is one of the best interactive horror adventure games out there, the game has garnered a huge fan base because of its compelling story and great graphics.

The game is developed by BAFTA-winning UK Studio Supermassive Games, known for creating some of the best horror games.

Until Dawn was released in 2015 and now it has been more than seven years since we got a sequel; you can read more about Until Dawn at the end of this article.

Until Dawn is counted among the finest horror games that have been ever created and in this post, we will be talking about the possibilities of Until Dawn 2 rolling out in the near future, on what platforms it could possibly be released, all the rumors and news about Until Dawn 2 and whether or not making a sequel for Until Dawn a good idea.

Until Dawn 2 Release Date

Until Dawn 2 Release Date
Until Dawn 2 Release Date

There are no official announcements regarding the Until Dawn 2 release date. In an interview with VGC, Will Byles studio director of Supermassive Games said that a classic horror game is in development.

He did not mention the names of the studio’s next project but added that the game is as big as The Quarry in size and also that it could be rolled out in 2025 or 2026. Though they might be working on Until Dawn Remake or something else, it’s not clear.

Byles’ exact words were, “We’ve started working on [the next game]”, adding “It’s the same sort of horror genre, we’re sticking to that. It’s equivalent in size to The Quarry and that’s about as much as I can say without giving too much away.”

It is worth mentioning that the studio put a gap of seven years between the two big games – Until Dawn (2015) and The Quarry (2022). So, if Until Dawn Part 2 is released in 2025 or even in 2026, there is going to be a significant time reduction between the two video game releases.

Until Dawn 2 Trailer

Until Dawn Trailer

Since there is no official announcement about the game itself, there is no chance that we have a trailer for the game. As mentioned earlier, Will Byles has confirmed that there is indeed a horror game in development without revealing the title and if we are right about thinking that the game in development is Until Dawn 2, its trailer could be released in 2024 or 2025.

But since you are here and if you’d like to refresh your memory with 2015’s Until Dawn’s trailer we can embed that right here for you to watch. The trailer of the game is as good as the game itself; it is thrilling, scary, and a cinematic masterpiece.

Until Dawn 2 Platforms

Until Dawn 2 Platforms
Until Dawn 2 Platforms

Until Dawn was a PS 4 exclusive and there are chances that Until Dawn 2 might also be a PlayStation-exclusive title, but there is no surety of that.

The Quarry, for example, another game developed by Supermassive Games was released for all major consoles, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows. So, there is a high chance that Until Dawn 2 might come to all of the above-mentioned platforms.

The one thing that I should probably mention is that by the time Until Dawn 2 releases (2025 or 2026), both Xbox One and PS4 will be 12 or 13 years old, which is a LOT.

So, I will not be surprised if it doesn’t come to these two platforms. So that means the most probable platforms for which Until Dawn 2 releases are PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows.

Until Dawn 2 Characters

Until Dawn 2 Characters
Until Dawn 2 Characters

Well, there is no way anybody can predict who will be the new characters in Until Dawn 2, and if you’re thinking they should add the previous game’s characters to the next game that will not make any sense.

Adding the previous game’s characters to the new game will mean all of them survived in the previous game, which is not possible since the game is interactive and its endings depend on users’ choices. The characters in Until Dawn are listed below.

Main characters-

  • Ashley Brown
  • Chris Hartley
  • Emily Davis
  • Jessica Riley
  • Josh Washington
  • Matt Taylor
  • Mike Munroe
  • Sam Giddings

Supporting Characters-

  • Hannah Washington
  • Beth Washington
  • Dr. Alan Hill
  • The Stranger
  • Wolfie

Until Dawn 2 Rumors and News

Until Dawn 2 Rumors
Until Dawn 2 Rumors

Well, there aren’t many Until Dawn 2 rumors, all that is happening in discussion forums are the queries about whether Supermassive Games will make Until Dawn 2 or not, et cetera, et cetera.

After reading several comments and people’s reactions on being asked about the Until Dawn sequel it is clear that people aren’t actually looking for an Until Dawn sequel.

We will be explaining in a bit why Until Dawn’s sequel doesn’t make sense.

We are scouring the internet for any leaks, rumors, or updates, if there are any, about the game. When asked what Supermassive Games is working on, the studio director of Supermassive Games, Will Byles, refused to comment.

We will update this section when any news or update is released from the development studio or any potential leaker.

Why does Until Dawn 2 do not make sense?

Until Dawn 2 Gameplay

The biggest problem with making the Until Dawn sequel is the developers will not know what characters remain alive at the end of the gameplay.

Until Dawn had many possible endings and there is no way the makers of the game will be able to make a sequel for Until Dawn. Also, in the story that had been depicted in Until Dawn, the whole game takes place over the course of just one night.

After all the trauma that the characters went through in the game, they would not be living a normal life after the events of that night.

The best thing that Supermassive Games can do with the game is to leave it as it is or make a remake of it. A sequel will not be able to entice fans, and it will just tarnish the legacy of the game.

Even if they make Until Dawn 2 with new characters it will not make any sense because a true sequel retains most of its cast from the previous game and there is no way the devs can make a new game with the same cast (they don’t know if a character in your gameplay lived or died).

The game also didn’t leave any loose ends and wrapped up the story nicely; there were no questions or mysteries that the devs had left unsolved so that they could build upon that in the future. This fact further consolidates the statement that a sequel to Until Dawn is not necessary.

Until Dawn Series

Until Dawn Series
Until Dawn Series

There has been just one video game that has been released in the series so far. Until Dawn was released in 2015, it was a PS4-exclusive game that fetched a BAFTA award for the studio.

The narrative follows eight friends who are stranded on Blackwood Mountain, where their lives are at stake, and their decisions will determine their life and death.

The game employs The Butterfly Effect which can affect how the story unfolds. The game is interactive and lets you make your own decisions, and every decision that you make has a good or dire consequence.

All eight characters get to make decisions that will save or take their lives. Rarely do we see a game making use of the Butterfly effect like Until Dawn.

The game was released only for PS4 and despite a little marketing effort from Sony, its sales number exceeded expectations. The game was nominated for several end-year accolades by several publications and won many of them.

It’s been more than seven years since ‘Until Dawn’ was released, and fans have been waiting for its sequel ever since (which might not be happening).


  1. Is The Quarry like Until Dawn?

    There are so many elements that both of the games share that while playing The Quarry and if you have played Until Dawn, you will feel like the former is just a copy of the latter. Having said that, The Quarry has a completely different storyline but since it shares many elements with Until Dawn, it feels like it’s a sequel to Until Dawn.

  2. Is The Quarry better than Until Dawn?

    This isn’t a fair comparison, and besides, there are several parameters that can be used to differentiate the two games. If you’re talking about graphics, you aren’t doing justice with Until Dawn since the game was released seven years before The Quarry. Both the games have stories that can keep you on the edge of your seat, so this is a hands-down TIE.

  3. Is The Quarry a sequel to Until Dawn?

    No, The Quarry is not a sequel to Until Dawn. Though there are many elements that both of the games share, sharing elements alone doesn’t make a game a sequel to a game that came before it but The Quarry can be considered a spiritual successor of Until Dawn.

  4. Does Until Dawn have multiple endings?

    The endings in Until Dawn are determined by the choices you make in the game; the game will prompt you to make choices, and those choices will determine whether the characters live or die. You can have all the characters alive or dead or some alive and some dead at the end in Until Dawn (every ending depends on the choices you make).


This was everything we know regarding Until Dawn 2 and we hope that you guys have all your answers by now. If you guys still have any doubts regarding the article then do let us know in the comments below and our team will surely get back to you.

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