10 Best Games Like Deus Ex Go To Play (Updated By Gamers)

Deus Ex Go is one of the best turn-based puzzle video games that was developed by Square Enix Montreal (now rebranded as Onoma) that was released in 2016. In the game, the player moves the iconic protagonist Adam Jensen between nodes on a hexagonal grid toward an exit. Upon reaching a specific node, Adam can ... Read more

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Deus Ex Go
games like deus ex go

Deus Ex Go is one of the best turn-based puzzle video games that was developed by Square Enix Montreal (now rebranded as Onoma) that was released in 2016.

In the game, the player moves the iconic protagonist Adam Jensen between nodes on a hexagonal grid toward an exit. Upon reaching a specific node, Adam can activate several abilities and perform special tasks – such as stealthily taking down guards, hacking computers, getting invisible, etc.

The game’s storyline is pretty simple, Jensen has to save a single person, but he can do so only after completing all the puzzles (a total of 54) in his way. The game is set before the events of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Even after more than six years, the game is still popular now following the acquisition of the studio by the Embracer group, Deus Ex is shutting down. This indeed is very disheartening for the game fans. But, we are here to put a smile on your face, because Deus Ex despite being a great game, was not unique. There are several games like Deus Ex Go, that stand toe to toe, and down below you can find the best games similar to Deus Ex Go.

Games Like Deus Ex Go

1. Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go
Lara Croft Go
Release DateAugust 27, 2015
Developer(s)Square Enix Montreal
PlatformsPS4, PS Vita, Android, MS Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS & Windows Phone

The first game in the list of the best games like Deus Ex Go is another Square Enix Montreal game, Lara Croft Go.

The game is also turn-based and the player moves the protagonist Lara Croft as a puzzle piece in a board-like environment while trying to avoid obstacles and manipulate the environment. Similar to other GO games, the levels in the game consist of interconnected nodes and lines.

The game also includes the verticality element to the levels that is absent in Deus Ex Go and Hitman Go.

The game was well received by critics who praised the puzzles in the game and its aesthetics. The game also went on to win The Game Awards for the Best Mobile Game in 2015.

If you’re the one who’ll miss Deus Ex when it’s gone, Lara Croft will be there for you.

2. Hitman Go

Hitman Go
Hitman Go
Release DateApril 17, 2014
Developer(s)Square Enix Montreal
PlatformsPS4, PS Vita, Android, MS Windows, iOS, Linux, macOS & Windows Phone

Square Enix Montreal really made some great Go video games and that is why the next game on the list is also theirs. Hitman Go is another Deus Ex Go-like game that was released in 2014. It was the first Go video game that Square Enix Montreal developed and they absolutely nailed it.

The player controls the now-iconic character of Agent-47 in a board-like environment composed of nodes and lines. The characters in the game are represented as miniature figures.

Like Chess, enemies can be taken down by occupying their nodes during the player’s turn. Hitman is one of the greatest stealth games and don’t forget to check out the greatest stealth games ever made. If you like Deus Ex Go puzzles, then you definitely want to check out Hitman Go.

3. Mekorama

Release DateMay 15, 2016
Developer(s)Martin Magni
PlatformsPlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Android, iOS, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS

Mekorama is another relaxing and cute game that you can play after Deus Ex Go. In the game, you control a robot named ‘B’. The game is not turn-based, your goal is to collect all the stars that are cleverly hidden in the diorama by manipulating the environment.

In the Story Mode of the game, you get to play a total of 150 levels and in the Master Mode, you get an additional 40. The Game even gives you a choice to create your own levels and play them later. The game deserves its place in the list of top games like Deus Ex Go.

4. Ella’s Dimension

Ella's Dimension
Ella’s Dimension
ReleaseOctober 2020

Ella’s Dimension is another puzzle video game that lets you control a cute girl named Ella. The game contains as many as 39 puzzles that are inspired by M.C Escher Drawings and other games like Mekorama. The puzzles in the games are made by using impossible in real-life geometry.

The game is relaxing and can be completed in just one sitting. The game is one of the best simple puzzle games like Deux Ex Go that you can find. Give Ella’s Dimension a shot, you won’t be disappointed.

5. Skyward

Release Date

Skyward is another puzzle game that we have in our box for you. Well, to be honest, the game is more of a timing-based game. There are two circles that revolve around each other, when you tap on the screen the revolving circle comes to a halt and the other circle then starts revolving it. By making timed taps you need to move forward and try to beat your previous high score.

The game unlocks various other patterns and levels when you beat a given score. The game is a good time-killer and is worth checking out at least once.

6. Evo Explores

Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Release DateMay 16, 2016
Developer(s)Kyrylo Kuzyk
PlatformsAndroid, MS Windows, Linux & macOS

The next game on this list of best games like Deus Ex Go is Evo Explores. The game is fairly similar to Ella’s Dimension, but the character that you control is a robot. The player’s aim while playing the game is to guide the robot to the exit gate by manipulating the environment.

The levels are again inspired by Escher Drawings of impossible geometry, but that is what makes the game more fun. The game contains puzzles that are more intricate and require more thinking than Ella’s Dimension. If you’re a fan of puzzle-solving games that include architecture, Evo Explores might just be the game you’re looking for.

7. Dream Machine: The Game

Dream Machine The Game
Dream Machine: The Game
Release DateDecember 14, 2010
Developer(s)GameDigits Ltd.

There is no shortage of games where you have to guide a character from a starting place to an exit. Dream Machine is another game that follows the same tried and tested formula. There is not much difference in the gameplay of Dream Machine and the other mentioned video games.

You control a clockwork robot and guide it to a point which upon reaching ends the level. The game has a good number of puzzles that are both challenging and satisfying. Dream Machine is another game that you can check out.

8. Monument Valley

Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Release DateApril 3, 2014
PlatformsiOS, Android, MS Windows & Windows Phone

And yet another game containing optical illusions and impossible objects. But, this time the game is our personal recommendation. Monument Valley is a beautiful game developed by the British video gaming company Ustwo in 2014. The player controls Princess Ida and guides her through mazes of impossible architecture and optical illusion.

The protagonist, Princess Ida embarks on a journey to be forgiven for something. The game is not very challenging and only has 10 levels, but each and every frame of the game has been designed in such a way that it is worthy of public display. A sequel to the game, Monument Valley 2 was released in 2017. Monument Valley earns its spot in the list of games like Deus Ex Go.

9. Maestria

Release Date
Developer(s)Antoine Latour
PlatformsIOS & Android

Maestria is a fun mobile game about a little girl, Fugue, who rings bells. The game is designed by Antoine Latour. The game consists of a good number of 160 levels that are filled with bells that must be rung in the exact order. On tapping Fugue, a sound wave emits from her wand that will ring any bell within the radius of the wave. So, your aim while playing the game will be to move Fugue or the bells in a specific position so that when the sound wave is triggered, it goes through the bells in the proper order.

It goes without saying that Maestria is a fun puzzle game that anybody can play. Mysteria adds something new to the tried and tested formula of puzzle games and that makes it worth playing.

10. Adventures of Poco Eco – Lost

Adventures of Poco Eco-Lost
Adventures of Poco Eco
Release Date
Developer(s)POSSIBLE Games
PlatformsIOS & Android

The last but not the least entry on the list of best games like Deus Ex Go is Adventures of Poco Eco. It is a calm exploring game that is set in an awe-inspiring audio-visual environment. You can take part in the game’s unique story, choose brief adventures if you want to go quickly, or take time and discover a world of sound and design.

Your mission is to help Poco and his tribe rediscover their missing Sounds by solving tiny puzzles and finishing all twelve 3-D animated stages. Lose yourself in this lovely puzzle game where there is a lot to see and even more to hear.

With this, we conclude this list of games like Deus Ex Go and we hope that you liked the games presented here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Deus Ex Go shutting down?

Deus Ex Go was a Square Enix Montreal IP and now that the development studio is being acquired by the Embracer Group, several of their games, including Deus Ex Go are being shut down and will be totally unplayable after Jan 4, 2023.

What other games are shutting down along with Deus Ex Go?

The four games that are being shut down after the acquisition are Deus Ex GO, Arena Battle Champions, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes.

Will I get a refund for the in-game purchases that I recently made in Deus Ex Go?

No, you will not get a refund even if your in-game purchases go unused. We suggest you use your all in-game purchases before Jan 4, 2023, as Square Enix Montreal will not be entertaining any refund requests thereafter.

Are all the Square Enix Montreal games going to shut down?

No, not all the games are going to shut down, only Deus Ex GO, Arena Battle Champions, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, and Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes will become unplayable after Jan 4, 2023.


This marks the end of our article on the Best Games similar to Deus Ex Go. We hope you will find these games enjoyable. Let us know your favorite pick from this list by commenting down below. We will be back with more exciting gaming content soon.

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