10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods To Make Your World Feel More Alive!

Having animals in any video game indeed makes it feel more alive. There are a few animals present in Minecraft but you must be tired of them by now and might wanna add new animals to your game. If you are in that position, we have got you covered as we will list the 10 ... Read more

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10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods
10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods

Having animals in any video game indeed makes it feel more alive. There are a few animals present in Minecraft but you must be tired of them by now and might wanna add new animals to your game. If you are in that position, we have got you covered as we will list the 10 Best Animal Mods for Minecraft. The animal mods we’re about to mention below will make your Minecraft World feel much more alive.

Let’s face it, Minecraft is a fun game but we can make it even better by installing some of the Best Mods available out there. If you are looking to install mods into your game then animal mods should be your priority.

10 Best Minecraft Animal Mods

1. Wild Nature

Wild Nature
Wild Nature
Date CreatedMay 6, 2019
Date UpdatedJune 20, 2022

We thought that Wild Nature would be the perfect Mod to start off our list with as this mod has it all. Wild Nature adds over 50 new biomes into the Minecraft World and each biome contains its own sets of plants and animals. This mod will have your favorite animal as well as it contains animals from almost every place in the world. Players will be able to see the real beauty in every color and you guys can even add Shaders in your Minecraft world to make this animal mod look even more stunning.

Wild Nature adds various different animals into the Minecraft world like goats, camels, ducks, etc. Players can relax and admire all the new animals and beauty this mod provides. One thing that we really love about this mod is that it includes 18 new cave plants as well. This mod will add new animals into the game but will also provide new biomes, cave plants, new trees, etc. Make sure to try out this mod as we are pretty sure that it would not disappoint you.

2. Animania

Date CreatedFebruary 20, 2017
Date UpdatedFebruary 22, 2021

Animania is a great Minecraft Animal Mod that replaces and improves the animals in the vanilla game and adds a new variety of animals of different breeds, genders, different behaviors, etc. This mod adds new animals like dogs, goats, chickens, cows, pigs, etc. and all of them have their unique behaviors which include gazing, sleeping, and socializing. The best part about this mod is that players can breed and raise these animals as well and can harvest new products from these new animals such as milk, wool, and eggs.

These new animal products can later be used to create new items like cheese, butter, and honey. Players also need to take care of their animals by providing them with food, water, and shelter in order to keep them happy and healthy. This mod really makes your game feel 10x more alive. This is a great mod for players who want a different farming experience in Minecraft. This was it for Animania and now let us move on to the next mod on our list.

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3. Mo’ Creatures

Mo’ Creatures (Minecraft Mod)
Mo’ Creatures (Minecraft Mod)
Date CreatedApril 6, 2015
Date UpdatedOctober 17, 2018

We can describe this animal mod in one word “Challenging”. Mo’ Creatures adds new various different Animals to the Minecraft world. This mod includes domestic, friendly, and even wild animals out of which some animals are harmless and can be tamed but some will attack you on sight so look out for them. This mod also includes new Biomes each with their unique animals.

The thing that separated this mod from all the other mods is the new stunning breeding system which allows players to breed and raise animals for different purposes. Mo’ Creatures also adds new tools which are designed specifically for different purposes. New tools which are included in this mod are saddles, bridles, and nets. This Animal mod provides an immersive and challenging gaming experience to the players. If you got what it takes then make sure to check this animal mod out for yourself.

4. Zoocraft Discoveries

Zoocraft Discoveries
Zoocraft Discoveries
Date CreatedDecember 16, 2017
Date UpdatedApril 14, 2019

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a zookeeper? Zoocraft Discoveries will definitely make you feel like one as this mod adds over 100 new animals into the game which range from normal farm animals like cows to fictional creatures such as unicorns. This mod also adds new biomes to the Minecraft world and those biomes include tropical forests, dry deserts, and frozen tundras each with their unique set of plants and animals.

One of the most interesting features this mod has is cross-breeding. Yes, players can now breed two completely different species of animals and create a new hybrid. Seems amazing, doesn’t it? Who thought that we’d be able to do all this in Minecraft? Players need to take care of their animals by feeding them. This was it for Zoocraft Discoveries now let us jump on to the fifth animal mod on our list.

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5. Better Animal Models

Better Animal Models
Better Animal Models
Date CreatedFebruary 15, 2018
Date UpdatedJune 13, 2022

This is one of the most subtle mods on our list today and it does not add any new animals to the vanilla game in fact it enhances the overall quality of the existing animals in the game. Better Animal Models reworks the textures of the existing animals like cows, pigs, chickens, horses, etc. making them look way better than in the vanilla game. It also adds new animations for animals which makes them move in a much more fluid manner.

The best part about this mod is that it can highly enhance the visual quality of the animals without requiring high-end specs. If you guys do not have a high-end PC but still wanna install some animal mode into your game then Better Animal Models would be the perfect option for you.

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6. Wildcraft

Date CreatedMarch 25, 2018
Date UpdatedApril 9, 2018

Wildcraft is one of the best animal mods for Minecraft as it adds numerous new mobs into the Minecraft world such as lions, elephants, crocodiles, and more. One new thing that I certainly love about this mod is that it features animal pelts which can be used to create items like clothing, armor, and other essential items for survival. All these features make the Minecraft world feel more alive and better than in the vanilla game.

Players can now make saddles for animals using this mod and this is a unique and great feature that the developers decided to add in this mod. Overall it is a pretty impressive mod and holds up pretty well, we surely recommend every Minecraft gamer to give this mod a try.

7. Waddles

Waddles (Minecraft Animal Mod)
Date ReleasedOctober 3, 2016
Date UpdatedJune 11, 2023

As you might have guessed by the image that we have provided above that this mod adds penguins into the Minecraft world and yes, only penguins but hey! if penguins are your favorite animal then this mod is surely for you. These penguins will spawn in colder biomes and can be tamed by using fish and players can even breed them to have more penguins in their Minecraft world.

Waddles mod also adds fishing items into the game such as nets and fishing traps, Players can use these fishing items to catch some fish and later use them to tame the Penguins. One thing that really is amazing about this mod is that it features new blocks and decorations such as icebergs and igloos which really improves the overall experience.

8. Exotic Birds

Exotic Birds
Exotic Birds
Date CreatedMarch 13, 2016
Date UpdatedFebruary 23, 2023

As the name suggests this staggering Minecraft mod adds over 30 new species of exquisite birds into the game. All the birds in this mod come in different sizes, and colors, and can be found in different biomes around the Minecraft world. Items like birds cage and bird nests are present in this mod and there are some unique features present in this mod like egg hatching, and bird breeding.

Players can also raise and breed their own bird by simply collecting an egg from a wild bird and hatching it using a bird incubator. Birds really make your Minecraft world feel much more alive so don’t forget to check this mod out.

9. Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals
Endangered Animals
Date CreatedNovember 29, 2020
Date UpdatedDecember 14, 2020

We believe that this mod was created to spread awareness about endangered animal species. Endangered Animals mod adds numerous Endangered animals into the game and also includes some educational information about each animal such as its scientific name, natural habitat, and more. This mod also tells the players about the importance of the animals present in it.

Another stunning feature this mod includes is the breeding system which allows players to breed animals and stop their species from going extinct. However, breeding in this mod is not as easy as you think, animals would require different conditions and food to breed successfully. So make sure to feed your animals and check out the right conditions as well. This was it for Endangered Animals and now we will jump on to the final animal mod on our list.

10. Better Animals Plus

Better Animals Plus
Better Animals Plus
Date CreatedSeptember 24, 2018
Date UpdatedJanuary 8, 2023

Last but surely not least we have the Better Animals Plus mod for Minecraft. This Minecraft Mod aims to level up the player’s experience by adding new mobs into the game. Each animal in this mod has its own unique set of behaviors, This mod adds new animals like deer, bears, wolves, and even aquatic animals such as sharks.

This mod allows players to tame a few of the animals and even customize them. Yes, you can now customize your tamed animal as well. Better Animals Plus mod also adds new items and tools which can be crafted using animal parts like fur, leather, etc. This is one of the best animal mods for Minecraft out there and we are sure that you would definitely get addicted to this one. Every Minecraft gamer should try out the Better Animals Plus mod.


This was our list of the best animal mods for Minecraft and we hope that your Minecraft world will now feel much more alive after using these mods. If you guys have any doubts regarding the information that we provided about the mods above then feel free to write them down below.

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