Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima

Gamers who have played the game Ghost of Tsushima have been left fascinated by the storyline of this Action Adventure Game. The plot of this game centers around Jin, who is the ultimate samurai on Tsushima’s island, his globe has been destroyed by the approaching Mongol armies. The initial surge of the attack devastated the ... Read more

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Gamers who have played the game Ghost of Tsushima have been left fascinated by the storyline of this Action Adventure Game. The plot of this game centers around Jin, who is the ultimate samurai on Tsushima’s island, his globe has been destroyed by the approaching Mongol armies. The initial surge of the attack devastated the island, effortlessly overcoming the island’s defensive samurai soldiers.

Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima
Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima

Samurai Jin would go to any extent to safeguard his motherland. Even if it means giving up the samurai’s sense of respect in which he was raised. As Jin, gamers must learn the Way of the Ghost, and master all the combat techniques that of a ninja. Samurai Jin must confront General Khotun Khan of the Empire of Mongolia and commute back his troops.

Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima for PC

Some of the finest PC games like Ghost of Tsushima have profoundly influenced the Action-Adventure genre of Games. Today, we will be mentioning the Top 10 in this article that you can play in 2023.

1. Watch Dogs

games similar to ghost of tsushima
Watch Dogs
Developer(s) Ubisoft
Initial Release Date27th May 2014
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 3, PS 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii

The plotline of this game investigates the influence of innovation in modern society. Which is moving toward the foreground of interdependence. Increasing data warfare is one of the basic themes of portrayal in the game.

Chicago is among the many locations within a Central Operating System supercomputer, this game series is based on a modern fictional account of Illinois.  Everything is linked inside this iteration of Chicago. Nearly every single type of tech within the city is controlled by the town’s encompassing web; bankers, traffic signals, CCTV, and telecommunication centers.

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

ghost of tsushima similar games
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Developer(s) Ubisoft
Initial Release Date2nd October 2018
PlatformsMS Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nintendo Switch, PS 4

Gamers may choose between engaging in the “Guide or Exploration” approach right away in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. The Exploration removes practicality from the picture, providing smooth & common map tasks such as orientation.

However, traditional Assassin’s Creed landscapes are still in the Guidance Mode. In the north of Mount Geranaia, the place named Spartan Fortress lies. Whereas on Kephallonia’s eastern coast players can search the bandit base. The gameplay aspects of tireless exploration Ghost of Tsushima.

3. Horizon Zero Dawn

best games like ghost of tsushima
Horizon Zero Dawn (Videogames like Ghost of Tsushima)
Developer(s) Guerrilla Games
Initial Release Date28th February 2017
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 4

Horizon Zero Dawn reveals a mystical glimpse into the past of Aloy. Initially released on PlayStation 4 Guerrilla’s Frozen Wilds is an action role-playing game that debuted more than 5 years ago. Therefore perhaps this will act as a valuable memory, covering the key plot elements from the gameplay of its predecessor as well as its Expansions.

4. For Honor

games like ghost of tsushima
For Honor (Videogames like Ghost of Tsushima)
Developer(s) Ubisoft
Initial Release Date14th February 2017
PlatformsMS Windows, Xbox One, PS 4

In For Honor gameplay, the capabilities and power of every faction’s battlefield characters triumph over the Artificial Intelligence-regulated army. This is why, players should combat other humans instead of the weaker AI opponents since this will influence the battle’s outcome.

The players can freely climb, move left or right, sprint, and even roll in For Honor, but the defensive mode is the most crucial. This allows a player to target a single defender and enter the dueling level, which switches the control interface. There are three different directions where a player can place their weapon inside this mode which is top, left-side, and right-side.

5. Batman: Arkham Knight

games similar to ghost of tsushima
Batman: Arkham Knight
Developer(s) Rocksteady Studios
Initial Release Date23rd June 2015
PlatformsMS Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS 4

The entire game revolves around only two villains: Arkham Knight and Scarecrow. The Arkham Knight is a clone of Batman who is not afraid to defy drone orders, use weapons, or even go without armor.

Throughout the game, Arkham Knight’s origins and identity remain a mystery to all players, including Batman. Despite Alfred’s research, no trace of the villain’s true personality can be found. The climax of the Batman: Arkham Knight story, which appears to be the game’s final and most significant ending, is a subject of debate.

6. Horizon Forbidden West

ghost of tsushima similar games
Horizon Forbidden West
Developer(s) Guerrilla Games
Initial Release Date18th February 2022
PlatformsPS 4, PS 5

Horizon Forbidden West is a game Similar to Ghost of Tsushima that you may really enjoy. This game has a massive open-world (an island) experience including diverse people and places. Aloy collects a contract of salvage so as the whole world crumbles from all directions. Also, she takes part in battles casually outdoors.

The role of the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West is saving the globe from enemies. There are a number of things that this game does, however, only the immense size of Horizon Forbidden West is its main problem. Aloy uses arrows in order to protect the Earth against immortals that are created with high technology. There is a brilliant AI that she has to reconstruct and restart to save the world. 

7. Mad Max

best games like ghost of tsushima
Mad Max
Developer(s)  Avalanche Studios Group
Initial Release Date1st September 2015
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 4, Xbox One, Mac OS

There is a character named Max Rockatansky in the Mad Max game just like the film version. Max is a single ex-cop fighter who is looking for a mission in the area of Wasteland. His former family members are notably portrayed through images, whom he wasn’t able to save. Then begins his quest for finding peace, his journey begins towards the Silence of Plains.

If you compare Max to the movie Fury Road, the game character Max Mad is more talkative. Nonetheless, because the Mad Max game is a prologue to the Fury Road movie, it would make sense if the life events made him quiet and more reserved.

8. God of War 4

best games like ghost of tsushima
God of War 4
Developer(s) Santa Monica Studio, Jetpack Interactive
Initial Release Date20th April 2018
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 4

God of War 4 presents an incredible adventure for all the players. There are no samurai combat-like functions, however, it does place gamers in an inclusive environment filled with foes and other game characters. This game has a primary and important character known as ” Krato”.

Krato’s son supports and defeats the enemy by using weapons like arrows and bows. Players learn about his abilities throughout the adventure of Krato. We think that the capabilities players will discover on this adventure will surprise them for sure. All these legendary skills will benefit you while combating and defeating dangerous opponents.

9. We Happy Few

best games similar to ghost of tsushima
We Happy Few
Developer(s) Compulsion Games
Initial Release Date26th July 2016
PlatformsXbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Mac OS, MS Windows, PS 4

The game features a business drone set in 1960s England and a character, Arthur Hasting that gamers can play as. Arthur’s memory includes his past as well as the history of World War II. Arthur’s scene from WWII unfolds and his memories assemble the entire plot of We Happy Game gameplay. The United States never participated in the fighting. And there are chances that he may have been transferred out of Europe as well as come out in a better patriotic and insular form.

On the other hand, Great Britain remained on their own beyond the Democratic Armories. There was a battle fought between Britain and England and in the end England got defeated in this battle. The complete population was under control due to the bombardment by the Germans. There was a lack of food assistance in the United States after this war.

10. Nioh

best ghost of tsushima similar games
Developer(s) Team Ninja
Initial Release Date7th February 2017
PlatformsMS Windows, PS 4, PS 5

The main character of the Nioh game is an Irish sailor named Willian who transforms into a Samurai. The storyline of this game depicts the dark fantasy of the Sengoku time period of Japan in the year 1600. Elizabeth I, Queen of Spain hired Willian to get all the stones of golden Amrita and take them from Japan to Spain. While importing he got caught by England and got jailed.

To keep their intentions hidden, he was involved in the war between Spain and England privately. Somehow he got successful in breaking out of the jail in London and met a girl named Edward Kelly who is also in search of Amrita Stones of Japan. She has the power of a dragon spirit called Ouroboros which she uses in Japan. With the help of those powers, she will be able to find the stones of Amrita. 

11. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

best games like ghost of tsushima
Middle-earth: Shadow of War
Developer(s)  Monolith Productions, IUGO
Initial Release Date10th October 2017
PlatformsMS Windows, iOS, Xbox One, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS 4

Shadow of War gameplay allows the players to experience the Middle part of the Earth, including different landscapes and ecosystems. Developers of this videogame have taken care of every aspect of players while creating the Middle-earth map. Just like Tolkien planned, fans of the movie “Lord of the Rings” can enter the map. The expedition is full of challenges that will put the skill of the players to the test.

12. Bloodborne

games like ghost of tsushima
Developer(s) FromSoftware Inc.
Initial Release Date24th March 2015
PlatformsPS 4

Bloodborne is a game about the city known as “Yharnam” which is quite historical. Yharnam gets hit by a terrible pandemic that is spreading like wildfire. The city is full of dark things like murders, danger, and madness and the situation is only getting worse. For survival, players need to discover all the deepest secrets hidden across this deadly city and stop the chaos once and for all.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What game should I play after Tsushima?

After completing the Ghost of Tsushima, you can either go back to explore the island further but if you want to go for a new game you can try Bloodborne, Nioh, and Horizon Zero Dawn.

Is Ghost of Tsushima a AAA game?

Yes, Ghost of Tsushima is a big-budget AAA game.

Is there a Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Well, not yet! However, the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima will most likely be made.

Is Elden Ring like Ghost of Tsushima?

Well, not exactly, other than the open-world explorative design of these games there aren’t many similarities in the game concept.


You have reached the end of our Ultimate List of Best Games Like Ghost Of Tsushima. We hope you will find these games enjoyable. If you wish to give us any suggestions regarding our post then feel free to write it down in the Comments section. And Don’t forget to check out our Homepage for more Gaming News & Articles.

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