What Does Hertz Do for Gaming?

Have you ever wondered what the most important contributor to a smooth and flawless gameplay experience is? The answer is Hertz! Now what exactly is hertz and how is it responsible for governing the quality of your gameplay? We know we have carved a lot of questions in your mind. But do not worry, we ... Read more

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Have you ever wondered what the most important contributor to a smooth and flawless gameplay experience is? The answer is Hertz! Now what exactly is hertz and how is it responsible for governing the quality of your gameplay? We know we have carved a lot of questions in your mind. But do not worry, we will not leave you in a conundrum and answer all the questions you might have about the Role of Hertz in Gaming.

What does Hertz do for gaming
What does Hertz do for gaming

If are you interested to learn more about the refresh rate and what Hertz does for gaming, then you have reached the correct place. We will be sharing in detail about the different refresh rate displays and how they affect the quality of gameplay.

What does Hertz do for gaming?

Before jumping on the impact of Hertz on gaming, let us first understand what Hertz is exactly! So, Hertz is a measurement unit that indicates how many times a display refreshes in a time frame of a single second. The most common displays you will come across are 60Hz (display refreshes 60 times in one second). However, lately, much higher refresh rates (120 Hz, 144 Hz, 240 Hz) are preferred, especially if we talk in the context of Gaming Monitors. And naturally, if we are going to prefer a higher refresh rate, we must also have the correct hardware to support it.

Before we discuss the graphic card requirements for a higher refresh rate, let us understand the key advantages of having higher hertz.

Importance of having a Higher Refresh Rate

There are a considerable amount of reasons that make a Higher Refresh Rate a major preference for any gamer. Let us discuss the advantages of having higher Hertz and what does Hertz do for gaming. If you wish to see the significant difference between various Refresh Rates, you can check out this amazing video by OUSA.

Now that you have gotten a basic idea about the key differences between different Refresh Rates, let us discuss the advantages higher Refresh Rates have in your gameplay.

1. Improved Visuals

Improved Visuals (What does Hertz do for gaming)
Improved Visuals

The overall display quality of a game makes a lot of impact on a gamer. The richness of the visuals matters so much and gives a more realistic experience to a player. Imagine, the quality of the visuals being dull in a cutscene, now will you really enjoy mediocre graphics over flawless flowing pixel-rich visuals? This experience can only be awarded to you by having a higher FPS.

2. Smoother Gameplay

Smooth Gameplay (What does Hertz do for gaming)
Smooth Gameplay

Having buttery smooth gameplay is a must especially if you are playing an Action RPG, Battle Royale Game, or Racing Game. In such game scenarios having a laggy display can come off as frustrating and potentially cost you your character’s life. Having a refresh rate higher than 120 Hz is recommended when playing any fast-paced game genre. After all, you wouldn’t want a laggy and blurry display when playing your favorite game, now would you?

3. Competitive Supremacy

Competitive Supremacy (What does Hertz do for gaming)
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We don’t need to explain how neck-to-neck live multiplayer battles can get. Especially in games like CoD Warzone 2.0, if you are a fan of this game, you might want to check out these RTX Graphic Card Settings which are tested and tried by our team. The heavy competition doesn’t even let the players blink their eyes, now imagine having an inferior FPS in this scenario. You are about to make the final battle move that will end it all but suddenly your character decides to withdraw their weapon and stand still (Oh The Horror). All this can be easily avoided if you are well aware of the importance of FPS.

Hardware Requirements for Higher Refresh Rate

In order to have a smooth graphic display, your Graphic Card must be able to keep up with the Refresh rate of the game. Before this, you need to ensure that your PC’s hardware supports advanced graphics cards and a higher refresh rate or not. This is why, each video game specifies graphic requirements of its own. If your graphics card does not support these requirements, you will experience screen tearing or other visual disorientation on your screen.

Screen Tearing (What does Hertz do for gaming)
Screen Tearing

You will be able to understand this concept with an example. If you wish to have a 1080p display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz, you will need a graphic card that can support this refresh rate. Ideally, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti will do the job for you in a 1080p at 144 Hz scenario, depending on the game in question.

So basically, you will need to get a more advanced graphics card depending on the requirement of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 240 Hz Monitor overkill?

Well, certainly not. 240 Hz Monitor does give you a better gaming experience and the slight upper hand in multiplayer matches. However, it all comes down to your skills.

Can the human eye see 144 Hz?

Well, this topic is highly debated and it has been established by many studies that the human eye cannot process images beyond 60 FPS. However, when the brain processes an FPS that is beyond 60, it can surely detect a difference, but still not accurate.

Does RTX 3060 support 4k Gaming?

Well, Yes! RTX 3060 supports 4k gaming. However, you will need to optimize the settings for it to work.


You have reached the end of our Guide on What does Hertz do in Gaming. We hope we were able to clear all the questions you had in mind regarding the role of Higher Refresh Rates on your gaming. If not, do not hesitate to write down your doubts in the comments section below. And do not forget to check out our Homepage for more Game Guides and Latest Gaming News!

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