10 Best Normal Type Pokemon Ranked [Ultimate List 2024]

Normal Type Pokémon may look comparatively weak, but these best ones have all the tools on them needed to make a significant difference during in-game combat scenarios. Check them out.

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Best Normal Type Pokemon
Best Normal Type Pokemon (Image Credits – Nintendo)

Normal Pokemon are often underestimated due to the word “Normal” associated with them.

Then there is also the fact that some of the earlier Normal Pokemon Types that were introduced in the franchise weren’t very strong.

Despite this misconception, true Pokemon fans do know what significance these underdogs hold.

Normal Types may not be the best attackers out there but they are not ineffective either. And the fact that they are only vulnerable against Fighting Type Pokemon makes them a great asset in the team.

In this post, we are going to compile the Top 10 that hold the strongest potential.

Normal Type Pokemon can inflict damage on all other types except for Ghost, Rock, and Steel. Which in our very honest opinion is quite impressive. So, even if Normal Type Pokemon won’t exhibit high levels of damage, they can still resist a great deal of damage and withstand for a long time during Pokemon Battles.

Few Normal Pokemon with mixed Typing can cross the barrier of being a weak attacker and do some hardcore damage when set up against the right opponent. In the end, it all comes down to how efficiently you can use these Pokemon to your advantage.

10. Audino

Mega Audino (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveSecret Power
Mega EvolutionMega Audino

Audino is an adorable-looking Hearing Pokemon who excels in the arts of healing and regeneration. You must remember it from the Pokemon Anime series working in the Pokemon Center, helping to heal injured and unwell Pokemon.

On the battlefield, Audino uses its sensitive hearing to predict the opponent’s moves and create a defense strategy accordingly. In its Mega transformation, Audino gets a mix typing of Normal & Fairy Pokemon and grants it even more advanced healing abilities. Mega Audino can withstand all Pokemon Types other than Poison & Steel Type Pokemon.

9. Ursaluna

Ursaluna (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal, Ground
VulnerabilitiesWater, Ice, Fighting, Grass
Signature MoveHeadlong Rush
Evolution ChartTeddiursa-> Ursaring-> Ursaluna

Ursaluna is a Peat Pokemon with a mixed typing of Normal and Ground. The special attribute of this Pokemon is that it can manipulate Peat at its will. Unlike many other Normal Type Pokemon, Ursaluna actually has a very strong attack due to it being a Ground Type Pokemon.

Apart from this, Ursaluna can defend itself against variable attacks quite effectively unless the attack is induced by Water, Ice, Fighting, or Grass Type Pokemon.

8. Silvally

Silvally (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveMulti-Attack
Evolution ChartType: Null-> Silvally

Silvally is a Synthetic Pokemon that has a very special ability that is unleashed only when a deep connection is developed between this Pokemon and its Trainer. This ability lets Silvally change its Typing depending on the need of the situation.

When it comes to the overall base stats of this Pokemon, Silvally has very balanced assets. The most effective moves of the Pokemon, Silvally include Tackle and Tri Attack. Apart from their natural vulnerability against Fighting Type Pokemon, they can hold their ground against all other Pokemon Types.

7. Pidgeot

Pidgeot (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal, Flying Pokemon Type
VulnerabilitiesElectric, Rock, Ice
Signature MoveFeather Dance
Evolution ChartPidgey-> Pidgeotto-> Pidgeot
Mega EvolutionMega Pidgeot

The next one on our list of the Strongest Normal Type Pokemon will surely bring back a lot of your childhood memories. Pidgeot is one of the earliest Normal Type Pokemon to be introduced in the franchise. With the mixed typing of Flying & Normal, the real asset of this Bird Pokemon is actually its speed.

The attack inflicted by Pidgeot may be mediocre but its dodging abilities keep it in the race of the best Normal Pokemon. Once transformed in its Mega evolution, this Pokemon can deliver a very effective Special Attack that can send the opponent packing.

6. Lopunny

Lopunny (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveLimber
Evolution ChartBuneary-> Lopunny
Mega EvolutionMega Lopunny

Lopunny is an adorable Rabbit Pokemon with fluffy fur. This Pokemon not only shares its resemblance to a bunny but also shares the attribute of Speed. The attack and defense base stats of this Pokemon are pretty well balanced. The most outstanding quality, however of Lopunny, remains the speed.

This Pokemon is capable of Mega Evolution and develops a mixed Normal-Fighting typing upon it. The Mega Lopunnyn showcases impressive attack and speed stats but suffers from reduced defense support as compared to its previous form.

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5. Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveDizzy Punch
Mega EvolutionMega Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan is a strong Parent Pokemon who carries a child in their Marsupial pouch. Kangaskhan is very sensitive when it comes to its child and will show no remorse to someone who means even a little threat to it. The most profound attributes of Kangaskhan are their Attack and Speed.

After undergoing Mega Evolution, the child of Kangaskhan comes out of the pouch and contributes to the battle. This beautiful duo showcases their special ability, Parental Bond during the battles they engage in.

4. Meloetta

Meloetta (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal, Psychic
VulnerabilitiesDark, Bug
Signature MoveRelic Song
Alternative versionMeloetta (Pirouette Forme)

Meloetta is a beautiful Melody Pokemon that might be in either Aria Forme or Pirouette Forme. The Aria Forme of Meloetta is based on the mixed Typing of Normal-Psychic abilities. The core strength of this Pokemon lies in its special attack, where it can evoke a sad or happy emotion in its opponent by merely singing a melody.

The Pirouette Forme of Meloetta exhibits a typing of Normal-Fighting abilities. The most efficient base stats of this form are Attack and Speed.

3. Slaking

Slaking (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveSlack Off
Evolution ChartSlakoth-> Vigoroth-> Slaking

Gracefully resting (literally) at the Spot of No. 3 Best Normal Pokemon is the Lazy Pokemon, Slaking! This Pokemon is infamous for its sloth-like laziness but that doesn’t keep it from being one of the strongest Normal Type Attackers.

All the time spent dozing off is just this Pokemon recharging its energy. Slaking has brilliant attack power and surprisingly decent speed during battles. Yawn and Hyper Beam are some of the most effective moves of this lazy Pokemon.

2. Regigigas

Regigigas (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveCrush Grip

This humongous Pokemon showcases exceptional Attack skills which are guaranteed to knock down most of the Pokemon Types. This Pokemon only faces vulnerability against Fighting Types who are known to easily break through the defenses of generic Normal Type Pokemon.

However, Regigigas still has a decent chance to withstand all types of attacks for a prolonged period. Some of the most effective moves of Regigigas are Hidden Power and Giga Impact.

1. Arceus

Arceus (Image Credits – Nintendo)
Pokemon TypeNormal
Signature MoveJudgment

Who else has the right to steal the Spot of No. 1 Best Normal Type Pokemon other than the Pokemon God itself? This legendary Pokemon has very high and balanced overall base stats. This Alpha Pokemon is rumored to be older than the universe.

The power of balance radiates out of this Pokemon is said to be the guiding and protecting light for all the Pokemon that exist. Being a God Pokemon, Arceus barely has any vulnerability, also because it can change its type as it likes. So basically, Arceus is invincible!

You have reached the end of our post on the 10 Best Normal Type Pokemon. We hope this article helped to clear any misconceptions you had in mind. We have curated this list based on official stats from Pokedex to bring forth the most neutral and accurate analysis for you.

However, if you feel any Pokemon is missing from this list, feel free to write it down in the comments section.

We will be back with more exciting Pokemon Articles soon, till then Happy Gaming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the God of all Pokemon?

Arceus is known as the God of all Pokemon.

Are Normal Type Pokemon weak?

Well, the notation of being weak cannot be used to define all Normal Type Pokemon. There is a lot of strong Normal Pokemon that can give you an upper hand in Pokemon matches. Not to mention, the very Pokemon God (Arceus) is a Normal.

Which is Ash’s Normal Type Pokemon?

Well, Ash has Noctowl, Staraptor, Swellow, Pidgeot, and Unfezant.

Which friend traveled with Ash the longest?

Brock is that one friend who traveled with Ash for the longest period. Both these travel buddies believed in each other’s dreams and made a strong team together.

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